Harry's revenge

Harry grinned that day at dinner, it has been a whole week since his detention, and finally he could have his revenge.

"Harry are you going to eat, or not?" Hermione called out, he smiled at her and took a bite out of the roast chicken.

It was Xmas time and only several students remained in the school, a pair of third year huffelpuff, several 5 year slytrines (Draco Malfoy amongst them), no ravenclaws and he and Hermione from Gryffindor. As well as some of the teachers.

But what was best in Harry's opinion was that beside the fact that Snape was one of the teachers remaining was that now that they were sitting only in one table, Harry was sitting right in front of Severus and boy he was going to enjoy it.

Severus frowned; he had seen the boy's smile and wondered what it was about. He did noticed that after the detention (he smirked, in remembrance) the boy seemed so.. so sad and depressed before several days ago where he seemed so happy and would smirk every time he saw him (Snape). Now Severus may be a lot of things, but stupid wasn't one of them, he knew that the boy was planning on a way to get back at him, but when and what it will be he didn't knew.

He jumped when he felt something touching his leg, and looked at the table to those that were close to him, but none of them looked as though, anything was wrong. He gasped, drawing several looks from those close by (though his quick glares deterred them from making a comment), when the thing, a leg, he noted, moved up his legs until reaching to his crotch.

"POTTER" he growled, when he noticed the smirk the boy was sending to him.

"Yes professor Snape?" innocently spoken.

"Stop it at once" the man commended causing the boy to grin and move his leg to rub harder.

Several professors who were sitting near by frowned, the boy wasn't doing anything so what is it that was bothering Snape?

"But professor" a grin "I'm not doing anything"

By now, everyone in the table was staring at the two.

"Yes you are, you…" he paused before smirking, and idea coming to his mind.

Harry frowned he really didn't like the look on Snape's face. He gasped when he felt the professor opening his legs more, while grabbing his leg.

"What..." he gasped out when the man used his foot to rub himself with.

The spy grinned, shocking their company, before he moved his free arm and grabbed a delicious looking dessert, liquid chocolate with strawberries .

"Are you okay Harry?" Hermione asked when she saw her friend's eyes widen when Snape started licking the chocolate of the top of the fruit before biting the top.

"W… what? I mean, yeah I'm f… gasp…. Fine" he stared mesmerized as his crush proceeded to eat each piece of the food in the same way, but adding several moans in between.

Harry wasn't the only one who was staring at he man, as most of the blocks were breathing really hard, as well as the girls. Even some of the teachers (hooch and sinsetra) were panting at the display.

Snape's hand speeded with each bite and at long last, stopped. Harry felt wetness were it stayed.

Snape stood, his face flushed and lust could be seen in his eyes (before it was covered), the man started speaking looking at Harry.

"Detention, Mr. Potter" ignoring the cries of disbelieve he added "you really need to learn the rules of the game, before playing".

Smirking at the shock and anger that was on the boys face, he left the hall.

Harry groaned, the man was evil, pure undulated evil!!!

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