I decided that I would write another chapter to this story, it's mostly dialogue

Once again, I do not own Commander in Chief

Amy was sitting in her room finishing her homework, she was worried that her school would call her parents, but she didn't understand exactly what she had done wrong, just that it was something she shouldn't have.

Mac had decided that she should talk to Amy about sex, after her misunderstanding that day; she walked to her daughter's room, and sat on the bed.

Amy: Hi Mommy, I just finished all my homework, can I have some of Grandmas pan cakes now

Mac: its ash Wednesday remember, you can only eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

Amy: Oh, I forgot, stupid day

Mac: That's enough Amy, do you remember what we talked about after Church last week, Jesus sacrificed a lot, now we are only asking you to not eat sweets for a few weeks, and to eat a only main meals and no meat for 2 days.

Amy: OK, Mommy

Mac: Honey, your teacher called me today, he told me what happened when Father Michael was at school

Amy: Am I in trouble

Mac: A little, you know its wrong to eavesdrop, don't you?

Amy: I just overheard you, I couldn't help it

Mac: But, you didn't understand what you heard, did you

Amy: No Mommy

Mac: If you don't understand something, then what have I told you to do

Amy: I should have asked you

Mac: Amy, I'm going to tell you something's, which you may not understand at first, if you have any questions, then I want you to ask me first, OK

Amy: OK, Mommy

Mac: You overheard Daddy and I talking about something, can you remember what it was

Amy: Sex, I think it's like some kind of candy

Mac: No honey, Sex is something that a man and woman who love each other do. It's something that adults do, to show that they love each other

Amy: Like kissing, when you kiss with tongues I mean

Mac: Yes, but Sex is special, because when a man and woman have sex, they can make a baby.

Amy: I thought God decided when a husband and wife would have a baby, and he picks if it's a boy or girl. That's what Abigail told me her Mummy told her.

Mac: For a man and woman to have a baby, they have to fertilise and egg. Every woman is born with thousands of little eggs inside her, when a man and woman have sex, these eggs are sometimes fertilised, and they take 9 months to develop into a baby

Amy: But how do you fertilize the egg, to make seeds grow you need to water them, is it like that

Mac: Its like this baby, When a mother and father make love, they lie next to each other, very close, kissing and hugging. The father's penis gets very hard and he puts it into the mother's vagina. This feels very nice to both of them, and it is a special way to show each other how much they love each other. Liquid called semen comes out of the father's penis into the mother's vagina. If the time is right, the mother will have a little egg, so tiny you couldn't even see it, inside of her uterus. If the liquid from the father's penis meets that little egg, a baby will start to grow in her uterus.

Amy: That's disgusting; I'm never ever having a baby

Mac: Sweetie its not, I promise that when you are bigger, a lot bigger, it will feel very nice, but you have to remember that sex is something that you should only do with someone that you love very much. And only when you are old enough to feel comfortable with it.

Mac thought this would be a good time to stop the conversation, this was a lot of information for a little girl to take in, she thought she had maybe done the wrong thing, but she knew younger kids were told this kind of detail, and she had read a book about the subject, that is where she took the main explanation from.

Mac: Honey dinners almost ready, is there anything you want to ask me about what we just talked about?

Amy: How old do you have to be to have sex?

Mac: Where we live, you legally have to be 16, but in some other places its different ages?

Amy: Do you have to be married?

Mac: the catholic church and in lots of other religions they think you should be, but people do it before they should

Amy: Have Becca and Horace did it

Mac: Do you remember when you took your sisters diary last year, and you came across the word virgin

Amy: Yes, Daddy told me what it meant; he says it means someone who is always good, like Jesus' Mom, but Beccas Bad sometimes

Mac: That is kind of what it means, but it also means someone who has not had sex

Amy: but how could Mary be Jesus Mommy if she was a virgin

Mac: Because, God chose her to be Jesus Mommy, that's why they are both so special

Amy: Mommy, can I have dinner now, I'm hungry