Hey this is my first story. I couldn't fit much into the summary so here's a better idea of what it's going to be about. Hope you like it!

Set after the East High Wildcat's big double win, and the big audition, Troy and Gabriella are preparing for the upcoming musical. Much to Troy's and the rest of the school's surprise, Gabriella starts dating someone who is not the guy they expected. But what will happen when Troy decides to tell her how he feels, and Gabriella finds out that Troy might know her boyfriend better than she does.

Major Characters:

Gabriella Montez

Lisa Montez

Jasmine Montez

Troy Bolton

Jack Bolton

Diane Montgomery

Ben Montgomery

Taylor McKessie

Chad Danforth

Other Characters:

Sharpay Evans

Ryan Evans

Zeke Baylor

Jason Cross

Kelsi Nielson

Chapter 1: boring weekends, imitations and some unexpected news.

Gabriella Montez walked down the hallway of East High, heading for her first period of the day, homeroom. She smiled to herself as she thought about how things were finally settling down for her here. Never at any other school she had moved to, had Gabriella caused such a stir just by trying to be herself. That was the funny thing about life, people were always telling you to just be yourself, but when you try to do it things always go wrong.

She couldn't help but smile when she saw a familiar black Adidas sneaker hit the hallway floor out of the corner of her right eye. She looked up and to the side and saw the brown haired, blue-eyed boy looking at her.

"Hey Troy." She greeted him as they walked.

Troy Bolton, otherwise known as the Golden Boy. He was another thing she hadn't expected when she had moved. Never had she become instant friends with the basketball captain slash most popular kid in school. At New Years she had never thought she would see him again. Who could have known they would become so close?

"Hey Gabby, how was your weekend?" he asked.

She pretended to think about it. "Oh really exciting actually." She watched him raise an eyebrow as he waited for the rest. "I studied for the math test, unpacked my last boxes and watched an old movie marathon." She told him.

Troy sensed her sarcasm. "Aw you were bored because I wasn't home." He replied jokingly, referring to the fact that he had been out of town for the weekend.

"What, you were gone? Where'd you go? I totally didn't notice." Gabriella joked back. She usually got the last say in these things.

"Oh ha ha, you're a comedian now too?" they both laughed at their stupid little banter.

"How was your trip anyways?" she asked.

"Pretty good. Glad to get away from my cousin though." He told her.

"Why is that?"

Troy rolled his eyes. "She's so annoying and doesn't stop talking." He told Gabriella "I swear to god, it's non stop, about boys and clothes and other girls and people she doesn't like. Oh and she had a few friends over and the whole night they all just stared and it freaked me out." he stopped when he saw Gabriella laughing. "What?" he asked.

She shrugged. "She sounds like a typical girl to me."

Troy was confused. "What do you mean? You're not like that."

Gabriella just looked at him. "Maybe not with you." She informed him. "With Taylor, yes. Sharpay, yes."

She laughed and shook her head. "Because their girls."

"Why does that matter?" he smirked.

Gabriella gave a fake dramatic sigh. "Because, Troy, there are certain things that just can't be discussed with a guy."

"Got it." He gave up trying to understand.

"Troy!" Gabriella and Troy both heard someone call his name and turned around. They smiled when they saw their friends, Chad Danforth and Taylor McKessie coming towards them. They were holding hands, something that had become normal for the two of them over the past little while that they had been dating.

"Look who it is." Troy said with mock enthusiasm, making Gabriella laugh. Nevertheless, he was happy to see his goofy best friend. "How's it going man?" he greeted him.

"Not bad, how was visiting your uncle's?" Chad asked.

"Pretty good. I'm glad to be back though. Troy told him.

"…Oh okay! Let's go now then." The two boys turned to hear the last part of Taylor and Gabriella's conversation. They had been chatting away this whole time. Taylor looked at her boyfriend. "Hey Chad, Gabby needs to show me something at her locker so I'll meet you in homeroom okay?"

"Alright." He shrugged, not questioning the two girls.

"Let's go." Taylor excitedly grabbed Gabriella's wrist and started off down the hall.

"See ya." Gabby smiled at Troy as she got pulled away.

"Hold on, Gabby will you run lines with me after school? I'm kind of behind and I don't want Darbus to freak out again." He asked before she disappeared.

"As long as you actually work. No video games or super long breaks." She stuck out a finger at him.

"I can only promise to try." He put his hands up in surrender.

Gabriella laughed. "Okay. See you later Troy."

With that, the two girls disappeared off down the hall. Troy turned to Chad to see him giving him a look. "What?" he asked.

"Nothing." Chad shook his head, which was a lot considering that his mass of hair moved with his head.

"Chad what is it? You look like you're going to explode." He asked again.

Chad breathed out. "You know for two people who aren't dating you and Gabs are sickly cute."

"What are you talking about?" Troy hated it when Chad talked about this.

Chad raised an eyebrow. "Hey Gabs want to run lines?" he imitated Troy. "Oh Troy I'd love to but you have to promise me you'll actually work." He put on a high girly voice to imitate Gabriella, and faked a giggle

"Okay, okay, I get it stop!" Troy got Chad to shut up. "Maybe you should have auditioned for the play." He started off towards homeroom.

"Oh but then we couldn't run lines Troy." Chad put the girly voice back on and pretended to bat his eyelashes. Troy ignored him and turned into the classroom.

"Oh come on just admit it." Chad got a bit more serious.

"Admit what?" Troy asked, hoping it would make Chad stop.

"You love Gabriella Montez."


"I can't believe it, he asked you out?" Taylor said excitedly to her friend.

Gabriella nodded. "Yeah." She smiled.

"And…?" Taylor asked.

"I said yes." Gabriella's smile got bigger. "And yesterday we went out."

"Oh my god! Gabby you waited to tell me this?"

"You were with Chad all weekend." Gabriella shrugged.

Taylor giggled. "Don't get me wrong or anything, I love Chad, but its nice to talk to a girl every once and a while."

"I know what you mean." Gabriella smiled.

Taylor's face suddenly changed. She looked serious. "So Gabby are you sure about this boy?"

"His name's Ben, and why wouldn't I be sure?"

Taylor bit her lip. "Well you know, there isn't…..anyone else?"

"You're hinting at Troy and I aren't you?" Gabriella put her hand on her hip.

"God they don't call you a braniac for no reason." Taylor muttered. "Look, I just want to make sure that…"

"Troy and I are friends." Gabriella said what she seemed to be repeating to Taylor. "Good friends."

"Right." Taylor rolled her eyes while Gabriella wasn't looking.

Gabriella shrugged. "Troy hasn't said anything to me yet." She told Taylor. "He probably doesn't like me. Just because everyone wants us to get together doesn't mean it's going to happen."

Taylor wanted to reach out and give her friend a good shake. But she refrained from doing so since she knew that Gabriella was serious when she said something like that. So as much as Taylor wanted to butt in and get her two friend's together, for the sake of the entire school, she just couldn't.

"Alright." She sighed as the turned towards the classroom.

Gabriella looked at her. "Okay don't say anything else because he's in there."

Taylor nodded and followed her best friend into the classroom. The bell marked their entrance. She smiled at Chad and blew him a kiss as she sat down. She watched Troy's eyes follow Gabby to the back of the classroom. They both smiled when she caught his eye.

It was so hard not to get involved.