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Mind, Body, and Soul: Book Two

The Parisian Connection

Chapter one: New beginnings.

Agent Kappa was not a happy man.

Of course, that wasn't his actual name. It certainly wasn't the name that his mother and father had given him on his birth certificate. It was, much to his growing anxiety, a name that he may end up being buried under, considering the information contained on the clipboard that he held tightly gripped.

For Kappa, real name Stephen Dooley, recalled what had happened to his friend, Delta, when he had been the bringer of bad news to the leader of the Worldwide Evil Empire. Indeed, he was beginning to wish, all those years ago, that he'd followed his own advice after being rejected for employment by Global Justice.

Of course, he still puzzled over why they hadn't wanted him. He'd been fresh out of the police academy with high honors, raring to serve the public, and had thought GJ, with all of its perks, would be perfect.

To be turned down by the one-eyed woman who had sat on his employment review board, and just for being interested in mimes and their art form too? Well, it was an insult to be considered unemployable for such a reason.

Indeed, he had half a mind to give up his law enforcement career right there and then to seek the wisdom of a mime master, until that WEE flyer had been shoved under his door.

'We love employing those GJ rejects for any reason!" it had said, and underneath in a scrawled hand. "Even people who love mimes are welcome!"

The benefits had been excellent, as had the pay. Some of the health and safety clauses had baffled him, but he'd still applied and been snapped up. That had been three months ago, and now he was far wiser. The reason WEE needed so many people was due to its leader and his… particularly unique reaction to bad news.

Glancing down at the figures- the horrifying large expenditure figures- of the paperwork, he thought he'd be lucky to survive another four or five minutes. If he was very lucky, he might make it an entire half hour. This feeling grew as he arrived at his destination. Imposing double doors, etched with the WEE logo, and above that a single name.


Swallowing, Kappa found himself pondering something he had always tried to ignore as he pressed the entrance button.

Where do those tubes that Gemini plunges people who have failed him into, actually end up?

"Enter!" The voice growled with irritation and impatience.

Oh yeah, Kappa thought as he stepped in. He should have followed his own damn advice. Always remember, Steve, follow the corporate money, and always choose a comfy desk job in the future!

The Forgotten temple

Deep in the forests of China, near the Tibetan border, lay an overgrown temple. Decayed by thousands of years, the large square cut lumps of stone that made up its walls had become overgrown and intertwined with weeds, tree branches, even trunks of saplings that had grown over the ages. The effect had ruined the sheer stone walls it had once possessed, and the temple now looked as if it were fighting the forest to stay upright.

The road had once been covered in white marble; marble that had lead right up to the main entrance. Now, over time, it had also become pitted and damaged, ripped up by questing tree roots, or broken into tiny fragments as the hundreds of years went by, along with the changing seasons. Now, it was practically unreachable by any wheeled transport, and even any human or animal trying to make their way to the temples vast disintegrating bulk would find it challenging.

The front of the temple was just as pitted and overgrown as the sides and rear, the same vast slabs of stone pushed out of place or damaged and collapsed. None of that, however, lessened the impact of the massive and imposing face of a monkey etched into the front wall, its mouth opened in a scream to reveal the thick stone doors that allowed entry, its tongue the steps to reach them, and the teeth forming part of the eleborate door itself.

Nobody came here now, not a single soul with any sense. Those with less sense were now nothing more than dust or the decaying remains of skeletons slumped along the dark interior, prevented from their intentions by ancient traps that still worked, even now, to crush, impale or kill in any way they could.

No, nobody came their now, and the secret the temple protected, that of the ancient art of Monkey Power remained undiscovered.

Or rather, it had.

"I don't believe it! Not her! I can't think of anyone less likely to end up changing for… for her!"

Lord Montgomery Fisk, the world renowned villain Monkey Fist, paced the dusty flagstones of the temples main hall with impatient steps, his mutated monkey feet slapping rhythmically in time with his knuckles as he did so. Angry dark eyes stared into the gloomy depths, taking in the various forms of his monkey warriors, before turning to stare at the face on the computer.

Next to him, Bongo the monkey adjusted the tiny satellite dish with minute precision and then hit a few keys, allowing the fuzzy image to clear a little. The face of Senor Senior Senior stared back, calm and composed.

"I mean… her!?"

"Yes, my friend, you keep saying that. You have been saying the same thing for over ten minutes now. My answer remains the same. Yes, her."

"But, Shego? Actually working for Global Justice?!" Monkey fist growled. "Why?"

"Well, the why I can tell you in a second, but yes she is working for Global, my friend. Currently she is attacking a criminal organisation with their blessing. I understand she is fixated, for now, on destroying a group called the Blood Jade and-"

Monkey Fist span, excitement warring with horror. "The Blood Jade? You… you said the Blood Jade?"

The old man nodded. "Yes, it has been in all the papers, my friend. For over four months. I am surprised you have not been informed yet." Senior tapped his cane on the floor. "From what I was able to gather with Junior's aid, it would seem the Blood Jade wished to capture Kim Possible and use her as an agent in their attempt to infiltrate the United States. Shego had been part of that plan as well. It seems the leader of their group had a grudge against her, and intended to destroy Shego after she had captured Kim Possible for them."

"Amazing…" Monkey Fist murmured. "So they do exist after all."

Memories of whispered rumours came back to Fist as the name 'Blood Jade' continued to echo in his mind. Of the years before he had obtained the monkey statues and Stoppable had stolen power that was rightfully his! Time spent in china and Japan. Smokey dens, where the ruthless, the cruel or the downtrodden had come to drink, take drugs, or just exist. They had been revered as much as hatred… but always feared as a power. Many would only dare to speak of them when tucked away from the crowd and far from prying ears.

"They can kill you as easily as others breathe. They are shadows. Always with you, but never seen as they only come out at night. If you wish to serve them, then you probably have, only never known it. If you wish to become their enemy, then you will die. It is that simple."

Oh yes, the lure of the Jade had been a powerful one while he had searched endlessly for the statues and the power he desired. His attempts to join them had come to nothing. Any lead, no matter how strong it sounded, had often vanished like smoke when he reached out to grasp it. Finally he wondered if it was because he was a gaijin, and eventually Fist had given up and gone his own way.

But now, they had been dragged into the light by Possible and Shego of all people! They really did exist!

"Such an incredible turn of events." He paused and then frowned. "But why did Shego end up helping Possible?"

"Mutual interest for the beginning, I am sure. GJ claims that Shego was attacked by them, almost killed. She employed Kim to aid her to survive and to prevent the Jade from getting the foothold they wished." The old man shrugged. "Then it becomes conjecture. Needless to say, as I have told you, the villain network is abuzz with this. Shego and Kim are… an item."

"What? You only said they were working together!" The ninja stared at him in disbelief. "You didn't say anything about Possible and Shego being… intimate!"

"I apologise for not being clear." Senor Senior Senior replied, shrugging. "As I say, I am amazed you have not been aware of the situation. It has been the leading report in the papers for about two months. Indeed, it only settled down recently. Well, mostly. Though I hear some of the less… reputable newspapers have a running, well let us call it a bounty, to obtain the first set of pictures of Shego and Kim Possible being together in public." The old man smiled. "They have been less than accommodating, though my own sources in GJ report that they have been dating, though discreetly."

"You have to be joking." Monkey fist almost pleaded. "She's bad enough with that Pretender, Stoppable. If she ends up having Shego as backup…"

"They will be quite formidable, yes. I have to admit though; I must give Kim yet more respect as a hero, Shego too as a villain." Senior held up the book he had bought on classic villainy. "The villain succumbing to the heroes charms. A most popular and classic choice. I must send them flowers or champagne as a token of my respect."

"This is terrible news." The lord of monkeys felt his shoulders slump, ignoring the older man's amused chatting. "Look, I am afraid I need to leave as I wish to meditate on this… development. I'll see you around, Senior."

The screen flashed blank and Fist turned away from it with a groan, jumping past fallen blocks of masonry to flop dejectedly into an overgrown and creeper infested throne.

Impossible, impossible! He thought mind spinning. Kim Possible and Shego… how did this happen?! A cheerleader and a mutated plasma flinging freak, together as a couple. Dating of all things! Monkey fist leaned back, his fingers steepled under his chin. While that connection provides a possible area of attack, even against Stoppable, it has to be said that they'll be a dangerous force to go up against if I do attack them. Monkey ninjas or not.

Shego is another matter as well. Slightly less skilled than Kim, true, but she makes up for it with sheer strength and power thanks to the comet. Kim of course is not as strong as Shego, but she's as fast, and is slightly more dextrous when it comes to martial art moves. I will have to do something to destroy this union of theirs, if I want to claim my right to Stoppable's Monkey power.

"Eeek?" Bongo intruded into his thoughts, and Fist sighed.

"No, Bongo, just thinking about that little bit of information we have received. Shego and Kim, together, it is a frightening prospect for any villain."

"Ah, Lord Monkey Fist." A young female voice echoed into the hall, making Fist and his monkeys leap up with a start and cautiously stare around themselves. "It is terrible, is it not? Kim Possible and Shego working together, loving each other, fighting together? They are dangerous alone, together they are something else entirely. They become a lethal threat to people like us…"

Flipping off the throne, Fist slid into his often practiced stance of Monkey combat. It kept him loose, limber, and ready to intercept any attack that came at him with both hands and feet. Glancing around, the ninja lord dashed for one of the huge stone columns and slid behind it, eyes taking in the dusty plaza of the temple, seeking any movement at all.

Whoever it was, had to be close. The voice had echoed slightly, but not enough for the speaker to have been in another part of the temple. They certainly were not outside as none of the shining shafts of light, beaming into the plaza from the holes in the damaged walls, betrayed the outline of someone looking in.

"Having trouble, Lord Fist?" The voice was amused. "We have been trained as well as you, and though we do not possess Tai Sheng Pek Kwar, we make up for it with other… benefits."

"What the… who are you?" Fist called, trying to locate the source of the voice, peering around the column.

"You know who we are, Lord Fist." Another voice, almost the same but slightly - ever so slightly - different echoed around him once more. "We are on the same side, you and us. The side of villainy, theft, and seeking power."

"Really? Then you'll have no problem showing yourselves. That is, of course, if we are on the same side." Fist's words echoed into the suddenly empty hall and the Monkey master ambled forwards on his fists, away from the security the column provided. "Suddenly you seem very reluctant to reveal yourselves to me."

