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Chapter 4: Nightmares

"Mai, could you pull the weeds by those roses over there?"

"No problem Mrs. Hinaki."

Mai grasped hold of a the green weed sprouting from the ground, and yanked it out by the roots, throwing it over her shoulder once it was out, then going to the next weed that was growing in the rosebush. She tried to keep her mind off of it, but her mind kept going back to Impmon. She hoped he was all right in there. The young teenage girl knew that the purple Digimon didn't trust her. What if he woke up before she came back in and tried to leave on his own? He could get even sicker than he already was!

"Mai, are you alright?" Mrs. Hinaki asked. "You seem…distant…"

"Hmm? Oh, I'm fine Mrs. Hinaki. Just thinking." Mai replied, smiling a little.

"If you say so…but I'm here if you ever need to talk, alright?"

Mai nodded, not sure how else she should respond to what Mrs. Hinaki had just said. None of her other foster families had ever said anything like that to her before. It, oddly enough, made her feel secure. It reassured her.

"Well, that's about all! We're finished!" Mrs. Hinaki announced, dusting her hands off. "Let's head back to the house."

Mai stood up and wiped the dirt and soil on her hands onto her now very dirty jeans and followed Mrs. Hinaki into the house. Mrs. Hinaki had told her earlier that Mr. Hinaki had gone into town to buy a new part for his tractor, which apparently was not running properly. The teen kicked off her sneakers once they walked into the doorway, and headed off into her bedroom, not caring that her clothes were now filthy. She honestly could care less about how dirty she was. She went straight to her bedroom once again, wanting very badly to check on Impmon. Her eyes widened when she opened the door and entered. There, tossing back and forth on the bed in a violent manner was Impmon.

In Impmon's Mind

"You're so useless! Can't you do anything right?!" a young boy hissed down at the small purple Digimon standing before him. "It was a Gazimon for crying out loud! Even a Koromon could've beaten it!"

"I-I'm s-sorry S-Satoshi…" Impmon stammered, trembling where he was standing. "I'll d-do b-better next time…"

The young demonic Digimon's body was covered in cuts, scrapes, bumps and bruises. He sported a black eye, and his lip was bleeding. He wasn't worried about that though. His Tamer was angry. That was the reason he was frightened. The small injuries he had now wouldn't even come close to what Satoshi would do to him, should the human boy become angry. The thought of what the young boy would do to him terrified him, and made him tremble even more.

"THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME IF YOU KEEP SCREWING UP!!" the boy howled at the young Rookie level, anger flashing in his eyes. "WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO MAKE YOU GET THIS RIGHT?!"

Satoshi, a 14-year-old boy with short black hair, and black eyes, stood in the middle of the kitchen in front of his young Digimon, glaring down at Impmon with a cold look. This Digimon was nothing but a tool for power. His eyes narrowed and he looked to the counter he was standing next to. A smirk suddenly spread across his face, and he snatched something off the counter. It was a steak knife. Without warning, he snatched Impmon up by his red bandanna, and stabbed the knife into the little Digimon's ear.

"If you won't get stronger by yourself, I'll punish you until you learn to win!"

Tears of pain stung at Impmon's eyes, and he let out a scream of agony as the knife was dragged through the skin of his ear…

Back in Reality

"Impmon! Impmon, wake up!" Mai said desperately as she shook Impmon, trying to wake the purple Digimon.

Impmon's eyes suddenly snapped open, and he let out a cry of fear, pulling out of Mai's grasp. His body began trembling, and he was soaked in cold sweat as he sat there on the bed, his eyes wide. He looked completely terrified!

"Impmon…are you alright…?" Mai asked, cautiously putting her hand on the demonic Digimon's shoulder.

Impmon flinched at Mai's touch, and pulled away from the teenage girl. He stared at her, his emerald eyes full of fear, as if he thought Mai was going to hit him, or harm him by some other mean.

"Impmon, it's okay! It's just me…" Mai said soothingly. "No one's gonna hurt you…"

Impmon stared for a few more moments before seeming to finally realize that whatever he'd just seen hadn't been real. His trembling reduced, though he was still shaking, and he slowly began to calm down, breathing in and out deeply. Mai bit her lip. The fear hadn't left his eyes.

"Impmon, is there somet-"

"Nothing! I'm fine!"

Mai blinked in surprise when the small Digimon cut her off. Obviously, he didn't want to talk about it. Mai watched Impmon for a moment. His face looked red again. Her eyes widened, and without warning, she put her hand to Impmon's forehead.

"Hey, what're you…?!"

"Your fever's gone back up again, damn it!" Mai cursed. "Lay down now!"

The purple Digimon was going to protest, but found he didn't have any choice as Mai pushed him down on his back, though she did it gently as not to hurt him in any way.

"I don't need t-"

"Yes, yes you do. Now, you're going to stay down, or else I'm going to tie you down to the bed, and don't think I won't!" Mai ordered, glaring down at Impmon.

Impmon growled, and was about to bare his fangs, when he noticed the glare. The purple Digimon swallowed, and immediately shrunk down into the bed, suddenly looking afraid of Mai again.

"Y-Yes M-Mai…" he stammered.

Mai blinked in surprise, watching as the little imp trembled in the bed. He seemed to be completely different from the person he'd been a few minutes ago. He'd gone from stubborn and distrustful, to frightened, almost like a young child…

To be continued…

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