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Matt was already sitting on the couch in his office when the Tom and Harriet who were helping Danny, walked in.

"Can you give us a minute?" Matt asked them quietly, not taking his eyes off the wall ahead on him.

"Matthew, what's going on?" Harriet asked, as Tom helped Danny sit down in one of the chairs.

"Please, Harri...just...just give us a minute, okay?"

"I'll be downstairs..." She replied with a sigh. "Please come down and talk to me after."

Matt nodded silently but didn't say anything until they had both left the room, leaving him and Danny alone.

"What are we going to do?" Matt asked him.

"I don't know..." Danny replied.

"I think we should talk to the police." Matt told him.

"But...but you just said outside not to call the police."

"Danny, I just had a gun point at me for the second time in two days... I didn't know what to think." Matt replied. "But this is getting out of hand...they're going to end up killing one of us...or both of us."

"Maybe not...maybe it's over now." Danny claimed. "I mean, there must have been people who saw what was happening...He's not going to risk getting arrested by coming back for a second go."

"I don't like this." Matt stood up.

"But what else can we do..." Danny started.

"No, not that... I don't like you like this..."


"I don't like being the sane one..." Matt continued. "You're the one that's always in control... you're the one that always insists on doing the right thing!"

"Listen, I know is might sound crazy..."

"No, Danny just stop..." Matt exclaimed. "It's over... we can handle this on our own..."


"But nothing, it's not just about us any more... That guy was going to kill me in front of You Harriet and Tom... how the hell do you think that would have effected you all?" He questioned. "They might decided to go after someone else to get to us... It's out of our control, Danny...we need help."

Danny sighed and slumped back in his chair. He knew Matt was right but he was scared it would matter worse. Plus everyone would find out about it all and would know he was to blame.

"It's the right thing to do..." Matt lowered his voice to a softer tone, sitting back down in front of Danny. "We can't go on like this...you're acting completely out of character... I don't like it... I want everything to go back how it was."

Danny nodded slowly before looking up at him. "So, what now?"

"You need to go to the hospital to get checked out."

"Matt, I'm fine..."

"Danny, just...just let me take control for once, okay?" He replied. "Just do as I say."

"Alright, fine." He sighed once more. "But you should see a doctor yourself..."

"I got other things to sort out."

"What you going to do?"

"Don't worry about it." Matt said, standing up once more and walking over to the phone.

Danny watched as Matt organised a car to take Danny to the hospital. He just hoped Matt knew what he was doing and that everything would be sorted out like he was planning it too.

"Someone is going to come up and help you down to the car..." Matt told him, placing the phone back down.

"Where are you going?" Danny questioned.

"I'm going to talk to Tom and Harriet, make sure they're okay..." Matt answered. "Then I'm going to sort this mess out."

"Matt, just be carefully, yeah?"

"I'll be fine."

"I mean it, Matt..."

"Danny, trust me...I know what I'm doing." He stated, as he walked towards the door. "I'll see you in a bit."

"Yeah..." Danny sighed, knowing that this whole idea was going to turn out bad, even though he didn't know what Matt had planned.


Matt stepped outside the studio for some much needed fresh air. He had just spoken to Tom, who had asked a million questions...most of them Matt could answer...All he knew was Donnelly was out to get him because of something Danny did 11 years ago.

He leaned against the wall, taking in a deep breath and closing his eyes. He just needed a moment to himself before he went to see Harriet. He knew he wouldn't able to just tell her everything was okay and that there was nothing to worry about because she would know he was lying. He was going to tell her the truth about it all... tell her how his life was in serious danger.


"Where's Danny and Matt?" Jordan walked in on the cast rehearsing. "I just heard about there being a fight outside...Are they okay?"

"Well, Danny's gone down to the hospital..." Harriet replied. "I'm not sure about Matt, he's probably gone down to check on him."

"What happened?" She asked.

"I don't know...Matt got this phone call, he ran out...Tom and I followed and found the two of them fighting with these guys... Next thing we know, one them pulled a gun out on Matt." Harriet explained. "Matt tried to wrestle the gun away... and when a shot was fired, the two guys ran off."

"Oh my god...was anyone hurt?"

"I think both Danny and Matt are a little beat up but other then that no..." Tom added.

"Does anyone know what it's about?" Jordan questioned and the cast looked around at each other to see if anybody did.

"I think it might be linked to Matthew's car being hijacked on Monday." Harriet claimed. "I tried to talk to him about it but he didn't tell me much."

Jordan sighed. "Well, maybe the police can help...what did they say?"