"We always are." The voices spoke in unison and Fist blinked at their amused tone. "For the Blood Jade has always struck from the shadows, Lord Fist. To need another's help is… new to us. As is the level of trust required. However, as we do request your aid, we shall show ourselves."

Waiting patiently, Fist stared, lips pursed, at the temple plaza for a good minute. Nothing moved, other than the breeze making the creepers and vines leaves shake. Finally, he shook his head. "Yes, well. Fascinating to have met you."

"Look behind you, Lord Fist." The voices told him in unison, so close Fist could swear they stood next to him.

Spinning, he let out a gasp of surprise as two small teenage figures dropped from the rafters above him and landed with barely a sound onto the dusty flagstones. Masks were pulled back and the martial arts expert stared at the two young faces that were revealed underneath.

One bowed. "Greetings, Lord Fist, from the Blood Jade." She said, her partner pulling out a yo-yo and flipping it into its motion while she stared at him. "We require your aid…"

"Oh really? And what do I get in return?" Fist demanded, folding his arms. "And let me tell you, my dear, that the payment will not be cheap. I am not akin to working with others, so shall expect to be compensated for such a… annoyance."

"Ah, we understand. Our master has authorised us to offer you a one off payment of thee million in untraceable bonds, with an additional payment on top." The two figures exchanged glances and a box was suddenly thrust into Monkey Fists hands. "This gift from the Blood Jade vaults will be part of it, stolen from Yamanouchi a long time ago."

Monkey fist cracked the box open, and his eyes widened. "I thought these were myth?"

"No, Lord Fist, they are not. They exist, created by a disillusioned Tai Sheng Pek Kwar master back when the art was young. You know their history though, I am sure. Cursed for generations, and the downfall of many a master or mistress who allowed themselves to love another. Yes?

"Amazing." Monkey Fist grinned. "Stoppable is mine!"

"Ah yes," The two figures chimed in. "This is the other part of the payment we offer. The destruction of Ron Stoppable and an undisputed claim as monkey master of Tai Sheng Pek Kwar!"

"And what do you want for such payment?" Fist asked, closing the box and staring at the short figures in front of him, one of them still spinning a yo-yo up and down its string.

"Oh, we wish you to aid us in destroying Kim Possible and Shego. Using Ron Stoppable and his weakness is part of that." Fist laughed and the figure tilted her head as he grinned, an ugly sneer rippling across his long face. "I take it that this does appeal to you?"

"Tell me more."

Sun Resort: Island of St Thomas

"You know, when I used to dream about getting my hands on you, Princess? This wasn't quite what I imagined."

Kim Possible, teen hero and now student at Middleton University, managed to lift her head off the warm wood of her sun bed and turned to stare at the figure sitting on the edge of her bed with a warm and amused smile.

A parasol above her protected the hero's face from the glare of the Caribbean sun, while the rest of her had been protected with sunscreen. A protection that was now an hour old, which had caused said figure to move to where she now sat, next to the redhead.

"Yeah, but it's better than you originally used to think, right?" Kim murmured, her green eyes twinkling with amusement. "I mean, hello? You've finally gotten to see me in a bikini, Shego. I recall a certain pale green-skinned thief has been practically drooling to see me in one for over a week."

Shego, her long dark green hair pulled into a slick ponytail and dressed in what she laughably called a bikini herself - though Kim still thought of it as two pieces of black string with four tiny panels of green fabric just sufficiently big enough to not cover her curves and make anyone looking realise that the woman was practically naked – slid her elegant sunglasses down her nose. The emerald eyes behind them twinkled with desire and amusement.

"Oh, this is way better than I used to fantasise about, Kimmie." Shego reached out towards the redhead and gently ran her ultra sharp black nails down Kim's spine, forcing the hero to arch and purr at the sensation despite herself. "And can I say that green suits you?"

Kim snorted, knowing full well that allowing Shego to decide on the bikini she would wear while in the Miami boutique before they had departed had been playing with fire. The hero now wore a neat and stylish two piece, formed from a lot more fabric than Shego's admittedly, but still allowing far more of her skin to be on show than Kim herself usually even imagined being comfortable with.

The top piece was formed by two pieces of light green fabric, with a slit centred down the middle designed to give just a glimpse of the wearer's cleavage, something Kim was still struggling to not be embarrassed by. The rear was practically backless, held up by nothing more than a single, and thin, stand of cotton. Kim felt it was a design flaw, considering the woman next to her had nails that could slice through steel if she wished, and took no greater pleasure than running her hands across Kim's body.

The bottoms to her bikini were even worse. The front and rear were less revealing than her girlfriend's, but only slightly, considering they were formed out of two tiny triangles of black fabric. The reason Kim felt they were outrageous was due to the fabric itself rather than the shape of the bottom piece. The triangles did cover her more… private areas compared to Shego's, but the fabric, even dry, gleamed as though wet, and clung to her body as if it were painted on.

Shego had loved the sight of Kim when she had come out of the changing room. Loved it so much that she'd let out a long, low, and aroused whistle that had caused the hero to flush deeply and give her an uncertain smile. But because the thief had loved it so much, Kim had allowed her to buy it and had promised that she would wear it on the beach instead of the demure, and slightly frumpy, red suit she had initially packed.

Now, as the nails slid under the thin strand that held her bikini in place, the redhead angled her head into a warning expression. "Behave."

"Aww, I don't wanna." Shego whispered, grinning. "I finally get to have you all to myself, on a beach no less. It's hard not to imagine slowly undressing you until I can see that hot, athletic little bod of yours."

Kim flushed and tried to ignore the strange flutter in her belly that always came with Shego's comments about her body, but she did stutter her lover's name. "Sh... Shego! Behave!"

"Okay, okay." Shego sighed and with a smile picked up the sun tan lotion from the table that sat between their sun beds. "How about you let me rub some of this on instead? Pleeease?"

The redhead rolled her eyes, but smiled and flipped her own sunglasses back up before lying back down on the sun bed with a contented sigh. "You're spoiling me on this holiday, Shego. But knock yourself out, I need the protection on this sun-trap you call an island."

The thief chuckled and, squirting a generous portion of the sunscreen into her hands, began to gently massage the oily fluid into the tanned skin with gentle circular strokes. As Kim shivered and let out a groan of pleasure, Shego's strokes slid from a circular motion into a long smooth ripple up and down her lover's spine, fingers spanned to rub against the muscles of her abdomen.

"Oooh," Kim groaned, her shiver intensifying.

For herself, Shego focused entirely on the act of rubbing the cream into Kim's skin, and enjoying it as much as possible. Chuckling, she savoured the way her own arousal was slowly growing, as the redhead underneath her bare hands writhed and groaned with pleasure. Groans that deepened at the skilled, smooth, slow strokes of her slick hands. Groans that made Shego smirk and move them lower.

She skirted the band of Kim's bikini bottoms, but did allow a single finger to just dip inside the black fabric, eliciting a gasp and tremble from Kim, followed with the young woman moving to get up. A move that Shego stopped by gently pressing down on the small of her back.

"It's okay, Kimmie. I told you, when you're ready and not before." Shego felt muscles as stiff as iron relax just as quickly as they had tensed and she smiled, murmuring reassurances to her lover. "I just want to… tease you a little. Trust me, okay?"

"I… sorry." Kim managed, trying not to bite the pillow as she felt Shego's single finger roll gently along the fabric. "I… I thought you were going to take them o-"

"I said when you were ready, Kim." Shego moved her hand away from the band and admired the slick, gleaming tanned skin she had left behind. "I mean it. But I wanna touch you. I like touching you while you're relaxed, kay?"

Kim did not reply, and Shego took that as a sign of her trust. Choosing a leg, the green woman squirted more sunscreen into her cupped hands and then trailed them along Kim's thigh with deeply focused intent.

For Kim, it was an act that caused such intense sensations she was forced to bite her pillow for real, clamping down tightly and muffling a growl of passion and excitement that would have made Shego grin. Instead, the muffled sound only had the act of making her lover slip lower, fingers rubbing, stroking and slickly running down across her lower leg to her foot.

"Stop…" Kim managed, biting her lip as Shego gently lifted her foot and stroked a single finger around it. It was becoming far too much for Kim to cope with and she wondered how she could possibly handle Shego continuing with her torturous massage.

"Not just yet…. Relax Kimmie. That's why we're here. Let me make you feel good."

Kim gave up, her head collapsing like jelly onto the pillow as Shego replaced the single stroking finger with three, all slickly rubbing the underside of her foot while the heel of her right hand made circular motions into her heel.

"Oh god…" Kim managed, losing herself to the feeling. "I… Shego, please!"

"You know, a foot has loads of pressure points all over its surface, Kimmie." Shego murmured the words quietly as she worked. Rubbing, kneading, and enjoying herself immensely. "I remember someone mentioning that to me a long time ago, and I remember the various places that let someone relax, release stress… even cry out with pleasure." The finger located a certain spot and, covered in the slick cream, pressed. "Your mom said I was to make you relax, so let's see if this works."

Shego watched her lover literally flop on the sun bed, all motor control leaving her as pleasure spilled through her body. The calm that followed it made Kim groan with release, as months of stress and worry began to seep away.

"Feel nice?" Shego whispered, gently letting Kim's left leg rest back on the soft foam of the bed's cushion. The faint nod she received in reply made her smirk. "Good, now for the right."

"Oh!" Kim gasped, and then whimpered as Shego's fingers began their work once more. "You're good… I… mmmn."

"I know. Just lean back, enjoy it, and let me have my moment of pleasure too."

Eventually, after another ten minutes or so, the green woman took in the totally relaxed, gleaming, and sexy form of her new lover with professional pride and a certain amount of love. It was rare anyone, especially Shego considering she used to fight her, to see Kim so utterly at peace. It was even rarer for anyone to have the skills, or the trust Kim would need, for the hero to reach such a state.

For the green woman who gazed at her as she wiped the remains of the sun cream onto her beach towel, it was gorgeous to see it. Kim was gorgeous to see in such a state, and Shego sighed with a faintly lusty sound.

"I have spoiled you, Kimmie." The green woman told her, earning the faintest of nods. "But then you're on holiday, your birthday gift no less. I think you deserve it."

Pressing a kiss to Kim's neck, the green woman rolled back onto her own sun bed and leaned back, sunglasses in place, and savoured the sunlight hitting her unprotected skin. She felt the same tingle, as intensely pleasurable as always, ripple though her body as it took the solar energy and began to convert and store what it wanted, and smiled.

