Untold History

By Aviarianna O' Lorien

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho or any other book or movie or anime or whatever I may mention, I did not come up with the idea or the characters, I am borrowing them with no intention to sell or make money. And if you recognize anything else like cereal or whatever, I don't own that either.


I DO own Avaria and Nii-nii is MY idea, though he is a fusion of characters he's a fusion I came up with specifically for this story! I use a character named Avi or Avaria in many stories, consider this her history.


A step into the mind and a step into the world known to a strange young woman where fiction and reality blend. To her, this world is a blessing and a curse for it is both extraordinary, and extraordinarily frustrating.

This is life, melded with half truths and chaotic choices.

This is life.

This is the story of Avaria.

Chapter One: On The Err's of Nostalgia

Everyone has their moments of nostalgia. Those sneaky moments when we suddenly find ourselves staring out a window lost in memory, moments where the urge to traipse through a photo album is irresistible and wistfully followed. Each of us has our moments of reminiscence.

Even the infamous Yoko Kurama, or simply Kurama, as he is now known.

"Nostalgia does not become you Kurama," Hiei scoffed at the red headed boy who stood upon the edge of a forest in the North-Eastern Makai.

"I am afraid, my friend, that I cannot help myself this time." Kurama replied, staring wistfully at the edge of the jungle like vegetation, "This was her favorite place."

Hiei chose wisely to ignore the muttered reference.

The forest itself was very old and very big. It was also known now as the Taishokukan-Akuma or Great Eater of Demons due to its tendency to make any demon that entered, disappear. The years had been kind enough to this forest, Kurama could easily tell that the plants he'd set up so long ago had thrived even during his long absence well before stepping foot into it.

"Fox!" Hiei snapped his fingers in front of Kurama's nose to bring the fox back to reality. "The ferry girl is waiting for us with her portal."

"Go on Hiei, I shall return before anyone of importance realized I was gone." Kurama simply waved a hand dismissively to his friend.

Hiei was gone before Kurama could even finish his sentence, though this perturbed the kitsune little. He himself began to make his way through the outer-most layer of vegetation, entering through a small opening between two trees that only he and two other beings knew about. Immediately the plants reached for his presence, not in a threatening manner, but a warm one. They seemed quite happy to have their master once again in their midst, many eliciting a "Welcome home," type of energy when brushing a vine or a leaf against his body and Kurama was more than ready to respond with equal delight.

An hour later, for the kitsune had been going at a leisurely pace and knew the path he was treading well, landed his soft footfalls upon the outer edge of a small clearing. It was nothing special, a dozen or so yards across at the widest edge of a semi-circle around an outcropping of rocks that created a dry, cove like entrance to a cave. Though this was a far cry from any normal cave, for it was the North-Eastern lair of the infamous Youko Kurama. And like all his other lairs, this one consisted of a deeply set labyrinth of passage ways leading to everything from sleeping chambers, to herbal storerooms, to rooms filled to the brim with loot. It was in surveying one such room full of precious things, that a self satisfied smirk found its way onto his lips; he could cash out half of this room and be able to live comfortably for 3 human life times.

Three VERY comfortable and VERY long human lifetimes.

How long ago was the lifetime he was seeing leftovers of? It had been ages since he'd seen these rooms, and even longer since the day she disappeared. Lost in thought over the lost and longed for, he let his feet carry him wherever they chose and soon, decidedly too soon for his mind, they stopped him in front of a doorway. It was a doorway that led into a moderately large stone room; the walls letting anyone know outright that the room was formed like any cave. Still evergreen tree colored, a thickly grown bed of moss big enough for someone twice Kurama's width and height filled up one corner of the room, vines coming from the ceiling as though a living canopy.

The floors, walls and scarce furniture were all covered in a thick layer of dust. His eyes roved the carved cave walls, taking in the little drawings scrawled all over them done in the hand of a simple but skilled child. Starting to the left of the door, it was like a timeline. The drawings gradually got more detailed and done with better skill as the artist improved little by little the more they grew. He stepped tentatively into the room, afraid to disturb anything, for nothing had changed since the last time he'd seen it, including the emptiness of it all without the giggling child it was made for. There by the bed, dusty and wrinkled, hung many kimonos, ranging in size and design and past the clothing, a dried up clay pot of ink and a brush. The half-finished picture on the wall was a large mural, in it he saw the outlines of himself and Kuronue, not yet detailed with much more than basic outfits, and appendages and between the two was a little child with the ears and tail of a cat.

"Avaria…" He whispered, brushing a hand over the only finished figure in the drawing.


That name had haunted him for years upon years, and it had haunted Kuronue as well, until the day he'd been killed. Even after Kurama had been wounded fatally enough to send him into the human body he inhabited now, the name, and the image of that little mutt still haunted him. He still dreamt about her little smiling face, her lopsided pigtails and her tantrums to resist bathing. He turned abruptly from the unfinished mural with his eyes lowered to the floor, unable to stand staring at that image any longer. For him it had been like seeing a ghost outlined in black on that wall. With his eyes still cast downward, he began to walk towards the doorway before stopping dead in the center of the room.

Kneeling down, he traced the outline of the toy in the 3 inch layer of dust on the floor before scooping the plush toy off the ground. Shaking the dust off of it, Kurama could hardly believe his eyes at what he saw, for he'd nearly forgotten about this little stuffed ball of fabrics. In his hands he held a small, plushie like toy that he and Kuronue had made for Avaria. Though it took them a while to get it done, for sewing wasn't exactly their best skill. The doll was male, though lacking anything anatomically correct south of the waist; he wore a black vest that tied in the front, silver linen cuffs on his wrists, silver linen pants, and black linen shoes. The hair was long and black, but the doll has silver fox ears. It also has a silver fox tail and little black bat wings, all made of some kind of fabric. And while the nose and mouth were made of thread, the eyes were different. One eye was a piece of molded amber and the other was a piece of shaped amethyst.

This was Nii-Nii, affectionately named by Avaria because he looked like a cross between her to elder brothers. Seeing Nii-Nii now, holding him up and staring into those gemstone eyes, Kurama was brought full circle in his sorrow. Here was a physical reminder of the child more so than the drawings and more so than the clothing that she hardly ever wore willingly. Nii-Nii was whole; he hadn't changed since the day he'd been dropped onto that floor, no, since the day he'd been presented to her. Her scent still lingered on his fabricated body ever so slightly, that strangely sweet cinnamon and rose water smell that he'd forever tried to duplicate but never had been successful with.

In that instance, Kurama hugged the toy to his chest and let loose many a tear onto the dusty floor.

Chapter Fin

Well…so far that's the beginning. Once again, if you've even read it this far, thank you and if you decide to flame me? Well why the hell did you keep reading hm? Don't make yourself look an idiot and point out the obvious in a flame. I wrote the story, I know perfectly well what she is.