delicate blossom.


That was the first time. The first time she had ever called his name, he who understood nothing of the place he was in, didn't know the strange boy who had appeared in his dreams with a talking dog and duck of all things, didn't know even his own name at the time –

But instead of sweet Aerith, there is a blonde girl.

He wants to ask her who she is, but he can't seem to form the words, his tongue oddly clumsy, his hands clenched at his sides in some unnamed emotion, and her blonde hair falls over one blue, blue eye but she quickly pushes it out of the way, eyes not moving away from him one second while all he can do is stand there –

"Leon?" She says again, cocking her head to the side like a little bird.

He's already decided he likes that side of her, the inquisitiveness that permeates every gentle gesture of hers, and why is he thinking like this, they've only just met, he doesn't even know her name (but he'd really like to, he finds himself thinking, like a teen with his first crush) –

And he has no idea who this is, no idea whatsoever.

So he tries to speak yet again, and yet again it doesn't work, so he just waits, jaw clenching in beat with his heart and his hands tightening sporadically into fists. She sees this, and smiles again at him, mouth curved softly upwards, and her plain white dress flutters just a little as she raises one hand out towards him –

"Leon?" Comes the call again, beckoning, questioning, knowing.

That hand. Oh, that hand. It's screaming for him to take it, and much as he wants to, his foot won't lift from the ground. It's hurting, the effort it's taking to try to move but he still can't. She's still looking at him, standing there in all his black leather glory, and her across from him looking like polar opposites, white and black, pure and dark, scarred and clean, frail and muscled –

He's standing stock still, not wanting to ruin this moment and able to move, although every muscle in his body keening to go to her, but he can't move

For a moment, it seems like she's going to walk away. But she doesn't, and his heart which had given a painful leap at the thought, settles just a little bit, back to the racy gallop he hadn't even realized it was keeping time with. And the girl smiles a little bit more, and her expression makes it seem like all her emotions, bottled up inside as though she's trying to pretend she doesn't have any, are trying to make themselves seen in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Leon." And this last time it's not a call, it's more of an answer, or a final statement, like she's given up.

Don't go.

And she walks away, and disappears in a swirl of darkness.

Leon wakes up.



But instead of a blonde girl, it is sweet Aerith.

He shakes his head, letting the hair fall over his grey eyes. "It's nothing."

For whoever, love Tally.