Double The Trouble

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Chapter 1- First Day of School

"Kagome, Sango, hurry up!"

"Okay Rin, we're coming." They both answered at the same time.

Rin watched as her two sisters came into the kitchen. They were twins and if you didn't know them your whole life you'd probably never be able to tell them apart. After their parents died in a car crash over the summer she let took her sisters in to live with her.

"I'm so excited! I can't beleive it's our senior year!"

"I know, and yet I already can't wait for it to be over."

"Sango why do you hate school so much?"

"I think it's pointless. Now let's go get this over with."

"Okay, Sango do you want to take your car or do you want to ride with me?"

"I'll ride with you, Kagome."

"Bye girls."

"Bye Rin."

Rin watched her two sisters walk out of the front door. Sango had always been the tough one. She hardly ever cried and she ususally dressed gothic.

Kagome on the other hand was always cheerful. She had her own tough side, but not like Sango. Kagome liked to dress in bright colors.

"So, are you nervous Sango?"

"Do you know me at all?"

"Right, of course your not nervous."

They pulled out of the driveway and headed off down the road.

"Someone's supposed to show us around the school when we get there right?"

"Yeah, but this is the country, Kags. Compared to our school back in the city, this place is going to be tiny."

"I know, I miss being there. I wish we didn't have to leave all of our friends."

"You'll make new ones Kags. Everyone that meets you likes you and besides we have to try for Rin. She didn't have to let us live with her."

"I know, I think the accident was hardest on her. What do you think?"

"Yeah, I have to agree. Which is why we have to try. We have to for her."

"You right Sango. And look we're here and it is small."

"Told you, now come on."

They parked the car and walked to the front doors. Everyone looked at them as they entered the building.

"Sango, don't say anything. I know they're starring, but I bet we're the only twins they've ever seen."

"Maybe, but still..."


"Okay, okay, I'll be nice."

They walked in and saw the place was even smaller on the inside. Kagome walked up to a girl and asked where the office was. After they got directions they found the principal they had met a couple of days before waiting for them. He was a tall slender, inu demon, with long silver hair and gold eyes.

"Kagome and Sango Higurashi, I'm glad to see you found your way. Why don't you come into my office and we'll get your schedules made."

Sango used her miko powers to talk to her sister inside her mind: I think Rin thought he was cute.

Oh, yeah, maybe we should set them up.

You know she won't go for that she hasn't been on a date since she's moved here. All she does is sit at home and work on her novels.

I know, but maybe we can work something out.

Maybe, but let's talk about that later.

Okay sis.

"Uh, girls, I know you are both mikos and can talk to each other in your heads, but maybe you should pay attention?"

"Yeah, maybe."


"Sorry, I mean yes sir we should."

"Thank you, now I understand you are both going to be taking honor classes?"

"Yes, sir."

"Okay, well, here you go. You will both have lunch and miko training together, but other than that you will have no other classes together." He said smirking.

He did that shit on purpose.

I know, but, Sango, don't say anything.

You ruin all of my fun.

"Now if you'll follow me, I'll show you around and then you can go to class."

"You know I think we'll be able to find our own way. Our old school was much bigger. Finding our way around here should be easy."

"Fine, as you wish. Hopefully the next time I see you, it will be for something good." He looked at Sango who smiled innocently.

They got up and he opened the door for them.


"Yes, uh..."


"Yes, Kagome?"

"Are we the only twins at this school?"

"Yes actually you are."

"Cool, let's go Sango."

Sesshomaru (principal) watched ad the girls left his office.

That Sango is going to be alot of trouble. I can already tell.

"Kagome did you see the way he looked at me when he said that stuff about us seeing him again?"

"Yeah, but you acted like you'd be alot of trouble. What am I saying? You are alot of trouble."

"What class do you have first?"

"Well, I have soccer. Apparently in this place if you sign up for a sport you automatically are on the team."

"Cool, I've got basketball."

They walked to the gym and went in. When the doors shut loudly behind them everyone looked up. Kagome waved while Sango just looked at everyone in such a way it caused everyone to look away.

"Sango, let's go change and then I'll go to the field."


They both changes and then said their goodbyes.

Miroku watched as a petite girl, with raven colored hair, and big brown eyes walked onto the soccer field towards the couch.

They talked for a moment before the couch talked to adress the class:

"This is a new student. Her name is Kagome Higurashi and she'll be joining our team."

The girl smiled and waved and Miroku never took his eyes off of her.

"Okay, Kagome you take Kikyo's spot as center on the blue team, and everyone else take your normal positions."

"But couch I always play center."

"I know Kikyo, but I want to see her abilities."

"Fine." Kagome watched as the girl with black hair sat down on the bench.

Kagome, they combined boys and girls for the basketball team.

They did the same with soccer.

How weird.

Yeah, we're about to play. I have to go.

Okay, okay, princess.

