by pureb99


Tortured Youth

Dursley Residence, #4 Privet Drive

Harry Potter sat by himself in the dark at number four Privet Drive. He felt something crawling along his arm, but he ignored it. In his cupboard under the stairs, Harry was used to spiders and things crawling all over him. He discovered at an early age that if he didn't try to hurt them, they wouldn't try to hurt him.

For as long as Harry could remember, he had lived with his relatives. He refused to call his aunt, uncle, and cousin his family. Harry had seen how the other children's parents at primary school would smile and hug them when they were picked up. Harry's relatives would never hug him, unless someone important was watching, and they certainly would never smile at him.

At first, the Dursleys' treatment of him caused him to break down and cry. When Harry was younger, he used to wonder why he was unloved. Why his parents left him with his relatives. Why his cousin received countless gifts on his birthday or on Christmas while he got nothing.

When he was five, Harry was finally given an answer to many of his questions. His aunt and uncle had drunk too much brandy at a Christmas party and slurred out how he was a freak and how freaks didn't deserve presents. As if that wasn't enough, his uncle decided to rough him up a bit for the first time. When Vernon had finished hitting his frail body and thrown him into the cupboard, Vernon decided to tell the story about how a drunk James Potter had gotten himself and his wife killed in a car crash. It was the worst Christmas of Harry's life.

Over the next several years, Harry slowly adjusted to the fact that the Dursleys hated him. Harry wished he could somehow get back at his relatives for their treatment of him, but it just wasn't possible. Whenever Harry would get caught glaring hatefully at any one of his relatives, Vernon would always find out and decide that Harry needed to be 'taught a lesson'. Retribution against his cousin Dudley was always impossible. Dudley was much bigger and never without the rest of his friends, who quickly became fond of Dudley's favourite game, Harry Hunting. So Harry did the only thing he could, he buried his hatred, anger, and resentment behind a mask of polite behaviour. Harry was often the most polite and well-mannered person at school, always saying 'please' and 'thank you' and never forgetting to say 'yes sir' or 'no ma'am'.

There was one thing that Harry couldn't control though, the fact that strange things always seemed to happen around him. When he was five, his aunt had decreed that he needed a haircut. She had proceeded to shave his entire head, except for a small patch to cover the lightening bolt shaped scar he had received in the car crash that killed his parents. Harry knew that the next day at school he would be made fun of more than he already was, but miraculously, his hair grew back over night. Another instance was when Dudley and his friends were chasing him behind the school. Harry was one of the fastest kids in school, but unfortunately, not all of Dudley's friends were as fat as Dudley. Harry ran the wrong way and found himself face to face with a brick wall. When he heard the footsteps of Dudley's friends, he closed his eyes and wished he could get away. When Harry opened his eyes, he found himself on the roof of his school building.

As he got older, more strange things happened and Harry was always blamed. When his teacher's hair turned blue, Harry was blamed. When Vernon's brand new car popped all four tires immediately after Harry yelled at Dudley to stop punching him, Harry was blamed. When Dudley told his parents how one of the legs to his chair had disappeared while he was sitting in it during class, Harry was blamed.

Harry always hated it when these strange things happened, he told his relatives that he couldn't be responsible, but his uncle would always just turn red and scream that he would 'beat it out of him'. Harry wasn't sure what his uncle tried to beat out, but it never worked anyway.

Harry was currently recovering in the cupboard under the stairs. He had been locked in his cupboard for the last three days and he was tired, thirsty, and hungry. Harry was being punished because he had spoken to a boa constrictor at the zoo and soon afterwards the glass disappeared, releasing the snake right when his cousin and his friend were looking at it.

As Harry wondered how long his relatives would keep him locked up, the door to his cupboard opened and the bright light came streaming in. "Oww!" Harry exclaimed, shielding his eyes from the sudden exposure to bright light.


"Boy, are you complaining about the light now! Maybe you need another three days in your cupboard, huh?" Vernon yelled.

"No sir. I was just surprised," Harry said neutrally. He had to get out of the cupboard; he wasn't going to last much longer on half a peanut butter sandwich and one glass of water a day.

"Boy, Dudley said his friends have started asking questions about you, so you are to go to the park. Make sure everyone sees that you are alive," Vernon Dursley said.