Sun, sand, a light breeze, a mutated body that won't sunburn or get cancer, and a redheaded woman who I really desire right now. Yep, life is good. It'll take a lot to screw today up.

"Hey, Jude, look!" The female voice, high pitched and self important cut through the air close to Shego and Kim, making the green thief sit up in surprise and yank down her sunglasses.

There, standing on the beach with a faintly revolted and excited expression, stood a tall blond woman of about twenty. Her icy blue eyes took in the sight of Kim, before switching Shego and she curled her lip even as another woman, this one also blond but with brown eyes, joined her.

"See those two?" The blue-eyed blonde told her partner in snobbish tones that had her partner turning to take in Kim and Shego. "The redhead and the pale woman?"

"Yeah, Stacy, I do." The other blond replied, frowning. "What about them?"

Stacy smirked and Shego frowned as she opened a small pouch on her waist. "Those two are Kim Possible and Shego."

Her name being mentioned finally had the redhead turning slowly on her sun bed, still fighting the lax set of her muscles thanks to Shego. Finally lying on her back, Kim raised her head and took in the two women with puzzlement, then glanced across at Shego to see her clenching a hand.

"Kim Possible, oh you mean the 'hero'?" Jude rolled her eyes. "So what? They're probably here to take in the sun, Stacy. Come on, we're here to pick up guys! Let those two do what they want, considering they're nothing compared to us!"

Oh great. Blonde, arrogant yet dumb, beach girls. Kim thought, wishing she wasn't being forced to will her body away from the relaxed state Shego had managed to give her. Just when I was really beginning to enjoy myself.

Shego for her part growled quietly. Oh look, I'd call you sun worshippers, but then that would insult people like me…how about bimbos instead?

"Wait, wait… I have to get their picture!" Stacy pulled out a camera from her pouch. "Don't you remember, Jude? These two are those dyke heroes! I bet they're here to ogle each other in their swimsuits and get off rubbing lotion on each other. The papers would pay a fortune for a picture of them like this and I'll be the one who gets it!"

"Damn!" Shego hissed, moving to slide off her sun bed, only for Kim to quickly reach out and stop her.

"No, Shego, wait. It's not worth the hassle."

"Kimmie, we're on holiday and I refuse to let some bimbo blonde in a swimsuit take pictures of us enjoying ourselves! Without your or damn well my permission!"

"Shego," Kim began to plead, but it was too late as the green skinned woman vaulted off her lounger and began to stalk towards the two women next to the beach.

Jude stared in horror as Shego stomped towards the two of them, an angry and aggressive scowl on her face, and she tugged Stacey's hand. Her friend looked up with annoyance from where she was playing with the digital camera's storage options, ensuring the pictures she had taken were there, and her own face paled at the sight in front of her.


Kim's voice echoed behind her, but the thief paid it little attention. She loved Kim, loved her a hell of a lot, but this was something the hero wouldn't understand. Shego considered her life, and her lovers' life, private. It was a knee jerk reaction, created all those years ago when her private life was violated as a hero by the media. She was damned if the two morons in front of her would photograph her or Kim in such a private and personal time.

And if it meant she had to break a few arms to pull the camera free and slag it? Well then, so much the better and it would serve as an excellent lesson to anyone else.

As she got within five feet of the two frozen women, her hands just beginning to shine a barely noticeable green glow, a voice called across from the other side of the beach.

"Ladies, do we have a problem here?"

All three heads turned, and three sets of eyes took in the burly beach security guard who strolled slowly towards them. For two, the sight was a welcome relief and offered protection. For the other, it was an annoyance at best.

"She's going to beat us up!" Stacy shrieked, pointing at Shego who tilted her head and stared neutrally at the blond. "She wants to destroy my camera!"

"Ma'mn, is this true?" The guard, a good six foot two inches and well muscled, raised his eyebrows and stared at her with dark chocolate eyes. "You know that the Sun Plaza is exclusive, we would frown on any guest getting involved with… brawling. Especially those that start such matters. You could be asked to leave."

"I don't want to start anything." Shego told him, her voice cool through years of training by Marie. "I just want the picture she took of myself and my lover to be deleted from the camera. She has no right to take a photo, and surely your employers would be unappreciative of the consequences of such a photo getting out to the media. I mean, a lot of famous and private people, especially Britina at the moment, come here. What would they think?"

The security guard pondered this and nodded, before turning to the two blond sun seekers. "Ms…"

"Shego." The thief replied pleasantly.

"Ms Shego has a point, ladies. I think it's only fair that you delete the photo and we'll say no more about it." He folded his arms and the two blond women went into a huddle together, turning away from the guard. After a few moments, he coughed. "Ladies?"

"Fine, fine!" Stacey snapped, turning back and twisting the camera to show the screen recording the images stored in its memory. With a few button presses, the six photos she had taken of Kim and Shego lying in the sun were highlighted. With another button press, they vanished and the camera reported they had been deleted. "There, happy?!"

"I am. Ms Shego?"

"Well, I'd have liked a little more common courtesy in regards to my privacy, but I suppose I can't blame these two for not only looking but also wanting to take a picture." Shego smiled toothily. "After all, I'm drop dead gorgeous, and Kimmie is a rare beauty. I don't blame you two for dreaming about us together."

The look of horror on the two girls faces warmed Shego's heart.

"Shego, everything okay?" A very familiar voice asked quietly from behind her, and the green woman quivered slightly as a hand gently touched her shoulder. Turning, she smiled at Kim, who glanced at the scene in front of her with slight apprehension.

Yeah, Kimmie, it's fine." Shego waved a hand at the guard. "This guy's been really helpful." She cupped her hands together and yelled thanks at the guard, who turned and smiled, giving her a mock salute. The thief grinned. "I really like that guy."

"Oh, right." Kim managed, feeling her anxiety lessen slightly. "Um, so everything is fine then?"

"I believe so." The guard murmured, before bowing slightly at Shego and the redhead. "Ms Shego, ma'mn. Enjoy the rest of your stay." He turned to the two blondes. "Ladies, please don't take any other pictures of guests other than yourselves and enjoy your holiday too."

Both sets of women watched him walk off quietly, and then- as Shego continued to gaze at the two blondes- Kim tugged Shego's arm. "Hey, I need some more sunscreen."

"Really?" Shego purred, making Kim flush. "What an excellent distraction you've suggested, and how wonderfully therapeutic." She glanced across at the blondes and grinned. "Ladies, if you'll excuse me, I have a sexy redhead to tend to."

"What… ever," Stacy sneered, before gripping Jude and striding up the beach in a flurry of blond hair, skimpy bikini material and- if Shego were any judge- about three pounds of silicon.

"Coming, Shego?"

The thief glanced back and took in the sight of Kim's barely clothed form with a shiver of lust. The redhead cocked her head and looked thoughtful, making Shego raise a single elegant eyebrow.

"Not yet, but keep that up and we'll see, princess."

As Kim flushed and turned back to walk up the beach, Shego glanced one final time at the slowly receding figures of the blondes, and then paused. Every single one of her thievery skills and senses was screaming at her as she looked at them.

Something about the way they're walking… about the way the other one, the one without the camera, is walking…like she knows something, or is laughing about an inside joke. She frowned, her green eyes taking in every single nuance of Jude's body language. Suddenly, she saw it. A flash of plastic and the gleam of metal, passed from Jude to Stacy.

A memory stick.

"Well hell! She copied the pictures and passed the stick to her friend!" Shego hissed, lips curling back across her teeth as she watched the two women begin to laugh, slapping each other on the back and looking smug. "Oh, this is going to require payback! No way anyone's getting away with that sloppy little trade while I'm around."

"Hey, Shego?" Shego glanced back and hurried up the beach to where Kim stood, hands on her hips and a worried expression on her face. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Shego told her, sliding onto the beach chair. She patted the wood and held out a hand. "Cute redhead bottom on here, bottle of sunscreen in my hand please."

Chuckling, Kim slid next to her on the seat, not noticing that Shego's gaze quickly slid from her to keep an eye on the two women as they headed back to the complex.

Come on, I'd rather not have to track you two to the hotel room you're using. Though, I would love to accidentally shred and burn every single belonging you have. But, I'd rather make this a quick and clean little ass kicking.

"Lotion." Kim whispered, placing the bottle gently into her hand, and making Shego glance across. Her lover was flushing a deep pink and, despite the thoughts of revenge running through her head, Shego couldn't help but admire the beauty in front of her.

"Okay, Pumpkin, lie down for me." The top was spun off the bottle and as Kim lay down on the warm wood, the cool cream gently trailed a cold bead across her warm skin. The redhead quivered, her body responding to the sensation, and then arched as Shego's skilled fingers began to knead and rub her flesh.

"Oh, darn it, Shego." Kim whimpered. "How'd you get so good at this?"

"Practice, and don't you bother wondering with who. Just enjoy it." Shego whispered, indulging her. Kim giggled, only for the sound to slide into another groan as Shego rubbed harder. For herself however, the thief's eyes never left the two figures in the distance.

As they turned into the beach bar, the green woman smiled with predatory intent. Gotcha.

"Oooooohhh," Kim managed, the strokes of Shego's hands suddenly becoming rougher, far lower in their strokes along her body, and certainly more insistent. As Kim arched, she felt her lover's hands dip low once more and tug at the hem of her bottoms. "Shego, don't!"

"Mmmn. I'm busy here, Princess." Shego whispered, leaning down to press a kiss to Kim's neck, her eyes gleaming with unholy plotting. Watching the deep red blush run across Kim's face, she smiled. "Hey, how about we cool things down a little with a drink? It's hot out here and I'm kinda thirsty. How about you?"

"I could drink something cold, really cold." Kim murmured from her prone position, discreetly tugging the loose cloth of her bikini bottoms back up. "What'd you have in mind?"

"Service with a smile," Shego told her, picking up a towel and rubbing her hands clean of the oily cream now coating Kim's upper and lower back. "How about a nice cold virgin pina colada smoothie for you, and a nice long island iced tea for me?"

"Why do you get to drink an alcoholic one?" Kim complained, glancing up for a second. "Why can't you have a virgin too? That is so unfair!"

"Because I'm over the age of twenty one, Kimmie," Shego told her absently, her eyes fixed on the bar. "And also because your mother would kill me in very interesting ways if I let you have a drink in a country where you'd be underage. I love you, but not that much. Now then, a virgin Smoothie. Yes?"

