Itachi is currently Sakura's boyfriend. But Itachi seems to become much colder to Deidara and more protective of Sakura. Sakura wants Itachi and Deidara to be friends again but it seems that it will never happen. Now that Sakura has seen their real hideout, she is forced to live with them. For a while……………(Fourth fanfic)

Life 1

This Night is Full of Screams

"Wow! Why is it so dark here?"

"I'll switch on the lights" The lights were open the second he said that.

It was a simple cave. There were thirteen openings. They were at the entrance. Each opening was a little different. She looked at the nearest opening. The opening was full of plants. She guessed that it was Zetsu's room. The next one was blasting with random music.

"Whose room is that?"

"That's Tobi's." Itachi said that while twitching his eye. Itachi was thinking this, Note to self: Kill Tobi when he comes back. The next closest opening was covered with wooden parts. She immediately guessed that was Sasori's room. There was one room that was wet all around it. Sakura knew that was Kisame's. The next one was bloody. It took her a while until Hidan passed them and went straight inside the bloody opening. There was a normal one that was all quiet.

"That's my room. Let's go in."

"No, I didn't see Kakuzu's, the Leader's, Orochimaru's old room, or…Deidara's." She hesitated when she reached Deidara. Sakura also mumbled his name. Itachi glared at her for a second, then softened his gaze and looked away. "Kakuzu's room is the one full of heart drawings. The Leader's room is the extremely dark one. Orochimaru's room is the one with the two jars of snakes. It's currently the party room. That one with the flowers everywhere is…….."

"You skipped Deidara! Even though he's annoying, he's still your friend!"

"What's a friend?"

Itachi went to his room after he said that. Being shocked, Sakura fell down to the ground. She went to one of the three rooms he didn't mention. It was tiled and as she went on, Sakura finally figured out that it was the bathroom when she saw one of the urinals. Then she immediately ran out. The other one had a delicious smell, so she knew it was the kitchen. It was decorated with normal house things. The last one was filled with traps. Sakura could see them because she learned about traps just last week. She figured that there would be hidden traps that only the owner could find them.

As she stared at the opening filled with unexpected traps, someone behind her knocked her out. As she lost consciousness, she whispered a name that she loved dearly.

Sakura's House

"Don't you think that Sakura should be back now?"

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU THINK THEY'RE HAVING…" After that, Sakura's mom fainted. She was having a nightmare of what might have happened to Sakura. When the father was putting her in bed, she started screaming in her sleep nonstop. Sakura's dad covered his eyes but that didn't work so he started screaming too. The reason was that he wanted to drone put the mother's screams. She always had an extremely high-pitched sound when she screamed.

The neighbors were wondering what was happening so they chopped off the nearest tree with a chainsaw and used it to break open the door. When it finally did…

"ROBBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sakura's dad grabbed his rifle and shot the nearest person. Everyone started screaming and running away. Sakura's mother was still screaming. When he realized that he had made a mistake, he dropped his rifle, which shot his foot, which made him scream.

That night was full of screams because now the neighborhood was chaotic. It lasted until the next day.

The Next Day after Lunch

"Ok everybody! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The police officer raised his guns in the air and started shooting the sky. Everyone stopped after he stopped.

"That's better!" Then he went to his car and drove away. After that, a million birds dropped all at once in to a pile like a pile of leaves. It was creepy. There was so many dead pigeons.


"Yes! Sakura is absent!"

"Ino, please sit down. We are in the MIDDLE OF CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A chalkboard eraser smacked her right on her face. The class laughed. This was the first time someone was hit with the eraser ever since Sakura and Neji. Kurosaki's class was the most serious since no body wanted to go on his bad side.



"No fair!" Ino pouted and quietly sat down. "Hmph"


"Where do you think Sakura is right now?"

"Why are you even wondering?"

"Wouldn't you feel worried if someone that mostly goes to school and sends a early notice that she's going to be absent is absent without a notice?"

"I didn't even understand what you just said"

Neji's eyes started gathering tears. "Ok ok, no need to start crying. We'll think of something."

The Akatsuki's Hideout

Someone watched as she slept. She was sleeping so soundly and peacefully that he didn't want to wake her up. Even though he knew that everyone outside was worrying about her. He sighed. "I wished that I would love someone when I saw a shooting star. So far, that hasn't happened and it's already been ten years. Isn't that right Sakura?"

Sakura heard that. She didn't know who it was. She immediately crossed out Tobi because he had a squeaky voice. Zetsu, because he would be talking about eating people. Kisame was another obvious no. Kakuzu and Hidan was a little hard to figure out. But she finally decide that it wasn't them. The Leader barely knew her. Deidara always said yeah at the end of every sentence. Sasori was her cousin. The only one that was left was Itachi. She hoped that it wasn't Itachi because she didn't want him to not love her.

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