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Joined in Blood


Prologue: Memories and Betrothal

The rain poured as a young woman treaded through the ankle deep mud. She carried a babe in her arms, and from time to time would look behind her to see if anyone followed. Her hood hid her face, for if anyone saw her now, surely she'd be killed or worse: her child would be killed in front of her eyes, and she would rot in jail for the rest of her life. She had not asked for this, had not asked for a child. Why did this child have to be created? Everything was going as planned. After her husband saw the babe, he knew it was not his, and he dare not raise an heir that was not of his own blood. Nevertheless, he promised to take care of the child. She had foolishly thought he had meant looking after her. Upon overhearing her tyrant husband planning to kill her offspring, she knew she had to leave.

She reached the neighboring kingdom, and sighed a sigh of relief. She had made it, even though the rain threatened to downpour even harder. She ran though the empty town, and finally reached the Hellsing Castle gates. She was stopped by a guard, but after showing proof of royalty, the guard hastily let her in, and told her to wait in the foyer while the widowed Queen Integra Hellsing was summoned for an audience.

"Who are you to come to my home this late at night?" A powerful voice boomed. Taking off her hood, the woman revealed herself, and heard a sharp gasp from the other queen.

"Sophia?" She questioned, and the other queen nodded her head. Integra descended down the stairs quickly, and she greeted her old friend. "What has happened to make you flee from your King and your husband?"

Sophia scoffed and presented the babe in her arms. Integra gasped once more, and then shook her head.

"So he knows, then?" She asked, and Sophia nodded her head.

"I cannot allow him to kill an innocent child because of my mistake," she stated firmly, and Integra nodded.

"What shall you do then?" Integra asked, already knowing the answer.

"Please Integra….Please look after her…I fear I can no longer…The gallows await my return to the palace."

"Sophia, you must not go back!" Integra tried to reason, ut Sophia shook her head.

"I must sacrifice myself so my child can live, Integra…please…" she dropped to the floor, and started sobbing, her babe in her arms still. "Please say you'll raise my child…please say that she is yours, to protect her…And please make sure she is married off to a man that will care for her!"

"That was eighteen years ago…" Queen Integra Hellsing mused, watching her surrogate daughter sleeping. It was odd, indeed, how much she and her mother looked alike, and how easily she as well looked like her surrogate mother.

"You will be meeting your fiancé today, my dear Seras, however I do not think I can keep my promise of betrothing her to a man that will care for her…" Integra mused again. She sighed, dreading the ball that would draw her daughter's cruel fiancé to come to her peaceful kingdom. However, she had to do this to keep the Dracul Kingdom from waging war against her own. They were a powerful ally, and she knew that sooner or later, Seras's true identity would be revealed, leading to a war between the Victorian Kingdom and her own. She would need the Dracul's. Even though their son was a cruel man; a man that would kill without remorse, a man that took women to his bed, and then killed them.

"Prince Alucard Dracul…" Integra whispered, and a chill went down her spine.

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