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'One year later'

Naruto thought to himself. The boy was lying in his bed; usually he was up early practicing. At the moment, however, he couldn't help but reminisce about first arriving here with Jin. Everything seemed like a distant dream then. He was afraid of doing something wrong, afraid it would disappear. He smiled it didn't. Giving out a content sigh he got up from his bed and proceeded to the shower. After fully clothing himself and making a decent breakfast Naruto made his way outside to start his morning exercise. Without even realizing it Naruto stopped in front of the tree that Jin first walked up when he first arrived, and also the one Naruto practiced the technique on ever since. He put his hand on it, the bark looked worn from use and the texture was a lot smoother. He removed his hand and started walking up the tree. He stopped at a rather nasty looking gash. Naruto let out a small laugh remembering how it got there.

Naruto was excited; he finally made it to the top of the tree. He took a seat on the branch and began looking around for Jin. "JIN!!!" Naruto called out, hearing no response he sighed. Jin had been doing more 'jobs' recently and more often then not that would leave Naruto alone doing the tasks Jin set for him by himself. Naruto didn't really mind that, he was just happy Jin taught him at all. The problem was whenever Naruto finished he could never tell when Jin would show up. It was rather frustrating. He was about to give another shout when he was cut off.

"Yeah, yeah I'm here kid no need to yell again." Naruto smiled "Look Jin I did it I mastered tree walking." Naruto exclaimed, before walking up and down the tree like it was the easiest thing in the world. Jin smirked. "Oh you did, did you?" Naruto stopped he knew this tone. The tone that Jin only used when he was going to teach Naruto a lesson, before he knew it Jin appeared in front of him. Naruto looked to the side and saw Jin slashing at him from the side. To shocked to keep concentrating Naruto fell from the tree. He closed his eyes ready for impact. It never came, he cracked one eye open to see Jin smiling at him. Jin dropped the boy on the ground "Heh doesn't seem like you mastered it to me." Naruto crossed his arms and pouted "No fair you cheated." Jin let out a laugh "Not really in fact I think I'm being quite nice, now get back to it. Continue on until you can move around on that tree as easily as you move around on the ground."

Naruto snapped out of his trance and walked down. Jin said he would take him and Ryou to a movie later today, after he took care of some business. It was one of the few days that Jin would allow him some slack. Most of the time he was busy training or learning something new, because of this it was hard to get any free time. He wouldn't complain, Naruto was having too much fun. He reached the bottom and began his morning training routine. Naruto started doing pushups. If he finished early he could go see what Ryou was doing. He frowned a little bit, in the year that he got to know him Ryou became his best friend. Not to say he forgot about Kasumi, he thought about her a lot. What did bother him though was his determination to become a ninja. He was a little conflicted on this. Why did people want to be ninja anyway? Naruto stood up and shrugged he would think about it later.

Jin was sitting across from a shaking man. "W-W-What do you want?" Jin sighed "I'm pretty sure you can figure it out." He began breathing hard as he looked at what was left of his guards. "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I'LL GIVE YOU ANYTHING YOU WANT!!!" Jin looked at him funny "Kill you? I wasn't sent here to do that idiot. I didn't kill your boys either. If you took the time to look you would see there still breathing." The man didn't calm down in the slightest "You you're lying i…" he never finished. He grabbed his chest wheezed and fell over. Jin got up from his chair and approached him, he kicked his foot. 'Ah shit this is a new one.' Jin came to a crossroad, on the one hand this guy ordered his men to kill on sight that was just bad manners, on the other hand he was supposed to try and get this guy to join up with Mishima. Jin heard a groan. He looked behind him, one of the guards was coming to. Jin walked over and picked him up by his collar. "Hey buddy." The man groaned again, Jin slapped his cheek. "Wake up." The thug's eyes opened, he focused on Jin's face and gasped when he realized who it was. "Yeah, yeah big scary man I've heard it before, listen up your boss just keeled over I don't think he's fully dead yet. If you hurry and get him to the hospital I think he'll be fine. Oh and if he does make it through tell him that Mishima only wanted your boss to join him." The man slowly nodded his head. Jin smiled and dropped him "Good." Jin walked out of the building 'I told Ryou I'm not good with talking to people, but would he listen noooo hell I nearly scared the dumb bastard to death. If we just did things my way everything would have been done already.'

'No time to think about that now. Promised to take Naruto and his friend to a movie, wonder what they wanna see.' Jin chuckled to himself thinking about the first time he took Naruto to a movie. 'Since then the damn boy can't get enough of them.' He couldn't blame him, other than hanging out with Ryou and training the boy didn't really have any other hobbies, well he did read a lot. At least his training didn't suffer, seeing how Naruto spent most of his time practicing techniques. Naruto was doing exceptionally well in Jin's opinion, since getting that seal modified the boy's chakra, his chakra control has become exceptionally precise. It didn't hurt either that Ryou's boy was a good friend to Naruto. Granted he did have dreams of being a ninja. At least Mishima was helping out. Jin frowned a little, even though it was really good help that boy had quite a future ahead. Mishima had promised to fund Ryou's 'ninja training' nuke-nin trainers, jutsu scrolls, even the occasional corrupt Kumo Ninja. Only reason that Mishima did it was because he wanted Ryou's boy to climb high up the ladder. Having someone he could use as a ninja could be beneficial, especially if the ninja had the influence of an ANBU Captain. He shook the thoughts from his head, and continued on.

