Not sure about the title but it's all I can think of for now. This is a A/U story so there are a lot of changes that differs from the Dragonball series. Kakarrot of course never came to Earth as a child but grew to be a solider on Planet Vegeta. ChiChi is the biggest change of the story. ChiChi is the world's strongest person. Yes, I know many are going, "WTF". ChiChi experienced the adventures Goku had as a kid during the original Dragonball. Yes, this means she has the power pole and Nimbus cloud. Yes, she can do all of Goku's attack moves. I will explain some of these adventures in detail like how ChiChi defeated Red Ribbon Army, her fights in the tournaments, fighting King Piccolo and Piccolo Jr. in later chapters as many of you are still going, "WTF! ChiChi couldn't have defeated the Red Ribbon Army! ChiChi couldn't defeat King Piccolo or Piccolo! Let me explain and you'll see how she did it. Please be kind.

Rated R or M for language, possible sexual situations in future chapters.

Second Chances

Part One

The waters in the rehabilitation chamber was always relaxing. Kakarrot flowed freely in the cool waters of the chamber as he recovered from his injuries. While some Saiyans hated going in the chamber, Kakarrot loved it. Each time he stepped out, he was stronger than before and Kakarrot thrive on getting stronger, being the best of the Saiyan warriors.

The machine beeped and the waters drained out the chamber like water down the sink. Kakarrot grinned and removed the breathing mask. He could already feel his new strength flowing through all the muscles on his body. He couldn't wait to test his new powers, whether it was another planet ordered for plundering or another Saiyan warrior. Kakarrot stepped out of the rehabilitation chamber and donned the trunks that was waiting for him.

He flexed and stretch his muscles, doing ten quick hand pushups, leg stretches, and waist circles. The chamber across from his beeped. Kakarrot turned his head to see Vegeta stepping out of his recovery chamber. Vegeta said nothing to Kakarrot as he dressed.

Kakarrot knew he injured Vegeta's pride and he loved it! The Saiyan Prince always boasted on being the best of the Saiyan Warriors. Kakarrot asked for a fight and Vegeta, knowing Kakarrot was a low class warrior, agreed, seeing the low class soldier as a warm up. Kakarrot proved Vegeta wrong, matching punch after punch, kick after kick, one clever fighting move with another. The match went on longer than Vegeta expected. He was beaten, bloodied with broken bones on different parts of his body. Kakarrot was in the same position but that was expected. Kakarrot was a low class warrior after all. Vegeta shouldn't be so hurt from battle by another Saiyan. He was the Prince of all Saiyans! Kakarrot was going to pay for humiliating him.

"I almost got you that time, Vegeta," Kakarrot smugly said as he put on his Saiyan uniform. "Next time I won't lose."

Vegeta scowled at Kakarrot. Kakarrot almost won the match between them. Actually, Kakarrot did win. Kakarrot had more speed and strength than him. It was by a small margin but he was still above Vegeta. It was dumb luck that Kakarrot lost. Vegeta heard about Kakarrot's strength from other Saiyans. Even though he was born as a low class Saiyan, Kakarrot had the strength of the elite but he was never given the title. Kakarrot was getting dangerously close to surpassing Vegeta. Vegeta was suppose to be the strongest of the Saiyans. He was a Saiyan elite--a Prince and he vowed to not let Kakarrot surpass him. Oh, if only he was a Super Saiyan. Then he could take care of Kakarrot with one swipe and that damn tyrant Frieza. He was going to do it, Vegeta vowed. He was going to be stronger than both of them.

"You'll lose because you're a low class warrior and I'm the Prince of all Saiyans. A Saiyan Prince will never lose to the likes of you!" Vegeta spat.

Kakarrot laughed cruelly. "You're mad I knock you off that fuckin' pedestal you put yourself on. Because you're a prince doesn't mean you're the strongest of all Saiyans."

Vegeta clenched his fists as Kakarrot walked out of the room. "That cocky bastard! How dare he insults me! He won't get away with this."

In his room, Vegeta looked over the next orders for the Saiyans. He was tired of this, tired of taking orders from that damn Frieza. If only he was a Super Saiyan, he'd kill that bastard. Frieza worked him and all his people over and over, plundering planets for his use as part of his conquests of the universe. Vegeta didn't mind the fighting. He got stronger with each fight, but lately he was beginning to wonder if he will be strong enough to take down Freiza. No, he shouldn't think this way. He must remain positive. He will be a Super Saiyan. He will take down Frieza once and for all and he most certainly will defeat Kakarrot.

