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Chapter 5

Birthday with the Family part 2

Harry and Tonks followed the Malfoys outside of their house. They walked for a few minutes before Draco stopped and said, "Welcome to Nathanial Pitch."

Harry let out a gasp when he looked down from the hill they were standing on. Floating some eighty feet in the air were six massive rings as well as several stands. Harry had never seen a game of Quidditch, but he knew what he was seeing had to be impressive as Tonks was looking just as floored by what she saw.

"You have a standard professional pitch." Tonks said in quiet awe.

Harry leaned in curiously and asked, "Tonks what's a standard professional pitch?"

"I believe I can answer that, Harry." Lucius said with a grin. "You see normal house Quidditch pitches don't have stands or a full sized field; however, my grandfather Nathanial Malfoy was an international Quidditch star. He would typically hold a charity tournament before every upcoming season. A lot of famous Quidditch players and politicians would show up so naturally the press came as well. One year he decided that having people stand on the ground just wasn't what a good host should do so he built the stands."

"Wow." Harry replied dumbly.

Everyone arrived at the center of the pitch and Harry noticed that Draco, Narcissia, and Lucius had placed their brooms on the ground. Narcissia handed Tonks Draco's old cleansweep 7 and Tonks nervously placed it on the ground in front of her.

"Now Tonks have you had any flying lessons at Hogwarts?" Lucius asked.

Harry saw Tonks blush furiously and hang her head. "Um well I was sort of in the hospital wing the week of the flying lessons." Tonks admitted.

"Oh dear that's terrible. I mean if you were there an entire week it must have been serious." Narcissa said.

"It must have been very serious dear, I went to school with Madam Pomfrey and everyone knew she had the gift of healing. She was apprenticing with the matron by her 4th year." Lucius said.

"It…er…it was serious." Tonks said.

"What happened dear?" Narcissa asked in what she hoped was a concerned aunt voice.

"Um my skin reacted poorly to a prank the Weasley twins did too me." Tonks said darkly.

Harry felt himself squeezing his hands so tight that they were beginning to turn white. I swear I will teach those twins a lesson when I get to Hogwarts. No one messes with Tonks. I wonder if Salazar would like to eat their owl as a snack. Lucius said he could become an Occammy or something if he did. Harry looked up and saw that Tonks looked rather uncomfortable talking about whatever the Weasley twins had done to her. Screw their owl I'll just let Salazar have one of the twins for the snack. Harry was brought out of his dark thoughts by Lucius' spoken animosity.

"Damn Weasley's! Dear I'm sorry that you have to put up with them dear. If they do anything that hospitalizes you again, let me know. I'm on the board of governors for Hogwarts." Lucius said

"No Mr. Malfoy, er Uncle Lucius, I wouldn't want to make any problems for you." Tonks said quickly.

"Dear you are family, it wouldn't be any problem. Truthfully it would be better then Christmas to get Arthur Weasley's sons into trouble." Lucius said smiling.

Lucius noticed that odd looks Harry and Tonks were giving him after that statement and he decided to elaborate. "You see, I've never gotten along with the Weasley patriarch. He's been trying to nab me for dark artifacts for years if you can believe it." Lucius said with annoyance.

"Yea I'll make sure Tonks files any problem too you Lucius. The more Tonks tells me about these twins the more I hate them." Harry replied darkly.

"Yes well the Weasley's are among the poorest purebloods you'll ever meet both socially and monetarily. Arthur is so obsessed with muggles that sometimes I think he might actually be one." Lucius said with a sarcastic drawl.

"Dear let's talk about less angry subjects like teaching Harry and Tonks about flying." Narcissia said shifting the conversation.

"You are right my dear as usual." Lucius said with a grin.

"Now I want you two to place your hand over your brooms and say 'up'." Narcissia said.

Harry and Tonks looked at each other, shrugged, and said 'up'. Harry was very happy to see that his broom flew up into his hand instantly. He was grinning wildly until he saw that Tonks' broom hadn't moved. Tonks tried another three times to no avail and Harry saw that tears were threatening to fall.

