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Chapter 1

Gil Grissom was heading to the break room . There was loud punk rock playing and Grissom knew that it is the very place he could find Greg. He thought of taking the youngest CSI out with him for the new case he got. Grissom expected to see Greg doing his famous 'Greggo dance' but was surprised to find him sleeping on the couch which he always thought belongs to him. Grissom inhaled the fragrance of Greg's famous Blue Hawaiian Coffee and was shocked to see Warrick and Catherine helping themselves with it. Grissom turned the stereo off .

"How come you two are enjoying that and I'm forgotten?" Grissom asked in a disgusted voice.

"Well Griss you should start bet with Greg too. It's rewarding " Warrick winked.

"Let me guess…Greg bet on evidence again. He'll never learn."

" He was so sure" Catherine giggled.

" Can't believe he is still sleeping with that punk rock and a energy boosting smell around him." Grissom observed the spiky haired former lab rat.

" You know Greg… He will sleep even through a storm thundering around, if he really wants to."

Warrick said. " So what's up Griss?"

"We got 1 DB . Slow night today. Thought to take Greg with me to give him some experience." Grissom put his hand on Greg's shoulder and shook him . Greg moaned and tried to turn thinking he was in his bed but rolled down to the ground almost knocking Grissom who smartly jumped back.

"Ah..." Greg groaned. "Get up sleeping beauty" Grissom said as he watched younger man stirring up. Greg looked pale and sick which bothered Grissom. Greg opened one of his eyes and when he saw Grissom bending over him ,he shut his eyes tight.

"Er…Griss… am no bug" Greg said groggily still his eyes shut.

" Yeah.. you are a field mouse." Grissom said still observing him. Grissom helped Greg up. Greg felt warm…warmer than he should feel. . As Greg sat down on the couch Grissom touched his forehead. Greg shivered a little when Grissom touched his forehead.

" Man you are cold." Greg mumbled. "You are burning up Greg. You should go and see a doctor".

" I'm good . You didn't come here to check on me did ya?" Greg asked Grissom who was still observing as if he was a piece of evidence. " I wanted you to come with me to a crime scene but now you are heading home."

" WHAT? Grissom I'm ok . I want to come…please" Greg pleaded.

"No you are going home that's the final decision of mine"

" That's not fair I want to come… want to come… want to come…"

" Greg ..-"

" Want to come….want to come…" Greg sang in high pitch voice bouncing up and down despite the fact that he was sick. No way he gonna miss a chance to be at the field. This stupid fever can wait a little while. Warrick and Catherine watched amused.

" Greg " Grissom stormed away to his office. Greg scowled at him.

" Someone's in for a talk show with the Bug man" Warrick smirked.

" He is so unfair…" Greg sulked.

" Come here big boy." Catherine dragged him near to her and felt his forehead.

"Cath.. I'm ok..let go"

" You are burning up I think should go home"

" CAT …not you too."

" Oh…have fun with the bug man…I so don't care about your health but you gonna get one of those ' you better take my orders' talk…so good luck"

"Ha" Greg bounced towards Grissom's room. Greg always felt a bit nervous around Grissom as he was always keeping an eye on Greg. Because he felt nervous he tended to talk with Grissom more than he usually does with others. It wasn't actually talking; it was more of babbling . He always wanted to impress Grissom but never knew whether he was any closer because Grissom was very good at hiding his feelings and emotions. But Greg admired and respected Grissom a lot. He was like a father to him.

Greg walked inside to the Grissom's office. Grissom was reading some notes.

"Sit down" It was more of an order than a request. Greg screwed up his face but sat down nervously. " so boss if this is one of your 'do as I tell you' talks. I've heard enough of that." Grissom rolled his eyes at the young CSI . He closed the file and looked into Greg's eyes directly. " I know that you are very keen to learn and be at the field. But your health comes first . I don't want you to get sick unnecessarily. There will be plenty of cases you can do Greg. This is Las Vegas. Just because you leave one case behind you doesn't mean that there won't be any more crimes happening. I want you to go home rest and when you are better come back." " But..-" " I got to go Greg. This is my final decision . Go home and rest or you might not be able to work for several days."

Grissom took his kit and went patting Greg on the shoulder. Greg sulked looking at Grissom who took Warrick with him. " damn this fever" Greg cursed under breath as he headed to locker room. He can't stay in the lab because Catherine would start her usual motherly talk. He had no choice but to go home.

Greg was amazed to find Grissom and Warrick haven't still left , when he came to car park. They were talking with Captain Brass and heading towards his car. Suddenly Greg had an idea. He looked at others mischievously and headed to the main road.

Captain Brass looked back again from the passenger seat for the second time. "What is it Brass ?" Grissom asked concerned. " That cab behind us is following us from the lab" This time Grissom and Warrick also turned to see the cab. " are you sure?" Warrick asked frowning. " Yeah…I'm positive." "What are we gonna do about it then" Warrick asked still gazing at the cab. " we'll go to the crime scene first then deal with that stalker"

Brass said still eyeing the cab.

After 15 minutes they pulled into the crime scene. The cab drew passed them as they watched. Brass frowned. "may be you are wrong Brass that cab probably headed to Henderson." Warrick said as he and Grissom took and climb out of the car. " I wish I could think that way too." Brass said muttering. "Why don't you guys go inside. I'll check outside to make sure." Brass climbed out and walked along the road where the cab was headed.

" Come on Warrick. Let's get our job finished. Brass will find if there is a stalker hanging around" Grissom walked inside the house with Warrick behind him…DB was lying across the living room surrounded by a pool of blood. " Aw…look nasty" Warrick exclaimed taking the camera out .They started to process the scene. They couldn't continue for long because they heard someone was storming towards them. Warrick looked uneasily at Grissom. But Grissom was less worried. He knew they were safe because there was a cop outside. But Warrick just didn't feel ok. Brass sort of freaked him with that nuisance cab thing. But it was Brass. He looked angry. " Grissom, you have to come with me. I got a situation here."

Well this is my first ever fanfic. So don't expect a lot coz I'm not really good . I'm trying my best to make it interesting. Since I'm sort of a risk taker and optimistic person , thought to write this. I want to believe that I'll get at least a one review. If not still I'm gonna complete this.