"Yes sir," Harry said as he slowly climbed out of the cupboard and made his way out of the house.

Just great, one hell for another, Harry thought angrily as he carefully made his way toward the park where Dudley's gang usually met. He spotted them as soon as he got to the park. After all, it wasn't hard to miss ten kids beating up three smaller ones.

Harry saw Dudley's friend Malcolm stop punching the little boy. When an evil smirk appeared on Malcolm's face, Harry knew he had been spotted. Harry immediately started to back away from the group when he heard Malcolm's squeaky voice say, "Oie Dudley, look who it is!"

Dudley stopped punching a boy and turned his fat neck. A chubby smile crossed his face and he happily screamed, "Everyone, Harry's come out to play!"

Harry smirked at his cousin's stupidity. Dudley and his friends were still at least twenty meters away. When Dudley shouted his name for the entire park to hear, everyone knew Harry was alive - just like his uncle had demanded. Harry quickly started to run the opposite direction of his cousin. After cutting through back alleys, yards, and doubling back a few times, Harry managed to lose his pursuers. Harry grinned at his accomplishment, but it was quickly ripped off his face when a very unwelcome voice came from behind him.

"Oh my God, Mike, it's our lucky day!" Piers Polks said loudly.

Harry slowly turned around and saw Dudley's best friend Piers and his little brother Mike coming out of a house.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, let's show him he isn't allowed on this side of the park," Mike said happily.

Harry immediately started running as fast as he could, but Piers, unlike Dudley, didn't shun physical activity and Harry was already tired from having to outrun Dudley's other friends. After about thirty seconds, Piers had managed to catch up and Harry was tackled to the ground.

"Ha, getting slow, Harry," Piers said as he pinned Harry's arms to the ground.

"You're guilty of trespassing, and entering a no freak zone. How do you plead?" Piers demanded.

Harry gritted his teeth. Piers always was one for melodramatics. No matter what answer Harry gave, Piers would punish him. "Guilty," Harry said boldly, not looking away from Piers.

"So you knowingly did this? That's a bad Harry," Mike said as he kicked him in the side, causing Harry to grunt in pain.

"Hey Mike, go get Dudley while I interrogate the prisoner," Piers said, smiling.

"You got it," Mike said happily.

Harry was actually a little frightened now. He had never been alone with Piers and Harry had heard tales of other kids who Piers had been left alone with. Usually, they all included Piers carving his name into their flesh with a sharp rock or punching a single spot until it bled. Much to Harry's shock though, Piers simply got up and smiled.

"Sorry about all that, Harry, you need a hand up?" Piers said, offering his hand.

Harry eyed Piers' hand very sceptically, but he wasn't about to get up and turn his back on the boy. Reluctantly, he gave Piers his hand to help pull him up. Piers started to pull Harry up, but when Harry was halfway standing, Piers brought his other fist around and drove it into Harry's face.

"Ah!" Harry screamed as he fell back on the ground smacking his head against the park's bicycle pavement.

"Ha! Hurts, doesn't it, freak!" Piers said, grinning.

Harry felt the blood running down his face from his nose, and he was incredibly dizzy. Doing the only thing he could, he started to back away from Piers.

"Now, now, Harry, you can trust me," Piers said as he ran over to Harry and kicked him in the side.

"Ahhhh!" Harry screamed as Piers kicked him directly in the rib that his uncle had bruised days earlier. Lucky for Harry though, a few cyclists rounded the corner, stopped, and turned to look around at the sound of Harry screaming.

Piers saw the people looking in their direction and quickly leaned in and said, "You got lucky, you little shit, next time I'll make sure you can't scream," before sprinting back towards his house.

Harry got to his feat as fast at he could. Piers would probably come back as soon as the cyclists were gone and he had to get away. As he started walking, Harry noticed how much it hurt to breathe, but he needed to get far away from Piers. Harry walked towards some rather large bushes and trees. If he could hide himself for a little while, he might be able to get better. Whenever his uncle hurt him, he always felt better after sleeping.

Harry slowly made his way deeper into the trees. When he found a nice little nook completely hidden by some bushes, he fell to his knees and passed out.


