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.:Thank God For Sanity:.

"'Cause Shirogane doesn't have any."


Chocolate brown eyes that stared at her so lovingly, wisps of luscious ebony hair, just waiting for her fingers to run through. Ichigo sighed at the image of perfection.

"Momomiya-san, I wanted to tell you something." His voice, more smooth than silk itself. He was her Prince Charming, her Knight in Shining Armor, he was...perfect.

"Yes Aoyama-kun?" Ichigo asked, tucking back a strand of her auburn hair behind her ear. 'Could it be? Is he going to say it?' She wondered if Masaya would ever truly express his feelings for her.

"Momomiya-san...I mean Ichigo, I...I love you," Masaya smiled, "Do you love me?"

'Pinch me! I must be dreaming!' Her mouth formed into an enormous smile. "Masaya...I love you too! So much!" Ichigo cried. How long she had waited for this day, the day Masaya confesses his love to her.

"ICHIGO!" a voice cried. Ichigo whipped her head around. 'Why is Masaya...?' Ichigo gasped. She turned around just in time to see Masaya, the one who had confessed his love to her, wave goodbye and disappear.

"MASAYA! MASAYA!" Ichigo cried. She couldn't believe her eyes. A dark mist engulfed Masaya, strangling him towards the ground.

Closer and closer...

"ICHIGO! RUN!" Masaya yelled, grabbing the swirls of darkness around his neck. The darkness sped towards Ichigo and wrapped around her tightly.

"NO! Masaya! I can't! I love you! MASAYA!" Ichigo screamed, tears rolling down her face. She struggled to get free. Closer and closer to the ground he went...

"NOOOO!!" Ichigo cried, "COME BACK!" A searing pain went through her head. She groaned in pain, as she rubbed her head.


This time, it seemed something had hit her hand hard, very hard.

"Momomiya, open your eyes now if you don't want detention!" A voice roared.

Reality hit Ichigo hard.


She opened her chocolate brown eyes to see she was in her classroom. She had been caught day dreaming...for the fifth time. Ichigo stared into the piercing emerald green eyes of her history teacher, Ms. Tsuki. 'Have mercy teacher.' Ichigo prayed to Kami, hoping that he would hear her prayer. Ichigo gave her best smile at Ms. Tsuki.

Kami just so happened to be busy that day.

"Out of my classroom, Momomiya. You have detention. No excuses." Ms. Tsuki snapped, slamming the ruler down on Ichigo's desk.

"H-hai." Ichigo wondered why these things had to happen to her.

"As I was saying, in 1942..." Ms. Tsuki began her lesson again.

"Bad luck Ichigo." Moe whispered as Ichigo made her way out.


Moe yelped as the ruler hit her desk.

"Would you like to accompany Momomiya outside?" Ms. Tsuki growled. She had been twenty minutes behind a lesson, and the fact that the exams were next week didn't help much either.

"N-no, Ms. Tsuki." Moe stammered.

No body liked Ms. Tsuki when she was mad.


Ichigo sighed as she quietly shut the door behind her. Detention after school was bad; detention with Ms. Tsuki was a living hell. Not to mention, she had work today! Shirogane was going to kill her is she was late again!

"Why do these things happen to me?!" She cried, slamming the closest wall to her.

"MOMOMIYA!!" A voice bellowed. 'Uh-oh.' Ichigo gulped. Life had a grudge on Ichigo.

She was certain.


"Where is Ichigo Onee-Chan Na No Da?" Pudding asked, as she swept the floor. "Is she sick?! We should go visit her!"

Lettuce put the last dish carefully on the stack. She sighed. No broken plates, no mess. "I'm sure she's fine. Let's stop by after work to make sure though," Lettuce said, slowly putting the plates in the cabinet.

"She better come soon," Mint groaned. She walked up and put the closed sign on the café doors. "How late can Ichigo be?"

"Hey!" Ryou said. He looked around. Something was missing. Oh, yes of course! One of his workers was late. Again. He let out a frustrated groan. 'Keep this up Strawberry and I'll have to lower your paycheck.' He smirked at the thought. It would surely be amusing to see her angered expression...


