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In the usually peaceful forest of the Fire Country, a great battle was being fought, but not between two nations, no the battle wasn't for politics or a country invasion; it was a battle for survival for the Village Hidden in the Leaf against one of their mightiest and ruthless foes yet, a demon.

"It's here, quickly everyone fan out. Hurry get into position, we have to give the Yondaime time to be ready." A strong voice yelled it as it mixed in with a crowd of other ninja. They all wore forehead protectors donning the Konohagakure symbol on them, each hai-ate reflected the intense light before them coming from the flames that licked the night sky where the first assault of the ninja had started attacking. The second assault team stood ready as the beast came it's nine blood coloured tails flinging wildly through the air, causing gale force winds and other disasters to drown out most of the screams that had undoubtedly come from the group of ninja ahead of them. Those close enough to hear, shivered as they moved into a ready position, a few others making one last prayer, hoping and begging to those that watch over them to get them home safe. After a few moments, the beast turned and gave a loud demonic roar turning its head towards them, and then almost giving them what looked like a menacing grin, an evil glint shining in its eyes. Then the giant fox started walking, slowly at first but then gaining speed and momentum as it raced towards the remaining ninja, the ninja watched in pure fear as the giant fox sped towards them, a huge blanket of fire behind it causing shadows to flicker giving the demon and its surrounding area a more menacing look. As they continued to watch, transfixed by the horrific display, one of the lead ANBU had regained his senses and yelled to everyone around him.

"Everyone…Attack!" With that, the rest of the ninja snapped out of it as well, shaken and praying with little hope, they jumped into the battle against the immeasurable power of the Bijuu King, Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Back in the village of Konohagakure, a huge bang and a large cloud of smoke appeared in front of it. Then when the smoke began to dissipate a huge shadow jumped out and headed to the scene of the destruction taking giant leaps. When the light from the glow of the intense fire illuminated the creature, it turned out to be a giant red toad in a bathhouse owner, style robe with a sword hanging on his side, and a large pipe in his mouth lit with whiffs of smoke seeping out. It had a man on top of its head with long, bright blonde messy hair with a Leaf Hai-ate keeping it out of his face and a long, white coat with the kanji Yondaime on the back identifying who he was; he also held in his arms a bundle of hospital blankets.

"Arashi, are you sure this is a wise decision?" The toad asked yelling over the noise and the wind, "I mean, if you use that seal, you'll diffidently lose your life and the village will lose their leader." Arashi stood silent for a few moments, his eyes closed and head down, traces of dry tears could be seen on his face as well as a few new ones streaming down as the bundle he held tightly moved every once and a while. Then, when the toad repeated the question, he simply answered,

"I don't know Gamabunta…But sealing him, it's the best for the village, and we must continue no matter what the sacrifice. I just hope to Kami that he can somehow, if ever, forgive me for this." With that said, he opened the bundle revealing a baby version of Arashi. Gamabunta then asked as they continued, the heat and smell from the battle assaulting their senses even from the distance they were at.

"Arashi, does he have a name?"

"Yes, his name shall be Uzumaki Naruto, the last of his mother and my clan, the Kazuya clan." Gamabunta's eyes widen as he heard this,

"You mean his mother…" Arashi just nodded as a tear fell on Naruto, "And now you're…" again Arashi nodded, Gamabunta stayed silent for a few seconds as the battle field loomed closer, "Hey Arashi, how will the village react to this, I mean I'm not questioning your people, but from what I know humans can be very spiteful creatures. And they might kill the boy just to get rid of Kyuubi." Arashi took a quick glance back to the shrinking village in the distance.

