Chapter One

[Warning: This story may contain characters that act out of their characters (might act OC)

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Kankuro was skipping down the hallway leading to Temari's hospital room, but instead of whistling Camp-Town-Racers, he decided to change it up as he was entering the hospital to Good Vibrations.

As Kankuro neared Temari's room he started busting out some Michael Jackson moves from the 80's. "I'm pickin up good vibrations. She's giving me the excitations…. Uh yeah snap-snap. OW! Yeah the moon-walk!"

"Excuse me sir, I think you are on the wrong floor, this floor is for those who are under careful watch. I think you are looking for level two, the floor where they help those in need. Please follow me!" A nearby nurse told Kankuro as she shooed him towards the elevator, with that fake smile of cheeriness.

"Hey! I am not mentally ill—hey OW! Stop shoving me!"

The two battled it out, a push, a shove, and an occasional trip down the long hallway towards the elevators. Kankuro, not wanting to hurt the nurse because of Suna's limited number of them, tried to resist her attempts to get him to the elevator. Whilst the nurse battled furiously to get him into the elevator, resorting to scratching, yelling, and tripping.

"Let go of me you old bat! Help! Help! This nurse is trying to shove me into the elevator to sexually assault me! Help!" Kankuro yelled because now the nurse was carrying him towards the elevators.

Kankuro's hands slipped on the floor as he was desperately clawing at anything to get away.


Sakura sobbed as she looked at Temari, tears were flowing from her eyes onto Temari's pale face. "I know you probably heard everything right? If it were up to me— I…I would…"

Temari slowly turned her head towards Sakura; her eyes were also moist and full of tears. Slowly Temari opened her mouth up, "Sa…kura. Thank…you. It's…alright." Her eyes were smiling and a little bit of sparkle could still be seen showing Temari's youth and strength as tears spilled from her eyes.

"No Temari, don't give up hope…I—I'll try to make cures! I'll work my ass off! You won't die I promise you that!" her glassy eyes stared into Temari's, and Temari still looked back smiling like everything was going to be alright. Sakura made a sound that was like a mixture of a sob and a laugh, "Temari, don't…don't' give up hope. Maybe in a couple of months'…hell even a week! I'll probably have a cure ready for you…that way you can return to your normal self, and call me a loser or something! Just—just don't act like this is your last dying wish! Just—just don't!"

Sakura continued sobbing, while Temari looked out the window seeing the sun shining.

'Sakura, I know you mean well. But from what I've heard there's nothing you or anyone else can do. I've had a good life, filled with loving memories that I'll cherish forever, wonderful friends, and a life that anyone would die for. Sakura, I wish I could talk to you right now like before. I wish you could have come here sooner so we could spend time together. I wish I wasn't such a work-a-holic so I could have visited you and everyone else back in Konoha. There are so many things I would have done different, but there's nothing left to do but wait. Sakura…you're so beautiful even when you're crying. Please stop…'

'No! No! Not Temari, NOT TEMARI!' After Gaara heard the news he instinctively went to a place to vent out his anger. He just felt this urge to punch the crap out of a tree, blow it to smithereens, to try and get away and run from his problems. That's why a couple of years back, Gaara went on a search and found his own personal oasis, miles away from civilization and his home.

Gaara had cuts and bruises from the pieces of wood flying through the air. He was bleeding in some places profusely, and the whole area was eliminated. Trees lay shattered, rocks were cracked or turned to dust, and the small lake was red with parts of trees or sand sticking above its surface.


He looked up at the blazing sun in the sky, and fell to his knees. "Why…?"

Knock knock…

"Excuse me Miss. You've been here for at least nine hours and it's getting close to midnight. I think you should take a little break. If you want, I could bring you a blanket so you can spend the night here."

Sakura looked up at a young nurse with light brown hair. "Huh? Oh yes, that would be great. Um…Temari I'll be right back" Sakura sadly smiled towards Temari as she exited the room and quietly shut the door.

Sigh. Sakura slowly walked down another hallway vaguely remembering knocking down a vending machine as she was running to catch up with Gaara. 'Where is Gaara…?'

"What am I going to do…Gaara's not here…and I can't do anything." She leaned her body against the cold machine and slowly slid down until her butt was on the floor and her side on the machine.

"Are you alright?"

Sakura looked up to see a man, about her age looking down at her. He had short-cropped white hair, and ice blue eyes. He had weapons like a shinobi; he looked like a shinobi (because of his muscles and physique) but didn't bare any headband showing his village.

"Yeah…yeah I'm alright…" Sakura replied a little dazed, 'this guy came from nowhere…out of thin air. He has to be a shinobi, and plus his body—oh God, stop thinking about his body Sakura. Bad! Bad!' "Um…what's your name?"

"Haru… Tadeshi Haru. Pleasure to meet you um…?" He offered a hand to help her up while smiling at her.

She gladly took his offer and said "Sakura…Haruno Sakura."

A few minutes of silence passed by the two. Sakura quietly looked around the hallway roaming her eyes while rolling on the balls of her feet. 'He's kind of…cute? No stop Sakura, stop!'

Meanwhile Haru stared at Sakura, taking in her figure, her pink hair, and her overall beauty. 'Wow…'

"Well Tadeshi -san, I have to get going. Um…thank you, you know for helping me up and all. Hehe…" Sakura scratched the back of her head giving him a cute smile and then slowly walked away heading towards Temari's room.

Gaara slowly walked through the quiet hallways of the hospital. After venting out his rage and destroying his oasis he decided he was calm enough to see Temari and Sakura. His footsteps were the only things echoing in the hallways making an eerie kind of noise when he felt a presence up ahead. A figure turned the corner.

