I basically meshed chapters together to make them longer and rewrote the first chapter so enjoy!

Harry looked around his dark room and reflected on past events, after witnessing Dumbledore's death he realized that he had to finally step out of the shadows and fight his own battle's. Even with Hermione and Ron at his side he wasn't ready to risk their lives for his battle.

Whatever happened Harry hoped that he could face the end knowing that he had done what he could for the world. He was so immersed in his thoughts that he didn't realize that Vernon Dursley was standing in front of him until Vernon cleared his throat.

Harry glanced at him woodenly and waited for Mr. Dursley to break the ice, "Now there will be we come back we want to see the house as it was when we left." This last was given with Mr. Dursley frowning at Harry as if Harry was a blight that he wished he could be rid of.

Harry just shrugged, not really caring what Mr. Dursley thought he would do and wished that Mr. Dursley would just leave. As if he could read his mind, Mr. Dursley gave a hmmph noise and stomped off making sure to lock Harry's door behind him.

Harry sighed, remembering the events of his fifth year at Hogwarts and how the Order of the Phoenix had arrived at his house. He had an insane desire to hop on his Firebolt and just fly to the Burrow, but he knew that he couldn't leave, not until next week anyway.

That was when he heard the door slam open and then chaos erupted, he could hear dishes being thrown against the wall and furniture being tipped to the floor. Harry withdrew his wand that was hidden under his pillow and decided that it wouldn't hurt to find out what was going on.

"Ahlormora." He whispered and pushed his door open a crack, the entire hallway was bathed in darkness, Harry slowly crept to the staircase and watched in horror as a cloaked man threw spells around the room causing objects to shatter or be hurled around.

Harry slowly crept back to his room and made sure to lock it with his wand and as a precaution barricaded the entrance with his bed. Though he doubted his bed would hold against the cloaked man it would at least buy him time to write a letter.

"Accio." He whispered causing a quill pen and parchment to zoom over to his desk, Harry searched for some ink and making sure it wasn't too dry he started writing.

Dear Mr. Weasley,

Someone has broken into Privet Drive and I don't think I can leave without him noticing. I'll try to fend him off, but if you don't hear from me in twenty-four hours start a meeting with the rest of the Order.


Harry Potter

He noticed that it had gotten eerily quiet downstairs and crossed over to Hedwig, "Hedwig make sure Mr. Weasley gets this letter." And with that he opened her cage and tied the letter to her leg with a piece of twine and cranked the window open. Praying that it would work he sent Hedwig to the sky and turned around to face the intruder.