The designation celebration was an important one, that took place every millennia or so. Lizth was dressed in a very elegant yet uncomfortable dress, to Lizth's misfortune. She had danced all night long with every male from Twar as tradition stated. Suddenly she felt a tugging from her hand and saw it only was Gareth, she remembered what he had said to her when the battle had begun and blushed.

"May I have a word with you?" He asked, uncertainty seeping through the words.

"Of course." She said in a low voice, and he led her to another part of the forest, to the flower clearing she had been with her mother in her first mind-travel, she felt sadness wash all over her.

Gareth noticed her discomfort and asked her if she was okay and she just nodded trying to fight back her tears.

"I-I just wanted to tell you that I'm so sorry for ignoring you these past weeks; it's just that I was scared." He snorted, it seemed so ridiculous to him now but spoke with sincerity.

"Scared of a friend?" she asked mockingly already forgiving him. She felt better now.

"You are much more than that." And before she could say something he captured her lips in a tender kiss. "I want to be the one to make you happy and to protect you."

"I can pr-" she began but Gareth cut her.

"I know that you can protect yourself, it's just that I want to do it. Lizth, will you marry me?" He kneeled in front of her as he produced under his cloak a beautiful silver ring with an unknown milky white gem. Lizth was astonished to say the least, and then she realised something: her heart didn't belong to her anymore, since he had invited her a drink at the mall it didn't belong to her, that's why she had felt so empty when he had ignored her and just couldn't forget him.

"Yes." She accepted smiling; Gareth grinned twirled her in the end while she giggled. He kissed her again smiling, that's all what he needed to know.

The end, Fin, Finnito


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