Notes: This is a Saiyuki/Narnia- Silver Chair crossover drabble, written long ago for the 100roadtrips. Suffice it to say that in The Silver Chair, there's this evil witch who hypnotizes her victims by making them believe that the only reality is her underground lair and that the world above (think sun, moon, trees, etc) doesn't even exist.

There Is No Sun

By: Nikoru Sanzo

Her lilting voice mingled with the steady thrumming of her mandolin, lulling them into her enchantment. "I've never heard of this sun that you speak of."

"It's big, bright, up there above this weird underground place of yours." Goku said, wearily pointing at the ceiling.

The Witch laughed, "What fancy, dear one! But you're merely confusing something that never existed with a lamp which sheds its own light. You know there is no sun."

"There is no sun," they repeated.

"No sun that shines to banish the darkness, cold and loneliness."

"No sun…" Goku repeated, though his heart said otherwise.