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AN: I started this when watching "The Cave of Two Lovers" in Avatar when Zuko's uncle ate the White Jade Flower and thought about making a one-shot out of something similar with his and Zuko's predicament, but this will take place far after Azula gathers her two girlfriends and tries to capture Iroh and Zuko, along with Aang. I really don't know, since I'm watching all these different episodes of Avatar and they're not exactly in order.

AN (1/28/12): For all who have always reminded me and kept telling me the true name of Zuko's mother, Believe me, I know Zuko's Mother's name is Ursa. This oneshot was written before the creators gave out that information and I never went back to change it. This oneshot was posted in 2007 so it's an old oneshot. I appreciate all of you giving me this info on Ursa's name but it was never really needed.


Anime(s)/Manga(s): Avatar: The Last Air Bender/Inuyasha

Genre: Romance/tragedy… but it turns out better as it progresses.

Warning: There will be some major Azula bashing. Sorry Azula fans, but I just hate her and think she's nothing but a heartless bitch.

Pairing: Zuko/Kagome

Summary: After his uncle ate something that he shouldn't have, Zuko tries to set out in search of a village but ends up being found by a girl, his age, that was a healer of sorts. She takes him and his uncle in to treat his rashes and stomach pains. Despite the calm she emits, why does she seem so sad?

Most Scars Are Worse Than Burns

"Uncle! Not again!" Zuko exclaimed at his uncle. When they came across that Earth Bender village, they had started to live off the land in looking for edible plants and trying to catch fish that were big enough to fill you. But unfortunately, Zuko's uncle had yet to learn that most of the vegetation around them was either poisonous or he was allergic to.

This time, Iroh had eaten some berries that gave an effect that was similar to poison ivy. Not to mention that it gave the older man stomach problems. And currently, he was on the ground, moaning in pain while his skin had numerous rashes. The bad thing about it all was that they were nowhere near a village where they could get treatment.

"I'm sorry, Zuko. I didn't think that those berries would have this kind of effect." Iroh said with a painful moan, clutching his stomach. The next time he and Zuko were going to travel the wilderness; Iroh was going get a guide on what's edible and what's not in the next village they come across.

Just as Zuko said that he was going to find help, a girl, no older than the banished prince came through the bushes with a bouquet of white flowers and a basket full of what looked like herbal leaves. She had long obsidian hair that was in a braided bun that was held back with a sapphire flower comb that matched her eyes. She also wore a deep blue dress that had dark gold trimming and sash. If Zuko hadn't known any better, he would've thought that she was from one of the water tribes if her skin tone wasn't light like his.

(I noticed that Waterbenders have a least some tanned skin and blue eyes. Well almost all water benders.)

Kagome was on her way back to her hut with a bouquet of white flowers that could make an ointment that could heal rashes and a basket of jasmine and mint tea leaves when she heard moans of pain and the sound of someone saying something about finding help. Deciding to offer her assistance, Kagome stepped through the brush to make her self, known to a man in his early sixties, late fifties (I don't know Iroh's age) and a boy who looked to be her age. The both of them wore the clothes of travelers and the boy's hair was short, like it was just cut recently and had a burn scar on his left eye.

And from the looks of their appearances and the feel of their auras, Kagome guest that they were refugees from the Fire Nation. It also looked as if the older man had eaten those berries she remembered grow around the area… from the looks of his rashes and him moaning while clutching his stomach.

Right now they were both staring at her in silence until the boy asked, "Excuse me, could you help us? My uncle ate some kind of berries and…" Kagome finished the rest of his sentence while offering, "You need some medical assistance. Just come with me and I'll make some ointment for his rashes and some tea to sooth his stomach pains."

Zuko and Iroh followed the girl with Iroh's arm draped over Zuko's shoulders for the young prince to help him stay upright long enough until they reached the girl's home. When they had reached it, they hadn't expected it to be a small slightly old looking hut with how she was dressed. There was a small herb garden off to the side that was slightly charred; a sure sign that the Fire Nation was here. And under a tree that was next to the hut was what looked like a grave that was just recently dug up with a toy top and toy snake resting on the soil.

"Please come in." The girl bid after raising the curtain of the doorway. Zuko led Iroh through the door and set him on the rise so that they could take their shoes off. After the girl was able to get a fire going, she had set a teakettle over it to make the tea she promised using the tealeaves that she in her basket and soon set to work in making the ointment she promised out of the leaves and petals of some of the flowers she had with her earlier.

