Second Chances

Part Fourteen

The journey home was going to be a long one. Waiting for their parents' revival was going to be even longer. Goten still cried because he was going to miss his parents until he saw them again. Gohan sent his brother to check on Krillin to get his mind off his parents and so Gohan can be alone with his thoughts and take care of things. Gohan contacted Bulma. He would have to tell her the bad news before they arrive home.

Gohan listened as Bulma told him she and the Nameks just returned to her home. Bulma also mentioned the Great Elder died and name Moori as the next Elder.

"So, that's been going on here," Bulma finished. "What's happening in space? Is the battle over? Did Kakarrot and ChiChi win against Frieza?"

Gohan's eyes mist with tears as he thought of his mother and father dying on Namek. "It's over. Frieza killed Dende then he killed Vegeta."

Bulma gasped. She nearly dropped her phone. "Vegeta's dead?" Bulma didn't understand why but knowing Vegeta was dead sadden her. Why she asked herself. Vegeta drove her nuts. Why should be sad over him dying? She didn't understand it.

"It's get worst. After Dad dropped the Spirit Bomb on Frieza, he came back. He shot Krillin with a deadly beam. He's on the ship now but he's in pretty bad shape. We hope to get to Earth soon so Krillin can get a senzu bean. After he hurt Krillin, Frieza killed Mom."

"ChiChi's dead?!" Bulma screamed over the phone. She couldn't believe it. Her oldest friend was gone. Bulma's tears ran flowed like a gushing river.

"Dad turned into a Super Saiyan and he told Goten and me to get off the planet. We didn't want to but he ordered us."

"Your father was right," Bulma said as she wiped her tears but they kept flowing. "It was too dangerous for you."

"I don't know if Dad defeated Frieza or not before…but Namek blew up and Dad and Frieza were on it. Dad's dead."

Bulma gasped again. "Kakarrot's dead? A-are you sure?"

Gohan nodded. "I am. I don't feel his chi. He's gone." Gohan sobbed as he couldn't hold it in anymore. "My Dad's gone!"

Bulma listened silently as Gohan cried. "I'm so sorry, but you know your parents can be revived with the dragon balls?" Bulma informed Gohan.

"I know," Gohan said. "But it's still hard. It's the only thing that's keeping Goten and me from not losing it completely."

"When you get back to Earth, you can stay with me until we bring your parents back," Bulma said. "I was talking to the Nameks and they told me their dragon balls revived every 130 days. So, in a little over four months, you can see your parents again."

Gohan smiled, his spirits lifting. "That would be great!"

"I got some more good news. I can get you home faster. I didn't want to test it because I didn't want the ship to burn out on Namek if it didn't work. I have backup engines. I'll follow you through so you can activate it. It'll get you home in five days."

"Cool. Thanks, Bulma."

"It's a good thing Vegeta didn't know or he'd kill me," Bulma joked. She wiped a tear away. "I don't know why I miss him. He drove me crazy."

Krillin awakened on the trip home. He was still weak but with Gohan and Goten looking after him and taking care of him with the first aid kit, Krillin was at half strength when the ship returned to Earth. Bulma had a senzu bean waiting for Krillin so he could jump back to good health. Gohan and Goten stayed with Bulma at her home while waiting for their parents to come back to life. Gohan informed Mia what happen so they could make an adequate excuse for the missing King and Queen of the village.

When the dragon balls were revived, everyone gathered outside Bulma's home where Moori summoned the dragon. Moori used the first wish to revive the planet Namek, the second to revive Dende and the third to transport him to Earth. Gohan and Goten both agreed the Nameks should revive Dende and bring him to Earth. They imagined Dende was lonely in the Other World since all the Nameks were revived and living on Earth. Gohan and Goten were lonely, too but they had each other.

Another 130 days passed and the Namek Dragon was summoned again; this time by Dende. He used the first wish to revive ChiChi; the second to revive Kakarrot and the third to transport them both to Earth.

ChiChi appeared first. "Gohan! Goten!"