The café door burst open...


Ichigo growled as she wiped the floor. Ms. Tsuki had been friends with evil since the day she was born. Of all the jobs, she had to, just had togive her this one! "AURGH!" Ichigo glared at the mop. It was all the stupid mop's fault. "WHY DID SHE MAKE ME CLEAN THE ENTIRE BOY'S BATHROOM?" Ichigo cried, stabbing the floor with the mop. She sighed and looked at the clock. 'Oh no!' She furiously mopped the floor and started to scrub the sink when a voice startled her.

"Momomiya-san?" It asked.

'OH MY GOD!!!!!!' Ichigo mentally hit herself. 'WHY? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!' She was going to kill herself later.

Ichigo tried to put on the most un-Ichigo like voice ever. "I-I'm sorry but I have no idea what you're talking about,"Ichigo stammered in an accent, her face flushed red. Of all the people to meet in a bathroom! And what was he doing after school, anyways?

"I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else. Um...You look sick. Are you okay?" Masaya smiled. The things Ichigo do.

Ichigo smacked herself. "I'm fine. Goodbye!" She ran out of the bathroom, mop, cloth, bucket and all. Masaya chuckled. He was going to bring this up to her on their next date.


"I'm really sorry I'm late everyone!" Ichigo cried, as she ran into the cafe panting. She collapsed in a chair and sighed. How stupid she must have looked back there.

"Ichigo, I have to talk to you. Now." Ryou sighed. This lateness had to stop.

"Okay." Ichigo mumbled as she walked downstairs to the lab. What could possibly go wrong?

"Ichigo, you got to stop being late." Ryou said.

"I know! And I'm really sorry! But I had detention and my teacher wouldn't let me go even though I told her I had to go to work and-" Apparently, Ichigo didn't notice the water on the floor from cleaning. "And-and- AOUGH!" she cried. Ichigo held on dearly on to the closest thing next to her, which just happened to be Ryou. Ichigo groaned, wondering what in the world had happened. 'Since when does the floor move?' Ichigo blinked open her eyes to see two frustrated blue ones glaring at her. Their faces were barely a millimeter apart. Ryou stared amused as Ichigo's face dropped closer and closer to his. She groaned in agony and dropped her head onto Shirogane's chest. She was tired from running all the way from her school to the cafe and it was so hot and the room was spinning out of control and-

"Strawberry, I know you adore me, but would you get off me?" He asked teasingly.

She felt her face growing warmer by the second. Ichigo quickly jumped off him and looked at the ground.

"I-I'm sorry." She mumbled. Ichigo stared at the ground, hoping it would just suck her in.

"Be a good Strawberry and come to work on time." He said, ruffling her auburn locks as if she were a child. Scowling, Ichigo slapped his hand away. He stopped by the door and looked back at her, smirking. "Oh, and Ichigo? The next time you're late, I'll make sure that pay check of yours is much lower than the others." And with that, Shirogane left.

"Bastard," She muttered, stomping up the stairs, "It wasn't my fault."


The next morning was perfect. Absolutely perfect. When she went to sleep last night, Ichigo was sure that she would wake up the next morning late, as usual. However, the results were quite the opposite. She woke up twenty minutes early and was full awake. Grinning, (she was in a good mood for some reason, too...) Ichigo stared out her window with a dreamy glance. The sky was an azure blue, and hardly a cloud was in sight. It felt like she was staring into an endless abyss. The sun was shining brightly, and a cool breeze fluttered her pink curtains. She heard shuffling from downstairs and knew immediately that it was her mother. Wouldn't she be surprised to see her daughter awake for once!

"Ichigo, honey, wake up!" Her mother called, opening the door, "It's time for-..."

Ichigo stared at her mother with a smile on her face. "I'm awake!" She cried, laughing.

"Yes, you're awake for once," her mother muttered, sighing. "Let's hope this is a habit. Breakfast is on the table. Come and eat, okay?"

"Hai!" The red head chirped, jumping out of bed.

A perfect, perfect morning...

