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You've Got Mail

Chapter One

To: Haruno Sakura
From: Yamanaka Ino
Subject: SASUKE
Date: March, 28th

Hey, forehead girl,

Guess what? I overheard Sasuke-kun talking the other day with Naruto. They mentioned something about gifts. Though you are my rival for Sasuke-kun's heart and would usually keep things about him to myself, I have no clue as to what he's talking about, do you?

In other news, Shikamaru was staring at me yesterday. I don't think he knew I saw him, but I did. He kept glancing at me when he was supposedly staring at clouds. Do you think he likes me?! Oh my gosh, what if he does!?! I mean, if he asks me out – of course I still like Sasuke-kun. Don't think you can steal him away from me just because of this recent development.

...You're still my best friend, though, right? Even if we're rivals? Just wanted to know if you had any idea if Shika liked me or not? You seem to talk to him a lot, since you're both pretty smart and all. I mean, I guess that's the good part of that large forehead of yours. You're the medic on a lot of his missions, too.

Anyways, e-mail me back ASAP!


PS. Happy birthday, forehead girl.

To: Haruno Sakura
From: Uzumaki Naruto
Date: March 28th

Ne, Sakura-chain,

You no Sasuke-teem didn't mean to forget, right? Hes just stupid that weigh. I mean, even tho you reminded the hole teem in a weigh even I couldn't forget it, and I was talking to him about gifts all day yesterday. I guess that Sasuke just has a reel bad memory. Me and Kakashi-sensei remembered, and thats all that counts, write?

& I'm sure Sasuke-teem didn't mean too beet up that guy hew was giving you those flours and looking at you funny...

Well, actually, maybe he did. But don't bee mad at him! Most important of all, don't bee mad at me!


PS. I'm sorry if their r any mis steaks, Ive got too type this reel fast because Sasuke-teem is going too notice I'm on his computer again. I used spell check tho, like you told me too! (I had to add Kakashi-sensei's name in the list of words, tho, because I NO I spelled that write.)


To: Yamanaka Ino
From: Haruno Sakura
Subject: Re: SASUKE (aka JERKWAD)
Date: March 28th


Yeah, you can have Sasuke if you want. And it took you long enough to realize that Shikamaru liked you! (Gosh, and I thought Naruto was dense! Not to stereotype, but you and Naruto are such blonds.)

Well, back to the subject of the jerk wad that I used to know as Sasuke. First of all, he completely forgets my birthday. My sixteenth birthday. Which is today. Which I've been dropping such big hints about that even Naruto understood them! NARUTO! And when Kakashi-sensei tells him about it, do you know what he said?


Okay, so it wasn't that big a deal. Typical Sasuke behaviour.

Until he beats up my patient! It was no big deal that one of my male patients that recently left the hospital gave me a gift. Really, I talk with lots of my patients about things and I told Tanaka-san my birthday. I totally forgot his, but that's besides the point. He was just being nice and giving me flowers, until Sasuke decides to show up.

Here's a replay:

Sasuke: "Sakura, who is this and what the hell is he doing here?"

Tanaka: "I'm one of her previous patients. I was just wishing Sakura-san a happy birthday and thanking her for tending to me."

Sasuke: "Well, she doesn't need it."

Me: "Sasuke-kun!"

-I take the flowers-

Me: "Thank you, Tanaka-san!"

Tanaka: "You're welcome, Sakura-san! I'm glad you liked them!"

Sasuke: "I thought I told you to beat it!"

Me: "Sasuke-kun!"

Tanaka: "How about a date tomorrow night, Sakura-san?"

Sasuke: "Okay, that's it..." -insert violence here-

Yeah. That's pretty much what happened. The nerve of that jerk to beat him up! I mean, I wasn't going to accept anyways.
Sorry to rant, Ino, but I just needed to get that off my chest.

Best friends forever, right? Especially now Sasuke's out of the picture...(I'm still going to call you Ino-pig, though)


To: Haruno Sakura
From: Hatake Kakashi
Subject: DAY OFF
Date: March 28th

Yo, Sakura,

Don't forget, we have a day off tomorrow. Oh, and did you like my present? I'm sure you'll put it to good use. -wink- Don't worry about Sasuke either, you know how he is.


To: Uzumaki Naruto
From: Haruno Sakura
Subject: Re: SAKURA-CHAN!
CC: Hatake Kakashi
Date: March 28th

I'd like you both to know that I appreciate your concern, but since Sasuke's going to be such a jerk, I'll only forgive him if he apologizes himself.

Naruto: Thanks for trying, Naruto. Next time, use grammar check, too...and maybe a dictionary.

Kakashi: I didn't forget. Oh, and your present. Right. The book that's currently burning in my fireplace. I'm using it, alright. It's keeping me warm at night. -wink-


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