Harry walked calmly over to her, "Tonks, don't worry about it so much. It's just a stupid broom."

Tonks laughed and looked at Harry with a smile. "Up" She said this time with a little more confidence and everyone smiled as the broom quickly flew up into her hand. "I did it!" She screamed happily.

"Congratulations dear." Narcissia said.

"Can we please get into the air now?" Draco drawled with annoyance, but everyone saw the wink and reassuring smile he gave to Tonks.

"Alright now just push off the ground with both hands on the broom." Lucius said. "Now remember to do so slowly…"

Lucius' sentence was cut off though as he watched Harry and Tonks rocket off the ground and fly a good 60 feet into the air before they leveled off their brooms.

The three Malfoys on the ground quickly snapped out their shock and flew after them.

Up in the air, Tonks was momentarily freaking out at being so high. Harry on the other hand was happier then he'd ever been. He leaned his broom forward and flew right up to Tonks. "This is amazing isn't it!" Harry yelled as he removed both hands from the broom to gesture wildly.

Tonks smiled at her first friend's enthusiasm, her fear now ebbing away.

"You know you two, typically on someone's first flying lesson they don't just shoot up as fast as they can." Lucius said.

"But this is so amazing!" Harry screamed as he rocketed around the pitch. He didn't know how he knew how to handle his new broom so well, but when he was in the air it was like a part of him was complete.

As Harry raced around the pitch doing aerial maneuvers no first timer should know, he missed the look of complete shock that was on the three Malfoys and Tonks' faces.

"He's a natural father." Draco said in awe as his friend flew up another forty feet only to flip over and dive downwards.

"I wouldn't be surprised, Draco. His father led Gryffindor to four straight Quidditch cups." Narcissia said as she watched Harry do increasingly dangerous maneuvers like they were nothing.

Tonks summoned all her Gryffindor courage and said, "Well if Harry can do it on his first try then so can I." With that, she leaned her broom forward like she saw Harry do it and raced after him. She loved the feeling of the wind in her hair as she raced off towards Harry. When she finally reached where he was, she had a satisfied smirk on her face.

"So Tonks, race you around the pitch." Harry said with a smile.

"You are so on!" Tonks yelled back.

"Pity I'm going to be the one to win." Draco drawled flying up next to them.

"I doubt that son." Lucius said grinning.

"Well I'll watch as someone has to make sure that you all don't kill each other." Narcissia grinned.

Harry, Tonks, Draco, Lucius, and Narcissia landed five and a half hours later. Lucius had brought out some Quidditch balls and the five of them had played a number of two on two games with one person refereeing. Harry and Lucius ended up winning the most games going 5-1, but each pairing had one at least one game. When they landed, Draco had a huge grin split across his face.

"We are so going to win the Quidditch cup this year!" Draco screamed.

"I thought ickle first years weren't allowed to play?" Tonks said smiling.

"Actually, in Slytherin house, the best players always play, but usually first years can't make it through the tryouts. I don't think there has been a first year who tried out for Slytherin since your godfather did, Draco." Lucius said with a grin.

"Who's your godfather?" Tonks asked curiously.

"Severus Snape." Draco replied with a grin.

Tonks' face must have shown considerable shock because the three Malfoys broke out into huge fits of laughter.

"What's so bad about Severus Snape?" Harry asked Tonks.

"Oh he's the potions teacher at Hogwarts. He hates me to put it simply." Tonks replied.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Well it's enough that I'm a Gryffindor, but I'm also kind of clumsy." Tonks admitted.

"No you're not." Harry said.

"Well, um I'm actually really shocked that I haven't been around you." Tonks said blushing slightly.

"Dear, I can explain the clumsiness." Narcissia said smiling.

"Really?" Tonks asked hopefully.

"Can I assume that you've been in your natural form around Harry or have just made slight facial adjustments like to your hair?" Narccissia asked.

