Title: Confidence
Prompt: Untied
Word Count:
It was her first time, but definitely not his.


Sango grabbed at the hands that had attached themselves to her butt. It took a little giggling, more elated kisses, and no small amount of strength, but Sango finally disentangled herself from Miroku.

"But I thought you wanted…" he said, gasping at air through his kiss-darkened mouth.

Sango held up her hand, signaling him to stay put as she backed away. "Oh, I do," she promised. It was her first time and definitely not his. Though she didn't question his devotion to her, she didn't want him to make love to her in a way that at all could resemble the way he'd made love to another. He would be making love to her tonight and even the ghosts of memories of other women would be banished from this home. Tonight, she was in charge.

Sango stepped closer to the futon and pinned Miroku with a look that was both challenging and playful. She felt a slow, sexy smile spread over her lips as she reached behind her and untied her apron. She gathered the cloth in her right hand and, without breaking eye contact with him, unceremoniously dropped the apron on the ground.

Miroku's eyebrows twitched upward along with the corners of his mouth and he met her challenging look. She knew he was wondering just how long her confidence would hold out until she beckoned him to her and let him take the reins. Oh, he was definitely going to get to know her a lot better tonight. And the first thing that he would discover is that she never backed down from a challenge, even in the bedroom.

Holding his gaze, playing his desire like a musical instrument, she made fast work of the rest of her clothes. She ran her tongue over her lips, instantly capturing his attention. His mouth dropped open at the same moment the rest of her clothes dropped around her feet.

The moment drew out long and tense between them. Miroku's look was no longer bemused, but completely serious, almost alight with the fire in his eyes. His hands fisted at his sides. His breathing grew heavy and deep.

She thrummed the distance between them with her wicked smile, her powerful posture, and the way she let the fingers of her right hand glide over her collar bones. At just the moment she figured Miroku wouldn't find this game fun anymore, she crooked her finger at him.

In less than a second, she was back in his embrace, his hands on her bare ass, his mouth on the long, bare, column of her neck. She took pride in the fact she could feel his desire for her pulse through him. Sango grabbed at his hair, pulled Miroku's head back, and looked carefully into his eyes.

With complete seriousness darkening her voice, she said, "I want to show you everything. I want you to make it impossible for me to keep my pleasures quiet. I want our neighbors to know my voice."

Rather than match her intensity, his face went slack and he fell to his knees. Sango made sure that her surprise didn't show on her face as she kept her grip on his hair and forced him to look at her.

"I will do anything you ask of me tonight," he swore.


Author's Note: Many thanks to Scribe Figaro for his help in this fic. We put our heads together to try to figure out what Sango could say to Miroku to let him know that she's in charge this first time and at the same time, seduce him. This is also a preview for a much longer fic. It was written in response to LuxKen27's Summer Mini Challenge prompt, "Untied."