"Naw, when Sandaime explains it I think the people will treat him like a hero, because that's how he should be treated. Being a jailor to a demon for life should in title one as a hero, right." When they were closer to the raging battle Arashi flashed a sad smile as he said, more to himself then to the boss of frogs, "Heh, even with all this noise and destruction he is still cooing and giggling, guess he takes after me." With that said he lifted the bundle and kissed Naruto on his forehead as they continued, "Naruto I hope you can forgive me, and always remember both your mother and I loved you very much. Oh and pull as many pranks as your old man did, ok." After that, he gave a warm smile that made Naruto start clutching the air trying to grab Arashi, "Gamabunta speed up." Gamabunta complied, speeding up and heading to what they both knew would be their last fight. With one last thought on Arashi's mind, 'you better keep him safe, damn fox, cause if anything happens to him, you'll regret it.'

One Year Later

In the pale moonlit sky shining down on Konoha giving the village a luminous look, several shadowed figures silently jumped from one roof to another; they wore navy blue to black clothing to blend in with the shadows. After they continued for a few minutes twisting and turning to avoid the Uchiha police night patrol, they stopped onto a closed shopping store not to far from their destination. They all crouched down in front of the hospital observing the highest floor restricted to special personal only that a squad of ANBU were guarding poorly. When one of the ANBU guards walked passed a window showing the intersection of two hallways and out of sight away from their target, one of the three ninja looked back and pointed to one of the ninja behind him, one with both the iris and pupils milky white in their eyes, then to the building. Understanding what to do the pointed ninja put his hands into a seal and whispered.

"Byakugan," He releasing his kekkei genkai, the pale looking eyes that were empty soon showed a more visible iris as well as enlarged veins on the side of his head going to his eyes. When he was finished checking the area he gave a thumbs up, indicating the cost was cleared for their personal mission. With that, they disappeared using their ninja speed, and reappeared on the balcony quickly looking around to make sure no one heard them and then started as fast as they could down the hall to their left. They followed the Hyuuga until he stopped in front of a door. The beat up and old looking door wasn't being guarded, nor was it even locked. With a smile, they opened the door with a soft creak and found it. The thing in front of them, the reason for them being here and the reason that motivated them to sneak past ANBU and going behind the Hokage to fulfil this mission that had to be done, the mission to kill the demon child lying asleep in his crib in the middle of the room. His short blonde hair spiking out in a wild look with three faint whisker-like birthmarks on each cheek, and his small little chest covered with an old dirty blanket moving up and down as he breathed silently. The intruders smiled and laughed among themselves softly, knowing now that nothing could stop them from killing the demon child, the Kyuubi brat, the one who murdered their loved ones. With great glee and a huge sadistic smile on his face, the Hyuuga step forward with the other two staying near the door smiling as well. The Hyuuga then whispered as he stood over the baby,

"Demon, you took my wife and only son." Then his smile grew wider as he pulled out a dagger and added, "Now you're going to lose your life, and you know what, no one would care. Ha we'll be hailed as heroes." He then turn to the group of two behind him and said, "I wonder why the Sandaime Hokage wanted to keep this thing alive. Well, what ever the reason I'm sure that after we kill it and tell our reasons, he'll have to agree with our excellent decision, right?" The other two nodded with enthusiasm saying,

"Of course." and,

"Yeah there's no way he'd disagree." With that said the Hyuuga smirked and turned back to the child, as he raised the dagger, deactivating his Byakugan and closing his eyes to keep the blood out of them, then with a lightning fast stab and a loud crack he brought it down. He smiled until he opened his eyes looking down and noticed that he had missed the boy, and by a little over an inch. He looked back confused to his companions as they shrugged looking as confused as he did, so with a deep breath and quick reflexes he brought the blade back down as he closed his eyes again, hoping that the stirring demon didn't start crying and notify anyone. This time he felt the blade entering flesh, but when he looked down, he saw to his horror blood pouring out of his own arm, which had been replaced with the baby whose crib was moved almost instantly a few feet away. The Hyuuga looked at his arm, and was about to scream when one of his companions rushed over and clamped a hand over his mouth as he whispered,