"Yes, that's right I've just been adding highlights to my hair lately." Tonks said.

"Well dear, when you change a larger aspect of your appearance like muscle mass or height, your center of gravity shifts slightly. It takes some time to readjust your body, and if you continue to shift you'll just continue to throw yourself off. Even in your natural form." Narcissia said smiling.

"Why didn't anyone tell me this before!" Tonks screamed waving her hands around wildly.

"Well it's a trade secret." Narcissia said smiling.

Harry just smiled as Tonks pouted about not knowing that bit of metamorphmagus informatin.

'Massster are we ready to depart from the rabbitssss?'

Harry looked around wildly before spotting Salazar slithering towards them.

'Ah Ssssalazar, how wasss your hunting?' Harry hissed back.

'It wasss pleasssent.' Salazar hissed as Harry picked him up and placing him around his neck.

'Ssso are we finissshed here?' Salazar hissed again.

Harry took a look at his watch and nodded slightly they had to be gone before Tonks' mum came back from work.

"Tonks it's almost 6 we really should get going." Harry said.

"Merlin, I can't believe it's almost six where did the day go?" Tonks asked.

"Ha, well time flies when you and I are breaking Harry and my father's unbeaten record on the pitch doesn't it." Draco said with a smile, which Tonks returned.

"I still say you were lucky, Draco." Lucius said with a grin.

"Now father 5-1 is still good. It's just that Tonks and I finally figured out your ingenious strategy of get the Quafill to Harry and let him score." Draco said with a grin.

"Yes well I've never seen anyone actually pull their keeper to act as another chaser just to keep up with that one player's scoring before." Lucius chided him.

"Well it worked didn't it? I mean 11-9 is still a victory, father." Draco said.

"That it is." Lucius said.

When it was finally time to leave, Lucius handed Tonks and Harry three portkey's after Tonks gave them the coordinates for the park near their home.

"Now remember, your extra portkey will take you two to Gringotts tomorrow morning at 1pm so that Harry can get his tests done." Lucius reminded them.

"We remember, sir, and thank you for the best birthday I've ever had." Harry said as he shook Mr. Malfoy's hand.

"Think nothing of it Harry." Lucius said with a smile.

While Harry said goodbye to Draco, Narcissia and Tonks were saying goodbye.

"Bye Aunt Narcissia." Tonks said with tears in her eyes.

"Bye Nymphadora." Narcissia said as the two embraced in a tight hug.

"Will you be coming to Gringotts tomorrow?" Tonks asked doing her best to ignore the use of her first name.

"I will. I'll see you there dear. Now you'd better get home before Andi freaks out, and remember don't mention this to your mother. We aren't on the best speaking terms." Narcissia said sadly.

"I won't." Tonks replied as she took her portkey and disappeared with Harry.

Surry, England

Harry and Tonks appeared at the park between their houses and they began the short walk back to Tonks' home.

"So, that was, er an interesting birthday party." Tonks said weakly.

"Tonks are you ok with everything you learned?" Harry asked with some concern.

"No, not really, Harry. I mean I thought my dad was a hero of sorts. You know stood up to the big bad dark lord, but he was a coward Harry. A big bloody coward, and then my mum went and lied to me about it. I don't know how I'm going to face her." Tonks said as some tears fell down her cheek.

"Tonks, your mum was probably jus trying to protect you from the truth. It's easier to say that your father died fighting the dark lord then it is to say his own magic killed him for violating a magical contract." Harry replied.

"I know and I even somewhat understand why she did it Harry, but still I-I mean my mum should have told me the truth." Tonks said sadly.

"You're right, she should have." Harry said.

The two walked in silence for a while before Tonks started to talk again. "What do you think of my aunt Narcissia?"

"I think she's very nice Tonks. You're really lucky to have an extended family as nice as the Malfoys." Harry said with a smile.

"I know. Draco was so nice to me even though I was a Gryffindor, but a part of me thinks that they wouldn't have been if I wasn't with you." Tonks admitted.