"Fine." Kim huffed and shifted slightly on the lounger, sighing in contentment while her body radiated sloth. "Want me to come with you?"

"Was that even a serious offer? Because if it was, Princess, then I'm very touched by the offer, but no. I think I'm a big enough girl to get two drinks from a bar."

"Okay." Kim leaned back on her lounger and then smirked. "Speaking of being a big girl? I'd, um, wear something a little less revealing. Well, that's if you want to actually be served instead of drooled on."

"Ha, ha." Shego muttered, glancing down and rolling her eyes. Grabbing the thin green sunshirt that she'd bought with her onto the beach, the thief shrugged into it, and then flashed a smile. "I'll be back in a few minutes, Kimmie."

Watching the redhead nod faintly, Shego slid her naked feet into a pair of dark olive green sandals and then moved out from under the parasol to stride across the hot sand. If Kim had been able to see her face, she would have recognised the sly smile that played across the dark haired woman's features.

A look of a predator chasing prey.

Location Unknown

"So, our first stage is set in place."

The voice echoed around the vine strewn courtyard of the temple as two darkly clothed figures exited from its depths. One pair of chocolate eyes glanced back at the collapsing archway, and they narrowed.

"Su, I wonder if we do the right thing. Lord Fist is not Jade, and he wishes one thing, and one thing only. He wants to be the sole user of this 'Monkey Power'."

Song Xie Ye-Yu, the weapon arm of their combined force, glanced nervously at her sister, Su Xie Ye-Yu and watched as she frowned.

"What do you suggest we do then, sister?" Su asked, scanning the jungle. "Possible San and Shego San are dangerous when joined. The same is to be said for this Ron Stoppable and the traitor, Yori."

"I understand why we do this. I agreed that this is one of the ways possible." Song turned back to her sister and, together, they began to walk into the dense vegetation. "I agree that we must break them up, isolate them and then strike. That was Kara's mistake, and her eventual destruction. She angered Possible San and the people she worked with, and they used their strength with this Global Justice to ruin Kara's plans and make her pay for the pain and suffering in her own blood."

"But?" Her sister asked, her tone curious. "Explain to me what I may have missed."

"I am unsure the deception is needed. By doing this, we open ways for the plan to fail. We must hope that Shego and Possible will react as we hope. Will the threat against them for not obeying be sufficient? Also, Fist is dangerous to work with. He is unstable and obsessed with obtaining power. Not working to better the Jade as we are. What is to stop him from stepping ahead of schedule or ignoring our plan entirely?"

Song Xie Ye-Yu paused and watched her sister mull it over, the intelligence behind her eyes - the cool and calculating mind - examine everything for flaws. Su had always thought differently about matters and always was the one to plan, while she herself focused on the purity of the combat required. It was one of the reasons they had always been successful in the targets they were given.

"Fist will do what we ask, as we asked. Because despite of all of his flaws, he is not a fool. Possible and Shego, together as a team, will destroy him if he attacks. Fist knows this. And with Stoppable now joined by Yori, his chance at securing the power he thirsts for is negligible considering our research on their encounters. He knows that the only option is to destroy both unions. And each provides the means to fragment the other. The way we offer also gives him the power he desires as a bonus."

"Yes, I see that."

"As for Kim Possible? The ultimatum will be definitive. Fist has agreed to what we request, as I expected him to. Kim Possible's profile indicates she will react as I predict. She is quite basic in such matters, despite her strengths. As for Shego? She will do what Fist demands as well, as she loves Possible deeply. So, we will watch, wait and observe. If all goes as it should, then we strike. If not, we re-plan and re-strike. Master did not give us a time limit, and rushing to achieve her goal without considering flaws was Kara's path to failure."

Su smiled, and Song nodded thoughtfully. "Yes, reconsidering, this seems to be the best option. The moment we attack the whole, it will know and take steps to defend. By using Lord Fist as the tip of our spear, it will be too late for them to prevent the thrust we intend."

Su Xie Ye-Yu glanced back at the temple, her lips curling the smile into a sly smirk. "Yes, sister, and remember that should it become necessary, Lord Fist is essentially expendable. Once he has distracted Possible, we can do the rest. If the strike is successful, she will simply self-destruct. Love can be such a terrible weakness "

"So, we really do have a plan then."

"Yes," Su chuckled and her yo-yo, never far from her side, began to whirl in the silence of the steamy jungle. "We will succeed where Kara failed… So on to our next step, dear sister. It is time for us to track down Kim Possible and Shego so we can gather what we need."

"Yes, intelligence for this will be vital, as it always is in our calling."

And while we are here, we also need to wreak havoc on Global Justice's own knowledge of the Jade."

"Ah," Song chuckled. "Infiltration. Something I can finally enjoy."

Their combined laughter echoed around the silent vegetation.

Sun Resort

Shego stepped into the cool air-conditioned atrium of the Sun Plaza's main beach side bar, and her emerald eyes skilfully swept the various tables and chairs around the bar space as she hunted for the two blondes.

"Hey, Shego!" A voice called, making the pale green woman glance over at the bar and, more importantly, at the person serving behind it. Her eyes widened in delight and she strolled over, her gaze still analysing the various faces around her. Reaching the bar, she hopped onto one of the stools propped neatly along it and waited for the barman to stroll over.

Dressed in a long green shirt that barely hid his muscles, and wearing light blue slacks that only barely covered the impressive bulge of his crotch, he would have been an imposing sight. Until, that is, you took in the soft and cheerful face and welcoming blue eyes that stared at you.

Shego knew him. "Hey yourself, Stuart. Didn't think I'd see you here after the last time we met."

The man grinned. "Well, you know. I did apply for that position you told me about, but eventually I found it not to my liking." He picked up a glass and began to polish it. "Villainy wasn't my cup of tea after all."

Shego shrugged. "Worth exploring, right?"

"True. I never did thank you for letting me hitch a ride in that sweet green convertible. Or for that matter, actually telling me who to speak to about joining the rank and file." Stuart smiled. "Never did understand what you saw in me, handing out those strawberries at the billionaire's resort."

Shego chuckled and shrugged. "You had a great ass. You were really nice to me and not condescending like the others. Heck, you had potential… I could see that when you dealt with that little prick photographer who managed to swim ashore."

Stuart chuckled in return as Shego shook her head. "Well, you know. Part of the job and all. Still, won't miss working there. You would have thought billionaires would tip well. Turns out the only reason they are rich is because they're stingy."

The pale woman raised an eyebrow. "You including me in that statement?"

"No of course not. You were generous with the tips. Which is why I thought you deserved strawberries and my… personal attention." Stuart watched Shego flush a deeper green. "We had some fun, right?"

"Yeah…" Shego managed and then looked up. "We did, but I gotta say that I, ah, well… I'm not looking for a repeat of that event. It was great, and seeing you here, that's also a great surprise!" she told him quickly. "But I've found someone. Someone special."

"I heard." Stuart grinned. "I've seen her too. Cute little redhead, right? Body to die for, poured into that little black number of a bikini, and- correct me if I'm wrong- but also happens to be a hero in the real world."

"Don't rub that in, Stu." Shego waved a finger slightly and Stuart shrugged, trying not to laugh. "But yeah, I have and she is a hero. One hell of one too." Shego paused and sighed. "You got a problem with that instead?"

"Me? No." Stuart stretched and his muscles rippled under the light green shirt. " I told ya, the whole villainy angle wasn't my bag. So, don't worry about it, Shego. Seeing you hook up with Kim Possible isn't a problem for me. And, having seen her? Can't say I blame you at all. She's beautiful. Has the whole sexual magnetism in spades, though I don't think she realises it."

"Yeah, she doesn't have a clue." The thief mumbled, trying to push the image of Kim, naked and gleaming, out of her mind. "But I meant more that I'm playing for the other team right now. You got a problem with that, considering we bumped hips once?"

"Nah!" Stuart laughed. "I knew it was a one off. We agreed that it'd be for fun, nothing serious. It was, and I enjoyed it." He winked. "I think you did too. That's good enough for me. Anyway, you've found someone you really like now, someone more interesting to you than a few days of fun. So, now just consider me your friendly barman." His smile eased her tension. "So, pretty lady, what can I getcha?"

"You're a good man, Stuart." Shego told him quietly, and then turned her attention to business, her face creasing into an evil smile. "I'm looking for a pina colada smoothie – better make it a virgin – a non virgin long island iced tea, and two blondes. One with an expensive camera and both with really snotty attitudes."

"I see." Stuart murmured. "Why, when I look at your face, do I suddenly feel the plaza isn't carrying enough insurance?"

"Oh, come on. You know me better than that."

"No, I really don't. Not after I heard all the rumours about the great Shego, mercenary thief and sidekick for hire back in my own villainy days." He leaned close. "Look, I partly own this bar, okay? Please don't break anything or burn anything or anyone. I don't need the bad press, and the resort really doesn't." He paused. "What'd they do?"

"Took a couple of pictures of me and Kimmie sunbathing, both of us practically goddamn naked like I am now. Bitch was screaming in joy about how she was going to sell 'em to the tabloids." Shego's hand rapped on the bar, and Stuart winced at the etched marks her super strong black nails left in the marble. "I want to have a little… chat."

"I see." He nodded. "I'll tell you where they are, if you promise no bloodshed or destruction of my property. I'm sorry, Shego, but I have to. I like you, but I like my job as well. I have a good thing going here, with decent tips."

Shego nodded. "Okay, deal. No violence and no bloodshed. At least not here anyway. Now, where are they?"

Stuart waved a hand. "Round the back, out on the sun trap I call a veranda. They've got two muscle hunks with them, right off the beach too. You can practically smell the sunshine and lack of intelligence." As the thief chuckled, he held up a finger. "They may be dumb, but they're built like brick houses, Shego. So watch your back and keep it cool. Oh, and remember, no damage or assault. Please?"

"No problem." Shego rose and cracked her knuckles. "There's more than one way to deal with a nosy little bitch and her camera."

"I'll have your drinks ready in a few minutes. Want to pick them up here?"

"Sure. I'll only be a few minutes."

Standing, Shego wandered across the floor of the bar to where a large set of glass fronted double doors let the warm sunlight from outside play across the tables and chairs. Frosted to ensure privacy on both sides for patrons, Shego couldn't see her two targets.