Once the ointment for Iroh's rashes was done, she made a sound as if to ask someone to watch the tea but caught herself and sighed sadly before moving to Iroh's side to apply the ointment, asking the older man to shed off his shirt.

Doing as he was asked, Iroh saw the sad expression on the girl's face and could help but feel for the girl as she started to apply the ointment onto the rashes on his arms. He came to the conclusion that the grave under the tree outside had belong to someone dear to her and by the look of the toys that rested on the grave, the one who had died was no more than a child; probably a younger sibling.

Zuko came to this conclusion as well. He also had a feeling that it was the Fire Nation who came and took away her dearest person. The young prince couldn't help but feel horrible for the cause of the girl's sorrow. A mew brought him out of his thoughts and brought his attention to cat that just came in.

"Hey, Kirara. Welcome back." The girl greeted the feline with a soft but sad smile.

The cat was cute; he had to admit, with its large red orange eyes and light golden fur. The cat also had black ears and paws while it also had stripes on its… two tails? The cat almost looked like one of the legendary beasts from the Fire Nation's folklore; the Two-Tailed Western Fire Cat.

"That's quite an interesting feline you have, miss…" Iroh complimented while also trying to get the girl to open up a bit. She seemed like a sweet girl but she looked so sad. It practically tore at his heart to see a girl her age look so heartbroken and torn… like someone who had lost their lover or their child. He remembered that same look from Zuko when his mother died, three years before his father banished him from the Fire Nation.

"My name's Kagome. And thank you for the compliment on Kirara… she used to belong to a good friend of mine until she decided to retire from her occupation so she could start a family." Kagome answered to the older man as she moved her attention to the rashes on his other arm. She knew that he was trying to get her to cheer up… and she had to admit that it was working slightly. There was just something about the older man that reminded her of her grandfather when he had tried to cheer her up when her father had died.

"I see." Iroh smiled. Kagome was a very pretty name and he believed that it suited the girl perfectly.

The teakettle started to make that whistling noise signaling that the tea was ready. Kagome had set the ointment down after finishing with the last Iroh's rashes that were on his chest and back and started to pour the tea for Zuko and Iroh, as well herself. Thankfully, she had run into them just in time before the rashes started to spread further to his lower back.

"Well, my name is Iroh. And this is my nephew, Zuko. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Iroh introduced them.

Kagome softly smiled at his kindness.

As the night carried on, Zuko noticed that his uncle's rashes were fading and that the tea Kagome had made looked to be working for Iroh's stomach pains as well. He must admit that she was an excellent healer with how much care and ease she gave when tending to his uncle. But he still wanted to know why she was so sad and whose grave outside belonged to.

And as if she had read his mind, Kagome asked, "I'm guessing you're curious as to whom the grave outside belongs to." The air around them thickened as Zuko and Iroh stiffened, wondering if she could really read their minds. But she assured them, "It's okay. The uneasiness the two of you were giving off and how the two of you looked at the grave outside before stepping into my hut told me of the curiosity the two of you must of felt but you were too uncertain to ask me about it."

Unsure of how to word his question, Zuko tried asking as he ignored the look his uncle gave him but Kagome beat him to it by answering, "Fire Nation came by my hut, thinking that I was temporarily housing any refugees from their country. At the time, I didn't have any travelers come by looking for shelter for the night so the only ones who were here were Kirara, my son, and myself. Well… Kirara at the time was off hunting for her self."

Kagome paused for a moment to let them take this in before continuing, "the one who was leading the group of soldiers was a girl with her two girlfriends. She kept ordering me to tell her if I was housing any refugees. But every time I told her that I wasn't housing anyone, she would attack me using her fire bending to try and get the answer she wanted to hear out of me by force. I had suffered only second degree burns…" Kagome pulled up her sleeves to reveal the burns she had received on her arms and lifted her skirt to her knees to reveal that same burns that were similar to the ones on her arms. "But these were nothing compared to what she did next."

They could hear the pain and anger that was in her voice as she told them what had happened next. "My son, Shippó saw what she was doing to me and couldn't bear to stay back and watch… and decided to fight her using his own methods of fire bending. But unfortunately, the woman had managed to get behind and grab him by the back of his neck. You see… my son was small for his age; he was really ten years old but looked to have the body of a five-year-old. The woman threatened me that if I didn't tell her the truth then she would hurt him."