"Tonks that's not true. You saw how much your aunt's eyes lit up when she realized who you where. She was so happy to have a niece in her life, Tonks. If anything the Malfoy's like me more because I brought you into the family." Harry said.

"But Harry, I'm not pure-blood." Tonks said.

"Neither am I, Tonks. Look I know that they seem to be really into the blood purity thing, and I'll be honest, I can understand why. I really don't like muggle's. I have never had a reason to like them. I don't trust them, and all they've shown me is cruelty. I know it's kind of hypocritical of me to say I hate muggleborns when my own mother apparently was one…"

"But Harry she might not be, and if you turn out to be pure blood then only I wouldn't be." Tonks said weakly.

Harry stopped walking and grabbed Tonks' shoulder. "Hey Tonks, regardless of whether or not those tests show I'm actually a pure blood. I will always consider you as an equal. Tonks, your mother is a pureblood, she raised you, your father died when you were less then one. You've known about magic your whole life and you haven't had your father's muggle born thoughts on the wizarding world to influence you. As far as I'm concerned, you are a pure blooded witch. If you want, I will personally send a letter to the head of the house of Black asking for them to accept you back as a member. Just because your mother made a mistake and was booted out doesn't mean that you should have the same punishment placed on you." Harry said strongly.

Tonks couldn't help, but to let a smile cross her face. "Thanks Harry, but that's not necessary. As long as you wont think less of me, I couldn't give a damn what other people think."

"I'm glad." Harry said with a smile as they approached Tonks front door.

Tonks Residence, Surry

Harry woke up the next morning to the sound of Tonks banging on his door yelling at him to wake up. Harry rolled over on his side to glance at the clock. 9:40 am. "Why is she waking me up so early?" Harry said in Parseltounge.

'I do not know, but if ssshe doessss it again." Salazar hissed threateningly from the front of the bed.

'Relax my friend, you may go back to sssleep.' Harry said as he got up.

'I intended too.' Salazar hissed back as he buried his head into his coiled body.

Harry took a shower, which seemed to wake him up. He got dressed and walked downstairs where he found Tonks jumping up and down very excited with all her school books over the table.

"Harry! It's wonderful. It's great!" She exclaimed.

"Tonks slow down. What's wonderful? What's so great?" Harry asked.

"Oh I'm sorry. Here read." Tonks said as she handed him a letter.

Harry took the letter from Tonks and began to read.

Dear Cousin Nymphadora (hehe can't hurt me if I'm not there) and Harry,

Father recently found out some rather interesting news last night after you left. Apparently, a daft Muggle born witch tried to do several spells out of the first year book this summer and botched it up. Anyway the important thing is that the ministry didn't detect the underage magic coming from her home. A local squib noticed that her parent's eyebrows were charmed off and alerted the ministry. Father says this gives credence that they establish the underage magic charm on our wands at Hogwarts not when we buy the wands!

That means that Harry's and my wands won't give away any trace of underage magic till we reach Hogwarts. We can do magic for a month! Father has already started instructing me on some of the basic wand movements. I thought I should owl you immediately since cousin Nymphadora could use your wand to practice some of her second year spells while she teaches you the first year spells she has already learned, Harry!

Father said that you two are welcome to come by the manor whenever you would like this month and that he'll give you a portkey at Gringotts later today.

Think how cool it would be if we show up to Hogwarts already able to do all the basic charms and transfiguration, Harry. We'll probably be the top two students in our year because we'll already know the basics. Cousin Tonks you could use Harry's or my wand if you come to the manor and you could get a head start and learn some curses to use on the twins! Anyway, I'll see you at Gringotts tomorrow at 1 pm.


Harry set down the letter and his face split into a huge grin matching Tonks'. "So professor Tonks, what are my first instructions?" He asked curiously.

Tonks immediately launched into describing how to do the levitation charm, the stinging hex, and how to transfigure a match into a needle. Once Harry was certain that he remembered the movements he did his best to do the charm. Unfortunately, his feather barely moved, his stinging hex was closer to a tickling charm, and his match only managed to turn silver. Harry kept practicing the three simple first year spells until 11:40 when he handed his wand over to Tonks so that she could practice some second year charms and transfiguration.