Looking over the papers, he saw Kakarrot was order to go to Planet Nanji. The planet wasn't that far away, just a few light years. Vegeta couldn't assign Kakarrot that planet, not with what the Saiyan Prince had in mind. He look through several listing of planets and paused on Earth. Earth was very far away, but the people on the planet weren't strong. A Saiyan baby can destroy the planet in a few months, maybe years if need be. Kakarrot would destroy the life forms in a matter of weeks and that wouldn't be enough time for Vegeta to get stronger than Kakarrot.

Vegeta smirked wickedly. He'll just have to make sure Kakarrot takes longer than expected. Normally, Saiyans not fit for fighting hand out the assignments to the warrior Saiyans, but Vegeta decided to tell Kakarrot personally of his next mission. He left for the docking area where Kakarrot's ship was stationed. He dismantled it where Kakarrot wouldn't see anything wrong until he descended on Earth. He also change the course from Nanji to Earth. Once he left the room, Vegeta went searching for Kakarrot. There were only two places Kakarrot would go--the training room and the mess hall. .

Kakarrot sat at large table in the mess hall, doing what he loved to do besides fighting--eat. The whole table was laden with food, leaving Kakarrot to eat alone. No one would sit with Kakarrot even if his table wasn't covered with food. Many of the Saiyans thought Kakarrot as weird. Some were even jealous of Kakarrot. His strength was unusual even for a Saiyan. Kakarrot was a low class warrior but his strength and fighting skills were of a warrior of higher class. This brought his isolation and occasional battles with many Saiyans testing Kakarrot or wanting to kill him but ended up dying. Kakarrot could care less what the Saiyans thought. He preferred to be alone. He liked solitude.

It was a surprise to him when Vegeta sat across from Kakarrot.

"I'm eatin' so I can't kick your ass today," Kakarrot said and greedily ate his food.

Vegeta let the remark go as he watch Kakarrot sloppily eat. He never seen anything so disgusting. A great Saiyan warrior Kakarrot is, a clean eater he's not.

"I'm here to give you your assignment."

"I know my assignment. It's Nanji."

"Change of plans," Vegeta said watching Kakarrot pushed aside another plate and filled his stomach with another. Vegeta had a hefty appetite himself but nothing like Goku's. "You're going to Earth. The fighting power of the people are much higher than Nanji." Kakarrot looked intrigue. Vegeta had him now.

"Sounds interesting but I've never heard of Earth. Where is it?"

"Far out in the Milky Way Galaxy," Vegeta inform. "It'll take you two months to get there, but judging from the readout of the people, it'll take you a year to conquer it."

Kakarrot laughed boastfully. "A year. Not likely. I always conquer planets in two months or less." Kakarrot always prided himself on his spotless record on plundering planets in such a short time and bothered the hell out of Vegeta. "This planet won't be any different."

Vegeta smirked. That's what you think. Dismantling, Kakarrot's ship will buy me some time to surpass him. When Kakarrot returns I'll be ready to defeat him in our rematch. Should he die instead well, that's one less Saiyan I'll have to deal with.

An hour later, Kakarrot went down the elevator with his father to the docking area. Kakarrot planned to leave without speaking to his father, Bardock, but the older Saiyan saw his son going to the docks and followed him. Kakarrot and Bardock hadn't been on good terms for years. Ever since his father had that stupid dream, whatever respect Kakarrot had for his father, he was losing with each passing day. To make time go by in the long trip to the docks, Kakarrot told Bardock of his fight with Vegeta and his mission to Earth.

"Two months, hmm? One of these days, Kakarrot, you'll crash on a planet that will take longer to plunder." Bardock spoke with pride for his son and his strength.

"For you, especially since you've grown older." Kakarrot sneered at his father. "You still go in groups to plunder planets while I can take care of one by myself." Kakarrot shook his head in disgust. "You're pathetic."

"Just remember my pathetic blood and strength flows in you," Bardock reminded Kakarrot. His son looked like him but he didn't act like him; not since he had that dream that changed everything for him. "I'm older now so I know what I'm saying when I say you should join me in--"

"Overthrowing, Freiza?" Kakarrot finished incredulous. He had this talk with his father many times and it pissed Kakarrot out every time his father brought it up. "You really think your vision will come to fruition? It was a dream, Dad. A fuckin' dream. Get over it!"

"It wasn't a dream!" Bardock argued. "It was a vision of the future. Freiza was killed by you!"