"Nothing, Matt and Danny told us not to call them."


"Matt said he was going to call them and get it all sorted out." Tom cut in.

"When?" Harriet looked at him.

"After he talked to you." Tom frowned slightly, continuing she just looked confused. "He came to talk to me about what happened...he said he was going to talk to you and then to the police."

"He hasn't been to talk to me.." She claimed.

"Well, where is he then?" Jordan asked and looked at everyone else. "Has anyone seen him."

"No, not in a while..." Simon claimed.

"Me either." Cal added.

"Maybe he went to talk to the police first..." Tom suggested.

"I'm going to call his cell..." Harriet said, turning to walk away. She had a real bad feeling about all of this.

"Okay, well let us know if you find anything out..." Jordan called after her. She sighed and looked back at the others. "Jack's going to love all of this...Just the kind of publicity we need right now."

Simon smirked slightly. "You going to see him now?"

"Umm, no you know...I think I might wait here until Matt or Danny turns up..." She said, deciding Jack could wait till later. She sat down in front of the stage. "Okay, you can carry on..."

Cal looked at her for a moment before shrugging. "Okay, from the top people..."


Danny was on his way back to the studio when he got the call...They didn't say much but he knew it was Donnelly. Panic and fear gripped him... he had to find Matt... he knew they'd go after him first...That's if they didn't have him already.

He raced into the studio not caring about the pain that shot through his lower back and ribs as he did. Nor did he stop to talk to anyone who tried to stop him.

He crashed through the doors, seeing everyone on the stage.

"Danny!" Jordan stood up, when she saw him. "It's about time! I want to know what the hell is going on?!"

"Where's Matt?" He asked, ignoring her question.

"We don't know...I'm trying to get hold of him but his cell is turned off..." Harriet explained. "We were hoping he was with you."

"No! Damn it.."

Everyone stopped and looked up when they heard a noise above them.

"Matt, thank god...Where the hell have you been?!" Danny asked when he saw his friend walk out, leaning on the rails, looking down at them all.

"Danny..." He started.

"You were right... I'm sorry, I should have called the police right away..." Danny rambled. "But it's okay...I've called them now...They're on their way..."

"Danny!" Matt said again, his voice shaking with emotion.

"What?" Danny frowned.

He felt his heart contract when three figures stepped out of the office behind Matt. There were a few gasps and screams from everyone else when they saw all three had guns. Two of the men were masked and Danny assumed they were the guys from before but the third man was Donnelly...He hadn't even attempted to disguise himself.

"I told you not to mess me around, Danny..." Donnelly said, as he pressed his gun into the side of Matt's neck.

Even from where they were, they could all see Matt flinch and swallow hard when he did.

"Leave him alone...Let him go!" Danny ordered.

"See, I can't do that, Danny..." He replied.

"I've called the police, they're on their way..." Danny started. "If you leave now...then... then you won't be in trouble."

He let out a laugh. "I'm already in trouble... and I warned you what would happen if you messed me around."

"Just...please...this is between me and you..."

"And what's a better why to get back you then killing your boy."


"I mean, I've heard all these stories about you guys..." Donnelly continued. "Danny Tripp and Matt Albie, the greatest partnership in Hollywood...but they don't know the full story do they, Danny?"

"I'm...I'm sure we can work this out..." Jordan cut in, causing Danny to glare at her. "If it's money you want..."

"I don't want your money..." He barked. "I want pay back."

"Then leave Matt out of this!!!" Danny exclaimed.

"He's the closest thing to family that you've got, right Danny?" He continued. "Your own family gave up on you a long time ago, didn't they...but not Matt here...no he stuck by you... he help you get your life sorted... he helped you become a star...So, what's a better punishment then by getting rid of the one person you only really care about."

The sound of the gun clicking as it re-loaded echoed in the silent studio and sent everyone's heart racing.

"Please, don't..." Harriet begged, cries streaming down her face.

Donnelly laughed and lowered the gun. "Not yet... this is so much fun..."

"You're sick." Matt muttered.

"You know, I might just be..." He replied. "But you really need to keep your mouth shut right about now."

"You really think this is going to work out?" Matt had, had enough, he was pretty sure that he was going to die up there...he might as well let his guy know exactly what he thought of him. "You really think that by doing this, it will get Danny back? Sure, he'll be sad for a while...but he'll move on...and me...well, just think about how everyone all over the world would react...An innocent, talented writer getting murder in front of his friends and colleagues just because some gangster wanna-be can't get over the fact 11 years ago, he was stupid enough to get sent down for drugs..."

