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Songs and ice cream

It started off like any other day. Fuu woke up her alarm clock blaring music from the local radio station. Today her wakeup song was Where Are You? Wait a second she thought as she looked over at her alarm clock. It read 6:00. She wasn't due to get up for another hour. If that wasn't her alarm clock making that noise, then what was it?

Seifer rolled over in bed. Damn it, what the hell is that noise? What ever it was it seemed to be getting more annoying by the second. What time is it? He wondered as he looked at the clock. 6:00!!! F I'm still 'suppose to be asleep! Where the hell is that noise coming from!?!

Fuu got out of bed and walked sleepily to the window. What she saw made her pinch herself to see if she was still dreaming. She wasn't. There, in the middle of the tram common, was Roxas and Naminé. They both had microphones and were singing along to karaoke. She couldn't believe it. There was a stage set up with a big TV. broadcasting the words. Above the stage hung a banister that said "Twilight Town's Karaoke Night".

Seifer lazily dragged himself out of bed and over to his window, which seemed to be the source of the annoying noise. To his surprise, and annoyance, he saw Roxas and Naminé singing into microphones. A whole stage was set up with a TV and everything. Above the stage was a banister that said "Twilight Town's Karaoke Night". A Karaoke night? What a lame idea.

Fuu couldn't help but smile as she watched the two sing. They looked so happy and kept staring into each other's eyes with the dreamiest of looks. She let out a sigh. She'd never find someone who'd look at her like that. Besides, the only guy she liked, who happened to live in the apartment next to her, probably thought of her as "just a friend". She pulled open her window and continued to stare at the couple until she heard a voice from the room next to her.

By now Seifer was starting to get aggravated. He hated how happy Roxas and Naminé looked. He wished that he could be that happy too. But, the only girl he liked, who lived in the apartment next to him, most likely thought of him as "a good friend". Ugh, their cute stares were the last straw. "Hey, losers!" He called from the window. "Keep it down! FuuImeanpeople are trying to sleep!" Oh god, that was close he thought. What would he have done if she had heard him call her name? He didn't even want to think about it.

Did she just hear right? It sounded like Seifer had just said her name but then tried to cover it up. No, she was just being hopeful. He would never be concerned in a "more than a friend" way. He just didn't like her like that. She shook her head sadly then continued to listen to Roxas yelling that they had to practice and Seifer telling him to practice somewhere else or wait until later. A faint smile crossed her lips, how lucky Naminé was.

--Later That Day---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fuu was walking down the stairs of her apartment building humming Where Are You? to herself. It would be fun to enter that Karaoke Night. But I'd look like an idiot if I entered it by myself. Besides, I barely talk, how could I ever get up there and sing? Oh well, I 'suppose it's for the best.

Seifer was outside leaning against the door to his apartment building singing Where Are You? in his head. Oh man, why can't I get this stupid song out of my head? Hmmm. I 'suppose it would be 'kinda cool to enter that Karaoke Night. No! What am I thinking? I've got a reputation to keep up! If I did that she'd probably laugh at me! Man, this bites.

Fuu was to busy humming to notice where she was going and ended up walking right into Seifer. She looked at him. "Sorry" She said flatly. Ugh! Why can I never say anything else to him? Why can't I just tell him how I feel? "No it's my fault." Seifer said. "I was sorta spacing out." Was this really Seifer? Since when did he actually take the blame for anything? Oh well, Fuu decided to shrug it off as a morning thing. He probably wasn't 100 awake yet. With that they turned and started down the street to pick up Vivi and Raij.

Aw man! Why did I lose my cool back there! I never say that I was spacing out! I must have sounded like a total idiot! Damn it, why is it so hard to talk to her? Is it just me or does she seem a little colder this morning? She usually says something…even if it's only one word. On their way down the street they happened to pass Hayner and Olette who were holding hands and eating sea-salt ice cream. Damn it! Why is it that everyone else seems to be able to get together with the ones they like? What's wrong with me?

How sweet, was all Fuu could think as they passed Hayner and Olette hand in hand. I knew those two would wind up together. She sighed; will I ever find someone who'll love me? I've always dreamt of finding someone…but now it looks like that'll never happen.

"Um…Fuu?" Seifer asked clearing his throat. She looked up at him. "Would you um…maybe..i don't know…'wanna get some ice cream with me? My treat." Great Seifer! You know how lame that sounded?

"Sure." Fuu answered. Does he have any idea how sweet that sounded? They walked up to the ice cream stand and Seifer got the ice creams while Fuu watched people walking by. All of them seemed to be talking about the Karaoke Night that had been planned for later that evening. It seemed like everyone was going to watch it. Fuu decided that if Seifer didn't have any plans for their group, that she would go home and watch from her window.

"I got sea-salt is that ok?" Seifer asked handing her an ice cream. She nodded and stared at it. He took a bite then spit it out. "Oh my god! This is terrible!" Fuu giggled then stared at her, obviously frightened by the taste. Did she just laugh? It was slight, very slight, but I'm sure that I heard a laugh.

Am I really expected to eat this? Fuu wondered as she stared at the ice cream she now held in her hand. She watched it slowly start to melt. I don't like sea-salt ice cream. But how could I say no? I've wanted to be like those other couples and they're always eating this stuff. She stared at it one last time pondering whether or not she should try to take a bite. She decided that no matter how much she wanted to be like other couples she was not going to eat this.

"Um…I'm done with mine." Seifer said staring at the ice cream in front of him. Gawd, this is the worst ice cream I've ever had in my life. Why the hell do those other people like it so much? "Me too." Fuu said. "Huh? But you haven't even touched it." Fuu looked down. "Oh, I see. You don't eat sea-salt ice cream do you Fuu?" She shook her head. "Hahaha, you knew it sucked and you didn't tell me?" He said jokingly. He looked up at the clock tower. "Hmmm. Seems like we've still got about forty five minutes 'til we're 'suppose to meet up with Vivi and Raij. What do you want to do?" She shrugged. "Well I guess we can get the train and start heading over to their side of town, sound good to you?" Fuu nodded.

They started walking up to the train station. All over the sides of the buildings were posters about the Karaoke Night. Fuu hated to admit it but she couldn't wait until tonight. She wanted to watch this so much! But even more, she longed to be in it. Seifer seemed to notice one of them. "A karaoke Night huh? I heard Roxas and Naminé practicing this morning. Ugh, the two of them woke me up. Did you hear them?" If I tell him I heard them he might ask what I thought about it. I can't tell him that I like the idea and that I'm really excited for tonight. "No." Fuu replied softly.

"What do you think about this whole thing?" Seifer asked. Oh no! Maybe that was enough to make her think that I like it! It's totally not cool for me to be into that whole kind of thing. "Interesting." Fuu said with as little emotion as humanly possible. Man I blew it, Seifer thought. The rest of their journey to the train was made in total silence. When they got there they paid their money and boarded the train. Fuu sat at the seat by the window and Seifer sat next to her. So is this what I get for being an idiot? Ugh, today is just not my day. It was then that something caught his eye. It was a twinkle of sunlight. That's it! He thought. I know how to make it up to her! In a few moments they arrived at their stop. Seifer grabbed Fuu by the hand and ran off the train.

"Stop." Fuu said as he pulled her through the streets. "Sorry, can't." Seifer said as he continued running at full speed. What is he doing? Oh goodness I hope I'm not blushing! "Almost there!" Seifer called out almost proudly. "Where?" Fuu asked. "You'll see." He said as he pulled her to the top of sunset hill.

"Pretty." Was all she could say.