"Damn!" Jocelyn said as she smudged her make-up for what seemed the hundredth time today. "Why must I torture myself with this crap?" she muttered

From her spot in the bathroom she could hear the faint swish of the hotel room's front door opening and closing and the shuffle of feet on the cheap carpet. Bending over Jocelyn straightened the knee length flirty brown skirt she had put on for the express reason of distracting the sheriff while Dean snuck into the police files. She twisted her hips briefly to see how the skirt moved when she moved, it swirled around her knees and clung to her hips in a only slightly provocative way.

"Dean? Sam? Is that you?" she called out

No answer, more shuffling of feet in the supposed living area of the small hotel room.

"How was the hunt?" She said

Again, no answer. A whisper of worry swept through her, she considered that maybe they just couldn't hear her but it was more likely that one of them was hurt and the other was looking for a med kit. Jocelyn walked to the bathroom door and opened it an inch, outside she saw Sam pacing the living room, blood spatter stained the front of his white shirt. Fear trickled down her spine. Jocelyn opened the door further and poked her head out.

"Is everything okay, Sam?"

He looked at her, his green eyes glistening. She frowned as his lip lifted into a warm smile. His aura flickered with brown and black, usually meaning hate, pain and confusion.


"Everything's fine." He said in a strangely plasticized voice

"Where's Dean?"

"He's around." He said evasively

"Where, Sam?" She said in a more commanding voice, his smile became malicious

Suddenly, Jocelyn was struck with a strong vibe. She took a step back into the bathroom, his smile became a frown as he stepped towards the bathroom, she took another step into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. She heard the heavy footsteps of Sam's boots walking to the bathroom door, being a psychic she could feel the anger of the demon's rage as his hand touched the same surface she was now leaning against. Pain ripped through her. She turned to the door and locked it removing her hands from the door, the pain stopped. Jocelyn heard Sam's voice through the door.


She closed her eyes against the entreating sound in his voice. She heard the doorknob jiggle and then the sound of splintering wood as the Demon slammed Sam's body into the door of the bathroom. Minutes passed without a sound, the Demon slammed his body into the door again, the third time the lock broke and the door swung open.

"Jocelyn." He said again, striding closer to her

Jocelyn backed up into a corner, her body pressed against the yellow of the bathroom walls, Sam smiled at her and put his hands on either side of her head, his bare muscled forearms trapping her. She closed her eyes and tried to find Dean.

"No, No, No." Sam's voice said to her. "We're not going to have any of that."

She felt strong hands gripping her shoulders. In her mind she saw Dean lying on the ground, she knew that the Demon was influencing her thoughts and disrupting her psychic powers. She tapped into Sam's thoughts briefly, she felt confusion and resistance to her and the Demon but at least she knew that Sam was safe for the time being. Fatigue swept through her.

"It takes a lot to feel, to see, doesn't it?" He said with a smile in his voice

Jocelyn found it hard to stand; she felt her knees beginning to buckle as the Demon drank her energy. His hands trapped her body against the wall once more, his face coming closer to hers, she could smell Beer on his breathe from the bar.

"I'm going to hurt you, and then I'm going to hurt them."

Anger flared through her, her connection to Sam still strong but for how long she couldn't know. In her mind she told Sam to break the connection, her body became weaker as the connection lasted she heard Sam's voice, weak and broken up. Sam's face was so close to hers she had to turn away from him, she felt his hand touch her face and force it back to look at his. His mouth curved into a smile and he came close to her and pressed his lips against hers, he ground his mouth against hers so his teeth clicked against hers.

Jocelyn placed her hands on his chest and tried to push but the Demon was stronger than her, forcing his body against hers, crushing her against the wall. Jocelyn fought him but she felt her body getting weaker, her mind becoming foggy as the connection became less distinct. Sam's mind clung to hers, fighting to keep her awake. She told him to let her go, she would find him. Sam's body was pulling her skirt up, ripping her shirt open to reveal her lacy black bra, she felt calloused hands race over her stomach, like red hot knives. She felt the roughness of his jeans on her legs as he forced her up against his body, her body felt limp as his hands forced her hips against his own.

"Sam." She said weakly

"He's not here anymore."