Naruto made his way across town, people greeting him as he passed by. He greeted them back with a smile on his face; Naruto never grew tired of it. As he made his way to Ryou's house he stopped in front of the movie theater to just glance at what was playing. He scowled a little he had seen most of these already, none of them were particularly good. He was about to leave when he noticed a new poster. "Princess Fuun" Naruto mumbled to himself, this was new "Cool." Maybe they could see this. With those thoughts he went on. He arrived at Ryou's house; it was a small quaint place. When Naruto first visited he instantly felt at ease in it. After that it was like a home away from home, the two of them had spent most of there free time together. From watching movies to heading to the local library turns out that the two had similar interests. Occasionally Naruto would visit his friend to find him training; what was odd about it, Naruto thought, was that he would have someone new training him every few weeks. Naruto asked about it once, little Ryou told him that learning jutsu was different from what Naruto learned. Naruto didn't see the big deal, make some funny symbols with your hands and you can blow fire out of your mouth, vomit up some mud, maybe create a copy of yourself. Granted Naruto thought some of it was really cool, but in the end every ninja Jin fought ended getting beaten… badly. Besides living with Jin for a year, Naruto's opinion of ninjas wasn't the greatest. It also didn't help that little Ryou was rather boisterous about his abilities going on about how he would be one of the great ninjas of Kumo one day. Those instances weren't that often, though, so Naruto didn't hold it against him… to much.

Naruto reached Ryou's home. It wasn't that big but it was nice enough with a nice cozy feel to it. It was white like most of the other buildings in Kumo and it seemed to be made out of stone. All in all, in Naruto's opinion, it was just like most of the other houses he'd seen in this area. He knocked on the front door humming to himself. 'Hope he isn't training again.' The door opened up. A middle aged woman looked around; Naruto waved at her "Hi Kimiko-san how are you today!" The woman regarded Naruto for a second and smiled. "I'm doing fine, how about you Naruto-kun are you working hard?" Kimiko, Ryou's wife, was short woman with long black hair and black eyes. When Naruto had first visited Ryou's wife she had instantly taken a liking to the boy treating him like a second son. It also didn't help matters when she found out he was living with Jin something about not having a good female influence in his life. Ever since then Naruto has been learning things here and there from her. In Naruto's opinion he would have to agree with Jin's opinion of her a 'quaint housewife.' Didn't mean she wasn't pretty though, she could still make Naruto blush. He smiled back at her "I'm doing well Jin let me have the day off and said he would take me and Ryou to a movie today." Kimiko nodded and motioned for him to come in "Oh yes I remember little Ryou saying something like that… did you see anything interesting?" Naruto nodded his head "There was a new poster up for a movie call 'Princess Fuun' it looked like it would be fun." Kimiko nodded knowingly "I remember them advertising that recently it stars the actress Yukie Fujikaze it looks like a good movie." The two arrived in the living room "Naruto-kun little Ryou is out back finishing up his practice for the day you two can play until Jin comes to get you two." With that she walked into the kitchen.

Naruto watched Kimiko retreat into the kitchen fully before making his way out back. It was a small sized backyard. A couple of trees and shrubs decorated the backyard all surrounded by a tall picket fence. He looked around a bit and found little Ryou in the middle of the yard performing hand seals. It didn't seem like he was performing any jutsu in particular, more like trying to build up speed doing as many seals as he could. Naruto grinned it seemed that little Ryou hadn't noticed him yet. Drawing in as much breath as Naruto's lungs could hold "HEY RYOU!!!!!!!!!!!" The shriek of a banshee pierced through little Ryou's ears, startled he formed his horse seal wrong causing his chakra to react oddly blowing up in front of him. Little Ryou flew back landing on his back blinking he looked to the left finding Naruto rolling on the floor laughing at him. "Oh… hey Naruto what's up?" Naruto stood up again and started dusting himself off. He never could quite figure out why that never bothered little Ryou. He would chalk it up to little Ryou never being and irritable person. Ryou got up and ran over to Naruto showing no signs of the earlier injuries "So… how've you been?" Naruto grinned "Great Jin finally started to teach me some Taijutsu moves!" Little Ryou tilted his head to the side and put his finger under his chin "But I thought you were learning Kenjutsu?" Naruto gave him a thumbs up "I am it's just that Jin said 'there are gonna be times when you don't have access to your sword when that happens surprise the bastard attacking you!'" Little Ryou nodded his head agreeing with the statement "That settles it then! We're gonna spar and you show me what you're learning." Little Ryou slammed his fist into his palm to emphasize his point. Naruto nodded, used to his friends antics. The two friends faced each other in the center of the yard. They both nodded in acknowledgement that they were ready to begin.

Naruto took the initiative and charged his opponent. Expecting this Ryou's hands quickly began to form seals "Katon: Hosenka no jutsu!" Fireballs shot forth from Ryou's mouth screaming through the air towards Naruto. Naruto's eyes widened slightly 'that's a new one' he began to dodge left and right as the balls of flame passed him. Curious Naruto turned his head back briefly, still running, to see what the damage was. They exploded against one of the smaller trees, fully expecting said tree to explode in flames Naruto was a little surprised to find the only damage done were small scorch marks. Then it hit him 'a diversion' he turned his attention back to his opponent to find him still standing there, a smirk on his face. Determined Naruto continued with his attack. Reaching Ryou he lashed out a fist intent on knocking his friend unconscious. Ryou still had that smirk on his even when it go to the point where dodging the fist was impossible.