"Don't, we'll get caught, besides…" He looked over at the crib with fear flooding his eyes, "That wasn't normal." The Hyuuga calmed down, but still stared at the dagger sticking out of his arm,

"Let's go." The one at the door said as he turned the other one next to the Hyuuga nodded and started creeping towards the exit. The Hyuuga looked at them, then at the crib, as he declared,

"No, I'm finishing this." His voice dripping with determination, as well as a hint of fear, but he didn't let that stop him as he pulled out the dagger quickly, wincing from the pain that came. When the pain subsided and his resolve had strengthened, he walked to the crib wiping the blade clean. Just when he was going to try again, he was blown back by a powerful gust of wind, when he looked up he saw a twister that had scared him as well as his companions, but what made them feel true fear was the demonic voice emanating from the whirling wind.

"You there, you shall not harm Naruto-sama." The voice was deep and so full of darkness that the Hyuuga and the two others that had been pinned at the wall felt cold and blind, "If you or any other, human, wish to harm him, you will die a very horrible death by our wrath." As the voice continued, the twister slowly died down until only a slow moving wind revolved around the owner of the voice; to the intruders it looked like a big creature with bright yellow eyes. Because of the darkness of the room, they couldn't make out exactly what creature it was, but with a deep-throated growl the three didn't wait to find out, they were already fleeing, fear obvious to anyone who would see them.

When they left the room, the creature shook its head as it looked around searching for something in the dark room. When he turned around and looked at the crib he found what he was looking for, another creature, a little smaller but just as terrifying when it spoke using the same demonic voice, "Good riddance, damn humans attacking Naruto-sama as he sleeps." The other creature nodded and said in a more human like tone,

"Yes, sigh. But that's how humans are; they need something to take their frustrations on." He sighed, looking at the small blonde hair child sleeping peacefully, he sighed again and said, "So, until he can defend himself and finds those that would protect him no matter what people say he is, we'll protect him." The other creature smiled showing off two rows of sharp fangs and said,

"Yes, it was after all, 'their' wish that he was viewed as a hero and human." The first creature nodded again, and then sniffed the air. When he didn't smell any more hostilities, he said in a relaxed voice,

"Let's go, we should get back home."

"Yeah, the others are probably getting worried." The demonic voice one said agreeing as they then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Far away from the creatures the three shinobi were jumping from roof to roof at top speed, heading to the one place where the incident that had happened could be reported and dealt with, the Hokage Tower. Unfortunately, for the three that they were so afraid of the demonic creature that when they busted into the Hokage's office and stood before the ranting about something unnatural had happened, they had forgotten to make up a cover story as to why they were at Naruto's current nursery. So here they stood, the three ninja looking uncomfortable as they had just realised that they had burst into the Office building, ran up the stairs and broke open the door, shouting

"Hokage-sama, Hokage-sama something terrible has happened." In addition, with the Hokage looking at them, waiting for an explanation, they started sweating, staying silent as they ran through every plausible explanation in their mind until they came up with, which to them was the best solution ever, simply tell the truth. "Hokage-sama, the demon child has proven to be a threat to the village." One of the ninja wearing a full body ANBU black suit minus the arm and chest guards and a badger mask hanging on his side said as he stepped forward. Sandaime looked at them while his brow drooped,

"Oh, and what makes Naruto a threat?" He asked calmly. The other ninja, who wore a Jounin vest over a black shirt with a matching pair of black pants and standard ninja sandals, answered, "Because we saw him summon a demon that tried to kill us." Sandaime looked at the Jounin with a raised eyebrow as his interest sparked,

"And what do you mean by that Kentamaru?" He asked as his calm voice slipped slightly. The last one, the Hyuuga, answered this time,

"Because we saw it, a big whirlwind appeared and knocked us down, then the demon jumped and attack, and I saw the demon brat smiling as the demon bit my arm," He showed the Hokage his arm, lying about the stab wound. "And when we got up and defended ourselves the demon backed away and we ran, that's when I heard the demon and the demon child laughing evilly." He lied trying to make Naruto sound evil. Sandaime looked at the three, his face tightening as he tried to hold back his anger, he asked one more question straining to keep the rage out of his voice but failing miserably,

