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Epilouge- Reunion

"Don't worry Kagome everything will be fine."

"I know but it's been ten years since we've seen all of them."

"I know, but it'll be okay. Aren't you interested in what happened to Kikyo and Kouga?"

"Yeah, and I haven't seen Jenn in awhile either."

"See and besides Miroku, Sango, Sesshomaru and Rin will be there."

"Yeah." Kagome said rubbing her huge stomach.

"Kicking again?"

"Yeah, I'm just glad it's not twins like Rin got stuck with. Now don't get me wrong Shippou and Kirara are the cutest kids ever, but when I think back on how much trouble me and Sango were I feel relief that we're only having one."

"Yeah and you were both girls. They have a boy and a girl, but Rin always says she misses having twins around."

"I bet she doesn't say that now."

"No, not for three years when they were born."

"Yeah and don't forget that Sango and Miroku live close by with Ian."

"I bet him and Shippou get into a ton of trouble."

"You think they'll be glad to hear that we've decided to move back here with them?"

"Yeah, they've been begging us for years. They said we were breaking up the family."

"Yeah, well we're here."

Inuyasha got out and went to the other side to help Kagome out. She got out and they began walking towards their old school.

"It hasn't changed at all has it?"

"Not really. But when Sesshomaru retires I'm sure they'll change some things."

"They'll have a while to wait since he's a demon."

"Yeah, I'm glad we discovered that you guys giving us blood gives us that slow aging. And thanks for doing it for Sango and Miroku and Ian."

"Feh, it was nothing." They both put their hands on the gym door.

"Here we go." They pushed it open and entered a room full of joy and laughter.

Sango ran to her sister followed by Miroku and Rin. They all hugged each other.

"Good to see you. You look like a balloon."

"Thanks. So what's up with everyone?"

"Well, Kikyo is actually a teacher here now."


"Yeah, but she's still a slut."

"What about Kouga?"

"He's married to a girl named Ayame. They have three kids."

"And Jenn?"

"She's not here I'm afraid, but I talked to her yesterday. She's working at the hospital."

"Good to know." Inuyasha and Kagome looked at each other and smiled.

"Well we have some news for you, but where's Sesshomaru?"

They all looked in the direction of the dance floor. Sesshomaru was yelling at some kid about calling him Fluffy.

"What did you do Sango?"

"I may have written the name down in the girls bathroom, and in the boys, oh and in the locker room."

They all looked at her in disbelief.

"Okay, okay I handed out flyers at the beggining pf the school year."

"Sango I thought being that he's your boss you wouldn't do something like that. Guess being the miko instuctor hasn't changed anything."

"No, and in any case he wouldn't fire me. Not only can he not replace me if I go Miroku leaves the soccer team. The kids love him and they've been state champions since he's been here."

Sesshomaru finally came and joined them. He shook all of their hands except for Sango's.

"Oh come on it was funny."


"Okay so what's the news you big time artists?"

"Well we are moving back here. We're going to be redecorating the aqaruim we used to go to, well the painting's anyway."

"Wasn't it closed?"

"Yeah, but we bought it. And we're going to reopen it."

"That's great. I'm so glad, you know you two did break up the family."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "I told you."

They all laughed. "You know I can't beleive we're all married with kids and everything."

"Well we don't all have kids yet."

"We will soon when are you due anyway? Soon right?"

As if their child wanted to mock them Kagome's water chose that time to break.

"Great, I guess we'll be seeing Jenn after all."

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