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Chapter 1: Loneliness

13-year-old Mai Minaki sat in the living room of her temporary home, staring out the window. Her long black hair was put up into a ponytail, her aqua eyes staring out the window as the rain pounded harshly against the glass window. She was wearing a pair of baggy blue jeans, a baggy black shirt, and a pair of white sneakers. On her hands, she wore a pair of black, fingerless, gloves. She sighed. She'd be leaving soon. She'd have to move to another home, like she always did. She hated being in foster care. She wanted a home, a place to stay and grow up. Not this. Not moving every few days, or months, or years. But no one seemed to want to keep her.

"I hope the social worker hurries up…" she thought. "The sooner I get this over with, the better…"

"Here we are!!" the social worker said cheerfully.

Mai rolled her eyes. How could that woman stand smiling every minute of the day? There was nothing to smile about anyway. This family would probably send her away too, just like the last one, and the one before that. No one wanted to adopt her. They all wanted little babies, toddlers, or small children. Never did anyone want to adopt a teenager.

"They probably don't want to put up with the mood swings…" Mai thought in annoyance.

They drove for about three hours, going off the highway and onto a dirt road. After a few minutes on the dirt road, many farms and small houses were seen, all surrounded by a forest a little ways behind the houses. The car finally stopped in front of a farmhouse. It looked like it was a cozy house, made of red brickwith a black shingle roof. Next to it was a large, red, wooden barn. She blinked. This was the first time she'd ever been sent to a farm before.

"I wonder how long I'll be staying here…" she thought as she stepped out of the car.

Mai went over to the trunk of the car and pulled out her one suitcase. It had all her clothes, her diary, and her MP3 player inside. Those were her only possessions. They were all she had. She sighed as she followed the social worker, whom was telling her for the billionth time how to act around her 'family'. Mai merely nodded and smiled every so often, like she always did. It was the same explanation every time. She'd stopped listening to it a long time ago. Once in the house, Mai saw a man, probably about 35, with blue eyes, short red hair, wearing a baseball cap, dressed in a red shirt and overalls and work boots. There was a woman next to him, about 32, with curly brown hair, held up in a bun, dark brown eyes, wearing a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt.

"Mai, I'd like you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Hinaki!" the social worker said, still smiling.

"Nice to meet you…" Mai said, forcing herself to smile.

She extended her hand out in front of her, like she always did, offering it to Mr. Hinaki to shake, then to Mrs. Hinaki.

"Pleasure is all ours Ms. Minaki!" Mr. Hinaki replied, shaking her hand and smiling.

"Welcome to our home!" Mrs. Hinaki exclaimed, also shaking Mai's hand. "Let me show you to your room."

Mai followed Mrs. Hinaki through the house while Mr. Hinaki spoke with the social worker. Mrs. Hinaki led Mai to a room with a bed and a dresser inside. Meg looked around. The room was fairly large, and was painted a dark blue color, and had a window overlooking the fields that were in front of the house. Mai put her suitcase on the bed and went over to the window, gazing out at the scenery.

"You can do whatever you want with it." Mrs. Hinaki said, giving Mai a kind smile.

Mai blinked in surprise and turned to look at Mrs. Hinaki. She was allowed to do whatever she wanted with it? This wasn't her permanent home, so why were they letting her do whatever she wanted with her room?

"Uh, thank you…" Mai replied, feeling confused.

Mrs. Hinaki nodded and left the room, going back out with her husband. Mai flopped down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. These people seemed…different…than the other families she'd lived with, not that she minded. She liked it when things were different.

"I just hope that them being different is a good thing…" she thought.

She looked outside. It had begun to rain again, only this time, a thunderstorm had begun brewing…

Somewhere in the forest

The little purple creature ran through the forest as the rain poured down in buckets, soaking its fur. The little creature ran under and tree, huddling up beneath it. He coughed violently, his white face tinged with red. He was so tired. His emerald eyes began to droop shut as the last of his strength faded. He struggled to keep them open, but failed, and he fell into darkness…

Back at the Hinaki's home

"I'm going out to get some wood for the woodstove! I'll be back later everyone!" Mr. Hinaki called.

"Be careful Jean!" Mrs. Hinaki told him. "Don't throw your back out again."

Mai looked over at the man who was going outside. She didn't think that he should be going outside getting wood with a bad back, even if he were a full-grown man.

"Um, could I come with you Mr. Hinaki?" Mai asked. "I'd like to look around. Maybe I can help you a little bit too."

"That'd be great Mai. Thank you!"

"No problem…"

Mai stuffed her feet into her sneakers and followed the man outside. The thunderstorm had stopped a few hours ago, so there was no longer any danger in going outside. Mr. Hinaki led Mai into the woods, Mr. Hinaki wielding an ax.

"You can help me carry the wood back once I'm done…" he told the teenager. "For now, go ahead and walk around, just don't wander off too far."

"Alright, no problem." Mai replied.

Mai wanted to get a look around the forest anyway. She looked around, strolling down the path, listening to the sounds of the forest. It was so peaceful here. She never wanted to leave.

"I'll probably have too though…" she thought with a sigh. "They'll send me away, just like everyone else when they decide that they don't want me anymore or when the Children's Aid decides to move me…"

Suddenly Mai noticed something in the distance. Something purple. Lifting an eyebrow, she ran towards it, coming to a large tree. At the base of the tree was a small purple creature, curled up. It appeared to be sleeping. Slowly, Mai inched towards the creature, wanting to get a better look at it. Its ears were long, and it had a long, devilish tail. It wore a re bandanna around its neck, and red gloves on its three-fingered hands. Its feet had three clawed toes. It had a white face, a little black nose, and a little fang poking out of its mouth. Black encircled the creature's eyes. Mai couldn't tell what color the creature's eyes were, since they were closed tightly.

"What is this thing…?" she wondered in amazement.

She suddenly noticed a light tinge of red spread across the creature's face. She slowly reached out, touching the creature's head gently. It was hot. Very hot. Her eyes widened. The little creature had a fever, and was burning up fast. She looked at the creature's gloves and bandanna. Anything that wore clothes had to be intelligent right?

"I can't just leave him here…" she thought.

She quickly stood up and ran back to where Mr. Hinaki was. She skidded to a stop in front of the man, trying to catch her breath.

"I think I hear…Mrs. Hinaki calling me…" she said between breaths. "I'm gonna go…see what she…wants…"

Before the man could say anything, Mai ran off back towards where she'd seen the creature. She then took off her jacket and wrapped the small creature in it, picking it up gently. The creature gave a soft moan as she did. Without another word, Mai bolted off in the direction of the house, following the trail through the forest. Eventually, she came back to the house. She now had another dilemma. She couldn't walks through the front door with this creature. Mrs. Hinaki would probably freak out. She remembered the window in her bedroom. She quickly walked around the side of the house till she found the room to her bedroom and opened it, climbing through. Once inside, she unwrapped her jacket from around the small creature and pulled back the blankets on her bed, placing the purple creature down on the bed, and then covering it up with the blankets.

"I need to bring down its temperature…" she thought.

She snuck over to the bathroom, which was conveniently next to her room, and grabbed a bowl, quickly filling it with ice-cold water. She then grabbed a cloth and crept back into her room, making sure that Mrs. Hinaki didn't see her. Once back in her bedroom, she soaked the cloth in the water and the rung it out. She then gently placed the cold cloth on the creature's forehead, hoping that she'd be able to bring its temperature down. Not knowing what else to do, she sat on the bed next to the little creature, waiting. She silently hoped that it would wake up soon…

To be continued…

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