Tears started to cloud Kagome's visions as the memories of Shippó's death came flooding back to her, "despite that I kept telling her that Shippó, Kirara, and my self were the only ones inside the hut… she…" Her bangs covered her eyes from their view with her shoulders shaking, "she went ahead and… and… burned my son alive." She lit her tears fall, releasing a sob.

"Not being able to stand the painful cries of my son anymore I told her to check the hut for herself if she didn't believe me…" Kagome clenched her fists, continuing her story with gritted teeth, "she stopped burning him and then ordered two of her men to check. When they didn't find anyone… she just gave me a meaningless apology and just dropped Shippó. I ran to his side as they left… only to be greeted with the sight of my son… badly burned to the point where I hardly recognized him… suffering third degree burns and was unable to move. During that night… I did everything I could to heal his burns but… he had died in his sleep. I couldn't do anything to ease his suffering." Not able to hold back her pain, Kagome cried… releasing all her pain and sorrow in her tears while burying her face in her hands.

Iroh and Zuko were in shock and disbelief at her story. The two of them knew whom Kagome spoke of… Azula, Zuko's sister and Princess of the Fire Nation. Iroh knew that she was an evil little wench but never thought that she would so coldheartedly take the life of a child… and in front of his own mother (Even if he was a bit shocked to find out that Kagome was a mother at such a young age). And Zuko… he couldn't believe that his sister would go to such extremes for something that she thought was a lie… when it wasn't.

As he laid his eyes on the young girl who brought him and his uncle in, Zuko could help but feel guilty for what his sister had done to Kagome… in taking away her only son.

Unable to stand her tears any longer, Zuko got up from his seat to move closer to Kagome only to kneel beside her and bring her into his arms, pulling her close to him, softly saying when she had a stopped crying momentarily, "It's okay. Just let it out."

And that's what she did… Kagome held on to him and cried. Her small hands clenched the semi-soft fabric of his shirt as she welcomed his warm and comforting embrace. As time passed into the late, Kagome's cries turned into sobs until her breathing evened out, signaling that she had cried her self to sleep.

After wiping away the last of her tears, Zuko sighed as he rested head on top of hers keeping his arms wrapped around her small form as he drifted off to sleep, himself.

Iroh was surprised at the display of affection his nephew showed toward the sleeping young girl. But his surprise faded as he saw… how right they had seemed when together. Iroh saw Zuko awaken momentarily to remove Kagome's comb, letting her braided hair fall from its confinement, reaching to mid-thigh in length. After that, Zuko went back to resting his eyes saying, "Uncle…"

"She can come with us, Zuko. But it's really her choice whether she wants to come with us or not." Iroh interrupted, already knowing what the banished prince was going to ask. But he became shocked at what the boy had confessed, "Uncle… I can't help but feel… guilty for what happened to her because Azula is my sister." Iroh stopped Zuko from saying anymore, "No, Zuko. Azula was the one who caused Kagome's suffering by taking her son's life. Not you. Just because Azula is your sister doesn't mean that you should be held responsible for her actions and misdeeds."

Silence passed between them as Zuko tucked a small stray lock of Kagome's hair behind her ear before pointing out, "I see the pain and suffering my country has caused because of this war that's lasted for a hundred years now …" Zuko then lifted his eyes to meet Iroh's, "I want to make it end, uncle. I want to stop my father from causing anymore suffering to all the nations."

"What about your honor and rightful place on the throne? And capturing the Avatar for all of that?"

"I don't care about that anymore. All of it is meaningless if it's in exchange of the lives of so many."

"What had changed?" Iroh was curious as to why his nephew was now acting this way before he heard his answer, "Someone from a dream told me, 'Honor that is received in return for the blood of innocence is nothing but an illusion.' She also told me that… if my father truly understood why I was against one of his generals and cared about me… he never would've banished me in the first place. And I believed her, uncle. Even if she was just someone from a dream, I took her words to heart." Zuko thought that his uncle would think him crazy for believing in the words of someone who wasn't real. He was surprised to see a look of proud understanding on his uncle's face.