He had snow-white hair.

The man looked up. Jade eyes met ice blue.



The two males kept on walking until they were side-by-side. The tension was thick in the air.

"I see you got your arm back Tadeshi. Did you ask you doll to give you a new one?" Gaara turned his head to face him. Haru did the same. The two men glared at each other.

"I see you still have that stick up your ass Sabaku."

"I suggest you get out of my village Tadeshi, you don't want a repeat of what happened last time now do you? Just go back to that hell-hole you call a home."

Haru stuck his hands in his pockets and scoffed while he slowly walked away. As he was about to turn the corner he said, "This is my village too, if you didn't frame me I would have become the Kazekage, remember that asshole. Go rot in hell." He through a kunai at Gaara's head, and Gaara caught it between his index and middle finger.

"Thanks…I need one." Gaara kept on walking towards Temari's room, and Haru disappeared.

It was after midnight already, and he had left Sakura alone for about nine hours already, Temari and Sakura were probably worried by now. He slowly opened the door to Temari's room, as he peeked in he saw his sister sleeping peacefully and Sakura snuggled up in a small armchair. That girl was so skinny she could actually fit on that chair.

He carefully walked up to Sakura's sleeping form. 'Now that I rememberwhat was with feeling that passed through my body when our lips met?' He lightly stroked her cheek.

"Gaara?" Sakura's eyes opened slowly showing she woke from a deep sleep. "You're back." A smile was starting to show itself on her face.

As she opened her eyes, she saw Gaara's figure in the moonlight. His shirt was gone showing his bare chest, but revealing the cuts and bruises over his body.

Sigh, "Damn you Gaara. It's been nine hours since we last saw you, and when you finally turn up you're hurt? Come here…I guess I can heal you." She stretched her body a little to get the kinks out from sleeping in the small chair. Meanwhile Gaara walked on over towards her. He didn't think it was that big of a deal. 'Hell it's not like I'm seriously hurt…like Temari. Damn it Gaara just stop thinking about it. Sakura and I will work together to try and find a cure no matter what.' He came to a stop in front of Sakura, her shirt was askew and the moonlight showed her pearly white skin. He hair was up in a messy bun, but the loose strands complimented her and made her look even more beautiful. Adding to her beauty a small cute small appeared on her face.

"You want to get healed or what Gaara?" Her small smile turned into a mischievous smirk, and she clapped her hands together. Well…let's get to it mwauahhah! Come here little boy and I'll make you look like the piece of crap you are. Hahaha!" Sakura's hands started to glow green as she started to heal his cuts over his body. Gaara noticed that her face was concentrating fully on her job to heal him.

Gaara looked to the side, looking a little annoyed. "You don't have to heal me you know. You should go back to sleep."

Sakura started to heal his shoulder where a small gash scabbed over. "I know I don't, but I want to." While still healing his wounds she glanced up to look at his face, "that's what friends do, ne?"

"OoOoOoh! What do we have here? A cute girl healing the macho boy's wounds while his shirt is off in the corner of the hospital, during midnight no less? The moonlight makes this scene even more romantic!" Kankuro limped into the room chuckling quietly, "It all most makes this whole scene like a soap-opera! Like Gaara's leaving, with his shirt off, during the middle of the night while the two were sleeping in bed. The beautiful Sakura wakes up and finds her love Gaara leaving, and she grabs his arm and tells him not to leave! Aww I can see it now!"

"Kankuro…SHUT UP!" the two of them screamed whispered, because everyone was aware of Temari sleeping.

Kankuro stood before Gaara and Sakura with his head bandaged, on crutches, and a sticker on his torso saying, "I'm better now! (Smiley face)"

The two looked at each other, and Sakura was wondering what could have happened to him on his way back to Suna?

Kankuro noticed the way the two were looking at him… "OK please stop staring…well just you Gaara. I'm fine with you admiring the package Sakura, but Gaara…ew that's just…yucky." And he shivered from the mental images that flashed through his mind. 'I did not need to see that.'

"Kankuro…we're looking at you because you look fucked up." Gaara rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

"Oh…you're making fun of my beloved attire? Well…it's quiet a story. I walked through the gates of Suna and as I entered the hospital a bunch of hot nurses jumped me. I don't know why they jumped me…I swear they were yelling things like "Ooh Kankuro! OOOOHHH!" and all these other sounds. I mean personally I loved it, but I knew I had a duty to get to Temari and visit her. So I grudgingly tried to push all the beautiful ladies trying to ravish me. But then after I got out of the fray I had many wounds, and a hot—nice—nurse I singled out helped me get spruced up in a broom closet. That's why I look like this."

Sakura sauntered up to him, and placed a hand on his chest. "Kankuro-kun…"

Kankuro could feel his heart racing. 'Oh man look at the way she's walking towards me! I swear my fake cover up story must have turned her on! Ahhh I can't believe this!'Sakura looked so hot right now…and Gaara looked extremely pissed. 'Yes! Score! I get the hot girl and I got Gaara mad! Could this get any better?"

"Kankuro-kun?" Sakura seductively put his hands on her hips.

"Yes?" Kankuro managed to say while not drooling.

"Get real." BAM!

And Sakura punched him unconscious. After Kankuro fell to the floor, she skipped back to Gaara and sat down in her armchair. "Now Gaara, let's get back to those wounds." A playful smile emerged on her face and Gaara couldn't help but laugh. She played with Kankuro's feelings and then knocked him unconscious.


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