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This is dedicated to EE's Skysong, as all my Avatar ficlets are.

XIII. Misfortune

Jet died. He was our leader, we merry little band of rebels. Gone. Just like that. He had to mess with the Dai Li, he just had to….we may have been freedom fighters, but the Dai Li had the city in a serpent's stranglehold. We weren't going to go up against them….not yet, at least.

But Jet was impulsive. He didn't want to wait. He wanted to attack them now, outnumbered and outarmed as we were. We said no. He went at it alone. And he died.

Not right away, no. They brainwashed him first, then murdered him. And now we freedom fighters are left alone, with no one but ourselves and fortune's evil twin. We all went our own ways, save Longshot and me. We stayed together. We'll stay together, no matter what.

As I lie in his arms, looking up at the stars, feeling the rise and fall of his chest against my back, I remember an old proverb I heard once. "Misfortune is just fortune within a crisis." Maybe that proverb's right, after all.