Naruto's eyes widened when his fist passed through Ryou's head dispersing the clone. "DAMN!" As the clone vanished a kunai flew past Naruto's eyes. 'He's getting better with his aim.' Naruto back flipped and flicked a kunai into a nearby bush. A quick yip sound was followed by Ryou rolling out of a bush. Capitalizing on the advantage Naruto rushed him as fast as he could, launching a vicious kick Naruto caught Ryou in the chest. Hearing the tell tale 'poof' sound of a replacement Naruto looked to see his target replaced with a log. After the ferocity of his kick smashed the log in two he resumed his search for his opponent. Naruto sweat dropped when he finally found him, Ryou's mother had brought out some snacks, apparently forgetting about their spar, and decided to take a seat and help himself. Naruto walked over slowly he never could tell if this was a trap or not. Little Ryou was easily distracted and seemed to be absent minded at times. However, Naruto would never discount the fact that little Ryou was extremely good at coming up with really good plans. Not to mention with the way things are going now he's going to know more jutsu then most of the Kumo ninja forces combined, but that's not to say he doesn't have any drawbacks. Aside from the fact that a stray tumbleweed can distract Ryou from what's he's doing the poor guy's chakra reserves are low for someone who wants to be a Ninjutsu specialist. Deciding that he would have to help Ryou out with chakra problem later he took a seat next to his friend. Ryou took a drink of his tea sighing in satisfaction. "It really is a nice day today isn't it Naruto?" Naruto stared at Ryou intently "Weren't we fighting just a few seconds ago?" Ryou looked thoughtful for a moment "We were?" Naruto sweat dropped "Never mind forget it." Naruto snatched a rice ball from the tray and started eating.

"So Naruto what's on the agenda for today?" Naruto grinned "Jin said he would take us to the movies today." Ryou tapped his finger on his chin "Really… anything look interesting?" Naruto shrugged "Eh same old same old except for one thing, but I don't know I don't think it's your cup of tea." Ryou looked down at his empty tea cup then back up to Naruto "What do you mean?" Naruto stood up dramatically posing 'alright gotta do this right.' He thought to himself "WHY IT'S ONLY THE GREATEST CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE TO EVER BE RELEASED IN OUR GENERATION!" Ryou filled his cup with more tea "That's nice." Naruto face faulted "That's all you have to say!?" Ryou took a drink from his cup "That was the only movie we haven't seen wasn't it?" Naruto sweat dropped again little Ryou was the only one that could see through like glass. "Ah come it doesn't look half bad it's called 'Princess Fuun' and the movie poster looked really cool." Little Ryou nodded his head "Ok then let's go to the theater then." Naruto stood "Alright then."

The two boys left Ryou's house and made the trek to the movie theater. "Ryou are sure it was alright leaving without telling your mom?" Little Ryou looked at Naruto thoughtfully "I did?" Naruto sweat dropped "Never mind." The two enjoyed the sights of the city until they heard a scream. The two stopped everyone in the streets went about there business. Both shrugged and started walking again when they heard the scream more clearly this time. They looked at each other then for the source of the scream. "Naruto did you hear that?" Naruto nodded his head "Think we should see what's going on?" Naruto nodded his head again. Curiosity getting the better of them the two boys made there way over to the area where scream came from. It was weird, a couple of seconds ago they were in a street bustling with people but now it seemed to be empty the buildings run down. The most notable difference that the two noticed was the lack on any ninja police. The two continued on until they came upon an alleyway that emitted sounds of struggle.

Walking in they found the source of the scream. Three men were hustling an older man and what appeared to be his daughter. Most of the time Naruto wouldn't see a problem with this, however, when he looked closer it became apparent by the victims clothing that they had at least some semblance of wealth. If it were true that these people were loaded then at least one ninja would be around diffusing the situation. Another thing the attackers were all young. Late teens in Naruto's estimation, they were all dressed in similar colors also. 'A gang' Naruto thought. He had to rethink that if they were a gang then most likely they wouldn't be messing with these kind of people. 'Ah… Jin is so much better than me at this analyzing thing.' Feeling a tap on his shoulder Naruto turned his head to Ryou. "Should we help?" Naruto turned back to the scene to see the men advance on the two victims. Biting his lower lip he slowly nodded his head. Little Ryou mock saluted "ROGER ROGER!" He loudly exclaimed and quickly went through hand seals.

"Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu!" The entire scene in the alleyway stopped as the occupants turned to see who shouted. Seeing a blonde boy at the entrance of the alley the thugs all smirked. The one closest to Naruto reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife "Well kid lo…ACK!?" Before he could continue any further the thug was grabbed by a pair of hands around his ankles and pulled down. His body descended into the ground until only his head was visible, the thug trying in vain to get out. A young boy rose out from the ground, a cheerful grin on his face. Ryou took in the surrounding people shock clearly on there faces, not expecting a child to be the one to disable one of the attackers. Ryou smiled at them and waved "Hi!" Everyone face-faulted. The thugs quickly recovered and each pulled out knives "Alright kid you had your fun now we'll have ours." Ryou, ignoring him, began to rub his head deep in thought "Eh Naruto do you know if we're getting popcorn at the movies today?" The thugs stopped again and looked at the kid confused "What the hell are you talking about?" Just then a blur jumped over Ryou planting it's foot into one of the thug's faces. The thug flew back smashing into some trash cans gripping his now broken nose. "Come on Ryou have we ever not got popcorn?"