Harry was shocked at how easily Tonks made transfiguration seem to be. Even with a wand that wasn't her own she managed to turn a bunch of matches into domino pieces after only twenty minutes worth of practice. Harry was really glad that Tonks would explain step by step how she did everything. Harry would take brief notes whenever Tonks would mention a tip that professor McGonagall or professor Flitwick would give.

At 12:58, Salazar finally seemed to wake up and make his way downstairs. He alerted Harry and Tonks that the portkey was building up its magic. Tonks gave Harry back his wand and Harry told Salazar to coil around his arm again. At 1 o'clock exactly, the porkey activated and Harry and Tonks felt a pull behind their naval before they landed with a thumb.

Harry looked around and recognized the white marble atrium as being one for Gringotts. Harry helped Tonks up and they began looking for the Malfoys.

"Harry, Tonks!"

Harry and Tonks quickly turned around to see a smiling Draco Malfoy walking up to them his father and mother a step behind.

"Hello aunt Narcissia, uncle Lucius." Tonks said with a smile.

"Hello dear." Narcissia replied with a warm smile.

"So Harry are you ready?" Lucius asked.

"Er as ready as I'll ever be I guess." Harry replied.

"Harry, Tonks did you get my letter?" Draco asked.

"Oh yes we did. We've been having fun all morning." Tonks said with a wicked grin.

"Well I hope you two are being responsible." Narcissia said with a smile.

"Oh we are, Tonks was teaching me the levitation charm, the stinging hex, and some simple transfiguration earlier." Harry replied.

"Oh how did you manage it?" Lucius asked curiously.

"Er well my feather barely floated a few inches, and my stinging hex really didn't work well." Harry admitted sadly.

"Harry you actually managed to get a levitation charm to work the first morning that you tried it?" Lucius asked.

"Er kind of it would just float a few inches. Tonks said I needed more flick in my wand movement. When we are done with this, I hope to get back and try it again." Harry said.

"Well I'm impressed Harry, if I remember correctly Tonks, Flitwick takes over a week to describe the wand movements and incantation and still most students don't catch on as quickly as you have." Lucius said.

"Well Tonks is a great teacher. Even when she was working on her second year stuff, she would explain to me the theory and how it was supposed to work." Harry replied honestly making Tonks blush.

"I see. Well I hope that my lovely niece wouldn't mind showing Draco a thing or two some time over the last month." Lucius said with a smile.

Tonks was now beat red and could only nod her head at the praise everyone seemed to be giving her.

"Lucius you're embarrassing the poor dear." Narcissia chided.

"I'm sorry dear." Lucius said.

"So when are we going to be doing this test thing?" Harry asked trying to move the topic away from Tonks.

"Oh of course right this way, Rightaim has procured a ritual room for us to use." Lucius said.

Harry, Tonks, and Draco followed Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy across the atrium and down a corridor lit by several hundred floating torches. They proceeded down the hallway until they reached a plain brown doorway. The Goblin Mr. Malfoy said was Rightaim ran a finger down across the door and everyone heard a lock click before the door swung open.

The five humans walked behind the Goblin and Harry's first thought was that something must be wrong. The only thing inside the room was a large tub. The Goblin waved his hand and several torches came on at once. Harry began looking around the room and found that it was actually a lot bigger then he thought. Harry noticed that two of the four walls of the room were decorated with literally thousands of crests while the other two walls had thousands upon thousands of words scrawled across them. Harry saw that there were names under each of the crests and Harry squinted his eyes to see some of them. He read the names, North, Nott, Nottingham, and Novich before Mr. Malfoy called his name.