And of course, school was even better. Masaya had stopped her after school to ask her on a date. A DATE! A DATE!! To the beach! And they were going to have a picnic and watch the sunset together and then Masaya would lean in and give her a kiss...Ichigo couldn't wait for Saturday to come.

Now, the entire day would have been absolutely perfect, if it were not for the fact that she had work today. With Shirogane. Stupid, stupid Shirogane. As Ichigo skipped into the cafe, she was immensely shocked to learn that she was the first person there. What kind of sick, screwed-up universe was this? Ichigo, the first to arrive at work? What the hell?

Shirogane was sitting at a table near the doors, his chair tipped back ever so slightly. His bright, blue eyes were narrowed as he flipped a page in his book. His eyes strangely reminded Ichigo of the sky this morning. They were the exact same color. Ichigo stared curiously at the blonde boy. It was the first time she saw him read anything. Heck, she thought he didn't read at all! Shirogane looked up and gave her an incredulous stare. "I guess you took my warning seriously," He muttered, marking his page.

"What warning?"

"Leave it to Ichigo to forget something the next day," Shirogane muttered.

"What warning?" Ichigo demanded, stomping her foot, "Does it have to do with the aliens? What is it?"

"The warning from yesterday, you idiot!" He snapped, "I told you not to be late anymore or else I'd cut your paycheck!"

Yesterday? Yesterday...Oh right! "I came in late yesterday, and then you told me to come downstairs. Then I slipped on something and fell on top of-" Ichigo froze. "Right. That warning. I remember." Stealing a glance at her boss, Ichigo blushed. Her face probably looked exactly like her name- a strawberry. "I-I'll be changing, if you don't mind!" And with that, she disappeared into a stall.

"Baka," he muttered darkly. He walked over to the counter and picked up a red box. "Hey Ichigo, the uniforms have been changed..." Ryou drawled. Without thinking, he drew back the curtain...and stared...at a half naked Ichigo. Stupid, stupid Shirogane.

The two red ribbons that kept Ichigo's hair up in pigtails were strewn carelessly onto the changing room's bench. Her auburn locks fell past her shoulder, curled lightly at the ends. Ichigo's eyes were closed, humming softly as she began to undo her top. Inwardly, Ryou sighed as her head disappeared into her top. Perhaps this was the time to gently close the curtain and leave. Now. Before she opens her eyes and beats him to a bloody pulp.

But Ryou didn't move.

He couldn't.

After all, he was a guy. With hormones. Stupid, wretched hormones that made him unable to move and keep on staring. Like a pervert. Which, he was NOT.

At that precise time, Ichigo had fully removed her top and looked at the mirrored walls of her dressing room. How queer. This strange Shirogane look alike was in the reflection, looking at her with wide eyes. Strange...But Shirogane wasn't that stupid, was he? Snorting, she turned around. Perhaps he is.

"Wah?" Ichigo stared at Ryou confused expression on her face. It took her a moment to realize that she, a half naked woman, was being gaped at Shirogane, her boss and, as of now, her punching bag.

"SHIROGANE!! YOU FREAKING PERVERT!" She shrieked, covering herself with her school top. "YOU HENTAI!" With one hand still covering herself, she took of her shoe and threw it at his face. With satisfaction, it had hit him on the forehead. "ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING? I'M CHANGING HERE, YOU BASTARD!" Blushing, he closed the curtains abruptly with one hand while rubbing his forehead with the other.

"Sorry," he muttered, barely audible.

"Sorry isn't going to cut it, you jerk! I was changing!" Ichigo snarled.


"Aren't you leaving anytime soon? I want to change."

Scowling, Ryou thrust his arm into the dressing room, the red box clutched tightly in his hand. "It's the new uniform," He muttered, "I only came to give it to you."

"Oh..." Ichigo took the box gently out of his hands. He took his arm out immediately. "I see." She stared skeptically at the curtain. "But you're still a pervert."

"Shut up, why don't you? It's not like there was anything to see!" He snapped, crossing his arms. Ichigo thrust her head out of the dressing room.

