Hello reader! I'm a reborn authoress, so yeah, this is not my first story on but it will my first finished story; it is indeed complete by now, so depending on it's popularity it will be how fast I'll update. I love this story, and I warn you that sometimes you may not like what I write and I'll respect that, but please...no flames! You can leave me a comment with what you didn't like but you'll have to be respectful. So yeah, enough of my rambling...let the fun begin!!


He runs through the forest, it's midnight, panicked, he looks around, expecting to see guards chasing him, but he's alone. He stops. Tries to hear something but he only hears his quick breathing and the furious beating of his heart. He sighs, no one. Anyways, why would someone notice him taking a baby from a poor cottage? Only his master and he know about the great destiny that awaited her. The baby moans, she is cold.

The man entered a small clearing, full moon lighting it. A circle of flames is lit in the middle with a man clad in black robes and a silver cape next to it. The man who had entered the clearing bowed to his master and presented the baby to him. The silver caped man took the bundle of clothes briskly.

"I'll sacrifice her, no one knows, but with this, I'll turn as powerful as The Leader herself, then I'll defeat her and take the leadership of the group!"

"That's what you think." said a smooth and sweet voice from the trees, like oil and honey.

"It's you! How did you make it up to here?" The silver man asked furious looking for the source of the voice.

"Magic, naturally, also because I always keep an eye in my protégée." The voice came from the opposite side of the meadow where it had sounded the first time but now you could see a white and golden silhouette.

"Now I'm going to kill you!" The silver man attacked but she moved uncommonly fast.

"Violence is not the option." She said like she was speaking to a three year old that was making a tantrum. Soft yet firm.

"Yes it is!" Those were his last words as he sent a wave of energy, but the golden woman made it bounce on him and with an explosion, he disappeared.

The golden woman approached the little baby-girl that had been dropped on the floor, for the other man had escaped.

"Come little one." she said smoothly while picking the baby up. "Don't cry." and she did. "I'll send you far away, with three guardians to protect you, and then I'll send for you when you're ready to come home again." She made a door on the air, and sent away her protégée, to a house where a couple lived and received the baby as their niece; the woman was her first guardian.