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Akatsuki: 20-24 except Leader-sama a.k.a. Yo-chan

Sakura: 15 (almost 16)

Naruto, Sasuke, Sai, Neji, Lee, Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, Chouji, and Gaara: 17

Kabuto, Temari, and Kankuro: 18

Sanins: 50 (still the same ages)

Chapter 1: Sakura's duty

Hi! I'm Haruno Sakura; I have cherry blossom hair, emerald green eyes, I'm wearing a kimino that looks exactly like the Akatsuki cloak, and I'm a slave to them. Also, she always has to be respectful to them and do whatever what they tell her to do.

Sakura enters the dark room where Leader is, "Here's your tea you ask for Leader-sama," Sakura gently place the cup of tea on his table. Then Leader picks up the cup and took a sip of it.

"That is all for now and Sasori needs you in his room," said Leader.

"Hai Leader-sama," Then Sakura was about to leave the room.

"Sakura, your birthday is coming up, am I correct?" said Leader. Sakura turn to face him.

"Hai Leader-sama," Sakura response.

"I hope you are ready with the boys…" Sakura knew what he meant by that and made her shiver. Then she bowed respectfully and walks out quickly. Then she walk toward Sasori's room and knocked on his door.

"You may come in Sakura," said the voice inside. (All you know what the Akatsuki looks like so I'm not telling you guys what they look like 'cause it's a waste of time) Sakura enter his room.

"Sasori-sama, what do you want me to do?" ask Sakura.

"Your job is to clean my favorite puppet and I'll be back in a few minutes," said Sasori with that he left. Sakura starts cleaning it and a few minute later, Sakura was done and waited patiently for Sasori arrival. Then Sasori came in and saw his puppet is clean.

"Very well Sakura, you may return to your room and is your birthday coming up?" ask Sasori.

"Hai Sasori-sama," answered Sakura. Then with a split second Sasori appeared in front of Sakura and cupped her chin with a smirk. But Sakura didn't blush at all; she was use to everyone in the base. Then Sasori lean forward and it looked like he was about to kiss her.

"I hope you are ready, my little cheery blossom," whispered Sasori with that he nibble her earlobe.

"Hai Sasori-sama," Sakura said plainly. Then Sasori let go of her and she walk out of his room. While she was walking towards her room she bumps into a certain Uchiha. Then Sakura turn to face the person she bumps into and bow respectfully.

"Gomenesai Itachi-sama," said Sakura. Itachi only stare at her.

"It is alright Sakura, anyways your birthday is coming up," said Itachi. Then Sakura nodded and then Itachi lean and gave Sakura a kiss on the forehead. Sakura was still not blushing because the Akatsuki still treat her like she's their property. When he pulls back, he smirked down on her and whisper in her ear.

"I hope you are ready, little cherry blossom (Ok everyone except leader calls her that)," he said. Sakura only nodded.

Then she walks away and enters her room, walk towards her bed, took out a picture, and lie down on her bed, looking at it. It was the picture of her sensei and two teammates. Her sensei was on the top middle; he was wearing a mask that covers his mouth, his headband covering his left eye, and have spiked up silver hair and both of his hands on two boy's heads. The boy on the right has blonde hair, blue eyes, whiskers on its cheek, and glaring the person right next to him. The boy on the left was Itachi's little brother, he has raven-haired that spike up with onyx eyes. In the middle of the bottom was a little girl and the little girl was Sakura.

Oh, how she miss her teammates, sansei, and friends, she love them so much and everything was normal when she was little until her parents were killed and she was kidnapped by the Akatsuki and was now their slave. Anbu's kept searching for her, but then gave up on her in a couple of months later. Now it's been three years since she had been working for them. She tries to run away from them, but some how they still catch her. No matter how many times she tries to run away, they've always catches her. She has no hope of coming back to Konoha.

Then she walks towards the window in her room, she opens it, and sat down. She was still holding the picture of team 7. She look up to see stars, shining up high, across the sky was a shooting star. Then she closes her eyes and mutters these words, "I wish I can go back to my village again."

The next day

Sakura enters Deidara's room and bow to him.

"Sakura your duty is to go to the wind country and buy me some clay, un," said Deidara.

"Hai Deidara-sama," answered Sakura. Then Deidara appeared in front of Sakura and carelessly her cheek.

"Remember on your birthday, yeah," said Deidara.

"Hai Deidara-sama," with that she disappeared.

In the wind country

Sakura was wearing her new cloths the Akatsuki gave her for disguises (It's the one that she wears when she grew up in Naruto Shippuuden) and she have the straw hat like the Akatsuki. Then she bumps into someone, she look to see who she bumps and it looked like her Uchiha teammate and right behind him was two other people who looked like the ones in her pictures. She thought she was dreaming, "Is that really you Sasuke?" she thought.

"Watch where you're going," said the person. Then he walk pass her, "All of you girls are the same staring at me and bumping into me."

Sakura just walked the opposite way and pretend it never happened. The employer gave Sakura the bag of clay.

"Arigato," said Sakura. As Sakura walks her way to the Akatsuki's base, a man came by to her with a smirk.

"Hello cutie, want to have some fun at my place?" said the person.

"No thank you," replied Sakura.

"Come on babe, I'll make you scream my name out," with that, Sakura toss the bag up in the air and kick the man a mile away from her. Her hat fell off of her, then she caught the bag, and people were looking at her with shock. Like they never saw women kick someone far. Sakura's face was emotionless; it reminded her of her knuckle head friend.

"Sakura-chan," said a voice behind her. She turns around to she who it was and when she turns around, she was shock to see her teammates and sensei.

"Sakura-chan is that really you," said her blonde teammate, Naruto. Sakura didn't answer and only turn her back on them. Inside she really wanted to hug them, but she remember, she belong to the Akatsuki.

"Sakura-chan, don't you remember me," said Naruto.

"Yes Naruto," replied Sakura. Naruto ran towards Sakura with arms wide open.

"Sakura-chan I miss you," when Naruto was about to hug her, Sakura disappear and Naruto fell on the ground. Then Sakura reappear behind him.

"I'm sorry Naruto," she said.

"You've change Sakura," said her sensei. Sakura faced the two men.

"Hai Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke's the same?" said Sakura. Sasuke look at the other way. Kakashi nodded with a smile.

"If you excuse me, I'll be leaving now," Sakura was about to walk away when Naruto grabbed her hand.

"Where were you Sakura-chan," question Naruto with worry.

"I was kidnapped by the Akatsuki and now I am their slave," she answered which shock all of them. Then Naruto let her go.

"Why didn't you run away?" said Naruto.

"I tried," she said.


Weasel-kun untie me right now! (Struggling between the rope)

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Next chapter: Not weak

"Not as weak as you Sasuke," said Sakura.

"What," Sasuke glare at her.

"I won," said Sasuke.

"Not quite," said Sakura.