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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): Soul Eater/Inuyasha

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Kagome/Stein

WARNING: Teacher/Student love! Don't like, don't read! I also edited this finally so that this will be clean enough for this site's standards (a.k.a. No Lemon but the lemon version, along with my others will be posted on soon since yourfanfiction may shut down soon).

Summary: Kagome always liked a man with scars, no matter their origin… but for her, it was so hard to find one who wouldn't mind her own scars. All that soon changed after coming into with the Genius Technician, Franken Stein. But the sad thing was… he was a teacher… and she was his student.

After School Confessions

Looking to the clock, hanging over the blackboard to see that it was only about an hour before class was to be released, Kagome gave an unnoticeable sigh before getting back to jotting down notes that the teacher was reciting and putting on the board.

The miko paused in her writing before she glanced up to the front. 'Sensei…' Kagome thought as he continued to listen to his voice read aloud what he was writing.

She didn't know why but she just felt drawn to her teacher, Dr. Franken Stein. Despite the surgical scars all over his body and the screw in his head, Kagome thought that he was handsome. He was also very intelligent – a genius even as a Technician (Meister). And even though he could be crazy and twisted at times, he was a really good man and cared about his friends and loved ones.

Yes, Kagome had fallen for the man despite his quirks… but there was only two- no, three things that were in the way of her tell him how she felt.

One was that she was afraid of rejection or that he wouldn't see her for who she was, instead of some replacement.

Second… she didn't want him to see the scars that littered her body from the neck down. Kagome didn't want him to be repulsed by the grotesque scars that she received from Inuyasha's betrayal.

And third, most importantly… Stein was her teacher… and she was his student. Like at any school, an intimate relationship between a Teacher and his or her student was forbidden, despite the difference in age. Kagome was only sixteen, very close to becoming a legal adult… and Stein didn't look to be any older than his mid-twenties.

'School regulations still won't allow it though… whether he returns my feelings or not…' Kagome thought, just staring at her incomplete notes… remembering when she first met Stein.

About five months after Shinigami-sama took her in and it was on the day she went to Shibusen for the first time to speak with the Death God about her enrollment to the school. After coming into the Death Room, Shinigami-sama wasn't the only one who had greeted her.

At first, Stein's presence with his clothes all stitched, stitches on his face, a bolt in his head, and smoking a cigarette surprised Kagome… but after getting to know him and learning about being a Weapon Technician, she could see that he was a decent man, if a little sadistic at times. He also had a very well fit body, despite all the surgical scars.

Before Kagome knew it, the bell for dismissal rang and Stein was allowing everyone to leave for home while reminding them to do the homework assignment due in three days. Before Kagome could finish her trek down the stairs, Stein spoke up, "Kagome, stay behind a while longer."

The Miko blinked confusedly before turning to Maka and Soul who looked equally confused. They turned to Kagome before she assured them that she'd see them tomorrow.

After the last of the students left, Stein went to the door and closed it. Once it was closed, Stein turned to her as she stood next to his desk and asked, "You seemed distracted today… something on your mind?"

"I've just had a lot on my mind recently, sir. And being a Weapon Technician is still really new to me… I have a lot to learn before Shinigami-sama finds a partner for me." Kagome answered. And it was true, she still had a lot to learn before she finds a partner for her weapon.

But lately, after almost coming close to failing the past few tests, Kagome had taken Maka's offer of tutoring her and helping with any problems she was having trouble with.

The pigtailed girl was a great tutor and she had no doubt that she'll reach her dream to be just like her mother. Maka was very patient with her when Kagome was still learning the basics and helping her catch up with everyone else. Even her partner and friend, Soul was nice enough to help out… even though he cheated at times and tried to give her tips on how not to get caught.

Stein looked at the girl in front of him, an unreadable expression on his face as he took in his student's appearance. Her soft looking raven hair reached almost past her rear with her bangs almost covering her deep blue eyes. Her face was consisting of a pert nose, lush pink lips, high cheekbones, and eyes that practically showed her soul. She stood at about five-foot-one, very petite and lean with muscle – delicate but very strong.