"Harry this room is very special. Those two walls," Mr. Malfoy gestured to the walls that had the crests, "have the crest of every pureblood wizarding family on it. The other two walls have the name of every known wizarding ability written on them. Now this ritual requires you to get into the sacred pool, and completely submerge yourself. The magic in the water will take care of the rest. Once you are out, the crests which you are heir too will light up. If you are a halfblood like most the world believes only the Potter crest should light up. If you are not, then another crest will light up. Do you understand?" Lucius asked.

"Yes sir, if I'm a halfblood, one will light up. If I'm actually a pureblood two will light up." Harry said.

"Good, now the abilities walls will also light up every ability that you should have. Now don't be discouraged if not a lot light up, Harry. Normally wizards undergo this ritual when they are seventeen and their magic has had a time to settle in better." Lucius said.

"Yes, sir I understand. At least I know I'll have two abilities right." Harry said causing everyone to laugh.

"Yes Harry. Now, we will leave the room. You will have to strip down and enter the tub. Rightaim will give you ok to submerge yourself and then the magic will take over understand?" Lucius asked.

Harry blushed when Lucius mentioned the getting naked part, but nodded in understanding.

After handing Salazar off to Tonks, and watching everyone depart, Harry disrobed himself and stepped into the ritual pool. Harry was somewhat shocked at how cold the water really was, but the longer he was in the water the more his body seemed to get use to it. Harry also discovered that while the ritual pool looked about the size of a normal bathtub, it was far deeper then one.

"Move to the center of the pool please." Rightaim said.

Harry literally swam over to the center of the pool and began treading water to stay afloat.

"Submerge yourself please." Rightaim said again.

Harry took a deep breath before diving underneath the water. The first thing Harry noticed was that the cold water was quickly warming up. I guess that's what Lucius meant by the magic will take over. The water though was continuing to warm up. After a good thirty seconds, the water was starting to get really hot. After forty seconds Harry decided that he had better get out of the tub. He swam towards the surface. Just as he was about to break the plane of the water though, his forehead struck something solid. Harry moved his hands along the solid structure that was keeping him in the water. Oh my God I'm trapped! Harry began to pound his fist against the solid surface which was keeping him in the ever increasingly hot ritual tub. At close to a minute underwater, Harry was doing everything he could not to panic; however, his lungs were seriously starting to burn from holding his breath.

Harry felt like screaming as the water started to burn his skin at seventy five seconds under water. I'm going to die! Holy Shit I'm actually going to die! I'm going to die in a stupid tub because I can't figure out how to get out!

At one hundred and five seconds under water, the pain and the lack of air finally got to much and Harry's eyes rolled to the back of his head, his mouth opened, and his remaining air left him as the burning water entered.

Ritual Recovery Room, Gringotts

"Mr. Potter!"

"Mr. Potter!"

Harry slowly opened his eyes and found himself lying on a cot in a dark room. "What happened?" Harry asked weakly.

"You completed the ritual." The Goblin said simply.

"I-I what?" Harry asked.

"The ritual Mr. Potter, you completed it." The Goblin repeated.

Slowly Harry felt his memories coming back. Harry remembered climbing into the ritual pool, the cold water turning hot and eventual boiling his skin, holding his breath till he couldn't any longer. "Why couldn't I get out of the pool?" Harry asked weakly.

"Because Mr. Potter, the Magic needed to enter ever part of your body." The Goblin replied.

"I could have died!" Harry said trying to get up but failing.

"There are safeguards, Mr. Potter. Every heir to a pureblood magical family must do this." The goblin said.

"Oh." Harry replied. "Then Mr. Malfoy?"

"Did the same ritual many years ago." The Goblin said.

"He could have warned me." Harry said.

"He could have, but we would have been very angry at him. The first time someone does this ritual the water must see what will cause the wizard to give in, the pain of it's heat or the lack of air. You Mr. Potter are one of a kind." The Goblin said.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"Well giving into one or the other generally shows something about someone's character. You did not give into either you actually passed out before opening your mouth. You have a tremendous pain tolerance Mr. Potter and you are quite fearless." The Goblins said.