"Hey, why are you sleeping there?"

Harry slowly opened his eyes. He immediately regretted his decision as he was incredibly tired, dizzy, and he found it difficult to breathe. Gritting his teeth, Harry managed to raise his head and see who had spoken to him.

Harry found his glasses near his side and put them on. Standing a few feet away from him, he saw a girl maybe a year or two older than him, looking at him in horror. I must look bad, he thought cynically. The girl was wearing hip-hugging jeans and flip-flops with a shirt that said 'The Weird Sisters '89 tour.'

"Go away, pl-please," Harry said as he gagged and then spit up some blood.

"Oh Merlin, you're hurt!" the girl exclaimed. She ran forward and kneeled at his side.

"No, leave me alone, I'll get better…j-just leave me alone," Harry said weakly as he fought back the desire to pass out.

"Please let me help you. I promise I won't hurt you," the girl said as she touched his side.

Harry had to stifle a cry at the touch. "Please just leave me here, I'll be better soon, I promise!"

"Oh Merlin!" the girl said, looking at his forehead. "Y-Y-You're Harry Potter!"

Harry looked up to get a better look at the girl. When he realized he had never seen her before, he said, "How do you know who I am?"

"Your scar! That's how I know who you are. You really are Harry Potter!" the girl said, practically bouncing up and own with excitement.

"Yeah, so what. Glad you know who I am. Planning on getting Piers and Dudley now so they can wail on me some more?" Harry spat.

"Huh? Harry, I wouldn't do that!" the girl said in horror.

"Nymphadora! Nymphadora, where are you!" a sharp voice called from behind them.

"Mum, I'm over here, come here quickly!" the girl called out.

"Nymph, what are you doing out here? Oh my, are you okay?!" the older woman exclaimed.

"Yes, I just fell asleep back here, ma'am. I'll be on my way now," Harry said as he slowly tried to get up, but the pain in his side was so sharp that he fell back down.

"Mum, that's Harry Potter, we have to help him!" the girl named Nymphadora said.

"You're Harry Potter!" the woman said in shock as she looked at the beaten child.

"Yes, now please leave me alone. I can get better, I just need some more time," Harry said weakly.

"Dear, you are coming with us right now, you need help," the woman said sharply.

"Why do you want to help me?" Harry asked, looking at the woman with distrust.

"Because you're hurt, stupid," Nymphadora said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Nymphadora, language," the woman chided.

"Why would you want to help me? I don't even know you," Harry said.

"Because it's the right thing to do, now please come with us," the older woman pleaded.

Knowing that he probably needed the help, Harry reluctantly nodded his head in acceptance.

"Okay dear, let's get you up," the older woman said, extending a hand to help him up.

Remembering Piers' trick from earlier, Harry ignored the woman's help and said, "I'll get up on my own."

"No, Harry, I'll help you up," Nymphadora said.

" I can do it myself," Harry said as he fought his way up. When he finally made it into a standing position, he suddenly felt light headed. He touched his hand to his side and noticed his clothes were wet. When he raised his hand to his face, he saw that it was covered in blood.

"Oh my god, mum, he's bleeding all over!" Nymphadora said.

Harry didn't hear Nymphadora though. He felt his legs give out under him as he lost consciousness.

Tonks Residence

Harry opened his eyes. He was in a strange room that he had never seen before. He looked down at himself and noticed that most of his upper body and head was bandaged.

"Ugh. Where am I?" he groaned.

"You're up! I'm so happy you're okay!" a voice from the door said happily.

Harry looked up to see the blond haired girl from the park, only now the girl's hair was much shorter. "Nymphadora, is that you?" Harry asked.

Harry saw a flash of anger pass behind the girl's eyes as she started to walk towards him.

Harry quickly assessed the situation and when the girl was close enough, he pushed her back with every bit of strength that he had. Much to his surprise, the girl was blasted backwards and hit the wall. Amazed at what happened, Harry could only watch as Nymphadora groaned and rubbed the back of her head.

"H-Harry, why did you do that?" Nymphadora asked as she slowly got up.

Harry cautiously got out of bed, his hands ready to hit the girl if she tried anything. "You were mad at me," Harry accused viciously.

