"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Hinabi screamed like a lunatic,running around of the house.

"Hinabi, Shut-up!" Hinata screamed, running out of the house as fast as possible. Neji waited outside for her.

"W-What took you so long?" Neji asked, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"Hinabi. She kept saying that her nightmare would come true." Hinata asked, shrugging. Neji stared.

"Hinabi w-was talking to me?" Neji asked.

"No she was talking to m-" Hinata began.

"S-She thought it was me, r-remember? Your in my body...?" Neji asked, his eyebrows raised.

"Oh! Uh...Yeah, about that, I sort of told Hinabi about this switch thingy. She would have figured it out anyway..." Hinata muttered. Neji rolled his eyes.

"What was the d-dream anyway?" Neji asked. Hinata stared blankly at him. "Hinabi's dream...?" Neji said, rolling his eyes agian.

"Oh! It was something about her turning into a cheer leader..." Hinata mumbled.



"Lets just get to T-Tsunade's office so that we c-can get our body's b-back." Neji said, shaking his head. Hinata nodded.

In Tsunade's office...

"Drink this." Tsunade commanded without any explanation. Nice job welcoming us. Neji thought scartasticlly as he took one of the vials that Tsunade gave to him. Hinata took the other one. Neji tried to drink it quickly. But, it was impossible. The drink was scorching and it burned his throught and stomach. The taste was like old vomit. When he finally finished the drink, he was doubled on the floor, gasping for air. A few seconds later, Hinata was doing the same. Then, everything went black for both of them.

When they both woke up...

Neji and Hinata woke up, they fund themselves on two different beds in the same room of a hospital. Tsunade was there, waiting. She looked at Hinata immidiatly.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Hinata..." Hinata said, raising an eyebrow. She then looked at Neji.

"And you are?" She said, glaring at Neji.

"Neji..." Neji replied streching his arms.

"Good." Tsunade said getting up. "The medicine worked. Your in your bodies again." Neji and Hinata blinked.

"I'm... in my body again! I can't believe it!" Hinata said excitedly. She then froze. "And... I don't stutter anymore! Ha ha ha!" Hinata screamed, running out of the room.

"Yay..." Neji said, walking away boredly.

"Wierdos.." Tsunade muttered, walking away as well.

In the Hyuuga compound...

Hiashi was training with Hinata.

Wow Hinata! I didn't realize my own daughter was this strong!" Hiashe exclaimed. I didn't know either... until I became more confident... Hinata thought, smiling.

Where ever Neji is...

Lee and Neji were training together.

"You've gotten nicer..."Lee said suspiciously.

"Is that a bad thing?" Neji said smiling.

"Nope!" Lee and Tenten both said together at the same time, laughing.


I'm sorry the ending sucked, people... But Yay! the fan fictions over! Once again, thank you for reading my fan fictions guys!