With a shrug, the thief strode though the doors into the gleaming sun and heat of the beach and glanced around. There, giggling and flirting outrageously with two, as Stuart had described, muscle bound hunks sat Stacy and Jude.

Shego's smile became unholy, and she walked quietly towards the table, green skin almost glowing as her hands curled slowly.

"Why if it isn't Silicon Stacy and her friend." Shego purred, making the two females jump and look over to see the thief wandering over to them. "Ladies, I'd like another word if that's okay."

"What'd you want now, you weirdo?" Stacy snapped, as Jude sneered, while quietly shifting her chair closer to one of the hunks. The two men glanced around, their mildly puzzled expressions confirming Stuart's opinion of them.

"Me? Oh, that's simple." Shego told her, idly flipping one of the chairs out from under the table lip and sliding into it. Crossing her legs, the thief was the very image of calm. "I just want you to say sorry."

"What?" Stacy managed, bursting out laughing while her friend began to snicker. "You want me to say sorry?"

"Yup." Shego made a great deal of inspecting her nails while willpower battled with anger. "I came here for a little privacy, a little relaxation, and personal time with my lover. You screwed that up by being a little prissy drama queen. So, now that the picture's been erased, I want one more thing. As I said, you're going to apologise to me now…"

"Or what?" Stacy countered after checking to ensure the two hunks were still there.

"Or I'll go away and do something that means I'll have to put up with my pumpkin yelling at me for a good day or so. Trust me, that's not a pleasant thought, and gives you a good idea how much I'd go to get that apology."

The two blondes stared at Shego blankly, and then Stacy sneered. "Listen you pale green freak, my daddy partly owns this resort! And all the staff know who I am, and that I'm to be respected!"

"Your father owns the resort?" Shego asked quietly. Inside, her mind whirled and began to formulate other plans. "So, you're not a guest then."

"Of course not!" Stacy snapped, her colour high on her cheeks. "I have my own personal parking space and a Porsche that I use when I come here from Los Angeles! I'm not apologising to some freaky dyke with a skin problem!"

"I see." Shego replied coldly, making the two hunks flex their muscles in preparation. Despite their lack of competent brain cells, they knew trouble when they saw it. Shego was practically seething with cold danger. Standing, she stared at Stacy with narrowed eyes and smirked. "Then we have a problem here, one that I'll need to go and think about."

"You can't hurt me!" Stacy snapped, waving a hand. "Even if you wait and do it some other time, everyone will know. I'll tell everyone about who it was who hurt me!"

"You think they'll find your body?" Shego asked, grinning widely. So widely, that the two hunks took a step back. "You know who I am, right? I've been in the papers a lot."

"I don't read Rug Muncher Monthly!"

"Oh, keep it up. Please. "Shego's hands curled and her smile turned unpleasant. "But if you've been keeping up with the media, you'll know I'm no hero. In fact, until I fell for her, I used to fight Kim Possible to a stand-still. As well as steal stuff, outfit government agencies… beat people up for a living. I worked for a guy called Drakken… used to be one of the worlds most wanted. Do I ring a bell yet?"

Stacy's face drained of colour as her mind rolled back over the information she'd heard about the two women. Suddenly, with the so called 'redeemed' villain in front of her, the blonde remembered how dangerous the TV reports had made her out to be.

Stacy swallowed "You don't scare me! The cops'll be on you in two seconds!"

"But for those seconds, I could have a lot of fun. You have no idea how much I could accomplish with your innocent little body in two seconds." Shego's smile became feral as the two hunks shared glances and stepped back away from the two girls, much to their horror. Laughing unpleasantly, the thief leaned closer. "Give me one good reason to not pound you two into a greasy stain while I-"

"Ms Shego?" Stuart's voice called from behind her, his tone carefully respectful. "Your drinks are ready."

The green woman turned and as the two blondes watched, fear etched into their faces, she nodded slowly. "Hmm, now then… drinks with Kimmie, or pounding two brain dead morons to teach them a lesson. Which do I prefer?"

"That leads me to another thing. Ms Possible is looking for you," Stuart told her quietly. "I've got her waiting in the bar. She's relaxed and happy but I'm not sure that mood will remain if she has to sort out this… incident."

Shego nodded, inwardly cursing that she had obviously taken too long and her lover had come to find her. "Okay, fine." She turned to the two women. "You're lucky I'm in such a good mood and… hey, nice camera." Her green eyes flicked down to where the expensive device sat on the table. "Good thing you erased that photo of us. I'd be unhappy if that got into the media… really unhappy!"

The two friends glanced at each other and Shego watched the subtle shudders from them with interest. Inwardly, however, she noticed the camera sitting on the table and began to concentrate on manipulating her plasma energy.

"Yeah, well you made me delete it!" Stacy snapped.

"Sure, but it's a really good thing that your camera didn't have a memory card in it. I mean, imagine if it did and it accidentally got stored." The two women shared another glance and Shego smiled toothily. "Could be a problem for Kimmie and myself then. Imagine all the taunts and jeers. It'd be embarrassing and upsetting."

Suddenly, Shego clapped her hands together with an incredibly loud bang, making the two women jump, the blood draining out of their faces. "If it had been stored? Well, I'd be incredibly pissed off, and when that happens, heh, I sometimes forget how strong I can be. Still, I know you two didn't do that, so that's sorted out at least. Lucky for you, eh?"


Kim's soft voice, full of worry as she recognised the two women Shego stood next to, and their matching expressions of poorly hidden fear, echoed around the courtyard. Shego turned at surprise call of her voice, and took in the redhead as she stood next to the bar's double doors, wearing a lightweight cotton shirt over her bikini. Her uncertain expression as she took in the scene told Shego volumes about how worried Kim was becoming.

"Um, what took you so long? I only wanted a drink."

"Sorry, Pumpkin. I just saw these two and thought they still owed us an apology for ruining our day." The thief told her quietly.

"They haven't ruined anything." Kim told her softly, recognising the intent in Shego's eyes. "Not a single thing. They will if you beat them up, as I'll have to stop you from hurting them or end up bailing you out of jail. That'll ruin my holiday. All of it."

"Kimmie, I-" The thief turned to gaze at Kim, battling with instinct and the pain that Kim's soft words had caused. She didn't want to ruin Kim's vacation, or her own… and were the two bimbos worth it after all? "I just wanted to have a chat and-"

"They don't have the picture they took, and they're certainly not important to me or you. Come away from them, please?" Kim interrupted, biting her lip.

Would this be their relationship now, Kim wondered? Shego always flying off the handle, and Kim asking her to back down every single time? The hero nodded mentally. Well, if that was the price, then so be it. She loved the green woman more every single day. So yes, she'd pay that price.

"Come away, Shego. They're not worth a second more of our time. Really!"

The thief sighed, and then glanced back. "Okay, Kimmie. You're right. They don't have the pictures they took." Shego ignored Stacy's poorly concealed smirk and focused on hiding her own crueller one. They had no idea what she'd just done. None. She turned to Stacy and shrugged. "Never even got you to say sorry either, silicon."

"For what? Not liking dykes?" Stacy sneered.

Shego growled at that, but Kim quickly strode forward, pushing past Stuart and gripped her arm. "No. Don't."

"Fine, Kimmie." Shego managed, reaching out to end up arm in arm with Kim, the gentleness of her movements surprising the redhead. "You're right as always. They don't matter and you do. Our holiday does. Having fun most of all. Let's leave these two morons to their own stupidity."

"Thanks, really." Kim whispered, tugging her. "Come on, we have ice cold drinks, a beach and a hot sun waiting for us."

Nodding, Shego followed, pausing for just a second to turn back. "Hey, one last thing."

"What?" Stacy snapped, while Jude fanned herself and drank heavily from a bottle of beer.

"You better look after that camera. That type of model? Well, I've read an article where it says sunlight can cause the thing to fry itself. Badly. You wanna keep it out of the sun."

"Go blow yourself or your girlfriend!" Stacy told her, pulling her camera closer. "This is my daddy's camera! It's very expensive and indestructible! What would a pale freak like you understand about it?"

"Right, right." Shego told her, this time tightening her own grip against Kim's as she felt the redhead tense to turn and lay into the blond herself. As Kim looked up, the insult for her lover clearly in her eyes, the thief shook her head. "Just saying is all. But if you just wanna insult us, then we'll go."

As herself and Kim stepped into the cool air of the bar, the thief glanced over at Stuart, who had followed them back inside. She shrugged. "Sorry, I… I found it harder than I thought it'd be."

"I guessed." The broad-chested man agreed. "Mind you, that one? She's got a filthy mouth on her, and her attitude could do with some adjustment. I'll let you know something. I really do find myself wishing that she'd end up paying for the way she acts towards us and the other guests."

"Shego, nobody should call you a freak!" Kim hissed, her own eyes still blazing. "I don't care what they call me! Dyke, lesbian… whatever! But nobody should call you a freak for being green, and-"

"Kimmie, forget it." Shego told her quietly. "I've heard far worse, and as long as you think I'm hot and beautiful, I'm good. Other people's opinions mean nothing to me. If they insult you though, then we have a problem. I'll not have them insulting my princess!"

"I'm not bothered by that." Kim told her, her own voice equally quiet. "They can say what they like about me, and some of the papers are. But as long as my family and friends are with me and on my side… as long as you're here, then it's so not a drama."

"Well, there we differ." Shego whispered, and gently kissed her on the forehead. "Nobody insults you, but me and… Ow!" She complained suddenly as Kim scowled and whacked her hard on the upside of her head. Scowling, Shego continued. "And as I was saying, oh my angry little princess, certainly not the damn media! Considering you keep ignoring my advice and fighting the good fight, I'll not have anyone hurting my Pumpkin that way when they owe you so much. Ever."

Kim closed her eyes, trying to keep a handle on the situation. "Shego…"

"I mean it. I've got your back, no matter who's yelling at you." Shego pretended to look thoughtful, while surreptitiously rubbing her head where Kim's hand had smacked her. "Well… except for maybe your mom, 'cause she scares me a little and I won't get involved if she is. Or your dad too. He kept scowling and muttering 'black holes' in my direction before we left. I think it could have been because he saw the bikini I wanted you to wear. Seriously, Princess, you've got some parents who know how to intimidate. Oh, and those brothers of yours. I'd prefer not to have my car reworked into rocket parts, thanks."

