"Tsunade!" Neji and Hinata yelled, trying to get her attention.
"What do you want?!" Tsunade snapped, obviously grumpy.
"W-we have a p-problem..." Neji muttered.
"What is it?" Tsunade asked, getting impatient.
"Well, maybe we should talk to you about this inside..." Hinata whispered, getting everyone in Tsunade's office.
15 minutes later.
"So let me get this straight." She looked over at Neji. "Your Hinata?" Hinata nodded. Tsunade then looked over at Hinata. "And your Neji?" Neji nodded. "I think I understand what happened. Did any one in your family create a jutsu involving spirit meditating?" Hinata turned the deepest shade of scarlet. "Lady Tsunade... I made the jutsu... I think I made this whole problem..." Hinata whispered, trembling. Neji got up and tried to strangle Hinata, but Tsunade stopped the fight just in time.
"Idiots. I have the cure." The two Hyuugas looked at their Hokage. "You do"
"Yes. But it will take one week to make. So that means just stay like that for 6 more days, and the medicine will be done!" Tsunade said, trying to be cheerful. Neji and Hinata scowled.
"Fine..." They both said in unison, looking down.
"Good. Now get out." Tsunade commanded. The two cousins ran out without looking back.
"Thanks a lot Hinata. Thanks to you, I'm stuck in your body for a whole week." Neji fumed.
"Hn. Sometimes, Neji, your so mean..." Hinata snapped, glaring at him. They reached the Hyuuga mansion and Kiba and Shino were waiting for Hinata. "Eh, Hinata! Lets go and train!" Kiba yelled as his cute puppy Akamaru barked his approval. Hinata, I am going to KILL YOU!! Neji thought as he pretended to act like Hinata and waved like a happy little girl. "Coming!" Neji said with fake happiness and made sure to give Hinata a death look as he passed by her. "Neji!" A gruff voice yelled in the distance. Hinata shivered. It was her father. "Neji! Its time to train"
Hinata froze. Train?