"I said shut up!" Donnelly raised his voice, bring the gun backwards before hitting it hard across Matt's face.

"Matt!" Harriet cried out.

Pain exploded across Matt's face as blood started to fill his mouth, he spat some out before looking at him. "Touch a raw nerve, did I?"

"Y'know you got a big mouth..." Donnelly hissed, leaning in closer to him.

"Yeah and you've got issues with letting things go..." Matt shot back.

"Matt, for once in your life shut up!" Jordan exclaimed from below them.

"Why don't you listen to you friend." Donnelly added.

"Why don't you take a run and jump off a cliff..."

"Matt!" Jordan shouted again.

"Y'know, I'm sick of you already, lets end the games now!"

Matt stared back at him, trying his hardest not to shake or flinch... he knew he was going to die but he didn't want Donnelly to know how scared he was.

"No, please don't...leave him alone...please." Harriet pleaded once more.

Donnelly looked over Matt shoulder at the other two, nodding a signal to them. Matt still didn't take his eyes off of him until the sound of the fire alarm rang out.

"Everyone better evacuate the building..." Donnelly claimed. "Everyone except Funny boy here...and Danny...everyone else, get out!"

"No! I'm not going!" Harriet started.

"Harriet, go..." Matt looked down at her.

"No, I can't..."

"Get here out of here!" Matt raised his voice, looking at Simon.

Simon jumped slightly and looked right back at Matt before turning to her. "Harri, come on..."


"If you're not all out in 5 seconds, funny boy is gone." Donnelly held the gun at Matt again.

"Harriet, now!" Tom grabbed onto her other arm and help Simon drag her towards the door following the others as they rushed out.

"No! No! Let me go!" She screamed, turning to look at Matt. "Matthew, please..."

Matt just watched, his heart breaking at the thought of the pain she must be feeling right now. He waited until she was just about to through the door before mouthing 'I love you' silently. He knew that she wouldn't have time to reply before Simon and Tom dragged her through the door... he wasn't sure whether he did it that way in case she didn't want to say it back or she did and they had wasted so much time that they could have spent together, fighting.

He closed his eyes to prevent the tears that stung his eyes from falling and took a deep breath, trying to get some control over his emotions.

"Danny, why don't you join us up here..." Donnelly told him once everyone was gone.


"What's going on?!" Ricky questioned when he saw the cast along with Jordan and Cal leaving the building. Everyone else hadn't no idea what was happening inside, they had just evacuate when the alarms went off.

Jordan ignored him when she saw a police car pull up. "Where the hell have you been?!"

"Excuse me?" The office asked as he got out. "We were called by a Danny Tripp about a treat...do you know where he is?"

"Yes! He's in there being held hostage!"


"There three guys... they've all got guns..." Jordan explained, franticly.

"Right, okay...I got to call for back up...you try and find out how many people are left in the building."

Jordan nodded and headed over to Cal who was busy running through the rota to check who was working and who wasn't.

It took 5 minutes but they had managed to confirm that there was no one left in the building apart from Matt and Danny. Jordan headed back over the police officer and informed him just as the back up turned up.

No one spoke, everyone just watched in silence as the armed polices filed into the building...


Matt and Danny were now sat side by side on the couch in Matt's office, whilst Donnelly and the other two guys walked around, quietly discussing their plan.

"That was a nice speech by the way..." Danny looked at Matt. "Just the thing you want to do when someone is holding a gun to your head, insult them."

"Well, I'm pretty sure no matter what I said or did the end result is going to be the same...might as well, let him know what I think."

"I'm sorry..." Danny whispered looking down.


"Don't what?"

"Don't be sorry...we...we can't end things like this." Matt said. "It's not your fault... I mean, I would have liked you to have been more honest with me to start with about all of this...but...but there was nothing you could have done."

"I could have gone to the police and sorted this out from the start."

"Yeah, but what's done is done..." Matt replied. "At...at least, we're here together."

Danny managed a small smile. "Everyone always said we did to much together."

Matt laughed slightly. "Yeah but I bet they never predicted this..."

"I don't think anyone could..."

Matt looked down at his hands, he couldn't believe it was going end this way. He felt tears stinging in his eyes again.



"Y'know...y'know whatever happens... I don't blame you... it's not your fault, okay?"

Danny looked at him and just seeing the tears in his eyes, made his own fill up. A lump rose in his throat, threatening to choke him, he nodded silently, not being able to talk.

"I...I need to thank you...for everything... you've been the best friend I could ever ask for..." He continued. "You're...you're more then a friend...you're my brother."