"Okay, okay!" The quips did exactly what Shego hoped, and Kim smiled. "Funny woman. So, are we done here?"

Shego nodded and smirked, rubbing her hands with glee. "Oh yeah, we're done here, princess. Back to the beach, yeah?"

"Sounds good."

As Kim walked out and Stuart handed her the drinks, Shego leaned forwards. "Stu, a quick word please."

He leaned down. "Yeah?"

That wristwatch of yours, it's not digital, right?" Puzzled at the non-sequeter, the blond hulk nodded and the thief sighed. "Good, because I was worried I'd have to pay for a new one."

"Eh, why?"

Glancing over her shoulder to make sure Kim had left, Shego gaze became devilish. "When I slapped my hands together? Well, they made a hell of a bang when I did, right?" He nodded and Shego smirked. "That's because the air was displaced violently by the small plasma flare I was generating between them."

"Plasma flare?" Stuart knew about her plasma powers before she'd dropped him off at one of the recruitment centres for villainy, had heard even more rumours while he'd been there, but it was still fascinating to hear her talk about them. "What, you mean like some sort of ball made up from that that energy of yours?"

"Yup, about the size of a small orange. When I slammed my hands together, I compressed it, causing it to collapse and discharge the energy." She smiled evilly. "Upshot is that, basically, I turned myself into an EMP burst of about four or five metres."

Stuart stared. "EMP? Electro magnetic pulse… just like in the movies? You can actually do that?"

"Yeah, of course I can. My power is a type of energy, and it does what I say. Well, mostly. EMP fries electrical stuff that's not shielded. I use it to destroy anything with a computer chip such as watches, TV's, cars… digital cameras."

"Wait! You fried Stacy's camera? Her fathers' platinum camera!? All six grand of it?"

Stuart stared at Shego with an expression of disbelief. Disbelief, which swiftly morphed itself into an amused respect for the thief.

"Yup, the whole thing's not worth a damn except for the metal it's made from now."

Stuart began to chuckle. "Oh, oh my. Her father's going to go insane! Stacy certainly will when she tries to turn it on. Oh, man! So that was the deal with the whole 'keep it out of the sun' gig, right?"

Shego nodded. "Always cover your ass, Stuart. I told you that back when you were joining." Pausing, the thief leaned in close. "By the way, she said she had a Porsche. Is it always parked in the same bay at the resort?"

"Yeah, it's a blue one and… woah!" Stuart stared at her with a worried expression, an expression that switched to alarm as she winked. "What do you-"

"Think she has insurance that'll cover it being damaged? Not that I've any intention of doing that… Well, not yet."

The blond barman stared, pointed at her, and began to laugh outrageously. "Does Kim have any idea how unredeemed you are?"

Shego stood proudly, a smile on her face. "Nope! She thinks I'm all goody, goody now. How little she knows that she's still hooked up to the same evil thief she fought all those years. I'm just on my best behaviour so I get to ogle that hot young bod." She paused and her gaze narrowed towards the doors. "I told her, nobody insults her or invades her privacy… except me."

Shaking his head as he picked up a cloth, Stuart began to wipe the bar. "You always make my life interesting. So, go on. Get out of here, ya crazy thief and enjoy those drinks… and Ms Possible."

Winking, Shego strolled out of the door into the blazing sun and hot sand. Her hands reached for the sunglasses she had left hooked to the string of her bikini and slid them on, before striding up the beach to catch up with the redhead in the distance.

"Hey," Kim told her as she felt Shego's arm slide into the crook of her own. She glanced over and rolled her eyes at the sight of Shego balancing the metal tray with their drinks on the palm of one hand as they strode together. "Showoff."

"Only if you haven't got the skills, Pumpkin." Shego chuckled and as they reached the two sun loungers, she carefully slid the tray onto the table with a flourish. "I am that good. Not a single spilled drop."

"I have to say, I am impressed. And boy, it is hot out here!" Kim paused for a second and then plucked a piece of ice out of the glass as bobbed gently on the surface of the smoothie. Sliding it gently between her lips with a slow, sensuous movement, the redhead let out a sigh of contentment. Shego blinked, shivering slightly as Kim's lips gently played with the ice, a gentle suckling that had the green woman's eyes widen slightly as fantasies began to slip into her head. The redhead continued to play with the ice, and a single bead of cool water trailed down her chin and along her slender neck, making Kim's skin prickle with goose bumps. She giggled, the sound slurred around the ice. "Ooopshhh…"

"Pumpkin, you're doing that deliberately, aren't you?" Shego muttered, wishing her libido wasn't so easily stoked to burning point by the woman next to her. "That was purely designed to set me off."

Kim plucked the ice free, her expression unreadable as she stared into its crystal clear depths. "Maybe… but then you do keep saying I'm such a prude. Would I really do that, torture you like this?"

Shego thought about it for a second. "I'm rubbing off on you. Well… my attitude is anyway. So yes, you would. And if I let you keep doing this, the moment I try to have you, it'll be no touchy Kimmie again, which will tick me off and leave me horny. So I'm not falling for it and I'm gonna go find something cold to cool off with."

Like a quick swim to the Arctic…

"Well then," Kim purred, her fingers pulling another lump of ice free and pointing it at Shego's barely covered form. The redhead took a step forwards, her grin making Shego back up and she smirked with amusement. "I'm going to keep heading in the same direction right now, and I think you'd better be prepared to run."

"Wha…" Shego's eyes narrowed even as she took a second step backwards while Kim advanced, and held up a single finger. "I can still kick your ass, Kimmie, girlfriend or not. You do anything with that ice on my hot skin and so help me spankings will be given ou-"

"Hey!" The voice broke into the heating sexual tension between them and Shego heard Kim sigh in disappointment. Turning, they both took in the flash of blond hair and jiggling silicon with dismay.

"Oh no, what does she want now?" Shego snapped. "Can't a moron take a hint any more? Doy!"

"Let's just ignore her," Kim suggested. "Maybe she's yelling at someone else."

"Hey, green bitch!" Stacy screamed, making Shego inwardly reflect that, no, she was heading for them. "What did you do?!"

As the blonde stamped up the last few feet of sand and propped her hands on her hips, Shego rolled her eyes behind her sunglasses and made a mental note to carry on with her original plan. Though if she did, it would mean both she and Kim would have to make a slightly hasty exit, at least if only to prevent Kim from figuring everything out. Ah well, she could always pull her intentions to convince Kim to visit the city of Paris forward by a couple of days.

Coming back to the here and now, the green woman turned her attention to playing the innocent bystander.

"To what?" Shego asked her, sliding onto her sun lounger and glancing at Kim as the redhead followed her idea, and stared with annoyance at the blonde in front of her. "What do you want, silicon Stacy?"

Stacy bristled. "My camera! It's broken and you did something to it! I know you did!"

As Stacy shrieked at Shego, Kim's eyes snapped over to the dark haired woman and fixed her with an intense gaze. Shego wisely left her glasses on, making her able to avoid Kim's searching gaze, and snorted.

"I told you that camera had trouble in the sun. You didn't want to listen to me and-"

"You busted it" The insides smelled of hot metal and stuff! The battery was leaking liquid and all the pictures that I'd taken of my holiday are gone!" Stacy growled, stepping forwards and balling her fists, only to pause as both Kim and Shego tensed. Stupid as she was, and as bullying as she was, she recognised muscles that could pound her into unconsciousness with little effort. Instead, she threw the damaged camera into the sand at the two women's feet. "I want compensation!"

"For what, good advice that you ignored?" Shego smirked and leaned back. "It's a tough life, and I like to think that you've just met poetic justice, you evil little witch. You took our picture without permission to sell to the media, and probably kept a hidden copy on a memory card that you passed to your pal while having that little 'discussion' earlier."

Stacy's mouth worked for a moment. "H…how did you… I mean, that's a total lie!"

"Whatever." Shego told her, knowing full well that Kim was suspiciously beginning to put two and two together. "Deal with the fact that, for once, the universe bit you on the ass. And because of that, you lost your little camera."

"I'll… I'll sue!" Stacy stammered, her face a deep red. "I'll… I'll…"

"Leave and never come back?" The green woman suggested, her fingers dipping into the ice in Kim's glass and, holding it lightly in her palm for a second, suddenly crushed it violently. Shards spattered over the sand. "Because my temper, and I have a short one as people will tell you, is rapidly wearing thin, you trumped up little bimbo!"

Screaming, the blond ran for the bar as she cursed and promised revenge from her father. Shego watched with contempt as she vanished into the distance, only to blink and glance over as Kim coughed lightly for her attention.



"Oh, come on! Her camera just 'happens' to stop working and is damaged beyond repair, and you had nothing to do with it? Please, it's so obvious you did something."

"You wound me, Kimmie." Shego told her, flipping her sunglasses down to stare at Kim with a innocent smile. "I didn't touch the damn thing, not a single finger."

"You didn't?" Kim asked, her voice hopeful but suspicious.

"Never laid a single hand, digit, or even brushed it with my skin." The thief idly flicked her long dark hair. "Not a single strand of my hair touched the damn thing."

"Oh," Kim flushed red. "Sorry, force of habit."

"Think nothing of it, pumpkin." The green woman smirked as Kim lay back on her chair and sighed with contentment. "Think nothing of it at all…"

And one day I'll tell you. Shego promised inwardly, thinking of how annoyed Kim would be. Yeah, one day… about four years later, on my birthday too… while you're drunk.

WEE- Location classified.

"Thirteen and a half million!" Sheldon Director screamed at the seated figure that once more remained partially obscured by the shadows. "You've spent thirteen and a half million in three months!"

"So?" The voice replied quietly, amused.

"That… you… damn you!" Sheldon roared throwing the file containing the figures across the table. "My organisation is not some… some piggy bank for you to take funds from! Not without results, actual results!"

"We will obtain results." The figure shifted. "Very soon as well. I estimate that if construction continues for the next six months, the device will be completed and then we shall be ready."

"Six months? My sister will be breathing down my neck in six months!"

"But not for very long after."

Gemini scowled and moved forwards alongside the table, but paused as movement once again set his teeth on edge. Once again, a pair of eyes regarded him with cold calculation, and he felt, rather than saw, the muscles of the figure the eyes belonged to, tensing to strike. Reining in his temper, he growled.