Zuko first started to see the girl in his dreams when he had helped Aang out from his imprisonment when Admiral Zhao when he was dressed as The Blue Spirit… after he was knocked out by that arrow that was aim at his head. After he became unconscious, he saw her seemingly waiting for him… with his head resting on her lap and gently tracing his scar on his face. At first he was on edge about her and didn't trust her but as he got know her a bit…he began to see that she understood him more than he thought she could. She rarely visited him in his dreams now, but he knew that it was because her guidance was less needed than it used to be.

Iroh could see that his nephew was looking at things in a new light on the world. And it was all thanks to the story of the young girl who was currently sleeping soundly in his nephew's arms and the mysterious woman who spoke to him in his dreams. Giving an understanding smile, Iroh nodded at Zuko approvingly and said before turning in for the night, "You will become a greater ruler than your father Zuko. You're already taking the first steps you need in becoming just that: a greater and wiser ruler than your father, Ozai."

Not too long after that was said, Zuko lit a light smirk cross his face before falling asleep with a sleeping Kagome still in his arms, drifting off into a dreamless but peaceful sleep.

That had been about a month ago since Zuko and Iroh had met Kagome. The morning after she had lit them stay in her hut, before leaving, Zuko had asked her to come with them to travel. Kagome had seemed hesitant to leave her dwelling at first but after Zuko pointed out to her that there was nothing left for her but memories in her solitude. And Iroh pointed out that in a way, she wasn't leaving Shippó behind… but she would be taking him with her in spirit.

Kagome soon came to the decision that she, along with Kirara, would travel with the two to wherever they were going. It was soon after she had packed her medicinal herbs and other belongings, that Zuko and Iroh found out about Kirara's larger form and ability to fly.

Days turned into weeks as Kagome started to get over the death of Shippó with Zuko's help. But it wasn't too long after they started traveling together they had met up with Azula and her friends while the Avatar: Aang with Katara, and Sokka were present as well. They simply flew overhead on Kirara's back when they saw the Air Bender fighting alongside his friends against Azula's group.

Kagome could still feel the anger she had toward the female Fire Bender for taking away her Shippó but she didn't let it blind her like an amateur. Sesshoumaru, Sango, Kaede, and Miroku, as well as Iroh had taught her better than that. She also felt that Zuko wanted to go down there as well.

She had heard the prince's entire story from when he was banished from the Fire Nation to him trying to capture the Avatar so he could regain his honor and place at the Fire Nation's thrown and lastly to when he decided to give up going after the Avatar. And instead fight alongside him for the world's sake.

All fighting in the ground had come to a halt when they saw Kirara land not too far.

Azula smirked as she saw the familiar face of the woman she had met not to long ago… the mother of the son she had burned. She knew that the pathetic weakling wanted revenge and would gladly humor her. Azula's friends saw this as well but knew better by the look in the young woman's eyes. They held a fierceness and cold look in them that made them shiver in fright. She had an air about her that spoke of power and respect… the aura of a true warrior. The soldiers could clearly see this as well and had a feeling that Azula won't make it out of this fight in one piece. Hell, she'd be lucky if she made it out alive at all.

Kagome gave Zuko and Iroh the cue to tell the Avatar and his friends about their plans as she made her way to the spoiled Fire princess.

After Zuko told Aang and his friends a summed version of what was going on and what they had planned, Aang, Katara, and Sokka were confused as to why Zuko wanted to fight against his own nation and offer Aang to teach him how to bend fire with Iroh's help. But all questions and detailed explanations were held off when Iroh announced to them that Kagome and Azula's fight was about to start.

(I'm sorry everyone, I'm not too good at describing the movements and techniques of bending fire, water, earth, and air so I'm going to be vague on this fight scene)

As the fight carried on, it was clear who was going to win. Despite that Azula was the Fire Nation's prodigy Fire bender, there was no way she could win against Kagome when the priestess was using a bending technique that was unheard of, using whips of light that were manipulated from the tips of her fingers, attacking head on while her hands glowed with a pinkish lavender light, and able to evade any and all of Azula's fire attacks with what looked like a barrier.

The fight was over before it even began. Everyone saw this. Once Azula was down, out of breath and energy to bend fire as well as suffering from severe bruising, Kagome made her way to Azula before grabbing a hold of her neck and letting her energy flow to her palm letting the heat of the said energy burn the flesh of Azula's neck.