"Mom!" Gohan and Goten cried as they ran to hug their mother.

ChiChi hugged and kissed her sons. "My babies! I'm so happy to see you! Your father and I missed you so much!"

"You were with Kakarrot?" Bulma questioned.

"Gee, I thought with his history, he'll be, you know," Krillin said and Bulma scowled at him.

"King Yemma said Kakarrot has changed from his wicked ways and has done good deeds, especially killing Frieza. My pleading help, too. Kakarrot and I spent two months on Snake way and the rest of our time at King Kai's place. We even learned a new technique: Instant Transmission. I like to call it that but Kakarrot prefers the name Teleportation."

A moment later, Kakarrot appeared. The boys ran to their father and hugged him. While the family celebrated their reunion, the Namek dragon disappeared.

ChiChi bowed before Moori. "Thank you for reviving us."

Moori bowed. "We should thank you for defeating Frieza."

"Sorry your planet was exploded," ChiChi apologized.

"It's all right. We wished it back. When we summon Porunga again, we will transport ourselves to Namek."

Kakarrot and ChiChi shared a look. "We have a request. My husband and I had some time to talk while we were dead. We know it's beyond the dragon's power to revive all the Saiyans killed by Frieza. Kakarrot figured most of them wouldn't change from their wicked ways anyway but we were wondering if you could revive Vegeta. My husband was once like Vegeta and he's changed for the better. We thought Vegeta should get that second chance."

Moori nodded. "We can do that."

So another four months passed. Kakarrot's family, who spent the last four months growing closer as a family, gathered at Bulma's home one more to time to welcome Vegeta back to life and see their Namek friends off.

Dende summoned the Namek dragon. He used the first wish to revive Vegeta. With Vegeta on the reformed Namek, Dende used the second wish to bring Vegeta to Earth, and used the final wish to return the Nameks to their home where they would rebuild and continue with their peaceful ways.

Vegeta looked around puzzled. "I'm alive? What in the world happened?"

"We brought you back, Vegeta," Kakarrot said. "We wanted to give you a second chance at life."

Vegeta folded his arms suspicious. "Why?"

"I know what it was like serving under Frieza. I didn't have a chance to be a different person until I met ChiChi. You showed potential on being a better person as well," Kakarrot explained.

"You can even find love and have a family," ChiChi added.

"The Saiyans will live on with us and our children," Kakarrot said. "However, if you cause harm to any life on this planet, I will have to kill you. You don't stand a chance against me now, Vegeta. I am a Super Saiyan."

Vegeta scoffed. "I won't cause harm to this planet. I have no need to, but I will be a Super Saiyan and I will defeat you."

"I look forward to the fight," Kakarrot grinned. "In the mean time, you'll have to find a place to stay. You're welcome to stay with us but I don't think you want to live near me. I'm sure Bulma wouldn't mind your company."

"Sure," Bulma jumped in. "You can stay with me since you don't have a place of your own yet." Bulma winked at Vegeta. "I know I'm hard to resist but you better contain yourself."

Vegeta rolled his eyes. What a vulgar woman.

With final goodbyes, Kakarrot and his family departed for their home with smiles and high hopes for their family and the future.

Sixteen years later.

Bulma looked out her bedroom window relieved. For once, the weatherman was right. It was going to be a nice spring day. She looked down at her robot servants cooking on the grill for the big feast being prepared for the day.

Master Roshi, Puar, Oolong, Tien and Chouzu, Yamcha, his wife, daughter and son, Krillin and his wife, 18 and daughter Marron arrived an hour ago and were catching up and sharing stories on what they were doing now. It's the first time in five years the gang got together.

