Foreshadowing? by Trekfan

Title: Foreshadowing part 1

Author: Linda S

Subject: A/U: What if things had turned out different at the end, the

tire irons didn't kill Jack. What if there was a change of events.

Disclaimer: These characters belong to Annie Proulx I am just taking

them out for a while and I promise to bring them back.

Rating NC?17.

Feedback: Would love to have feedback.

May 1983 A few days before Memorial Day

Ennis sat in the reclining chair reading just like he did most nights

after putting in a hard day's work. He had the evening paper sitting

open in his lap, a dim bulb from the lamp on the table lighting the

pages. He took a swig of beer from the bottle and put it back on the

table then put on a pair of reading glasses he'd reluctantly bought from

the five and dime at both his daughter's insistence.

A soft knock on the door interrupted his reading and he took off the

glasses, threw them onto the kitchen table as he made his way to answer

the door.

"Junior? What are you doin here? Is anythin wrong with you or Jenny?" he

beckoned his daughter to come inside.

"No, daddy, we're fine. I would've called, but you don't have a phone. I

wish you'd put one in, you're so hard to reach."

"I know, I been meanin to but I keep puttin it off. Well what brings ya

out here this time of night?"

Junior had taken a seat on the couch and Ennis sat opposite her on one

of the kitchen chairs facing his daughter.

"Daddy there's a carnival coming to town this weekend, Jenny and I

wanted to know if you'd come."

Ennis was the type of man who kept to himself. His usual routine was

hard work on the ranch all day and then come home, read the paper or

watch TV until he fell asleep in front of it then drag himself to bed.

Maybe once in a while he'd go to the local bar and get a drink and maybe

talk to some of his co?workers, if they happened by. There were only

three people Ennis loved in this whole world and would drop anything

for, his girls and Jack.

He hadn't seen Jack since two weeks ago he remembered how they had

stayed in that fancy tent Jack brought and did some fishing. Ennis

decided to finally christen that creel he never used while he was

married to Alma. He remembered the huge fight they'd gotten into when

Ennis told him he couldn't see him till November. Jack blew up at him;

they had exchanged a lot of angry words. There was nothing Ennis could

do, he had just finished his child support on Junior and still had a

year to go with Jenny. Then maybe once he had that off his back he and

Jack could spend more time away together.

"Junior, you know I ain't a carnival goer."

"You took me and Jenny when we were little." She said hopefully.

"You ain't a little girl no more, you're a woman now." He said proudly.

"Well, daddy, I kinda wanted you to meet Kurt."

"Kurt? Who the hell is Kurt?" he was feeling protective of his daughter.

"He's the boy I've been seeing. He's taken a job at the carnival while

it's in town. Come on, Daddy, say you'll come."

It only took one look at his daughter's expectant eyes for Ennis' heart

to melt and him to say "Alright, lil darlin, I'll go."

"Oh Daddy!" she squealed and reached forwards and hugged him. "How about

we meet up at the carnival at noon on Saturday, we can have lunch."


Junior gave her father a kiss on the cheek and was gone.

Ennis watched her drive off, he closed the door and thought that maybe

he needed this distraction from his thoughts of his argument with Jack.


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