The last thug weighed his options. These two children managed to take out his accomplices with relative ease. He could either run away, or he could attempt to fight two children and most likely end up like his partners. The thug didn't even get a chance to enact his escape plan when he felt the back of his head gripped. Strong fingers began to crush the thug's skull. When the pain finally did register the thug frantically flailed his arms about in a pathetic attempt to escape. Jin peered past the thugs head "Naruto Ryou you kids alright?" Naruto and Ryou waved at Jin, it was Ryou who spoke up "Hello Jin-san! How are you today?" Jin was about to reply when he was cut by the screaming of the thug. Jin gripped the thugs head tighter, then in an astounding feat of strength and speed smashed the final thugs head through the concrete wall of a building. Dusting his hands off he turned back to the two kids "Oh I'm well just came over get you two from your house when I stumbled across this scene mind telling me what was going on here?" Jin directed his gaze towards Naruto waiting for an explanation. Ryou grinned "WE WERE ON AN ADVENTURE!" Jin nodded accepting the answer "Alright it's fine as long as you two weren't hurt. Now come on we need to buy our tickets before the afternoon rush."

The two victims watched the entire exchange between the two boys and the thugs and were a little hard pressed to believe what happened. Although when Jin came into the picture pieces of the puzzle were falling into place for the older man. He had never met Ryou's son little Ryou in person he did, however, have a description of him and knew a little about the boy from what Ryou told him. He knew that his only friend was one child named Naruto who had been adopted by his best enforcer Jin. He also knew that this child Naruto was being taught and trained by Jin, and from the looks of it Jin's training was paying off for the blonde haired boy. Little Ryou was no slouch either, which eased the old man a little. After all with the amount of money he was throwing at the kid he expected something worth it in the end. Mishima cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. Naruto, Ryou, and Jin stopped there conversation and turned around toward Mishima. "Sorry to interrupt but I suppose I should be thanking you boys as well as you Jin. If you hadn't shown up I shudder to think what would've happened to my daughter and myself." Jin looked at Mishima as if he'd grown a second head "Uh-huh… as much as I would like to question what your doing out in this area of time with only your daughter I'm afraid me and the boys were heading to the movies so if you don't mind we'll be leaving now." Mishima's eyes narrowed sure Jin was his best enforcer but he could be the most insolent subordinate at times. "Ah my apologies for keeping you then." Mishima then directed his gaze toward the two boys "I hope we meet again. Let us take our leave daughter." Waving the girl followed after Mishima. "Alright kids lets go." "Hey wait what about me?!" The trio stopped to look down at the thugs head sticking out from the ground. "What about you Mister?" Ryou asked perplexed. The thug struggled "You can't just leave me here!" Naruto looked to Jin "What do we do?" Jin waved them off "Leave him I'm sure his buddies will pick him up or something." With that the three walked off leaving a buried thug shouting obscenities behind them.

Walking to the theater Jin couldn't help but be a little impressed at the boys' handiwork. Jin had figured that Naruto had dispatched the one with the busted face while Ryou dragged the other fool into the ground. Though judging by the damage on the thugs face Naruto must not have kicked him very hard, at least in comparison to what Jin considered a soft kick. He would have to work on that with the boy, maybe weight training or chakra manipulation. Jin frowned when he thought it, when Jin was his age he was already doing both. That meant that Jin would just have to up Naruto's training a few notches. Not only that but with the way things were moving he would have to do some jobs out of the country soon. With local competition dwindling away other gangs would try and get in before Mishima solidifies himself as the major underworld power here. That was another thing bothering Jin what was Mishima doing in that part of town without guards, and those thugs were sporting new colors. Either those guys just like to dress alike or they were a new street gang that Jin didn't know about. Jin shook his head he would go see Mishima later right now it was movie time.

As the three were approaching the ticket taker Jin realized he didn't know what they were going to see. "Alright kids what're you in the mood to see?" Naruto grinned "We wanna see Princess Fuun!" Ryou scratched his head "But only because it's the one movie we haven't seen here yet." Naruto face faulted at his friends comment "Ryou you weren't supposed to tell him that!" "Why not?" Naruto sighed "Never mind Ryou." Jin ignored the two bickering as he approached the ticket counter "Three for the new movie." The vendor took Jin's money "Hmmm… the one with the new actress? Hear that's getting real popular especially with the kids. Here you are." Jin took the tickets and walked back reaching into his pocket he pulled out several bills and handed them Naruto "Alright you know the drill get what you guys want I'll go get us some seats."

As the two went off to get there snacks Jin was still thinking about the day's events. Mostly how to up Naruto's training. Sitting down in his favorite spot Jin couldn't help but note that the theater was rather empty today. 'Odd… this movie is supposed to be popular isn't it?' Looking around the theater Jin only noticed four other people, each sitting on opposite ends. Shrugging he relaxed in his seat making sure to pay attention to the other occupants. The two boys eventually made there way to Jin's seat with a mountain of junk food. Taking there seats they happily began to inhale there popcorn.

Jin didn't really pay attention to the movie no he was distracted by the fact that the other movie-goers hadn't look at the screen once. What little he did garner, though, made him wish that he watched it. Something about a princess on some quest blah blah blah standard plot but the actress she was a real cutie. There was something wrong with the situation. 'THERE!' It was only for an instant but Jin saw it clear as day. A ninja headband. 'Mist insignia… scratch mark damn missing Nin what the hell?' Jin looked over at the two kids then the screen the movie was just about finished "Naruto, Ryou we're leaving." The two looked over at Jin with shock in there eyes "But Jin the movies not over yet." Naruto pleaded "NOW." Jin said with a tone of finality. Before Naruto could protest any longer Jin grabbed him and Ryou by the waist and jumped back as several kunai and shuriken lodged themselves into the seats they previously occupied. Three clouds of smoke and one thrown cloak later revealed the assaulters. 'Huh four of them one women three men. All ninja if the headbands are the real deal. One seems to be a swordsmen, the big guy looks like a Taijutsu user, third guy looks edge could probably get him hitting his own teammates with little effort, and the women also looks like a Taijutsu user. Heh should be easy enough.' Jin put Naruto and Ryou down and brought his sword up to eye level. "You kids stay down and try not to get in the way ok." The two nodded and ducked under the seat.