"And why were you there in the first place?" The Hyuuga answered before the others could stop him,

"Because Hokage-sama, we were going to do this village a favour and kill the demon child." This had done it; the Hokage's office had suddenly gone cold as Sandaime glared at the Hyuuga with eyes full of anger. He then closed his eyes as he stood up, then when he stood facing the three he did something that most thought impossible, he yelled with a voice full of spite and rage that when he was finished the two of the men stood stiffly, their skin as pale as chalk, while the Hyuuga was even paler then that. The Sandaime's secretary, who had just stuck her head in to ask if he would need documents, involving the next day ninja missions when he had started shouting now stood wide eyed and very afraid of the look the Sandaime had, it was something she probably would never forget. So when he addressed her she flinched but quickly regained her composer as she quietly said,

"H-hai Hokage-sama." Sandaime calming down a little said in a quite and calmer voice,

"Choko, be a dear and get the ANBU here." She nodded and left returning minutes later with three ANBU ninja, the Sandaime looked at the ANBU making then a little nervous as he spoke, "You are to take these three to the dungeon. I will decide what their punishment shall be." The ANBU looked a little hesitant at first, but then complied as they took the prisoners away just to be stopped by another in front of the door, "Ah Hiashi-san, good to see you." The Hokage greeted, but Hiashi wasn't in the mood to chitchat as he saw one of his clan members in custody,

"Hokage-sama, what is the meaning of this?" He asked with a little fury seeping into his voice, The Hokage answered in a business-like tone

"Well Hiashi, it's like this." And with that, he explained the situation. After he was finished, Hiashi looked at the ANBU and said,

"Release him, now." He was clearly angry and wasn't afraid to show it in front of the Hokage. The ANBU again hesitated as they looked to their leader with confused looks hidden behind their masks, who nodded with a solemn expression. The released Hyuuga member looked smug and pleased that he was getting out,

"Thank you Hiashi-sama, it looks like you understand where I was coming from." Hiashi looked at him for a moment before focusing on Sandaime as he says,

"Hokage-sama I shall deal with him as I see fit." The Hokage frowned knowing what Hiashi was going to do, but couldn't do anything to stop it.

"Sigh. Hai, Hiashi-san you may." And with a bow from each Hyuuga they left, walking out of the office as the other two were dragged away, angered by their so-called ally who got off easy.

When the two Hyuugas reached the clan compound Hiashi took the young Hyuuga to an isolated room. As he closed the door behind them, the younger Hyuuga stood tall and proud, until he saw the look in Hiashi's eyes, a look of sheer disgust and shame. The younger Hyuuga was confused and wanted to ask why Hiashi was looking at him like that but took the wise road by choosing not to, so he sat and waited for his clan leader to speak first. As Hiashi slowly paced back and forth thinking of how to deal with the situation properly, he thought of several solutions and decided to try getting the full story, so he stopped and sat down in front of the young branch member, sighing he says in a monotone.

"So Kagaribi, explain exactly what happened at Uzumaki Naruto's nursery." It's wasn't a question, it was an order. So Hyuuga Kagaribi, again taking the wiser course of action of not lying to Hiashi, in case he was found out by the Hyuuga's famous ability to read emotions and thoughts from eye movement, and he knew it would be very disrespectable to not maintain eye contact with your head of the clan while speaking to him. He started his tale from when he and his companions thought up the idea and how they planned it, to when they broke in, and when they met or rather heard the demonic voice, and the strange whirlwind, ending with the confrontation to the Hokage. Hiashi listened with obvious interest, and when the tale was done, he closed his eyes and thought about it, replaying the story in his head. After two minutes of silence, the younger Hyuuga grew slightly impatient and said in his most respectful voice.