"Harry, I'm not mad at you, I promise," Nymphadora said as she approached, albeit a bit more hesitantly.

"You're lying, Nymphadora, I saw it in your eyes," Harry barked.

"Harry, you don't understand, I don't like it when people call me Nymphadora. Please just call me Tonks. That's why I was upset, I don't like my first name," Nymphadora said.

Harry looked deep into Tonks' eyes as if trying to ascertain the truth. He saw only honesty in the Girl's eyes, but he refused to be tricked. "How do I know you aren't lying?" Harry asked.

"I swear to Merlin, I'm not lying to you," Nymphadora said, exasperated.

"Why would I care if you swore to Merlin?" Harry laughed bitterly.

"What do you mean, Harry? He's the greatest wizard ever," Nymphadora said matter-of-factly.

"Exactly, he's made up," Harry said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Made up? Are you insane?! If I didn't know any better, Harry, I'd think you were a muggle," Nymphadora said in shock.

"What the hell is a muggle? You're not making any sense, Nymphador…err Tonks," Harry said.

"Nymphadora, stop bothering Harry!" a voice yelled from the door.

Harry turned to Tonks' mother climbing up the stairs.

"Mum, he-he doesn't know about Merlin! He doesn't know what he is!" Nymphadora blurted out.

"I know, sweetie, I just got done talking to professor Dumbledore. Harry doesn't know about our world," Mrs. Tonks said.

"Then we need to tell him," Nymphadora said.

"What wor-" Harry started to ask

"I'm afraid not, dear; the professor wants us to take him home now," the woman said, cutting off Harry's question.

"No mum, please, look at him, he's still hurt," Nymphadora said.

"I'm fin-" Harry said.

"He's a lot better now, and I'm sure his relatives will be worried about him," Mrs. Tonks said.

Harry felt his face go white. "How long have I been here?" he asked quickly.

"Harry, you were really hurt, you had some internal bleeding, a bruised rib, and a slight concussion. You should really stay…," Tonks said.

"No Nymphadora, professor Dumbledore says he must return to his relatives immediately," Mrs. Tonks said.

Any colour left in Harry's face instantly drained. "I had all those injuries. I must have been here…how long have I been here?" Harry demanded once more. I'm going to be in so much trouble when I get back. I'll probably be locked in my cupboard for the rest of the summer.

"Two days," Mrs. Tonks said. "That is why we must get you back home."

Two days? How can I have healed from all those injuries in two days?! It's not possible. It can't be done, Harry thought frantically.

"Harry, when's your birthday?" Nymphadora asked.

"The 31st," Harry said, still in shock.

"Oh mum, can he come over for his birthday, please?" Nymphadora pleaded.

"Nymphadora, I'm sure his relatives will want to celebrate with hi-" Mrs. Tonks said.

Harry turned a cold stare on Mrs. Tonks. "This is a sick joke, isn't it!" he demanded.

Tonks and Mrs. Tonks turned to look at Harry curiously. "What do you mean?" Tonks asked.

"No one can heal from those injuries in two days! It's not possible! Now you're being all nice to me! Did the Dursleys pay you to do this? Be nice to Harry and then everyone pops out and mocks him! Well, I won't be anyone's joke!" Harry said hysterically.

"Dear, you must calm down. This is no joke. You really did have those injuries, you need to relax," Mrs. Tonks said.

"Just stop it, I need to go! I want to go!" Harry said as he started to pace back and forth. I need to leave, I need to go now. I have to go!

As Harry continued to pace, he felt his stomach lurch, and his body scream out in pain. He closed his eyes and he felt like his entire body was being squeezed through a tube. When he opened his eyes, he was standing directly in front of the Dursleys' house.

"What happened? How did I get here?" Harry asked wildly as he began to look around.

There was a loud crack, and Harry turned around to see Tonks and her mother standing behind him. "Harry you can apparate!" Nymphadora said in shock.

"Where did you just come from? How did I get here?" Harry demanded wildly.

"How long have you been able to apparate?" Mrs. Tonks asked quickly.

"What are you talking about? What's apparate? How did you just appear here? How did I just appear here?" Harry said frantically.