Her figure combined with her facial features and her personality made her very attractive as she was dressed in a white short-sleeved dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her shoulders, showing off her slim arms, around her neck was a black tie, and a mid-thigh length black skirt revealing her long smooth legs. It just made her downright sexy with how her clothes almost clung to her like a second skin.

Not to mention her soul was so large, pure, and powerful – making it like a beacon for Kishin eggs to hunt for its power but it was her talent in sensing souls, their auras, and seeing them was what caught Stein's attention, along with the fact that she could purify Kishin and witch souls with just a single touch.

She was a miko – a priestess. She was basically the polar opposite of the witches they hunted.

Stein was surprised that Shinigami-sama managed to find her since priestesses were very rare and hard to come by. From what he had learned while still a student at Shibusen, before the founding of Shibusen, Shinigami-sama also had the help of mikos and monks deal with the growth in Kishin eggs and were also known to deal with witches.

But as the centuries passed, the strong bloodlines of monks and mikos started to dwindle as an increase in Weapon Technicians and weapons started to skyrocket almost.

So imagine how surprised he was to hear that the young girl in front of him was a part of an almost lost bloodline.

Shinigami-sama not only put Kagome in his class but also assigned him to help her in learning all she can to be a Weapon Technician. He even went as far as to teach her the Soul Purge and other soul techniques since she had already known how to channel her soul's wavelengths prior.

As the months passed, Stein couldn't help but be attracted to the teenager. How her eyes seem to light up in realization of hearing something new about being a Weapon Technician or a new method of channeling her soul wavelength into a weapon without the help of a partner.

The genius guessed that it was because of his lessons that there wasn't a wide selection of partners for her while she felt that she still had a lot to learn before she felt ready to take a partner in collecting the 99 Kishin eggs and 1 Witch soul to make a weapon worthy of being Shinigami-sama's weapon.

"Still… Shinigami-sama hopes to find some candidates to be your partner as you continue to learn what's needed of a Weapons Technician." Stein answered Kagome, leaning back against his desk rather than bringing up his rolling chair to sit.

Kagome nodded in understanding, knowing that getting a partner was mandatory for all Shibusen students if they wanted to graduate. And a part of her wanted to graduate… so that she could tell Stein how she felt about him.

Seeing that she was quiet and that her soul was trembling with apprehension as she tried to keep from fidgeting, Stein couldn't help how appealing she looked. Even more so as she took her bottom lip between her teeth and started nibbling it. He had to stop himself from grunting at the simple action and licking his dry lips.

Yes, there was no denying that Kagome was a very attractive young woman and Stein was very much attracted to her even beyond a physical level. She had this air to her that was addicting and it attracted many to her on many levels.

For him, there were many nights when he dreamed of taking her in so many ways, ravaging her body with kisses, nips, and licks to the point where she would be screaming his name writhing under and begging him to ram himself into her and take her hard before making her cum. Other nights he would be gentler with her, more sensual and taking his time with her. Or even let her be dominant with him and allowing her to ride him however slow or fast she wanted.

And even though Stein knew that she was at least attracted to him someway or another, he was still a teacher…

'But I guess that what makes the idea all the hotter… and that much of a turn on…' Pushing those thoughts aside before he started pitching a tent in his pants, Stein asked, "Is there anything else on your mind? Your soul's shaking from so many emotions… perhaps someone you're interested in?"

The miko didn't want to ask Stein how he felt now while confessing to him. Worst that could come from it is him saying that he wasn't interested in girls her age and her feeling humiliated from confessing. But still… "Hakase… how do you… feel about student/teacher relationships?" Kagome could help asking. She had to know what he felt about the concept.

Stein raised a brow before stopping himself from grinning. So she was curious about this as well… he guessed he could humor her. "I think it's good that a teacher and his or her student could develop a friendship where they could put a lot of trust in each other…" Oh, he knew what kind of teacher/student relationship she was talking about but that didn't mean he couldn't tease her a little.

Gripping her books a little more, Kagome clarified, "that's not what I meant. I mean… how do you feel about a teacher and his student having an intimate relationship… about them being lovers?"