"I do hope you four have a good reason for interrupting our time at the movies." Jin said. The women was the one to speak up "We are here representing a party interested in setting up business in Kumo. Due to recent events, however, he felt it best a show of power was in order to ensure that he would be taken seriously. What better way to do that then killing the most feared killer in the underworld? Oh and don't worry about us being interrupted the theater is sealed." Jin slowly brought out his sword "Do Ryuu Sen." Bringing his sword up Jin struck at the ground in front of him causing the ground to explode outward in a blast of debris causing the four ninja to dodge into different directions. Seizing the advantage Jin rushed the woman intent on ending it quick with a horizontal slash. Inches away from connecting Jin's sword was blocked by the woman's kunai. "Heh you've gotta have at least some skill to block that lady but what about this?" Pulling his blade back against the ground Jin's sword came alive with flame "Ryuu Sou Sen." It was as if the sword split into hundreds of others. Strike after strike rained down on the Mist Nin while she desperately tried to block and dodge. Each successful block would blind her as more flames erupted from the sword each successful dodge would leave her singed from the fire. Jin was forced to abandon his onslaught as the woman's Taijutsu using comrade came crashing down in the spot he had occupied.

Jin regarded his opponents for a moment 'Even though there all from Mist it doesn't seem like they've worked together very long. They also don't seem very well informed of my abilities, whoever there employer is seems to me that he's a nobody or this is just some kind of test.' "Are you four serious? Even if you had Kisame Hoshigaki with you you'd still lose." The temperature in the room dropped several degrees at the mention of the name. "And what would you know about Kisame?" The woman growled. Jin re-sheathed his sword "Not much only met him a couple times and only fought him once. He's pretty damn good and has strength that can only be compared to Tsunade; however his biggest failing is that he isn't very fast." He shifted his stance into one that would allow maximum mobility. The four Mist Nin stiffened slightly before the jumpy one went through several hand seals "Kirigakure no Jutsu!" A thick mist blocked out visibility in the theater. Jin smirked and focused his chakra enhancing his natural senses. Jin would let the little ninja have there fun thinking they have him at an advantage. The air behind Jin shifted 'Ah so the swordsman decides to go first eh?' A blade sailed towards Jin's neck intent on separating from the rest of his body.

The mist Nin was nervous the speed and precision of his attacks on Mara were super human. He had heard rumors just trickled down information from the Seven Swordsmen, it was information that all aspiring swordsmen in Mist heard at one point or another. They spoke of a boogeyman of sort's, someone so fast and powerful that he could decimate a nation by himself. He never believed it, fully anyway, of course and those that did he scoffed at. That all changed four years ago, the Mist Nin was still apart of the village at the time, when news came in of three of the Seven Swordsmen's defeat. At first he wouldn't believe it; each member of the Seven Swordsmen was beyond the elite of the greatest swordsmen in all the great nations. To hear of one of their defeat was ludicrous but hearing that three were defeated by one man it was blasphemy. The Mist Nin thought it was a poorly thought up scare tactic. It was only when a bloodied and beaten Kisame trudged his way back into the village with a heavily damaged Samehada that most people in the village believed the news to be true. When asked what had happened a disturbingly calm Kisame only muttered three words "Devil Sword… Jin." He passed out after that.

If this is the same guy then they wouldn't stand a chance. There wouldn't be much difference if he attacked or not, if this was truly the man that defeated Kisame then his team was already dead if not then he was worried over nothing. The blade came closer to its target less than a second. The momentum stopped. The Mist Nin's eyes widened his sword was stopped, an inch from Jin's neck, by a finger. He quickly tried to pull his sword away. Jin pinched the sword between his fingers. Jin could feel the man behind him desperately pull and tug at his sword 'He should just give up his sword.' Jin sighed he wished to start off the second round using a Battoujutsu strike he could've probably gotten two down with it. 'No use worrying about it now besides if his partners just wanna stand around surrounding me without helping who am I to complain?' Faster then anyone could register Jin drew his sword and stabbed it behind him. Jin felt his sword pierce through the familiar resistance pulling it back quickly. The sound of water splashing came from behind him 'Tch replacement Mizu Bunshin' Jin threw his opponents sword off to the side. The air was disturbed to Jin's left side, expecting a stealthy attack he was pleasantly surprised when the Taijutsu user came rushing towards him. A fist was launched at Jin's face at a blinding speed; Jin could make out the spiked gloves that covered the hand. The fist faltered just for a split second as a warning was called out by his swordsman companion it was all Jin needed. Doing a spin around the fist the Taijutsu user only had time for his eyes to widen before Jin finished his counter attack. The three remaining Mist Nin, who remained close enough to see but far enough not to be noticed, were in shock. First he stops the attack from behind like it was nothing then he dodges one of their faster companions charge with minimal effort. That's when the three Nin noticed the bloodied sword in Jin's hands, and the trickles of blood sliding down their comrade's neck. "Ryuu Kan Sen." The Mist Nin's head slip off its shoulders falling to ground in a bloody heap. The Nin's life blood exploded out of him creating a fountain effect. "You three get one chance unseal the theater and leave never let me see you again and you all can live." The three Mist Nin seriously contemplated the offer, seeing there comrade taken down so easily.

