Title: Procession
Author: Starzki
Fandom: Inuyasha
Characters/Pairings: Miroku/Sango
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+
Word Count: 395
Summary: Miroku predicts that the girl in the pink armor will save the world.


Miroku watched the procession from a window in the inn's second floor. At fourteen years old, he was beginning longer jaunts away from the temple and Mushin's drunken instructions on how wandering monks could best make a living on their own. Miroku decided that it was time for him to start learning from experience rather than just taking the old fool's word for it.

The taiji-ya below Miroku's window were no doubt on their way to exterminate the large bear demon to the north that had been rampaging against villages. Despite the varying shades of their armor, they all wore the same serious expressions as they faced the mission ahead of them.

One figure in particular drew Miroku's focus. She was a girl of no more than eleven or twelve with a long pony tail and pink armor. He was surprised. He didn't think that taiji-ya accepted female warriors, let alone ones so young. He studied her more closely, sad that he only could see her in semi-profile as the group moved through the town.

The line of her back was fascinating: straight but obviously lithe. She moved with a grace and confidence that Miroku truly envied and bespoke a mastery of her deadly art. She boldly marched along with her group to meet whatever fate awaited her to the north.

'That girl is going to save the world.' The thought came unbidden. Miroku chuckled softly at the thought, but his training in meditation turned him pensive about his mind's strange prediction.

To be included in such a group meant that she was a fearsome fighter and that someday she would likely save a life. Perhaps she would save many. And to those she saved, their loved ones, she would give a different and happy future. The world would be different with them in it, so she, in effect, would save the world by saving even one life.

Before Miroku could further contemplate on the girl and the many futures she had in her hands to change, his attention was arrested by a woman a good ten years older than the girl had had been watching. This woman wore bright colors and had curves that Miroku was finally starting to appreciate. The young taiji-ya was forgotten as Miroku rushed from the room to see if the woman was in need of any of his services.


Author's Note: This fic was written to fill LuxKen27's Summer Mini Challenge prompt "boldly."