It hasn't always been peaceful. A year after Kakarrot and ChiChi came back to life; they encountered the Androids and Cell. It was the first battle ChiChi stepped out of. She didn't want to because the Androids were after her and her fighting spirit wanted to take the Androids on but she had to step away. Her twins, Kaoru and Hiro, were newborns and she wasn't physically fit to be in a battle. Kakarrot had fallen ill with an unusual virus during that dark time, but thanks to modern medicine, he was able to recover after ten days of rests. In the end, it wasn't Kakarrot who defeated Cell but Gohan. Vegeta was so pissed off he couldn't defeat Cell but a child could, he vowed he and his newborn son, Trunks would be stronger than Gohan. That remained to be seen but thankfully for Earth that was the last of the threats and life on Earth continued on in peace.

Bulma was amazed through all she experienced in life, the many adventures and close calls with death, she came out of it alive with still a stunning figure at 51 if she did say so herself. Bulma smiled at herself as she looked in the mirror. She didn't look like a woman with a teenage son and a tween daughter. Hell, she didn't look like a woman who was 51but a woman approaching thirty. Of course she had some help with that.

Seeing 18 sitting with Krillin had Bulma thinking back to the insanity after the Cell Games. Some fool named Hercule claimed he defeated Cell. That pissed Kakarrot off. ChiChi tried to calm him down but Kakarrot wasn't having it. He was furious some loser took the credit for his son's hard work. Not only did Kakarrot kicked Hercule's butt on TV but he had Gohan do it as well so it was obvious Hercule was never a great fighter and Gohan got the credit he deserved. Many were stun a child could defeat Cell but when it was revealed Gohan was the son of ChiChi, the warrior who defeated Piccolo at the last World Martial Arts Tournament, people of Earth accepted it.

Reporters did come to ChiChi's village for an interview but one intimidating Kamehameha Wave from Kakarrot sent the reporters running for good.

"What a crazy life I've lived," Bulma thought with a smile.

Vegeta stormed in the room. "How long before Kakarrot and his family arrive?" He was impatient. "They were supposed to be here an hour ago!"

"ChiChi called twenty minutes ago. They're running late. Kakarrot had a sparring match with his kids this morning and it went into the afternoon. You know how it goes."

Vegeta shook his head annoyed. "Idiot."

Trunks entered his parents' room. "Mom, how long—"

"They're on their way. Seesh! I've never seen two men so impatient." The doorbell rang. "That must be them. Thank goodness."

"About time," Vegeta muttered. Trunks ran out of the room, racing down the stairs and almost threw the door opened.

Kakarrot and ChiChi's daughter, Kaoru stood at the door. Kaoru inherited her mother's features but she had her father's spiky hair and fighting prowess. Trunks and Kaoru shared a hug and kiss before Kaoru quickly stepped away when she saw Bulma and Vegeta coming down the stairs.

"Hello, Mrs. Briefs, Vegeta."

"Don't be shy, Kaoru. You're Trunks girlfriend. I don't mind you kissing him and how many times I told you to call me, Bulma?"

"Plenty, but my mother—"

"Yeah, I know your Mom," Bulma finished for her. "Always so formal. Where is she anyway?"

"She's with Dad. He's parking the car. Goten and his fiancée came in on Nimbus. They're with Hiro in the backyard with Master Roshi and the others. Gohan, Rukia and Pan are there, too."

Bulma looked pass Kaoru and saw Kakarrot helping ChiChi out of the car. Bulma's eyes widen when she saw the large roundness of ChiChi's belly. "ChiChi's pregnant again?!" Bulma shrieked. Vegeta and Trunks looked outside stunned as well. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Mom wanted it to be a surprise."

"It most certainly is." Bulma stepped pass Kaoru and went to greet Kakarrot and ChiChi. "Just when were you gonna tell me this?"

"Just now," ChiChi said and hugged Bulma as best she could in her condition. "It's nice to see you, Bulma. It's been a while."

Bulma stared at ChiChi's belly. "I see that. How far are you?"

"Seven months."

"Three more months," Bulma said recalling how Saiyan and human unions have a ten month pregnancy.

"What are you planning to do, Kakarrot?" Vegeta said joining Bulma. "Rebuild the Saiyan race with your wife?"

Kakarrot laughed. "This last one was a surprise."