Mara felt the heavy Mist sway around in the air from the attack this petty swordsman just made a Mist Jonin look like a rookie. She shook her head she had to revaluate the situation their employer failed to fully detail the target, but he assured her that all the information needed on Mishima's Right Hand. As far as she knew this Jin character was supposed to be a sub par threat at best. Mara still could use the kids, no the file said he would cut through any obstacle to get to his enemy. She silently cursed if it came down to it she could open the gates, she was almost positive she could kill him if she had to resort to that. That plan had many flaws as well even if she killed him she would be in a near death state herself and no doubt someone would feel the chakra spike. Sneaking up on him would be quite difficult as well if the last attack was any indication. "I'm waiting for your answer Ninja from the Mist." Mara bit her lower lip there was always the chance that he would let them go.

Jin was getting impatient he laid down a decent deal he couldn't figure out what was taking so long. It's not like they were moving they had stayed in the same spot for several minutes now. Not to mention that Naruto and Ryou were moving all over the damn place in the back. 'Here we go.' Jin thought to himself. He felt the slight shifts in the air and heard the familiar sound of a shinobi doing hand seals Jin frowned before disappearing.

The edgy Mist Nin snapped hearing the words from his enemy after killing his comrade. To him it was all an elaborate trick to kill them while they let down there guard. The Mist Nin needed to strike now, while this threat wasn't active. He didn't wait any longer and flew into hand signs. That was when his intended target simply vanished from sight. It was just a sound, the air resisting a foreign object the audible "swoosh' sound was only there for an instant. After the noise died he could no longer feel his hands, he looked down at them his fingers didn't move when he told them to. The Mist Nin tried to move his fingers again no luck, the Mist Nin panicked and moved his arms… he wished he didn't. The delicate balance and disciplined dexterity of the Mist Nin were the only things keeping his forearms connected to his body, once he moved his arms as a whole the perfectly horizontal slash made itself known when the blood gushed. It was strange he felt no pain from the terrible wound and his attention was focused on the precision of the cut. If the Mist Nin was paying attention he would've noticed his upper half separated from his lower half at this point his last thoughts were of what this entity they were fighting could be.

Jin frowned as the mist dissipated signaling the end of the young Nin's life. He had to wonder was it so hard to believe he would let them go? No matter that fool made a bad choice and now his comrades would pay for it. The swordsman had retrieved his weapon and the woman attempted to get into a flanking position, Jin looked with indifference at the movie screen that had long since stopped showing the picture. The swordsman looked nervous another one of his comrades down, sure this one was only a Chuunin but he should've at least provided a distraction that lasted more then two seconds. The Mist sword user just had to know who he was "Four years ago three members of the Seven Swordsmen had an assassination mission that would increase Mist's military budget. Two weeks later only Hoshigaki Kisame returned, barely alive and his legendary blade cracked and shattered the only thing he said before passing out was 'Devil Sword Jin'. You wouldn't happen to anything about that would you?"

Jin didn't know why he let them live as long as he did 'Bah this is what I get for trying something different.' Jin went on the attack moving faster than any normal man could dream he intended to cleave the Mist swordsman in two. The sound of metal clashing with metal rang throughout the theater as the Mist swordsman put up a feeble defense against Jin's strike. The Mist Nin's arms screamed in pain as the power behind the blow sent him flying into the theater wall creating a crater. Jin walked over and clutched the injured Mist Nin by the neck and lifted him up to eye level. The Mist Nin looked pathetic his mouth dribbled blood, his arms were limp, and his sword lay on the ground Jin had had enough he leveled his sword on his glove intending to end the Nin's life with a bang when the scream of a very familiar person reached his ears.

Mara stood behind Naruto holding a kunai to his neck. She didn't care about the file anymore she had relied to much on it and for that her comrades paid the price. After observing Jin's skills in combat she concluded that only the gates would allow her to beat him. Even then she still needed the time to open and judging by his speed she could maybe get open two before he killed her. Mara needed a diversion the only one that could provide it would be Hiro but the jackass was about to be killed in an undoubtedly gruesome fashion. Even if she could get Hiro away from that guy she had no doubt he would only provide enough time for her to maybe get open three gates. She was taking a major gamble here hoping that Hiro would be able to do anything that would give her the time needed to prepare her attack. "Drop my partner or the kid dies." Mara drew blood from the blonde's neck, not much, but enough to get her point across. The little blonde in her arms squirmed and kicked trying to break out of her grip occasionally switching between growling and whimpering.

Mara was surprised again instead of having her head taken off, like she suspected, Jin merely tightened his grip on Hiro's neck and shot off a glare that made Mara want crawl in hole and die, still she stayed strong and kept a tight grip on the boy. Naruto struggled valiantly against his captor; she surprisingly had a strong grip. 'Wait wait did Jin say if you found someone behind you? "DAMMIT NARUTO WHAT'D I SAY ABOUT TAKING MY SWORD!?" Crap I really should've paid attention.'