"Hiashi-sama, don't you think something should be done about that demon. I mean if we let it live it can be dangerous to the village." Hiashi looked at him and stood up his eyes looking tired as he got up prompting Kagaribi to stand as well. After quickly studying the man Hiashi walked pass him and opened the door. Two guards appeared as Hiashi said in an ice-cold tone.

"I agree something should be done." Kagaribi smiled as he was about to speak just to be cut off by Hiashi, "But not about Naruto." He then lifted his hand into a hand seal while his back was to the Kagaribi, the Branch member looked worried by the words and was about to speak again when Hiashi cut him off again, saying in a business-like tone, "Hyuuga Kagaribi, you have been charged with an aggressive act against a fellow citizen of Konoha. How do you plead?" Kagaribi looked confused.

"What? I didn't attack any citizens, not even any humans, just that demon." He said sneering with the word demon.

"So I take that as guilty. Sigh. Very well, with the power as the head of the clan I punish you through the power of the caged- bird curse seal, along with being locked up until I say other wise, or until you die." He turned around showing Kagaribi, to his horror the secret hand seal that activated the seal on his forehead, "Guards after I am finished with him take him into confinement."

"Hai Hiashi-sama. Is there anything else sir?" One of the guards asked as they both bowed.

"Yes, gather all main and branch Hyuuga adult members and the council to the meeting room, I have an announcement to make." With that he activated the curse seal, a blood wrenching scream could be heard filling the Hyuuga compound and waking everyone up from their slumber in a panic.

An hour later Hiashi entered the meeting room with an emotionless expression as people were chatting about Hiashi's emergency meeting, and if it was connected with the horrifying scream that they all heard coming from part of the compound that was usually deserted during the night. They all quieted down when Hiashi sat at his place at the head of the table, he scanned the room, looking at everyone, both main and branch members then said in a tone fit for a clan head,

"As you all are wondering, both about the scream and the reason I called you all here is…" He then told them about what Kagaribi did and what he had told him leaving out no detail, the whole room was silent as he finished. After a few seconds of the story sinking in one of the elder occupants of the room smiled and said,

"Why Hiashi-san isn't this good, I mean that young hero trying so bravely to kill off that evil thing and keep us safe." As he talked everyone but the speaker noticed, that Hiashi's face had hardened,

"Council member Shibito, I have to disagree with you, which brings me to my next announcement." He looked around as they waited for him to continue. "For any Hyuuga who tries to attack and/or tries to kill Uzumaki Naruto again will be punished for aggression against a fellow Konoha civilian and will suffer the same fate as Kagaribi." He again paused and surveyed the room, "activation of the curse seal, and for main house members, demotion to branch house and immediate activation of curse seal, as well as imprisonment for an unknown amount of time, depending on the situation." He again looked at the shocked and angered faces around him, "Do I make myself clear." He said in a deadly serious tone. Only half the room muttered an almost inaudible,

"Hai Hiashi-sama." And with that, they all left in a daze unsure as to what had happen. When the final person left he rested his head in his hand as he used his fingers to massage his forehead, he then took out a small necklace hidden around his neck with a golden spiral attached to it, a single tear drop shaped red stone in center of the spiral. Hiashi sighed as he looked at it reliving fond memories,

"Hizashi, you can come out now, no use trying to give your brother a heart attack." He said with out looking behind him as his younger twin brother stepped out from the shadows,

"Hai Hiashi-sama." He said as he knelt next to him.

"Hizashi drop the formalities when it's just us ok. So you've returned from your mission safe I see" Hiashi said as he looked up at his brother,

"Heh, hai Hiashi nee-san. So you still have that after all these years huh." Hizashi said eyeing the charm,

"Yes, it was Arashi's first and final gift to me." He said as he put it back, hidden in his shirt, "And with this I shall always be reminded of the debt I owe him, so I will start paying it off by protecting Naruto and trying to change the clan's view of him."