"Brothers." Danny confirmed, forcing a smile but a tear still manage to escape his eye and roll down his cheek, holding out his hand so they could do their signature hand shake.

Matt returned the smile and grip onto Danny's hand before putting his head, to hide his tears.

"Danny, I'm...I'm scared..." He whispered, looking up at him again.

Danny could have told by just looking into his best friend's eyes, it was the first time that Danny had actually seen Matt properly crying.

"I know." Danny replied. "Me too...but...but I'll look after you, okay? No matter where or what happens...I'll look after you."

Matt nodded in reply and Danny pulled him into hug.

"I love you, Matt...never forget that." Danny whispered.

"I love you too." Matt replied.

Danny pulled back, using the sleeve of his shirt to wipe his eyes. "It'll be okay."

Matt nodded once more and dried his own eyes, taking one last look at Danny and taking a deep breath. They both just waiting to see what would happen next.



She turned around when she heard her name being shout and came face to face with an annoyed Jack.

"What the hell is going on?!" He demanded. "I'm hearing all these rumours about guns being fired and Matt and Danny getting into fights."

"Jack..." She started.

"Why didn't you call me straight away?!"

"I've been a little busy..."

"I hope it's sorted now!" He replied. "What's happening now? Why is everyone outside?"

"You haven't heard?"

"Heard what?"

"Jack, Matt and Danny...they're inside..." She explained. "They're being held hostage."


"Someone is trying to kill them!" She exclaimed.

He stared at her for a moment, trying to let the news sink in.

"What's...what's going on now?" He asked.

"I don't know...they just sent in a lot of armed police..." She replied.

"Who's in charge."

Jordan pointed out the police officer who seemed to giving out all the orders and then followed Jack as he headed over to him.

"I want to know what's going on right now." Jack demanded straight away.

"Excuse me, sir but I got a serious hostage situation on my hands at the moment." The officer glared at Jack.

"I'm chairman of this network and two of my employees are that building!"

"I'm Detective Sorkin and we're doing the best we can to get them out of there." He stated.

"Jack, maybe you should just calm down..." Jordan started, just as Harriet, Tom Cal and Simon joined them.

"What's going on?" Cal asked. "Is there any news?"

"Our officers are getting into place..."

"What does that mean?" Jack questioned.

"They need to be in a good position to see what the situation is...and they need to identify the gunmen before they do anything."

"I didn't say it back..." Harriet whispered.

"What?" Tom asked.

"I didn't tell him I loved me...I didn't get chance too..."

"He knows..." Jordan told her.

"But...but what if he doesn't...and something happens..."

"Harri, he'll be fine..." Simon assured her. "This is Matt we're talking about...remember a few years back...and he lost control of his car... it rolled down into that ditch? His car was a right off but he walked away without a scratch on him...he'll do that again, now...you watch..."

"But this isn't a car... this is guns..." She replied. "If anything happens to him... or...or Danny...oh god, Danny..."

Simon put an arm around her, pulling her to him. "It'll be okay...They'll be okay..."

"We have sight of the gunmen..."

They all turned as the voice from a police officer inside the building came over the radio.

"What about the hostages? Are they okay?" Sorkin replied.

"We see two hostages... they're both alive..."

"See, I told you..." Simon said to Harriet.

"The hostages are blocking the gunmen...we can't get a clear shot..."

"Tell them to do something!" Harriet demanded.

"They're fully trained for this kind of situation." Sorkin assured her. "They'll do all they can."

Harriet turned and buried her face into Simon chest and cried.

"We're getting ready to enter the office..."

Once again everyone fell silent, all listening closely to the radio. Suddenly the silence was filled with shouts, gunshots and glass breaking as the police rushed into the office.

Harriet closed her eyes tightly and prayed that Matt and Danny were okay. Jordan brought her hand to cover her mouth as tears filled her eyes. Simon's arms fell away from Harriet, in shock. Tom felt his own eyes sting with tears. Cal leaned back against the wall for support in disbelief.

"God help them..." Jack muttered, almost silently in stunned shock.

"We need paramedics here fast..." An office from inside demanded over the radio.

"Is everyone alive?" Sorkin questioned but he knew the answer from what he just heard. It would be miracle if anyone survived what had just happened.

"That's a negative... four dead and one seriously injured...unable to identify any of them..."

"No! No...no no..." Harriet cried and she wasn't the only one. Everyone around all started to fall apart. Four dead and one serious injured... that meant either Matt or Danny were dead...or they both were...


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