Everyone got in place and the couch blew the whistle to signal the start of the game.

"Class this is a new member of our team. Her name is Sango Higurashi."

Sango looked at everyone and smiled a little.

"Okay, Sango why don't you take Jenn's spot."


Inuyasha watched as the beautiful girl ran out onto the court. She had long raven colored hair and big brown eyes.

The couch blew th whistle and the game started. Inuyasha and Sango were on opposite teams but had the same position. He tried to block her, but over and over she got past him and made a basket.

"Okay, class, hit the showers. Higuashi nice game."


The girl walked towards the girls locker room and Inuyasha ran to catch up.

"Hi, I'm Inuyasha."

"I'm Sango."

"Nice game."

"Thanks, you played pretty good yourself."

"Oh, Inuyasha!" He turned around to see his ex Kikyo calling him.

"Sorry, thats my ex Kikyo. I'll see you later I have to go get rid of her."

"Okay, bye."

Sango watched as the hanyou walked towards this 'Kikyo' person. He had long silver hair and gold eyes like the principal, but the one difference was the adorable dog ears on top of his head.

The couch blew the whisle and signaled them to go back in to the locker room. Miroku ran and walked beside Kagome.

"So your new?"

"Yeah, I'm Kagome." She extended her hand and he shook it and then they continued walking again.

"I'm Miroku."

"Your a monk aren't you?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"I'm a miko. Sometimes I can just tell these things."

"Oh, well it was very nice to meet you. I should probably be going. I'm sure the girls would not appriciate it if I came into the girls locker room with you."

"No, I guesss not. Well, see ya later." She walkd into the locked room onlt to be greeted by Kikyo.

"Listen I don't know you, but you will not take my position. You got it Higurashi?"

"Well if you don't want me to take your position I suggest you play better."

Kikyo glared at her and walked out of the locked room to go find Inuyasha. Kagome didn't see her sister so she showered and went to her next class.

Inuyasha was excited to see that Sango was in his next class too. Although he had thought he saw her wearing all black and now she was wearing a blue skirt with a white shirt.

I guess she changed after she showered.

He sat down beside her.

"Hey, cool we have this class together too."


"I'm know...from basketball?"

"Oh, sorry, that wasn't me. That was my twin sister Sango."


"Yeah, I'm, Kagome. Don't feel bad Inuyasha, anyone that hasn't know us our whole lives can't tell us apart."

Sango your friend Inuyasha just mistaked me for you.

He's cute right?

Yeah, now go away.

Your the one that started talking to me.

I know, but now I'm done talking.


"I thought I saw her wearing something else."

"Yeah, you wouldn't catch my sister dead wearing something like this."

"Oh, well sorry, but now I'll know who is who by the way you dress."

"On some occasions, but sometimes I wear all black. Then you wouldn't be able to."

"True, so what's it like being a twin?"

"I guess you've never met any twins before. Well, for me it's awsome."

"No, I don't think anyone has met twins around here."

"You know you look alot like that principal."

"Yeah, he's my older brother."

"I feel sorry for you."

"I do too."

"Okay class, time for me to let you know what we will be doing this year..."

"Kagome, hey Kagome wait up!"

Miroku ran to keep up with the girl running throught the hall. He thought he saw her wearing a skirt, but now she was wearing black baggy pants with chains on them and a tight black shirt that said 'Keep starring I might do a trick'.

Sango heard her sisters name being called and turned around to see a cute guy with black hair pulled into a ponytail, running twoards her. He caught up to her finally and stopped.

"Kagome, hey, sorry I wanted to see if you needed help finding your class."

"But I'm not-"

"I know your probably not lost, but I'll walk you to class anyway."

"That'd be nice except, I'm not Kagome."

"What, but you look just like her."

"I'm her twin, Sango."

"Twin? Well that'd explain the clothes."

"Yeah, but I am kind of lost, so I wouldn't mind your help."

"Sure, what's your next class?"

"I have calculus."

"Oh, me too, so let's go."

Their first day went by surprisingly fast. They ate lunch and everyone in the lunch room starred at them. The they went to miko training and then went to their last couple of classes. They then met each other at Kagome's car and went home.

"So, how was your first day?"

"Rin, the principal is totally cute. You know you guys would be cute together."

"Kagome, I don't think so. Now I'll ask again, how was your first day?"

"It was good. When people weren't getting us confused they were starring at us like circus freaks."

"Yeah, I thought it was funny."

"I guess, I'll see you I have homework." Sango walked up the stairs to her room.

"Is she okay?"

"Yeah, she just doesn't like it when people get us confused."

"Oh, well she'll adjust."

"Yeah, I have homework too. See ya at dinner."


Rin watched her sister go upstairs be she herself went to her own room.

That principal is kind of cute.

What was that Rin?

Get out of my head Kagome!

Okay sorry, but I knew you thought he was cute.


Fine, sorry.

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