"Heh, brother I'd say that will be difficult, the Hyuuga clan is too prideful and looks down upon everyone, even each other, so I doubt you could change how they feel so easily. Also seeing as you've probably made some new enemies in the council will make it all the more difficult." Hiashi sighed deeply looking even more tired,

"Hai little brother that is true. But I will try, using another infamous Hyuuga trait, stubbornness." He then stood up and walked to the door, "Let's get some rest, tomorrow I will have to deal with the clan. And you have Neji to worry about; it seems he dislikes his babysitters." Hizashi nodded getting up and walking behind him as they headed to their room, one going to the main house, while the other goes to the branch for a good long rest.

One week later

It was late afternoon, when the villagers of the leaf crowded around the Hokage tower to hear the urgent announcement that the Sandaime had. When everyone had settled and quieted down the Hokage appeared on the balcony, he began his speech in a warm caring voice.

"Welcome and thank you all of you who have taken time out of their day to come and listen to this old man speak." The crowd below yelled different phrases such as,

"Oh Hokage-sama you aren't that old!" Or

"We'll always come to listen to you Hokage-sama." After a few minutes Sandaime put his hand up and the crowd hushed immediately, he then began addressing the announcement he had, leaving his caring tone for a business-like one, he started by saying,

"This announcement is to address the attempted assassination of one Uzumaki Naruto, the jinchuuriki of the bijuu king Kyuubi no Kitsune." With that, everyone started yelling asking if the attempt had been successful and if their village had finally been rid of the 'Demon child'. Sandaime had become furious at what he was hearing but this time kept his calm, so when he raised his hand and the chattering stopped he continued, "No it had failed and the ones responsible has been punished." Again the crowd burst out this time angry comments about why those, 'heroes' as they called them, were being punished for trying to save the village. This time Sandaime put his arm up quickly as he said in a forceful tone, "Quite!" This time everyone had gone so silent that you could here the schoolgirl giggles of a certain silver haired scarecrow standing behind the Hokage quite clearly. When he looked around, he sent a 'Please do not interrupt me again' glare, when he was satisfied, he cleared his throat and continued again, "Now because of this event and your reactions here, I will now pass a law. Ahem, anyone who talks or even mention anything about Kyuubi from now on will be severely punished, the reason for this law is to allow Naruto to grow like a normal child and make friends with the generation that doesn't know his secret, and also anyone who attempts to harm or kill Naruto shall be put to death immediately." He again looked at the crowd and their shocked expressions, "Do I make myself clear." He finished, and without waiting for an answer he entered his office as the shouts and angry voices raged outside, sighing he hoped that the villages would obey, or he would have live with the fact that the boy would live a horrible life and it would be entirely his fault for not being able to keep his word.

7 Years Later

It was a warm October afternoon in Konoha, with few clouds in the sky and the sun shining brightly, bathing the village in a bright light. On the roads littered with shops and restaurants on each side, villagers were going on about their usual day of shopping for groceries, hanging out with friends and family and enjoying themselves with a smile on their faces and a positive aura floating all around, all around. All round except along one particular road where the atmosphere was choked thick with hatred, coldness, and spiteful glares, all of which were being directed to a small 7 year old child. His blonde spikes of hair were falling forward, covering his face because his head was hanging down so the small child could avoid eye contact with the glaring villagers. The small blonde haired boy wore a white T-shirt stained with fresh tears and dirt, with a pair of black pants only reaching just above his ankles, he wore nothing on his dirt caked feet for he knew that someone would try and take them away again. He was walking from the store from buying a couple of cups of ramen at three times the normal price along with the casher yelling at him for 'stealing shoes' even though he had entered the store wearing the pair, he was then violently thrown out with his food and no shoes on his feet. So now, he walked with his head down and tears flowing out as he heard villagers whisper around him, their voices being carried on the wind.