"Because I turned into a Super Saiyan?" Kakarrot mocked. "There's no such thing as a Super Saiyan and there's no way in hell Frieza has the power to blow up a planet. He's strong but he's ain't that strong and why would he blow up Planet Vegeta? There's no cause for it."

"He destroys the planet to prevent a Super Saiyan from rising to kill him. He knows the legend is true and he's scared!" Bardock argued. Kakarrot looked pissed as usual whenever Bardock brought up this conversation. It was the reason why Kakarrot was losing respect for his father. "Kakarrot," he pleaded. "I need you on this."

The doors to the elevator opened. Kakarrot stepped out but his father remain inside the elevator. He whirled around to face his father, scowling, "That dream of yours has made you into a desperate, pathetic shell of the man you used to be. Go fuck yourself."

Kakarrot turned his back on his father as the elevator closed and headed for his baseball shaped ship. Once the ship was in space, Kakarrot turned the sleep module on and slept the two month journey to Earth.

Two months later, the round ship passed the moon that orbits Earth. Kakarrot was awaken to violent shakes and loud buzzing from his ship control module. Kakarrot looked at the panel, lights flittering on and off. He examine his ship and discovered his engine was damage. Ships are always checked out before being sent off.

Come to think of it, Vegeta personally gave him the assignment to Earth. Vegeta was the one who said he wasn't going to Nanji since Earth had stronger opponents and Kakarrot always love a challenge. It wouldn't be hard to assume Vegeta damaged his ship. That bastard was smirking a lot at him in the mess hall. It had to be him. This was intentional! Kakarrot slammed an angry hand on the module. "Damn that son of bitch, Vegeta! He's gonna fuckin' pay for this!"

As the ship descended on Earth, Kakarrot tried everything he could think of to slow the ships descent but nothing work. He sped up more as he entered Earth's atmosphere. His ship burn as sped up upon entry of the planet. Inside the hot ship, Kakarrot was sweating in buckets.

He looked out the window, noticing it was nighttime. At least he had the art of surprise on the Earthlings. He passed over a city. That was good. At least he wasn't going to crash into a building. He actually has a chance of surviving now.

Mountains and hills came into view revealing the countryside of the planet. If he crash into a mountain, he wasn't going to survive that. Kakarrot knew he was strong but he wasn't so strong to survive a mountain crash at the rate he was going.

The lights flickering when Kakarrot descended on Earth now shut off completely and the engine died. The ship plummet to the ground at increasing speed. Impact was in less than ten seconds. "Fuck this! I'm getting out of here!" Kakarrot pressed the side button of the ship to opened but it was jammed in. He pressed it again but it wouldn't work. There was no time to jump out now. "Damn it to hell!" Kakarrot screamed as he crashed to the ground in a fiery blaze.

Not far from the crash rest a quiet village. The crash created a large boom that awakened many villagers along with the ruler of the small kingdom in her castle.

The loud noise pulled the princess ChiChi from her sleep. ChiChi quickly tossed over the covers and jumped out of bed. She ran out on her balcony. From her view, several trees were knocked down in the forest nearby and smoke was coming from the trees. There was a rapid knocking on her door.

"Come in," ChiChi said.

Mia, ChiChi's servant, entered the room. "Princess, something crashed outside!"

"I know. Get dress. We're going to investigate." ChiChi's servant closed the door. ChiChi discarded her nightgown, put on her blue tunic, pink pants and weight pink boots.

While Mia went through the forest on her horse, ChiChi ran. It was good for her training. ChiChi reached the site first. Mia pulled the reigns of her horse when she approached a crater. Both stared at the odd, round ship. Most of the ship was chard ruins while pieces of it laid scattered about the crash site.

ChiChi started to climb down the crater but Mia grabbed her arm. "Princess, don't!" Mia warned.

"I'll be all right," ChiChi said and climbed down the crater. ChiChi avoided the small, dwindling fires in the craters as she got closer to the ship. When she reached the front of the ship, she gasped.

Kakarrot sat in his chair unconscious. Blood ran down all sides of his face, through parts of his torn uniform on his arms and legs. There were burns across his chest, arms and legs as well. ChiChi ripped apart the door like paper and Kakarrot fell forward. ChiChi gathered him in her arms.

"What is it?" Mia asked seeing ChiChi holding Kakarrot in her arms.

ChiChi jumped out of the crater and gracefully landed on her feet. "Hurry! We must get back to the castle. He doesn't have much time."

To be Continued