Some would say Ryou was a little… odd with his short attention span. The fact of the matter was Ryou was a boy who found the simplest things in life fascinating. There were, of course, certain things in his life that took immediate precedence over everything else if certain conditions were met. His time spent training, for example, was one of the few instances where his attention was focused solely on that. Right now those conditions have been met Naruto, his first friend… his only friend, was being threatened by an enemy ninja. It was like a machine being turned on, the way his mind worked going over lists of numerous jutsu, ways to implement them, and strategies that would help free his friend. Ryou cursed slightly this woman had to be a Jonin, no doubt about it; if that was the case none of the jutsu he regularly uses won't be able to bother her to much. Another problem arose when Jin didn't take her head off when she grabbed Naruto. Ryou had never personally seen Jin fight but his father had always praised the dark haired man's skills as the 'Greatest in the Five Elemental Countries' if his father was right, which he also had no doubt, than this women's skills were phenomenal. 'A jutsu with an enormous area but wouldn't kill Naruto in the process. I only need to distract long enough for Jin to get to her.' Ryou scratched his head as a particularly nasty memory of training with Hoshigaki Kisame surfaced.

Sure the man was sadistic and looked like a fish but he was a genius when it came to the ninja arts. Training methods that demanded success in order to continue utilizing your limbs and complete discipline when learning his Kenjutsu style. Not that Ryou utilized a sword no that was Naruto's thing and besides unlike the style Naruto was learning Ryou had no desire to wield swords bigger than him; besides it built up speed in case some fool hardy Taijutsu user decided to take the fight to him. Ryou shook the thought of his favorite instructor from his head as he pulled two small pellets from his pocket. Soldier pills able to boost ones chakra capacity substantially a truly protected substance that could result in death if one if possessed without a permit. He remembered the day he received a batch before Kisame left."Hey brat before I go I've got a present for you!" Ryou looked at the shark man in front of him he had never received any type of gift from Kisame before. "What is it?" Kisame smirked before retrieving a pouch and tossing it to his young student. Ryou opened it up to find a batch of red pills "What are these?" He asked holding one of the small tablets between his fingers. "Soldier Pills because you don't have the chakra to do many of the jutsu I taught you." Ryou nodded as Kisame walked off "Oh and brat next time we meet you show me how strong you've gotten!"

Ryou sighed softly Kisame may have been crazy but he was probably his favorite teacher. Finishing that thought he popped the two pills in his mouth. He felt an incredible rush of power rush through his body he slammed his fists into the ground while trying to get his chakra under control. He went through several hand seals "Suiton: Bakusui Shōha!" Mara openly gaped at the boy when he uttered those words. The room rumbled before an explosion of water tore through the theater. Mara, cursing, dropped the boy and retreated to the ceiling.

Jin seized his chance and grabbed Naruto before following suit. "Naruto stay on the wall I need to get Ryou." Moving as fast as he could, Jin narrowed his eyes as he felt the tremendous increase in chakra 'The Gates'. Jin yanked Ryou, a little harsher than intended, out of the water and returned to Naruto "NARUTO WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T DROP HIM!" Before Naruto could even nod Jin disappeared. In an instant Jin appeared in front of Mara, sword inches from her neck.

The fist moved at a speed that Jin was hard pressed to keep up with. Thunder echoed throughout the theater as Mara's fist connected with Jin's jaw. Mara vanished from sight moving at such a speed that the theater ripped itself apart. Using all of his skill Jin was able to twist around mid-air and brought his arms up to block a monstrous kick aimed at his spine. Jin grit his teeth as pain shot through his forearms, his grip loosened allowing his sword to fall to the water below, and was shot off in another direction.

Naruto could only stare in horror as Jin, the man he thought unbeatable, was used as a human pinball. He desperately wanted to cover his ears as sickening cracks reached his ears, but was stopped only by not wanting to drop Ryou. His eyes widened when Jin crashed into the wall on the opposite end of him. Naruto shouted out Jin's name as Jin slid out of the crater only to be driven through the wall by Mara's foot. Whatever protection the Mist Nin had set up was utterly destroyed when Jin flew into the empty back streets.

A few bums ran out of the street screaming when Jin crashed into the ground. Jin struggled to stand up only to place his broken forearm under his chin as his opponent appeared and delivered a monstrous uppercut. His hiss of pain could barely be heard as he once again sent air borne. Mara knew this was the end regardless of if she killed this swordsman or not, she was in the open, in an enemy village, and lit up like a casino she'd be lucky if she could finish this last attack. She appeared above Jin as his he reached the apex of his flight.

One fist into his stomach, blood flew out of his mouth. The second fist into his ribcage, breathing became harder. A foot smashed into his nose breaking it. He hit the ground as Mara crashed on top of him.

Naruto let out another gasp as another crash was heard outside. Tears were going down his face 'I wasn't any help at all even Ryou did something! I only got in the way!' Another crash this one louder than any of the others 'JIN HE NEEDS HELP!' Naruto dropped from his spot, the water long since drained though the hole in the wall, letting out a small grunt as he landed. He gently placed Ryou on the ground before picking up Jin's sword and running outside. Naruto gasped at what he saw. Jin struggled into a sitting position while the female ninja stood just in front of him her skin color back to normal while her left arm was bent at an extremely odd angle. His eyes widened as she took a kunai from her weapons pouch and before Naruto knew what he was doing he charged her.

Jin looked up at the Mist Kunoichi as she took out a Kunai and slowly advanced on him. He was well versed in the Gates having fought many Taijutsu masters in the war, as it stood now it was a pretty even fight. No doubt it was a surprise to the woman that he could move let alone live through that onslaught, and from the way she was moving her she could barely stand herself. That's when he saw a mop of blonde hair, his eyes widened seeing Naruto charge Jin's sword ready to impale the woman. She must've seen the look on his face because she turned around as well.