"Demon child" Was one of the things he had frequently as well as a prayer that a few villagers would say. "Why don't you kill him now and save us from this torment" and parents ushering away their kids telling them that he was bad and would hurt them if they got to close But he would always ignored it, trying to keep his mind on other things. However, today his thoughts were focused on one thing. Tomorrow will be his birthday. Usually a birthday is a happy occasion for people, filled with laughter and joy, but for Naruto they were always filled with anger, hate, and senseless beatings. However, luckily for him a festival would fall on the same day, where, if he hid long enough he could avoid the villagers and stay safe and if he kept his most valuable possession with him, they wouldn't be destroyed when the villagers and ninja would trash his house. The festival thrown every year on October 10th since the day Kyuubi attack was to celebrate the death of the Kitsune demon and because of this fact; Naruto could never attend. It would also mean the Hokage would be swamped with paper work and making preparations, which would prevent Sandaime from watching him, and allow any drunk or even non-drunk villager and ninja to try to beat him to death. As Naruto walked towards his small, rundown apartment he remembered the last time he tried to go, it was on his last birthday, and he still shivered at the nightmarish memory.

Flash Back

It was a cool Autumn dusk in Konoha when a small group of villagers had finally cornered a small little 7 year old boy in a narrow dark ally way. The smell coming from it was a mixture of grime, sweat and alcohol from the villagers, and the musk scent of blood mixed with the small boys now soiled pants, which was the same pair he would ware a year later. The villagers and even some ninja were yelling at the boy, most obviously drunk as they were clumsily throwing sake bottles as they smashed and hit the wall above the broken and bleeding boy, tears pouring out his one good eye, as the other was shut with tears of blood dripping out of it. Naruto was completely scared, he was afraid ever since he stepped foot on the festival grounds, when everyone saw him it was like time had frozen, and the atmosphere had gone from a cheerful happy one, to the now dark and sinister one. In addition, with this new mood the villagers gave chase to the boy, throwing everything they could as he ran for his dear life. He had slinked away from the villagers, just to be caught by a greasy black haired Chuunin, who had promptly thrown Naruto into an ally way and proceeded with a couple of other ninja to kick and stomp on him with great pleasure. When the villagers had arrived, the ninja moved away allowing the villagers to have their 'Revenge' And that was how it had gone, from him just curious about the festival to him now with a broken arm, sprained ankle, and cracked skull as rocks to sake bottles were hurled at him. After another rock hit his head he noticed that most of the villagers were now running, and he was sure he heard the word 'Kage' but wasn't sure. As the last of the villagers and ninja left, only the greasy haired ninja was remained. With a swift movement of his arm and hand, he grabbed a kunai and flung it towards Naruto's head, but much to his surprise an ANBU ninja caught it and imbedded it into a wall. He then ran to the ninja, a lightning like blade in his hand as he disabled the Chuunin, he was going to go in for the finishing blow when a hand stopped him, it was attached to Sandaime's arm. The extremely spiky silver haired ANBU nodded, and shock his head, trying to get rid of his frustrations. Naruto, who had been watching, looked at his saviour and thought, 'Thank you, cool ninja.' Because the academy teachers had, just ignored Naruto and not bother teach him anything he didn't know about ninja ranks, so he couldn't tell how strong or important the ninja standing in front of him was. As Naruto started to fall into darkness The Hokage and ANBU ninja rushed over to him. The last thing he remembered was Sandaime hugging him as droplets of water hit his face and the eyes of the ANBU when he removed his ANBU facemask. Above a mask covering his lower half of his face Naruto could make out a scar going down his left eye, he had the most amazing pair of eyes Naruto had ever seen, even with his lack of vision he could tell, the odd hair-styled ninja had one normal onyx black eye and one blood red one with three tomoes spinning in it. It was after Naruto tried thanking him that he completely loss consciousness. When Naruto awoke again he found himself in his bed, all of his injuries gone. When he had looked around he had found Sandaime looking down on his with a very sad smile, then Naruto remembered very thing that had happened on his birthday, he didn't yelp out or show any visible signs of fear except rolling up into a small ball in his old, worn out sheets and cried. It would be later he found out that he had been out for two days, and that he was in perfect health. After a week of not leaving his apartment Sandaime had come and talked with the small scared child, finally convincing him to go back outside with a promise, that on Naruto's next birthday, Sandaime would plan out the festival, then take a day off and spend the whole day with Naruto. After the Hokage had left Naruto thought about his ordeal and remembered the other ninja, the one with the cool eyes, that had saved him, Naruto had taken a mental note to find out who that was and thank him properly. He then went off to sleep, dreaming about how he could spend the day a year from then with the only person to him that was precious.

