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Chapter 16

Warrick searched for Greg in every possible place he could think. He even went out of his apartment and checked out in the car park…almost every where around. He even asked his neighbors he had hardly seen or talked but no…none had seen Greg. Warrick dialed Grissom's number feeling frustrated.

Grissom and Nick were waiting for Warrick to call them back. Both men almost jumped due to the growing anxiety, when Grissom's phone rang. Grissom was somewhat relieved to see it was Warrick's number which meant news and that was what they wanted right now.

Warrick's urgent voice hissed through the phone.

" Grissom he's not here…not any where….he's just missing" Grissom closed his eyes and sighed deeply.

"Grissom?" Warrick asked as Grissom didn't answer back.

"Warrick I want you to come here as fast as you can."

"Got it boss"

Grissom shut the phone. Nick frowned. " What could have happened? Do you think that Joshua came again?" Nick asked worriedly.

"Looks like"

" What are we gonna do?" Grissom rubbed his eyes tiredly.

" Ok… I need to go and see Sir Flemings…when Warrick come we are going to see him. He might be able to help us." Grissom said hopefully.

" Are you gonna report Greg's missing?"

" I have to. Ecklie won't be happy" Grissom commented dryly.

" You worried about Ecklie?" Nick asked raising an eye brow. " I'm worried what will happen if Catherine and Sara get to know this" Grissom nodded grimly.

Warrick drove to the hospital as quickly as he could. He was angry with himself. But Warrick was determined to lay down the guilt for some time later and help to find Greg. He hesitated for a moment before stepping inside Nick's room. Nick greeted him with a wan smile. Warrick just nodded not finding the right words to tell him. Grissom patted Nick and said that they would keep him in touch. Grissom had called the lab and inform that Greg was missing then he wearily called Catherine and Sara. Just as Nick said they didn't take the news very well and to be honest Grissom couldn't think otherwise. He asked them to go and check with the lab. He also informed that they are going to se Sir Flemings hopefully trying to find some help there.

The drive to Sir Flemings' house was silent. Both men were in their own worlds. Grissom called Sir Flemings to say that they were coming and that Greg was missing. Sir Fleming said that he had a good idea where Greg might be which made Grissom feel much relieved than he had ever felt.

Just as the first day Warrick and Grissom were greeted by Ian at least this time he was far more friendlier to them. Ian took them to the study room. Grissom placed the book of Shadows he brought with him last night on the table and looked around the place. He marveled all the paintings, weapons and the statutes in the room although he had seen them before. After few minutes Sir Flemings greeted them in the room. Grissom and Warrick almost relaxed with his appearance. Warrick felt a wave of relaxation curled around him calming his tense body and he welcomed it. Grissom felt the same way too. Sir Flemings shook hand with both the men before they sat down again to talk.

" I was distressed to hear that Greg was missing again" Sir Flemings deep voice was laced with sadness. Grissom nodded grimly.

" Yes some thing we didn't expect at all. Sir Flemings you said that you may know where Greg is"

" I'm not sure but at least we can hope. But first tell me what happened. I need to know every detail"

Grissom explained what happened from the time they got Greg back until he was missing. He told about what happened while Greg was missing and Greg's explanation about being controlled. When Grissom explained the fact that Joshua astral projected Sir Flemings became more interested.

" How long did he stay in the projection?" Sir Fleming asked his eyes gleaming with curiosity.

" Not that long…may be about 15 minutes"

Sir Flemings lips pressed together in a thin line as he was processing the information. He turned the pages to the book of Shadows until he find the ritual. Sir Flemings furrows in his brow deepened. He flipped several pages and fingered the pages. His eyes were glued to the book and his full concentration was on the book. Warrick moved restlessly on the chair. He was far too anxious to sit down and wait to until Sir Flemings finish reading. Grissom wasn't restless nor was he relaxed. He gave time to Sir Flemings to collect his information and then tell him about his findings. Until then Grissom reviewed what happen the past few days trying to process the situation in his own manner.

Sir Flemings let go of a deep sigh and settled back in his chair. Grissom and Warrick looked at him expectantly.

" I'm sorry" Sir Flemings voice clearly gave the disappointment in his voice. Grissom and Warricks' hearts clenched.

"This ritual is not known to me or the rituals I did research and find out. It doesn't either have a counter ritual or a spell. I can do nothing to help you get him out of Joshua's control"

Grissom was angry not with anyone but the situation that was becoming frustrated within every passing second.

" There must be something you can do…" Grissom thumped his fist on the table angrily.

" There must be….please Sir Flemings you are our only hope…we don't have a clue about these things and I have never felt this much helpless!" Grissom said pleading. He just didn't care whether he sounds like pleading or he was actually. This situation had his nerves. It was so frustrating since he couldn't do anything as he was helpless of the situation and didn't have a clue about this.

Sir Flemings leaned forward. " You said that he broke through the control. Then there is hope. I don't know any other way that we could possible break it. We have to have our faith in him. I'm relieved that he was able to break through. It means hope. He's unfortunately alone in the fight to get the control back. Only thing we can do is to offer whatever support he needs."

"You said you have an idea where he might possible be " Warrick said anxiously.

"In fact I have a pretty good idea where Joshua might be." Sir Flemings opened one of his drawers and took a map out.

" I meditated in my room after I tried gathering all the resources I could possibly. I was trying to sense Joshua's energy force. Although his is quite powerful I was very sure that he had set up barriers to block it from sensing. I wasn't sure I would be able to track him but I did. I sense an energy force. I retreat from meditation and located the place. It was Desert Palms"

"When he astral projected to Nick's room"

" yes. He had to break some of his barriers and I took the advantage. I entered to my meditation trying to astral project myself there, but again I was blocked. I could only sense the energy force. So I waited until it changed position and I tracked down the energy force. I was yet again blocked and couldn't use projection. But this time it was I thrown back again by Joshua's barriers so I couldn't pin point a certain location ." He spread the map on the table and pointed the circle he had marked in red.

" Some where within this circle he stays. I'm sorry that I couldn't provide you an exact place."

But Grissom shook his head. " No this is good enough. We have some of his gang members in custody. We can use them and get the location…They have fled from the place Joshua had been previously since LVPD did check the place. Hopefully we can find some thing…all we need is their cooperation" Grissom said a bit relieved since they have some clue about the whereabouts of Joshua.

" If you could bring me something that belong to Greg, I can try to project to him. I'm not sure whether I'd be able to break through the defenses of Joshua. But I'm trying and since I have the book of Shadows now there is a chance for me to know how he built his defenses." Sir Fleming said hopefully. Grissom nodded. He was thankful for the new turn of the situation.

Warrick and Grissom left Sir Flemings' house a little bit more relaxed than they had been in the past few days. They had a possible clue of Joshua's location. Grissom said that he would bring something that belonged to Greg so Sir Flemings could reach to him.


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