"Yes well I wasn't fearless when I realized I couldn't get out." Harry replied dryly.

"Yes well if you will please change back into your robes we will gather your guests and proceed back into the ritual room to see the results." The Goblin said.

Harry quickly dressed and followed the Goblin to where the Malfoys and Tonks were.

"So Harry how did you like it." Lucius asked when he saw him walking towards him.

"It was horrible beyond my imagination." Harry replied.

"Ha, that's exactly what father said you'd say." Draco said with a grin.

"Yes well that's because he probably thought the same thing right Mr. Malfoy." Harry said.

"Indeed Harry. Now shall we go take a look at what the ritual has brought?" Lucius said.

Rightaim led them back to the ritual room and opened the door.

The first thing that Harry noticed about the room was that the thousands of crests and words along the walls were gone. There were now only two gold glowing crests along one of the crest walls and two green glowing crest along the other.

"Lucius, he has four glowing crests!" Narcissia said in shock

"Merlin, you are a pureblood." Draco said in awe.

"Why are two of the crests glowing green?" Harry asked.

"Green is for magical heir." Rightfist said.

"What's the difference?" Harry asked curiously.

"A magical heir is much rarer then a hereditary heir. Normally a magical heir is named when the lord of a family has no children. It's a great honor to be selected a magical heir." Lucius said in awe.

"Well let's go see what you're heir to Harry!" Tonks said excitedly.

This seemed to snap everyone out of their daze. Harry approached the gold glowing crests first. The first crest was that of a great Winged Lion with a sword in its mouth. Harry was momentarily shocked when the large creature turned to look at him before bowing. Underneath the crest the name Potter was burning in golden writing.

"The second glowing crest was that of a shield. The shield had four logos drawn on it a rose, a dragon, a knight, and a wand. The Dragon and knight both bowed to Harry when he stood in front of them. The name Morgan burned underneath it.

"Get Merlin's ghost your heir to the house of Morgan!" Lucius screamed in shock.

Harry was not exactly sure what the house of Morgan was, but he was very uncomfortably with both Narcissia and Draco looked at Harry in what could only be considered awe.

"What's the house of Morgan?" Harry asked.

"Harry there are two main families that came from the house of Morgan La Fay. Morgan and Malfoy. Everyone thought that the Morgan line had died out years ago, but…but somehow Lily was of Morgan blood." Lucius said in shock.

"Are you sure it couldn't be from the Potter side?" Harry asked.

"100 percent sure. The Potters hailed from Wales. The Morgan's from France there is no way they could have mixed. Besides the Potters are an old family Harry, if they were related to Morgan La Fay they would have said so." Lucius said.

"Harry we'll figure out exactly how this occurred. Tap your wand to the crest and say, 'Ostendo sum meus Progenies." Narcissia said.

"What is OStendo sum meus Progenies?" Harry asked.

"It's a standard lineage spell. These crests carry the family tree of all their heirs. It should show you the entire Morgan family line up till yourself." Lucius explained.

"Oh ok…er…Ostendo sum meus Progenies!" Harry said as he tapped his wand against the Morgan family crest.

The crest immediately dissolved and on the wall where the crest was a piece of parchment appeared. The name Morgan La Fay appeared at the top of a family tree. The line beneath it said, "Mark Morgan."

"Harry we know who started the family so place your wand on the top of the parchment and drag it down. The faster you drag your wand the faster it will travel to the bottom." Narcissia said.

Harry nodded his understanding and proceeded to drag his wand quickly down the parchment. The parchment began writing as though there was an invisible pen going a thousand miles and hour as name after name apperead on the parchment. After about five minutes and Draco getting bored to go look at the other crests, the words stopped and the name Harry James Potter appeared.

"Ok, now slowly raise your wand up a little Harry. Not fast at all we just want to see if Lily is a true pure blood or if the Morgan family intermarried with muggles." Lucius said.

Harry nodded and slowly dragged his wand up. The name Lily Samantha Rossier (Evans by adoption, Born July 23rd 1968, Died October 31st 1981) appeared directly over his name.

