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She walked into a small room with blue marble flooring. It had sky blue walls with a black base trim where the walls met the floor. There were white stage lights hanging from the ceiling pointed at the beautiful pictures on the left and right walls. Centered in the middle of the room was a turquoise marble pedestal with a bust of a woman holding a hollow pot over her right shoulder. It was titled, "A Woman Drawing Water." Above it, the ceiling was carved in with a decorative pattern. Jill walked in a little further to notice a wooden door on the right side and on the left was an opening blocked by a long red curtain. Between the two doors was an oval picture of a chubby woman with red hair. There was a small chest blocking the curtain opening and a metal step up ladder a few feet from the bust.

This is creepy, Jill thought. The room was dead silent, only the sound of her boots stomping against the marble. She headed for the curtain when she noticed a rolled up piece of paper in the hollow pot of the bust. She pushed the metal heavy metal step up ladder as close to the bust as it would go and climbed up. She reached and clenched the paper in her right palm. After descended back down the ladder, she opened it to see it was a map of the first floor. "Oh my god," She exclaimed as she realized there was a lot of ground to cover. She decided to check out the curtain room before heading through door next to it. She crouched down and pushed the chest to the right as the room could now be entered. She took a deep breath and walked from the blue marble tile to the mahogany wood flooring in the room. The walls were painted blood red with a pure white trim. Wall lights illuminated the empty dark room. The room went straight and made a bend left up ahead. She clenched her Beretta gun as she slowly turned the corner. There was an old shelf that covered the back wall. It was filled with papers, knick-knacks, and boxes. There were pictures leaning against the walls, rolled up rugs, some vases, and a few busts placed off to the side. Right below her was a limp man's body lying on the floor. His eyes were shut and he seemed to be dead.

Maybe I can slowly slip around him and check the shelf, Jill thought. She slowly slid her boots around the corpse scanned the shelf for anything useful, blowing dust off the ancient items. She coughed lightly as she realized there wasn't anything in here and that her nervousness was wasted. She turned and headed back around the body. With one quick grab the man's arm shot up and grasped Jill's right leg, his nails digging through her pants into her skin. She yelped as she pointed her gun down and fired into his forehead. His hand quickly fell to the ground as a sea of blood emerged. He was dead. She put her right hand to her heart and took a few deep slow breathes to get her composure down. She headed back into the blue marble room to try the wooden door. As she jiggled the handle she realized it was locked. She pulled out a hairpin and unlocked the door. Her father has shown her that. "Dad," Jill murmered before opening the door. Jill had entered a long L shaped hallway with brown chests lined along the left side. To her right was a wall lined with wide windows that showed nothing, but the dark night sky. She noticed a pack of handgun bullets on the floor to her right. She was running low on bullets so she happily picked them up. This room was also quiet like the last one. She walked a few feet with her gun raised toward the sharp left turn she was about to make when the sound of shattering glass filled the hallway. She quickly turned her head as a large black dog leapt through one of the windows a few feet behind her.

All she thought was, run, as she bolted down the hallway. She made the sharp turn and was relived to see the empty hallway. A single door was at the back wall. Jill prayed it could be open. The dog barked and growled as it chased her down the hall. What was only three seconds felt like three hours as she stumbled towards the door. Suddenly, another dog burst through a window a few feet in front of her. Oh Come on! Quickly using her wit, she fired one bullet into the dog's front right leg without even stopping. The dog collapsed onto the floor. She felt a wave of accomplishment, but she quickly remembered the other dog was still coming. She picked up some speed and hopped over the wounded dog as she rammed into the door, turning the handle, and practically jumping through. The door slammed behind her, as she knew she was alone. The other dog howled angrily on the other side as Jill sunk onto her hands and knees.

"I want to get out of here!" She screamed in a burst of fury before tears stretched down here check like a waterfall. She pushed some hair behind her ear as she straightened her beret and wiped her tears. Come on Jill, sobbing like a child won't help you. She had to be strong and find the others. "Right," She exclaimed to herself. I wonder how Barry is doing?

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