"But a welcome one," ChiChi said rubbing her belly. "What about you, Bulma? Do you want to have another kid? With Kakarrot wishing us to age as Saiyans, you can."

Bulma scoffed. "No thanks. Trunks and Bra are enough for me."

The four went to the backyard where everyone gathered together. Kaoru's twin brother and other son of Kakarrot and ChiChi, Hiro was hanging out with Krillin and Yoshi, Yamcha's son. Hiro was an equal blend of his parents. He had ChiChi's eyes, his father's wild hair and a quick temper like his mother but his father's strength.

Goten was busy introducing everyone to his fiancé. Everyone knew Goten was engaged to a young woman from the village but they never met her until now. Leila was a quiet girl from the village but also carefree with an adventurous spirit. She wasn't turned off with Goten's tail and didn't reject him when she learned he was half alien. That made Goten love her all the more and knew this was the right woman for him.

ChiChi was surprised to see Piccolo arrive at the reunion even though he only stayed an hour for Gohan's sake. He was still evil, just not as evil as before. Through the Android/Cell ordeal, Piccolo became an ally. He only joined in the fight because the Androids and Cell were a threat to Piccolo's world domination. Seeing Gohan kill Cell, revealed to Piccolo he didn't have a chance to defeat Kakarrot or ChiChi. That didn't hinder Piccolo from training more and challenging Kakarrot and his family throughout the years. Piccolo's evil nature also didn't hinder Gohan from reaching out to him, to tell Piccolo about the Namekians. The stories Gohan told Piccolo of his kind left the two at acquaintances with respect for each other.

As Piccolo said his goodbye, Rukia, Gohan's wife gave him a hug, startling Piccolo before he gently pushed her away and flew off. Rukia was also from the village. Rukia wasn't quiet like Leila. She was bright, strong, outspoken and while many of the village kids feared Gohan because he killed Cell, Rukia was drawn to him. She became his friend when no one wanted to get close to Gohan and eventually his girlfriend and wife. It didn't surprise anyone of Rukia's easy acceptance when Gohan's heritage was explained to her. In fact, it intrigued her all the more.

ChiChi looked from her happy children to her handsome husband beside her as he munch down on his large meal. "Imagine how the world would've been if you hadn't crash. I would've been forced to kill you and we wouldn't have had our children."

Kakarrot laughed. "You think you would've actually defeated me?"

ChiChi raised an eyebrow in mock disapproval. "I most certainly would've. My Kamehameha Wave and Spirit Bomb would've taken care of you."

"Foolish words."

"True words." ChiChi jabbed Kakarrot lightly. ChiChi wrapped her arms around Kakarrot and leaned on him. "I'm so happy I met you. My life would've been a bane existence without you."

Kakarrot put down his food, staring at ChiChi with soft eyes. "That would've been my life. Fighting and killing innocent people for Frieza. I would never have had my children if I continued the life I had. I wouldn't have had you. You gave me my second chance, ChiChi. I will never forget it."

Kakarrot and ChiChi shared a passionate kiss. Kakarrot resumed eating and ChiChi leaned against him so happy with her life. Rubbing her belly where her fifth child was growing, ChiChi knew life would only get better. Kakarrot told her she gave him her second chance but ChiChi always knew it was him who gave her a second chance.

You're my second chance, Kakarrot and I will never forget it.

The End

AN: For those wondering about Videl, in this A/U Gohan was born much later which would make him several years younger than Videl. Plus, I don't think a Gohan raised by Kakarrot would tolerate Videl. I thought it would make more sense the Nameks go back to their own planet instead of looking for another one. They revived Earth but couldn't bring back their own planet. Yeah, I know Toriyama wasn't thinking about the Buu Saga when he did the Namek Saga. Yep, I decided to only bring Vegeta back because at the time Porunga could only bring one person back at a time and it'll be too complicated to have Shenron do it and like Kakarrot said, most of the Saiyans wouldn't change from their evil ways.

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