Kagome didn't look up to see the upturn of Stein's lips as he straightened up and started to step up to her as he answered her truthfully, "Who knows? It doesn't bother me if the student and teacher have strong feelings for each other… and the age difference is just meaningless to me." Stopping in front of her, Stein gently grasped Kagome's chin and lifted head up so she could look at him and added in a low voice, "although… I find the idea of having a very attractive student as my little lover very sexy." Before he could allow her to say anything, he quickly devoured Kagome's lips with his own.

The miko dropped her books from the shock of the sudden kiss and the fact that it was Stein who was kissing her. His lips were soft and better than what she imagined or dreamed as he started to coax her to return the kiss. Her face becoming warm, Kagome's eyes closed as she timidly returned it. As his tongue started skim over her bottom lip, Kagome's lips parted, allowing her sensei to deepen the kiss as she lifted her hands to grip the front of his lab coat, tasting the his unique flavor that tasted like cinnamon.

Stein slipped his tongue into her mouth, tasting every nook and cranny of her while her own tongue shyly met his in slow, slightly awkward kiss. Not that he minded… he figured there was a chance that the little female that he was wrapping his arms around had never been kissed, let alone had a real boyfriend.

Feeling her becoming a bit more bold and kissing him back, Stein started skimming his hands up along her sides before wrapping his arms around her and pulling the miko to him, molding her clothed body to him.

The action, along with the kiss made Kagome moan at how deliciously good it felt to not only be held by Stein but also at how amazing his lips expertly move against her own. Although she's kissed Inuyasha before, Kagome had never felt anything close to the sensations Stein's kiss invoked in her.

Although Stein was feeling bold and wanted to take her, he pulled away before he was allowed the chance of acting on his desires and taking her right there in the classroom. Although he felt slightly disappointed in not being able to, he did feel his pride swell in how his kiss made his student flustered and breathless at the same time.

With arms still around her, Kagome, in her daze, felt Stein rest his forehead on hers. The gentle feel of his arms wrapped around her made the miko relax, savoring the moment for as long as she could.

Stein tilted her head back to make her look up at him before lowering his lips to connect with hers in a soft but still passionate kiss.

For that moment, they weren't student and teacher; they were simply a man and a young woman… and nothing else. Despite the safe and loving feeling she felt within Stein's arms and with his lips connected to hers, Kagome didn't want this to end and go back to their roles as Teacher and Student… not when she finally found out that Stein might have returned her feelings.

Pulling away from the lips of the woman in his arms, Stein stared down at her before speaking, "So that there's not a chance of us getting expelled or fired from Shibusen… would it be all right for our new relationship to be kept secret? And once you've graduated, we can let everyone know about us…"

Even though a part of her didn't like it, Kagome knew this was for the best so that Stein could keep his job teaching and she could continue learning at Shibusen, they had to keep their relationship under wraps until one of them leaves Shibusen; either when Kagome graduates or if Stein decided to quit teaching. But since Kagome knew that the older man wasn't going to be quitting or retiring from teaching anytime soon, they would have to wait until Kagome graduated.

For the both of them, the span of two years, more or less, seemed so long but in another way all that time would pass before they knew it.

Kagome wrapped her arms around him, returning his embrace before replying, "Yeah… we'll keep it under wraps until I graduate. I only have two more years unless I'm somehow held back because I don't have a partner and I don't want you to quit being a teacher here for my sake… either way, I'll be patient until I graduate."

With that and one last deep kiss, the taboo couple pulled away from each other before making their way to the door. Their beginning was that classroom but the end of their path was their choice to take and determined by how far they're willing to go…

After the two parted from their embrace, they kneeled down to pick up the miko's fallen books and papers. Their fingers touched just barely every time they each went to pick up a singular piece of paper or a book, making the miko blush slightly as Stein smirked a bit at her reaction of the simple touch.

Once all of Kagome's belongings, Stein escorted her to the door but not before writing a note to the miko and looked into her eyes with a hooded look before shutting the classroom door behind her.

As soon as Kagome reached outside the school, she looked down at the note Stein wrote to her. Reading it once… then twice… and a third time for good measure, the miko's face flushed with color before feeling nervous and giddy as she continued her way home, not paying any mind that she left the note behind on the steps she quickly glided down with practiced ease.

Said note read, 'come to my place tonight. Just because we agreed to keep it a secret, doesn't mean we can't have our fun outside of school.'

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