Flashback End

As Naruto had been recalling his last birthday, the night sky was quickly approaching and he was now standing in front of his apartment. He looked around; making sure no one was around as he quietly entered. His apartment consisted of a kitchen-living room-dining room-bedroom combo with an old bed and hard mattress and old sheet and pillow, as well as a table and a working freezer compliments of the Hokage, he also had a door leading to a small bathroom with a stand-up shower. Despite living alone Naruto kept the house moderately clean, at least cleaner then most 7 yrs. Old boys do. When Naruto entered the tiny apartment he was happy to find it in one piece, as well as no weird odours floating in the air, he recalled a smell he that he could only identify as a gas, and had gone to tell the Hokage of it before it could have ignited. After a quick shower and a quick wash of his clothing, he went to sleep in the pyjamas that the Hokage had brought him. When Naruto had fallen asleep he dreamed of Konoha being attacked by a large blood red fox with nine tails, and someone with hair like his was riding a large red frog in a bathhouse style robe was heading towards the fight, a small bundle in his arms. Then a bright light flashed and Naruto found himself lying in shallow pool of water, he opened his eyes and looked around the hallway he was in, it had rusted looking metal pipes going everywhere and torches lighted the hall. Naruto stood up and found the water at about his waist. Naruto knew this was just a dream, but it felt far too real for his liking, from the detail of the hall and touches surrounding him, to the sounds and the feel of the dripping droplets of water. He stood still trying to figure possible ways on how to wake up, he then decided to dunk his into the water to see if that would work, but just as he was about to do it he heard the sounds of a loud yawn and the steady flow of breathing. Naruto's head had snapped up when he heard the yawn resonate through the halls, and then stood frozen as the breathing soon followed. Now really panicking he looked around feverously trying to find an exit, but immediately stopped when he heard a voice, it was soft and demonic at the same time,

"Young one come here." It said from down the hall, Naruto was so shocked that his body started moving on it's own following the voice's order while his mind was frozen. When he finally regained control of his body he was standing in front of a large gate, a paper with the kanji for 'seal' was on it. Naruto noticed that the breathing was coming from behind the giant golden gate; he just stared at it trying to find the owner of the breathing when the voice resonated from the gate shaking the surrounding water. "Heh, so kit you've finally come, excellent." It then chuckled as it resumed, "Kit. Walk closer to the gate, I need to see something." Naruto looked into the pitch-blackness of the gate and swallowed as he approached it, every fibre in his body screaming for him to turn around and run away but he ignored the feeling, too focused on the voice. It sounded menacing and demonic, but it also held something that Naruto never heard being directed at him, a sort of warmth. It was as if the voice was speaking to Naruto not as the hated 'demon child' as he was called, but as a human, and maybe someone to care for and that, for Naruto, was enough to follow what the voice said. When he neared the gate Naruto looked deeper into it trying to find out who was talking, but after a second of doing that his eyes bulged out and he jumped back, falling into the water as a huge red paw swiped at him, missing him by an inch. It was then that the owner of the voice revealed itself, a large blood red fox with eyes to match; it had nine long tails swishing around behind it. Naruto stared up in wide-eye horror as he gasped, one word escaping from his mouth.



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