"Rossier, I don't believe it." Lucius said in shock.

"Is Rossier a pure blood family?" Harry asked.

"Yes Harry, the Rossier's were a very powerful and influential French family. During the war with the Dark lord Grindelwald, they're family was almost completely destroyed. They had to flee France to England. They had twins if I remember correctly. Samantha Rossier and Phillip Rossier. Phillip Rossier must have been Lily's true father." Lucius said in awe.

"But why did my mother need to be adopted!" Harry yelled.

"I-I don't know Harry look to see who your mother's parents were." Narcissa said.

Harry moved his wand up again and the names Phillip Rossier (Born July 10th 1932, Died July 23rd 1968) and Rachel Dumbledore (Born April 13th 1929, Died July 24th 1968) appeared on the next line.

"Dumbledore!" Lucius gasped. "Your grandmother was Albus Dumbledore's grand daughter!"

"Unbelieveable." Narcissia said.

"So that means that…that, that Dumbledore guy must have known! He had to have known my mum was his great-great granddaughter why didn't he take her in! Why did he let her be adopted by my Aunt's family!" Harry spit.

"Harry he might not have known." Lucius said as he tried to absorb the information himself.

"It looks like your mother was born the same day as her father died, and her mother died the following day, maybe it was during child birth." Narcissia put forth.

"If she gave birth to your mother in a non magical area, it is possible that muggles placed your mother in an orphanage." Lucius said sadly.

Harry was silent for a while as he thought about all the new information.

"Harry are you ok?" Tonks asked carefully.

"No Tonks…I'm not alright. The only reason I've lived my life with those bastard Dursleys is because my Grandmother had my mother too close to some filthy muggle, who took her daughter to give to another muggle family." Harry said sharply.

Everyone was quite for some time, but Draco eventually broke the silence. "Ugh Mum, Dad, Harry, Tonks you'd better come and take a look at this." Draco called over to them.

Everyone turned their heads and saw that Draco was sanding before the green glowing crests. Narcissia was the first to arrive by her son's side and instantly let out a gasp of shock, which was echoed by Lucius a moment later. Harry and Tonks walked up behind them and Harry looked at the crest on the left. Harry wasn't exactly sure what to make of the animal on the crest it was a mix between a skeleton and a winged horse. The creature looked at Harry and bowed down before him. Underneath the crest was the name BLACK burning in green flame.

"Hey I'm heir to the house of Black! Does that mean I can bring people back into the family?" Harry asked.

Harry's question fell on deaf ears though as no one seemed to be able to tear their eyes off the last green glowing crest. Harry walked up to view it and was instantly shocked to see a massive serpent with yellow eyes staring back at him. 'None are worthy!' The snake hissed menacingly at him.

'Who are you?' Harry hissed back.

The large snake's golden eyes seemed to grow wide. 'Ssspeaker? How do you ssspeak? You are not of my masterssss blood line?' The large serpent hissed.

'I do not know. I've always been able to ssspeak to ssserpentsss.' Harry responded.

'Are you pure of blood?' The serpent asked.

'I am.' Harry responded tentatively.

'Very well then young heir, I accept you.' The serpent said as it bowed down.

"He accepts me." Harry said in English.

"H-Harry, look at the name." Tonks squeaked out.

Underneath the now bowing Snake the name SLYTHERIN was burning with a bright green flame.

"I'm heir of Slytherin!" Harry gasped in shock.

"Magical heir." Lucius replied his eyes wide.

"I don't understand. Who was the last heir of Slytherin? How am I the magical heir? Why would he and the head of the Black family name me his magical heir?" Harry asked

"The last lord of the house of Black was your Godfather." Narcissia said.

"Oh." Harry said assuming that was meant he had past on.

"A-and the last lord of Slythern w-was, the dark lord." Lucius croaked weakly.

No one spoke after Lucius announcement; everyone just stared at the bowing green serpent, and the flaming green SLYTHERIN.

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