Azula cried out in pain, begging and pleading for Kagome to let her go. She had never felt such pain in her life… it made her fear for her life and cry out for her father.

Kagome then lit her go, letting her drop to the ground whimpering in pain as she clutched to her tender and light bleeding neck. The priestess then grabbed Azula's hair, yanking her head back and spoke in an even and emotionless voice, "Can you feel the pain from the burn I've given you? That's exactly the kind of pain you gave my son as you burned him alive and left him to die. But unlike how you left my son to die, I'm going to let you live… so that every time you see this very scar on your neck, remember the face of the woman who gave it to you… and the reason why she gave it to you. And I also want you to remember the pain you felt. Because that… is the same pain that not only my son had felt before he died… but it was also the same pain that your brother felt when he had to duel against your father before he was banished."

She then roughly lit the girl go before making her way to Zuko and the others while Azula made haste to her friends' side and order a retreat, not even bothering a promise of returning. Too frighten for her life to spend another second close to the former mother of her last victim.

Kagome stopped Azula in her tracks by saying for the last time, "And know this, Princess… some scars are far worse than burns… and I'm talking about the ones that you gave me when you took away my son." And with that, Azula ran never looking back while Kagome walked back to Zuko and Iroh's side.

Once things had calmed a bit Kagome was able to calmly explained Zuko's proposition of while joining them on their journey and goal to defeat his home nation, the prince would also- with the help of Iroh- teach Aang how to properly bend fire. After agreeing, with a new friendship forming, Kagome then answered Aang's questions about her form of bending which she had decided to call Chi Bending. She had also explained that rather than bending any of the elements around you, like Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, you were using your own life energy as a weapon and defense mechanism. There was no fancy arm or foot formations to use except concentration and patience.

All in all, everything was cleared out with plans being made to defeat the Fire Nation.

- Time Skip to Five Years Later -

Everything among the four nations was back to the way they were from before the start of the war: all of the nations living together in harmony. The fall of Lord Ozai's reign started when Aang had fully mastered all four elements… and when Zuko took the throne after his father's defeat.

With Zuko's leadership, things changed drastically for the better. New laws were written and treaties were made with the other nations while also helping rebuild the cities that Zuko's father practically destroyed. Trades were made with the other nations as well.

Sometime after taking the throne, Zuko allowed Aang and his friends to stay in the Fire Nation as long as they wished before they decided to go their separate ways. Once they were rested, Katara and Sokka decided to head home to the Southern Water Tribe while Aang decided to pay his respects to his old home at the Air Temple he was raised at before meeting up with Katara and Sokka in the south pole.

One day during the third year of the peaceful era of all the nations, Zuko had asked Kagome to marry him. During their Travels, Zuko came to realize just how much he loved her as he helped her move on from Shippó's loss. Everything about her from her fighting yet creative spirit to her smallest of flaws was what drew him to her. He then soon realized that life without her had an empty feeling to it… like it was meaningless.

It became clear that she agreed to become his wife and Lady of The Fire Nation. Kagome was so happy when Zuko asked her to marry him. She loved him so much, ever since he first comforted her and gave her a shoulder to cry on when she needed it the most. Kagome had also realized that the only reason why he was so hesitant in asking her was not only because he was afraid that she might reject him but also because of the scar in his face. She had surprised him when she had agreed to marry him, while kissing him deeply.

The wedding was small with only friends and family invited (Minus Azula and Ozai), nothing big… just simple but still nice. After the wedding, Katara and Aang announced that once the Avatar was sixteen, he and his Water Bending friend were going to marry themselves. They were currently engaged at the time.

And now, five years after the war and two years after being married, Zuko and Kagome were expecting their first child.

The new Fire Lord of the Fire Nation was now pacing back and forth in front of the room Kagome was to be delivering their first child. Zuko was a nervous wreck yet was happy that he was about to become a father. He promised himself that he'd give his child more love then his own father gave him. And if Kagome wanted to have more children, he would love them equally, no matter what their talents were.

"Zuko!" He heard Aang holler to him. The Avatar's voice changed from the childish twelve-year-old he was used to hearing to the masculine tenor tone. Zuko also noticed that the Air Bender had grown taller, reaching to be a little taller than Sokka.

