Being father


(Tifa POV)

I had finally decided. I loved them, as if they were my own. Just that I never actually gave birth to them, hell how would that have been possible, I was only 22. Yet, they had grown to me so much. Denzel ha dno parents anyways and as for Marlene, Barret had died just half a year ago. Things had gotten really hard since then. Marlene would rarely exit her room to eat or talk to anyone. I even saw in Clouds eyes, the sadness and sorrow. I can't say I was not sad myself, but I knew, that I had promised Barret to take care of them. And I would. Not only to keep this promise, but because I wanted to. So I had gotten my hands on the adoption forms. I knew adopting was hard, but I was confident it might be easier as they had already lived with me and everything. "I am leaving." I yelled upstairs as I flung the door open and stepped outside. Outdoors was throbbed with autumn. I could feel the pulse of the deep-blue skies with every leaf wrenched off its twig and whirled by the wind. I used to love this time of the year, but now after everything that had happened, this rather dark time of the year just gave me a headache. But today, I was actually happy. Today was the day that was supposed to change a lot not only in mine, but also in their lives.

As I entered the building, my limbs suddenly felt really heavy. This adoption center was more crammed than I had thought. Loads of people, some even with children were standing around. I approached a young woman with a baby in her arms and what I thought to be her husband next to her. "Good Morning" I greeted friendly. "Good Morning." I was greeted back. "Alone here?"

I nodded. As the woman raised an eyebrow at me I grew suspicious. "Why?" I asked curiously raising an eyebrow back at her. "Well…uhm." She began and swiftly looked at the man next to her and back at me. "Where is your husband?"

"Husband?" I asked.

"Yes. You have one, don't you?" she asked me, rubbing the babys back.

"Uhm…no. Why? Do I have to?"

The woman chuckled nervously. "Well, how to say….It's hard to adopt without a father or proof of a steady relationship. They fear you might not be capable of taking care of the kid. I am here for the second time already. Last time they wouldn't have agreed as my income was too low." She explained to me nervously almost regretful.

"Oh…I had no idea. I guess." I hesitated. "I can go again then." Slowly I turned around. What had made me so happy was suddenly take away like a thousand bubbles blown away by the wind. "Heh, thanks." I chuckled nervously. I saw the sad expression on the woman's face. Never knew it was this hard. But where to get a husband from now?

I was lost in thoughts. Entering the bar again, I felt like coming home into an empty house. What was I to tell them? 'Sorry I can't adopt any of you two because I am not married?' It sounded so ridiculous to me, I almost had to laugh. Yet it was the truth. Like in trance I fetched a towel and started cleaning dishes. What else was there to do? I would just go on doing my every day stuff. Just that I was not mother.

"Why that face?" a deep male's voice asked me. My head spun around as I finally recognized the blonde messy hair. Cloud.

"It's nothing." I shrugged, pretending to be busy washing a mug.

"Come on. Tell me. I can see there's something wrong. What about your plans of adopting by the way?"

"Euhm…" I started and only rubbed the mug faster. By now I had polished it until the letters written on it would come off. "It didn't work out." I admitted, not looking up.

"W-Why?" stammered Cloud. I saw his face filled with surprise as I took a quick glimpse.

"Because I am not married." I grunted and threw the towel away. I turned around and leant against the counter.

"And what if you just pretend to be married?"

"Pretend?" I asked startled. "Hah!" it escaped my lips. "Don't be ridiculous."

"I am not. You just need a well faked certificate."

"And you can get ahold of one, eh?" I gibed.

"Yes." He assured me. "I think I know someone.

"And who is supposed to be the father?" I asked raising my eyebrow at him. I didn't believe it to be so simple.

"I don't know. I am sure someone would apply."

"Cloud…I can't just pretend to. He actually needs to be around." I sighed. "Someone, someone like…" I sighed deeply once again. "you." Deep inside, I would wish for him to be my man. And it if was just to call him my husband. Or tell my friends I was married with a handsome man like that.

"But hey, it's not like I think you'll do it." I pretended to be chuckling.

(Tifa POV End)

(Cloud POV)

Me? Father? You could just aswell make me was the dishes. I mean I like Denzel and Marlene a lot. But I was no good as a father. A father is someone you are supposed to look up to, someone you are supposed to adore and want to learn from. I had nothing to teach nor any good qualities. Barret had jus been best for the job. I lowered my head.

"I know, I know." She chuckled. "You and the father role just don't match." She told me, reached for another cup to dry.

I thought back at all the things we had seen together. Back at when I had found Denzel and had held him in my arms. It felt good, yes. But was it really so much to take this step? I mean the marriage was platonic, no worries about that. But what If they really expected him to be a father and are going to be disappointed when they find out he isn't. That he is not more than an angsty man, struggling between being a boy and growing up. As I had not much of my father, I wouldn't even know what exactly this role was to be like. I watched Tifa wash the dishes. You really want to be their mother, don't you? It's like females have it in their genes, protecting, caring just everything for their beloved children. Even if they are not their own. Could I really destroy her dream?

All I want is that they are safe, Have food. I don't want them to be take away, Cloud. I want to give them the life they deserve. They are kids! They have all their future ahead. I don't want them to end up like me. I don't want them to grow up in some dirty cold building, bunched together with thousands of kids. I don't want them to be taken away from here, a place they call home!

These were her words. And they continued ranging for a while inside my head. You really are determined, aren't you? You love those kids. I took one last glimpse at her sad face. "Alright. I'll do it." I finally agreed.

Tifa's face suddenly met mine, filled with joy. "You would really?!" she exclaimed.

"Yes." I nodded hesitatingly.

Tifa rushed around the bar's counter and hugged me. Withdrawing suddenly she looked into my eyes. "Thank you. You wont regret having chosen me to be your wife." She chuckeled.


(Cloud POV End)


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