"Fine, so you say. But, if I may ask, what exactly am I bankrolling here?" He motioned to the list. "Eighteen tonnes of high grade cadmium, fifteen pounds of titanium, niobium, and fullerene tube material. High tensile wire… super-cooled liquid helium. I mean, that's just a small portion of the things on here. Then we have the stolen items." Gemini flipped the page. "We've received some classified government equipment to do with super-colliding, a high frequency laser system, and something from the Japanese government that controls high energy fields. So, what's it all for?!"

The woman shrugged. "A device that will level the playing field for WEE and then crush it completely. Along with Team Possible, your sister, Global Justice… everything."

Gemini snorted. "I've heard that before as well."

"Yes, but not from me. I promise you, Mr Gemini, that if this venture is successful, then you will have a force join yours that you cannot even begin to imagine, resources beyond your wildest dreams, and finally the world - and everyone in it - in the palm of your hand."

Gemini's eyes gleamed with greed. "You believe this device will really accomplish that?"

"I do."

Sheldon Director stood slowly from the conference table in the darkened room and nodded. "Very well, take what you need. But I expect results as soon as possible."

"Oh yes, Mr Gemini, results are what I wish for as well." The figure watched him leave and quietly nodded to herself. "Yes, results are what I want. But they may not be what you expect."

Turning, there was a flash of red as she stood up from the chair and strode to one of the figures that guarded her every waking moment. The eyes slid to where she stood, the gaze dull yet focused.

"Watch him, you understand? I want to know if he suspects anything that could affect us. Any single thing, yes?" She ordered, and the guard nodded, bowing. "Good, and send your compatriot to my quarters. Time is rapidly becoming something we are running out of. To counter this, all three of us must work harder to our goal, so I have a mission for her that I had planned for her to do later, but which now must not wait. I want her to steal something for me while Global Justice, Possible, and WEE are all distracted."

There was another nod and the figure walked swiftly from the darkened room leaving her mistress to stand quietly and plan the next phase.

Sun resort

The sun had set on the island paradise, leaving a balmy warm night and a clear sky. The moon shone brightly, its reflection dancing along the ocean as the waves swept over the darkened sand.

At the edge of the ocean, neatly sitting on pontoons, and attached to the main building via a long covered walkway, sat the Sun resort's main open-front restaurant. Comprising of a skilfully woven palm leaf roof, and seductively lit with candles and modern styled lamps that gently played across tables, chairs and their occupants with a soft golden glow, it was a perfect place for couples with a romantic urge to bathe in the atmosphere of simple intimacy.

The soft light, Kim thought to herself, certainly made the beautiful woman in front of her look even more exotic and otherworldly. Her green skin played with the golden glow, softening her skin and drifting teasingly across the long dark hair.

She looked like some sort of demon, or angel… maybe a spirit of some sort, unnaturally and perfect in her beauty.

Kim sighed. Oh yeah. I have it bad…

"Kimmie?" The smooth voice cut into her thoughts and the redhead blinked. Her lover, fork poised over her identical appetiser of soft prawns and some sort of delicious sauce, smiled at her expression.

"What?" Kim managed.

"You've been staring at me for about three minutes." Shego told her quietly, amused. "I don't mind really. But, um, that little helping on your fork has been threatening to drop onto your dress for a good minute. So stare all you want, Pumpkin, but eat your food. This stuff looks like it'd be hard to get out of clothing."

"I… I wasn't staring!" Flushing as her lover raised an eyebrow, the redhead bit down on the morsel on her fork. Swallowing, she mumbled. "Okay, I was… just thinking about…well, how beautiful you are."

"And staring at me." Shego teased, picking up her wineglass and sipping the lightly coloured white. "I don't mind if you do, Pumpkin. After all, being a couple as we are, you have the right to as much ogling as you want."

"I know… and that wasn't why I was thinking about how beautiful you are. It was more personal than that. More about me and how I see you and I… um…"


"Everything's changed so quickly for me… for us. I look at us now and I can't believe it." Kim whispered looking up and sighing as Shego frowned. "Before you say anything, it's been much better for both of us, I know that. What I mean is… I love being with you, I love how it is between us now, and I'd never go back! No matter what! But… I… I…"


"Was it my fault we lost so much time?" Kim blurted, making Shego pause in as she forked up another morsel and stare at her in shock.

"Kimmie, what the-"

"I keep wondering, when I look at you now and just see how sexy you are, how I possibly could have missed it back when we fought for all those years?" Kim poked at the food on her plate and Shego watched her nibble her lip with anxiety. "I notice stuff about you now I never did before, back then."

"Like?" Shego managed, trying to keep her voice steady.

"Oh, well. The way your hair swishes when you walk, your long legs, the curves of your body. I… I find everything about you so… hot and sexy. But more, I love the way you laugh and smile, the way you tease me, everything… All of that's different to how it used to be. I can't help but see everything about you in a new way, and it makes me want you so much!" Kim missed the quick flush of green on Shego's cheeks at that, and continued prodding her food. "But it was there before, all of it. You haven't changed from when we fought as hero against villain, and I missed all of that. God, I must have been blind!"

Thinking carefully for a second, and watching the redhead in front of her as she poked her dinner, Shego quietly analysed what Kim had said. Finally she leaned forwards and the redhead glanced up, an uncertain expression on her face.

"Kimmie, of all the things to beat yourself up over. Doy! Things were a little different between us back then." The thief sipped her wine and then forked another morsel of food. "It's kinda hard to see the beauty in someone when they're trying to beat you into a bloody mess. It'd be almost impossible to notice when you're flipping around a room dodging balls of green energy that spell certain death."

"Yeah, but-"

Shego looked up and her expression was dark. "Just as impossible as it is for me to forget that I was the one trying to hurt you like that." The thief leaned back and sighed, pushing away the lingering guilt. "I did that, because I was angry and had something to prove to myself."

Kim flushed, realising she had opened barely healed wounds for sexy woman across from her. "Shego-"

"You weren't the only one being blind, Princess. I took years to work it out, and I only realised something was wrong because I knew how hard it was becoming to fight you day after day. I realised that what I was doing, while fun, was becoming less important. It was becoming a means to an end… the end being to see, to touch, and to have… time with you."

Kim blinked "It… was?"

"I'll only point out that three months since our run-in with the Jade and that bitch Kara, I'm now sharing dinner with you, on the shores of a tropical island, while trying not to fantasise about ravishing you on this table. And all after you and I have tried to kill or incapacitate each other for years. So yeah, things have changed fast for us. Personally, I like it."

"I still can't believe I never noticed that you were so gorge-"

"Cupcake, please stop saying that all the time. It makes me feel weird okay? Nobody has every really said that to me before." Trying not to flush a second time as her lover gazed at her so softly; Shego drank more wine to cover the fact she was blushing and then looked up. "Listen, all I want to know is do you see the stuff you missed back then in me now?"

"God, yeah." Kim whispered. "And you are gorgeous. I don't care who knows it, but I'm in love with you."

"Well… that… that's good enough then." The thief wrestled with herself internally, she wasn't going to melt from Kim's quiet admission, and certainly not from the honest tone it was delivered with. "Kimmie… That you find me beautiful despite being the 'freak' with the plasma powers, pale skin, and mutant green undertones that others see? Well, that's something that I find one heck of a turn on myself and makes me love you a hell of a lot. You're the first single amazing thing to come along in my life."

"You're not a freak." Kim told her. "You're Shego… and that's all that matters as far as I'm concerned."

And that acceptance from you makes me love you so much more. She thought quietly as they both returned to their starters and Kim began to eat with far more enjoyment. That you accept me for who I am is one of the things I find so fascinating about you, Pumpkin. Most people would call me a freak. You certainly could have when we fought all those years. Yet you never did, not once.

"Shego?" Kim repeated, making the green woman blink and focus on her. Where had all the time gone? "Did you hear me?"

"Um, no." The thief replied, and noticing both plates were now empty, signalled the waiter to come over. "Sorry."

"Hey, no big. I was only talking to you for about five minutes." Kim told her with a smirk. "I was thinking that we… should… um. "

"Madame and her partner have finished?" A smooth Italian voice quietly asked.

Kim looked up into the face of an elegantly dressed god. Their waiter was amazingly built and filled out the neatly modern black suit with light blue shirt very well indeed. His face too was smooth and elegant, with a dapper expression that conveyed polite interest towards them.

Kim felt her heart give a mild flutter of excitement as the waiter leaned over and neatly plucked her plate up, before turning to where Shego sat quietly drinking her wine, and picked up hers as well. The act was just enough so that the neatly styled trousers he wore tightened over his buttocks. Tight and defined buttocks that sent Kim's heart pumping.

"Yeah, thanks." Shego nodded, leaning back and grinning. "Nice stuff."

"Thank you, madam and madam. I shall bring you your mains immediately." The waiter murmured and strode off.

Kim's gaze followed him for a second, and then she sighed with a dreamy tone. "Wow…"

Wait… what am I doing?! Her mind suddenly screamed at her. You can't find a guy sexy in front of Shego! Heck, you shouldn't find then sexy at all! You're supposed to be a Lesbian now so act like one! Jeez, if she noticed that she'll hate me for finding a guy sexy! Apologise, right now!

"I'm sorry!" Kim blurted out at the green woman, making Shego jerk to a halt in the process of refilling her glass with the excellent white wine she had been drinking.

"For what?" She asked, and Kim congratulated her on pretending to remain calm while her girlfriend and lover to be ogled another person. Worse, a man. Wasn't that wrong on so many levels? Claiming to love another woman and then feeling a bubbling arousal as this guy, in one hell of a well cut suit, bends over in front of you? Shego had every right to hit her here and now and-

"I… the waiter." Kim managed, only to feel her cheeks burn as the thief raised a single elegant eyebrow. She looked down and mumbled her guilt. "I stared at his… body. He's really built."

"Mmmn, nice isn't it." Shego replied casually, going back to filling her wineglass. "I could sink my teeth into his ass, I tell you. Well, if I didn't have my Kimmie anyway and she's far more my type."

Kim stared, just simply stared as the guilt and fear froze and then instantly vanished and replaced itself with confusion. "But… but…"

The green woman looked up at her once more, and placed the bottle into the ice bucket. "What, you don't want me to look? I call that unfair considering you did. Don't be greedy with the eye candy, pumpkin."

"You don't understand!" Kim managed, reaching out and gripping her tightly. "I'm… I'm not supposed to find guys sexy now!"

Okay, you are now entering weird town, Shego thought as Kim gazed at her with desperate apology and confusion. Population one.