The young lord turned to Aang to see that his newly wedded wife Katara and her brother, Sokka (who's still single) were also present. Over the course of their journey, they had come to understand each other and became close friends.

"Zuko, is Kagome okay?" Katara asked worriedly. She and Kagome had become as close as sisters during their travels and their bond was still strong to this day.

"Kagome just went into labor last night and the mid-wife said that she would be fine." Zuko answered her. Upon the water bender's concern for her sister-like friend, Zuko agreed to have a healer from the Northern Water Tribe to be the midwife incase something went wrong.

"And she also said that the baby should be born today." Iroh said, with a smile. He was confident that Kagome was going to be fine at delivering the baby.

Zuko looked toward Sokka as to why he wasn't talking any, only to see that he was too worried to form words. Sometime after their wedding, Kagome saw that Sokka had the dormant talent to bend his chi and asked the water tribe warrior if he would like for her to teach him how to master the art of manipulating his own life energy. After finding out he was to bend his energy like her, Sokka readily agreed for her to be his master. Ever since then, Sokka had looked up to her as an older sister of sorts.

Three hours later, a baby cry came from the room Kagome was in.

The midwife came out with a pink bundle in her arms and a satisfied smile on her face saying, "Congratulations, Lord Zuko. You have a beautiful baby girl." While setting the newborn in Zuko's arms, Zuko couldn't help be amazed at how much his newborn daughter look like her mother but with amber colored eyes.

Zuko made to ask about how Kagome was when the midwife said that she was fine and that it was all right for him to see her after they had changed the sheets of the bed and wash the Lady up for guests. The others took this time to see the new princess of the fire nation and took note that she completely took after her mother with the exception of her eyes that she completely got from her father.

Once Kagome was ready to have visitors, Aang and the others decided that they could wait until Kagome's had her rest and let Zuko visited her first. After a bit of cooing to the baby, Iroh led them to their respectful guest rooms so that they could get a fitful rest after the long journey they had.

Taking one last glance at his daughter in his arms, Zuko pushed open the door just in time to see Kagome helped by the other midwives back into bed. As he stepped up next to the bed, Zuko handed his daughter back to her mother before taking seat next to his wife against the pillows.

Kagome smiled as she looked up at her husband before resting her head on his shoulder after he had wrapped his arm around her own shoulders. The young priestess was afraid that something would go wrong in the pregnancy and had worded her worries to Zuko one night on her third month but… she guessed all her worrying was for nothing. The midwife Katara had recommended had said the birthing went smoothly and there was nothing wrong with the baby.

She then asked Zuko, "What should we name her?"

Zuko paused for a moment, until he smiled saying, "How about…Ursa? That was my mother's name."

(I'd really like to thank waikan for giving me the name of Zuko's mother^^)

Kagome couldn't agree with a better name. Baby Ursa couldn't help but love the name too with her happy baby sounds. 'Speaking of children…' she thought silently as her face become sober before turning to Zuko, asking, "Zuko… when Ursa is old enough… could we visit Shippó's grave?"

Zuko understood what she wanted to say. During the time she had traveled with him and Iroh, Kagome told them about her adopted son, Shippó and how he was very talented in "bending" fire and weaving illusions. It was obvious that she wanted to visit his grave so that way he could see his baby sister. Zuko agreed saying that once their daughter was at least about fourteen months old, then they could set out to the Earth Nation to visit Shippó's grave.

During that night, Zuko was able to sleep with his new family. Never had he felt so complete. He had regained his place on the throne as well as his honor, became a greater ruler than his father while gaining peace and forgiveness from the other nations, and lastly gained a beautiful wife and created an equally beautiful daughter. And he gained it all without capturing Aang.

And in his spirit form, Shippó watched over them- mostly his mother- with a smile while softly speaking, "Most scars can be far worse than burns… but the pain of those scars become numb with time, and fade to when they are hardly noticeable." His new baby sister had opened her eyes and looked straight at him with curiosity as he promised her, "And don't you worry, Ursa-chan… I promise that I'll always watch over you, mama, and papa-Zuko."

And with that, baby Ursa went back to sleep. Shippó soon felt that it was almost time for him to leave, then the Kitsune kit kissed his mother on the forehead one last time before he started to fade.

Yes, his mother was finally happy at long last and he would always watch over her…or at least until she and his new father planned on having a son and he was given the chance to be reborn.

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