Mara grit her teeth in frustration. She didn't have enough strength to dodge and she only had one good arm and if she got rid of her kunai she didn't have anything else to finish off the swordsman with. She cursed under her breath and threw the kunai at Naruto at least she tried to anyway. Mara's attention shifted to the vice like grip of Jin's hand for only a second, she didn't even get a chance to wonder how this man was able to move at all, before she yelped in pain as Jin's sword pierced her stomach. She turned back to Naruto to notice him trembling as he gripped the sword tightly. Mara attempted to bring up her other, destroyed, arm in an attempt to push the boy off only to have the blade twisted.

Naruto didn't know what to think he had always seen Jin do this from afar and disregarded it instead focusing on how cool Jin's moves were. Killing a person up close looking at the wound and hearing there pain filled breaths changed his perspective. He ignored her as best he could as he ripped the blade out of her with all the force he could muster. Naruto trembled even more as blood shot out of the wound like a fountain staining his clothes and face he covered his ears and closed his eyes trying to block out the gurgling sound Mara made as she fell back breathing her last.

Naruto let out a choked sob he wanted to go home, he wanted to be the happy ignorant kid again. He had just killed someone it didn't matter that she was trying to kill Jin or Ryou he had ended her life and that made him sick to his stomach. He felt two arms encircle him words telling it was alright in his ear were whispered.

Jin mentally cursed, the day was a disaster Naruto was about to have a breakdown, little Ryou was collapsed in the theater, and he hadn't taken a beating this bad in a long while. Using the last of his strength he lifted up Naruto picked up Ryou from the theater and stole off into the back alleys. Jin thanked his luck that the area was apart of Mishima's territory any other place and ANBU would've been there once the fight was taken outside. It would be an hour before Jin made it to Ryou's house banged on the door walked in and collapsed on the couch.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR ABOUT TO DIE!?" Ryou screamed at Jin. Hearing the shouting Kimiko walked in from the kitchen and nearly collapsed at the sight. She rushed over to little Ryou kneeling down "RYOU RYOU WAKE UP WAKE UP!" She was in hysterics. Jin brought a hand to his face "Kimiko please calm down all he needs is rest he'll be fine in a few days." Kimiko continued to sob for her child as Ryou slapped his face "Mind telling us what happened?" Jin let out a sigh "We were ambushed in the theater Mist Nin four of them three were the normal canon fodder I usually go against, but the last one the leader she used the Gates and messed me up something fierce. Your boy did a jutsu that took quite a bit out of him he was left with Chakra Exhaustion. Towards the end it was Naruto that ended up killing the Kunoichi that did this to me." Kimiko let out a gasp hearing this and turned her head to the trembling Naruto on the floor she rushed over and enveloped him in a hug. "Ryou watch Naruto for me will you? I need to go see the old man." Jin got to his feet and clenched his side Ryou made a move to help but was stopped. "No its fine just make sure Naruto's alright for a little bit yeah." With that Jin walked out of the house.

The Mishima estate so large and dangerous that even the Ninja of Kumo regard it as suicide to even knock on the door without invitation. It came as no surprise when Jin kicked the front door off it's hinges. What was surprising, however, was how bad Jin looked. Most of the guards openly gaped at the dried blood under his nose and torn clothes that looked like they went through a meat grinder. He approached the doors leading into Mishima's office just as he was about to twist the doorknob one of the guards grabbed Jin's wrist. "Hey who the fuck do you think you are barging into the bosses room like that?!" The second guard' eyes widened as he saw the rookie's attempt at intimidation. Most of the time Jin didn't really care if the new guys did something like that after all they were new, but this time seeing the look on Jin's face made him want to wet himself.

Jin regarded the new guard with emotionless eyes he really didn't have time for this and the grip on his wrist was aggravating his injuries. Without a second thought he tore his hand away and backhanded with so much force that he flew through three walls before stopping. He opened up the door and walked in.

Mishima was enjoying a drink sitting around his fireplace. He had encountered a new gang today confirming his suspicions of some of Mist's families trying to set up shop here. Mishima smirked he was going to correct that soon. He turned his head when he heard his door open and let out a gasp at the sight. Mishima had known Jin for almost ten years and had never seen him in this shape before. "Shit Jin what happened to you?" Jin shrugged "Got jumped with Naruto and Little Ryou at the movies Mist Nin four of them." Mishima had to blink at that "Surely they were no match for you." It was a statement "No they were all weak except for the one who could use the gates." Mishima narrowed his eyes he had heard of the Gates only from Jin and from what he said only the greatest Taijutsu masters could open them. "Eh… I didn't expect for the Mist to send assassins after you so soon." Jin took a seat on the chair next to Mishima's "What're you talking about?" Mishima passed Jin a folder "You're going to be heading off to the Mist village everything's been taken care and you shouldn't encounter any problems with the ninja there. You need to meet up with my contact there and ensure that he is the one that takes over business there." Jin opened up the folder and took a look "What's the contacts name?" Mishima went back to his drink "Gato."

Naruto was sitting in the corner his head buried in his knees. Many thoughts ran through his head trying to figure out what had happened today. He needed to become stronger he couldn't allow anything like that to happen again. There was also the fact that he killed someone. The feeling had been horrible even if she was trying to kill Jin and Ryou she was still a person. 'Ryou my friend… how could he want to do that for a living? It's a horrendous thing. I can't let him face that by himself I won't. I'll need to become a ninja.'

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