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'How could he do this to me? I thought he loved me. He lied to me and went to her.' May thought as she stared into the sea. She sat there crying over her lost love. No one understood or even cared about her. No one noticed her pain not Max, Brock, or even him. She thought she was good enough for him but she wasn't, a little water trainer with an additude problem was. She got out her razor and cut a thin line onto her wrist. She watched as the blood came out and made another one.

"May? What the hell are you doing?" Someone said coming out of the bushes to her left. She looked up quickly.

"Drew..." She said barly above a whisper. He took the razor from her hand and threw it in the sea. "What are you doing Drew? That was mine."

"May, Why the hell were you cutting yourself? What possesed you to do this." Drew asked her carefully yet angrily.

"Unrequited love." She said looking to the moon. "And that no one cares anymore. Not even you." Drew was a little taken aback by that last comment.

"What are you talking about May? Why does no one care?" Drew asked her confused. "Brock, Ash, Max, they all love you like crazy."

"They used to. After Ash broke up with me things changed. A few days after Misty came in and they're together. They kiss and hug and all that right in front of my eyes. No one notices the pain they put me through. Brock is just jelous and Max, I don't know what's wrong with Max. He used to adore me and need me in his life but now it's all Misty this and Misty that. Drew I used to see you more then this but now your gone." May started to cry a little harder. Drew was astounded.

"May, I stayed away so you could find who your true love is without me being there. Don't you get it May, I stayed away because it hurt to much to stay. I love you May." Drew told her looking to the ground. May couldn't speak. She didn't know what to say so instead she stood up and walked over to him, she lifted his chin up and kissed him hard. He deepened the kiss slightly and they were on their way to making out.

"MAY!!!" The gang yelled out hoping she'd answer. They pulled away each a bit disheaveled.

"No more cutting?" Drew asked her.

"No more cutting." She answered him smiling.

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