"Leave. Now. Before I tell everyone that you're a pervert."

"Fine," Ryou said, strolling towards the (dressing room) exit, "But remember who deals with your paycheck, baka!"

"Oh shut up, why don't you!"

He turned around, smirking. "I suggest you put that head of yours head back into the dressing room beforeItell everyone that you admire my backside." He snickered as the Strawberry flushed and disappeared behind the curtain. "Come into the kitchen when you're done dressing."


"Stupid boss. Stupid uniform. Stupid life!" Ichigo muttered furiously. She glared at her red-faced reflection for a moment before throwing on the uniform given to her. 'I look...good!' Ichigo burst into a smile as she twirled around. She hardly recognized herself.

A strapless light pink top that accentuated all her curves with puffed cap sleeves, had a red ribbon going in and out of it in a diamond shaped pattern, one on the left side, the other on the right. At the beginning and end of each ribbon was a tiny little red bow. The puffed cap sleeves had a white frilly lace on the edges. A fluffy heart shaped apron that reached mid-thigh had lace on the edges too. There was a pocket on the apron with a small drawing of a cat on the right hand corner. Her skirt was a brilliant color of cherry red, with petticoats and lace under and on the edges. There was a bow tied in white satin that kept the apron from falling off. Tied around her neck was a red satin ribbon with a lace trim at the edge. Attached to the necklace was a big, golden, round bell. She had two red gloves on; each had a pink ribbon tied at the wrist with a bell on it also. She had black ballet flat Mary Janes on for shoes. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail with a red ribbon.

Ichigo tucked back the few strands of hair from her flushed face. 'Wow...I wonder if the others get uniforms like these...Zakuro would look beautiful, as usual.' Ichigo thought wistfully. She sometimes wished she could be the gorgeous model.

Sitting at a table, Ryou tilted his chair back, reading a book. 'How long does it take to change into that thing?' He wondered. "That girl better hurry up. The store's opening in ten minutes!" Ryou grumbled, running his fingers through his blonde hair.

"Ryou? I'm done..." A voice behind him mumbled.

"It's about time-" Ryou snapped, sitting in his chair properly. He raised his brows high at the girl. The uniform design actually started in a doodle from boredom. He had eventually perfected it and in his, and Keiichiro's, free time, they made the uniforms. With some professional help. Some.

"Does it look good?" She asked, as she walked towards Ryou. Her shoes made a tapping sound on the tiled floor. How she loved that sound! It made her feel glamorous, as if she were walking down a runway.

...A girl can dream, you know!

Ichigo stopped in front of Shirogane, doing a little twirl. "It's very pretty," She commented, and plopped down in a chair across from him.

"Not bad." He muttered, propping his chin with his hand, his eyes still on his book. Ichigo flushed with pleasure. That was the first compliment...no, scratch that. That was probably the nicest thing he ever said to her!

"Thanks," She chirped, grinning. Ryou looked up, an amused expression on his face.

"I meant the uniform, not you."

"Don't ruin the moment."

Ryou cast a glance at the cafe doors, frowning. "Ichigo, I'm going up to my room. Give the uniforms to the others, okay?"

"Yeah boss," She muttered, waving him off. "Good riddance."

"You too," He replied, disappearing into the stairwell. "Come on time tomorrow, Strawberry!"

A bell chimed, signaling the opening of the cafe doors. Ichigo looked up to see a blue haired girl enter the store. "Mint!" Ichigo cried.

"Ichigo. You're early today," Mint said, "Nice uniform."

"You think?" Ichigo grinned. Compliments were nice to hear. "The blue box is for you, by the way."

"Don't misinterpret. I said the uniforms look nice. I never said they look nice on you." Mint said coolly, pushing back a curtain to change. Ichigo stared teary eyed at her cold friend. Why was the world so cruel to her? WHY?? Mint came out with a similar pattern as Ichigo's uniform except hers had only a single diamond pattern going through the middle.

"Big fat meanie."


Ichigo smiled to herself, gazing dreamily out the window. Okay, so today wasn't perfect. Big deal.

And besides, she was saving it for Saturday.


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