"Apparating is when you disappear and re-appear somewhere else. That's really advanced magic, Harry, they don't teach that till sixth ye…"

"Nymphadora, stop! He's not supposed to know. Now, Harry, is this your house?" Nymphadora's mum asked.

"Yes, but I don't understand - how did I do that earlier? How did you just appear out of nowhere?" Harry asked again.

"Harry, you're a wizard!" Nymphadora blurted out.

"I'm a what?!" Harry gasped as his uncle opened the door.


Harry started backing up. "I'm sorry uncle, I really am. I was-" Harry started to say before his uncle grabbed him by his collar and pulled him forward.

"You little prick!" Vernon roared and threw him into the house forcefully, causing Harry to stumble and hit the floor. His large frame was, of course, blocking their audience's view of Harry's fall.

"Sir, I must protest, your nephew here was hurt a few days ago. My daughter and I found him, but he quickly fell unconscious, he just recently woke up. Now, we did our best to help him…"

"And what do you want? Wait, you probably want some money for helping the little bastard. Well, you aren't getting any. The kid probably got into a fight!" Vernon roared, slamming the door closed.

Outside #4 Privet Drive

The scene outside the house was one of complete shock. "Mum, I'm worried. Did you see the way that man looked at Harry?" Nymphadora said, her face pale.

"I'm sure that it's not that…" but her voice was cut off by a blood-curdling scream from inside the house. Followed by a very sharp, "Shut up, boy!"

"Mum, they are hurting him. We have to help!" Nymphadora demanded.

"I'm sure it's not what it sounds like, dear. Professor Dumbledore said tha…"

Another muffled scream was heard and Tonks started to panic.

"Mum, they are hurting him! That's Harry Potter! That's Harry bloody Potter those muggles are hurting! Mum, we have to help him!" Tonks said as she took out her wand and pointed it at the door.

Realizing that her daughter was about to perform under-age magic, Andromeda reached out and grabbed her daughter's wand.

"Nymphadora! You can't jus…"

"No, mum, they are hurting him. We have to do something!" Tonks said, exasperated.

Andromeda saw how determined her daughter looked and she felt herself releasing her. "Very well, put your wand away. I'll open the door, but if it turns out to be nothing, then you will be in big trouble. Alohomora," Mrs. Tonks said, causing the front door to unlock.

Inside #4 Privet Drive

"Boy, two days! Two full days! Your aunt had to cook and clean! You are going to your cupboard for the next two weeks, but before you do, I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" Vernon Dursley roared, taking off his belt.

"No uncle, I'm sorry! I-I wanted to come back, but I…" Harry's pleas were silenced when his uncle struck him with the metal belt buckle.

Harry let out a howl of pain as his uncle relentlessly struck Harry's bandaged back and side.

"Shut up, boy!" Vernon roared as he brought the belt down harder.

Harry let out a muffled cry of pain, but he bit his lower lip to stop himself from screaming too loudly. His back had now gone numb, and he felt the coppery taste of blood in his mouth from biting his lip. In between the next few strikes, Harry heard the door open.

"Stop what you are doing now!"

"Get out of my house!" Vernon roared, dropping Harry, who fell to the floor in agony.

"Oh Merlin, Harry!" Nymphadora screamed as she raced over to where Harry was lying on the ground, his side bleeding through the bandages.

Harry opened his eyes and saw that Tonks had silent tears falling from her face. He wanted to say something to her, but when he opened his mouth to speak, the massive amount of blood that had collected from biting his own lip started to leak out.

"You bastard! You hurt him!" Tonks screamed, leaping to her feet.

"The little freak deserved it!" Vernon roared.

"How could you treat Harry Potter like that?!" Andromeda cried.

"You're one of them! I want you and your filthy abnormal daughter out of my house," Vernon said with disgust.

"Stupefy!" Mrs. Tonks shouted.

Harry lifted his head in time to see a jet of red light strike his uncle, causing him to fly back several feet before falling to the ground where he lay motionless. If Mrs. Tonks or her daughter would have looked at Harry at that moment, they would have seen a maniacal grin spread across his face. "Nymphadora," Harry called out causing Tonks and her mum to look down at him, "I want to be able to do that," he said before passing out.

This is the revised chapter 1. Much thanks to EvilDime for editing it for me.