Harry couldn't take his eyes off the disgusting creatures, they looked quite hideous and Harry couldn't quite place what made them so uqly. When Harry had gotten over the shock of seeing them for the first time, he noticed that they spoke a different language that was difficult to interpret.

Harry wasn't sure it was even English, Harry only knew that his wand had been left behind at Privet Drive. He hated the fact that he was hopleless with no means to defend himself, he only hoped that the wizarding world was aware of his situation and would attempt a rescue.

He looked over at the biggest thug and grimaced, it was only then that Harry became aware of the small human strapped on it's back. Looking over he noticed another small human strapped on another thug's back, unlike his companion this one looked alert when he met Harry's eyes he gave a small smile.

Harry smiled back taking in the man's apperence, he was dressed in a white shirt with a blue vest, and a plaid scarf, with a light green cloak that had a leaf shaped brooch attached to it, and a pair of short trousers that came to his knees.

When Harry dropped his gaze he noticed that instead of shoes or boots he was barefoot and his feet were... hairy. Harry looked up at the man with shock, while the man studied him with equal interest.

It was then that one of the thugs stopped and looked ahead and said something to his companion, they continued talking until the man who had been trying to get his friend to wake up interrupted the thug's converstion.

"He needs medicine, my friend he is very sick!" At first there was silence then the thug who seemed to be in charge gave a fearsome grin and strode to the other man and looked at him, then seizing a wineskin he shoved the contents of it down the other man's throat.

Chocking, the man spat it up and coughed, the thug's jeered and made catcalls, while the man looked over at his worried friend and smiled "Are you...?" "I'm fine Pip, just tired is all."the man looked over at Harry and smiled, "Who are you?" "I'm Harry Potter and you are?" "I'm Merry and this is my cousin Pippin." It was then that the group started moving, glancing over at his companions, he noticed Pippin use his teeth to remove his leaf brooch and spit it on the ground.


Ron gulped and twisted around, Hermione and Ginny both mimicked him. (Minus the gulping) and saw a dark haired man riding a black horse. Next to him was a blond man who was riding a white horse."This is Rohan?" asked Ron stupidly. Hermione rolled her eyes, "We're quite new here, could you tell us how to find Isengard?" she asked deciding to plow ahead with questioning.

The dark haired man raised an eyebrow, "And may I ask why you would want to risk your life going someplace surronded by servants of the Dark Lord Sauron?" Hermione seemed lost for words, "Well..um." she stopped flustered.

Ginny picked up where she had left off, 'The point is one of our friends has been kidnapped and we last heard they were moving through this way." The man nodded, "He was taken by the Uruk-Hai?""We believe so" Ginny said carefully. The man frowned, "We two have been tracking the Uruk-Hai, we found this." He stuck a hand into his breast pocket, and showed them a leaf shaped brooch.

"What is it?" asked Hermione with great interest, the man smiled "It was a gift from the Lady Galadriel. She gave light green cloaks to all in our company, they were held up by this brooch." he pointed his out.

Then he became serious once more, "We have received word from a Eomer of Rohan that he and his company attacked the same Uruk-Hai last night. They left no survivors."Hermione's face fell, and Ron became as white as a ghost, Ginny on the other hand looked pale but determined. "But are they sure they killed your friends plus ours?" she asked

The man shook his head, "We were just headed to the place where it happened when we saw you appear." Ginny nodded, "Well before we go may I know your names?" she askedThe man smiled, "My name is Strider, This is Legolas of the Woodland Realm, and finally Gimli son of Gloin." A short man poked his rather hairy face out and said loudly, "Why not tell them your true name, and get it over with."

Strider looked slightly annoyed and said, "It holds no meaning to me." But the other man who had been silent until now said, "His name is Aragorn son of Arathorn the true king of Gondor."'You're a king!" spluttered Ron in shock. Hermione and Ginny both looked impressed, while Legolas and Gimli just grinned. Aragorn looked even more annoyed, "Yes but we don't have time for this. Our friends need help, we need to ride fast if we want to have news of their safety."