"Why not? I do sometimes."

The look on Kim's face was utterly priceless. She finds guys cute too? She does?! But… she loves me and I… god my head hurts!

"You… do?" She managed lamely.

"Well, yeah. Men, women… I kinda go for the whole selection, Pumpkin. Like in those variety boxes you can get. There's always something in there you'll find you like. Same deal." The green woman chuckled. "Besides, you know how much I like to break the rules? Well 'ta dahh' at me smashing one of the big ones for society."

She likes both men and women? But… then I'm just like her and... What the heck does that mean for us?

"But I thought, I mean if I like girls and you like girls then… I… but I like men and so do you so we…" Kim closed her eyes and her head bounced lightly on the tabletop. "Why isn't this simple? What's wrong with me?"

Shego chuckled with sympathy at the moan of confusion that came from across the table "Nothing at all, except that you seem to think you must be one of the sexualities. Not fitting into one of the groups such as heterosexual, homosexual… whatever frightens you way more than me."

Kim continued to gently thud her head on the table. "No big, this is no big…"

"Damn right it's not." Shego agreed and then rolled her eyes. "Look, pumpkin, how about I try and help you by making this simple?"

The thief watched a single green eye gaze up at her and Kim nodded. "Kay. Please and thank you"

"Right, um." Shego leaned back and held up a single finger as the waiter hovered with two steaming plates. Understanding, he retreated and she turned her attention to the pool of red hair on the white cloth. "You liked, though god knows why, the buffoon. Right?"

"Mmn." There was a slight nod. "And his name is Ron, Shego."

"Like I said, the buffoon. And then you and I hook up, and you find me beautiful and sexy." There was a subtle pause, ever so slight and almost faintly tinged with uncertainty. "Right?"

The nod that came again was far more vigorous. "Oh yeah."

"Well then, congratulations, Kimmie. Anything's possible for a Possible and you, cupcake, happen to be as lucky as me." The thief began to smile and sipped her wine. "We like both guys and girls in this big wide world. So relax, Kimmie and enjoy it. Just think of it as being a little more… mercurial in our tastes towards partners than others. We can appreciate both sexes, and I like that I can."

Kim slowly let her head rise from the table as something that she'd never considered before trickled into her head. But how to word it and not sound foolish to the older woman in front of her, that was the problem. "You mean I could be, um, bi-sexual instead of a lesbian?"

The green woman chuckled and rolled her eyes a second time, even as they twinkled with humour. "Again with the pigeonholing, Kim. What I'm saying is that who cares what your sexuality is. You like the waiter? Fine, look and enjoy his fine ass." She leaned close and her eyes had a warning gleam in them. "But only look, Princess. Don't even think about touching, now or ever. Because you're special to me, understand? I don't share anything I consider special with anyone else."

"Shego!" Kim flushed, but nodded. And when she spoke, it was with quiet sincerity. "I would never do that to you. Ever."

"I know, pumpkin. I just wanted to hear you say it." Satisfied, the thief turned and waved at the waiter who stood at a polite distance with their plates on a trestle. As he moved forwards, she smiled at Kim who returned it coquettishly. "So, you were saying something earlier that I missed?"

"Yeah. I was wondering if you were ready to move on yet?"

"Me? Kimmie, this is your holiday and yours alone. My gift to you, understand? The question is, are you ready to move on to somewhere else?" The thief sighed as a plate of rare streak was placed in front of her and she inhaled the scent of it greedily. "Mmmn, almost as good as this little bistro I know in Paris."

"Paris?" Kim nodded to the waiter as he placed her own order; a pan fried chicken breast coated in thick tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella, in front of her with a flourish. "Isn't that on our 'to do' list?"

"Yup, but only if you want to. I got reservations in the George the Fifth. Reservations that are open ended, as they are with all of the hotels and resorts I've booked, so we can go there when you want." Shego cut into her steak with enthusiasm and smiled inwardly, laying on the details for her. "I love that city though, so yeah I'll always be ready to go there with you. Even better, thanks to my time there, I know all the best places to visit. Clubs, restaurants, even the entertainments."

Say yes. Oh, please say yes. I've got something cool to do with you there. And it also means I can finish up with that little camera toting bitch.

Kim watched her quietly, and smiled. "Okay then. We are so going there next."

"Yeah?" Shego looked up and smirked without Kim noticing as she began to cut into her meal. Her little prompting seemed to have worked. "Neat. When'd you want me to let them know we're coming?"

"Well, I've had enough sun for a little while." The redhead chuckled as Shego raised an eyebrow and gave her a long look up and down. "What?"

"Nothing. Just agreeing that my princess is well and truly tanned to perfection."

"Not surprising, considering we've had a week in the sun and the surf. It's been great here, and I really loved it. Especially all those extreme sports we did too. But I've had enough of the beach. I want to take in some nightlife, if that's okay?"

"Your wish, Kimmie, is my command." Grinning, the dark haired woman chewed her steak slowly, savouring the taste. "I'll phone the hotel tomorrow and we'll head for the airport after breakfast."

Kim smiled around her chicken, unable to speak as she chewed with enjoyment.

Both women continued to eat happily, watching as the surf and the moon continued to play with each other, each thinking various things, but always eventually coming back to romantic thoughts towards their partner.

It was that sort of night, and that sort of meal.

"Well, Bongo?"

A figure paced backwards and forwards in exasperation as it waited for the smaller simian figure in front of it to finish manipulating the advanced technological device sitting on a stone bench.

"Eeek, ook, eek ah!"

"You're certain?"


"Genuine! What the Jade gave me was genuine!" Monkey Fist pulled the glowing bracelets off the analyser and held them high. "The bracelets of Marajamon are mine!"

His insane high pitched laughter mingled with the screams and hollers of his monkey troops as they bounced around on the ancient stones of the temple.

As he held them high, the glowing power awakened inside the elegant metal and stone reflected in his eyes and the insanity underneath. Turning, Fist ambled on all four limbs, heading for the jet settled at the back of the temple, his crazed smile becoming feral as he passed into the shadows.

"I will indeed help the Jade. Kim Possible and Stoppable will soon be destroyed by our combined might!"

Laughter, quite insane and filled with high pitched giggles that were not meant for human ears, echoed through air.

Sun Resort: 2:30AM

"I can't believe you managed to finish off that dessert all by yourself, pumpkin."

Kim, slowly walking alongside the taller woman next to her - arm tucked neatly into the crook provided by Shego's own - chuckled. "Hey! I happen to like dessert."

Walking back to the neatly lined up huts that sat in this area of the beach - part of the exuberant and elegant top star accommodations at the resort - both redhead and brunette strolled along slowly, enjoying the night time air and its soft scents of exotic plants. And they were alone, understandably considering Shego had managed to keep Kim entertained at the bar after dinner until well past two in the morning. Now, the thief chuckled.

"No arguments there, princess, but a whole mango and cream frappe?" Shego pulled her closer and quietly enjoyed the feel of Kim's warm skin. "You keep that up and little Ms Possible will end up podgy."

"Yeah, right," Kim snorted, amused. "With you throwing me around the combat gym and my usual missions to stop crazy people from ruling the world? Please, I need all the energy I can get."

"I suppose." Shego replied, amused, and then suddenly reached across and ran her free hand along the cloth covering Kim's skin and the smooth muscle curves that rippled with tension. "I like this part, that's all. I don't want to have to fight past a couple of inches of fat."

"Hey!" Kim flushed, shivering at the gentle touch.

"Of course," Shego whispered, nudging her lips against Kim's head and seeking her earlobe as she inhaled the delicate scent of the redhead's skin "There are other ways of expending energy, Kimmie. Fun things, exciting things that are much better than fighting."

"Jeez," Kim managed, letting out a hiss that rapidly descended into a moan as the green woman began to nibble on her ear gently. "Cut it out!"


"We're going to make a scene!" Kim managed, the intense and pleasant feeling beginning to erode her determination to at least make it into the bedroom before the thief began exploring in earnest. "Sheggooo!"

"So we make a scene! Who cares?" Shego growled, blinking as Kim suddenly slammed her against the door to their beach hut, and began to scratch at the lock with her key card. The touch of the redhead and the way she continued to press her body into the green woman's own drove Shego crazy. Reaching out, she gently tugged the light fabric of the dress away from Kim's neck and began to nibble the skin she found there. "God I wish you'd let me have you tonight."

"Please, Shego, stop."

They both crashed through the door as it opened with a quiet beep, shocking both of them as they fell into their hallway. Shego let out a pained huff, as her back impacted on the soft, deep, carpet while Kim landed on top of her, red hair in disarray and mingling with Shego's own black threads.

The hero had barely enough time to get her breath back, before two dark lips locked onto her neck and began to suck and nibble once more, the sensations hot and powerful. Kim wanted to fight the urges, but found her body refused and gave in to Shego. Her hands slid into the dark tresses of her lover with wild abandon and she savoured the feel of the dark silk running through her hands.

Both women indulged in the taste and sensations of the other, everything else forgotten. Suddenly, Shego paused and Kim felt a hand press into her back gently, just above where the zip for her dress lay.


Her name; uttered so quietly and tenderly, was a question from her lover. No, not so much a question at all. More… well, her lover seeking permission. For Kim it was both thrilling and frightening at the same time. She felt Shego shift gently underneath her, getting comfortable on the carpet, and shivered as a single long leg gently curled around her waist and tugged ever so slightly.


"I…" Kim closed her eyes. Shego was so close, her gaze confident, needy… aroused. And Kim felt the same way, but… she wasn't ready yet. Not yet. She shook her head and gazed into the emerald eyes that gently traced over her face as she pushed back gently. "I'm not ready yet, Shego. I… I'm sorry."

The leg gently slid away, and Kim bit her lip as guilt washed over her at how cowardly she was to refuse giving Shego this final gift, this final special thing, the green woman's arms slowly folded around her waist instead and tugged the redhead closer. Black lips curved slightly and then reached up to lay one of the most feather light, and yet intense, kisses Kim had ever felt.

"Fine, I can wait…" the dark haired woman whispered, and her arms tightened slightly. "Just promise me, Kimmie, that one day you'll be ready for us to take the next step?"

"I love you," Kim murmured, amazed still at how quickly hate had flipped to an intense love and respect for both of them. "When I'm ready, and I will be ready, it'll be you."

"That's all I ask." Shego replied. "All I ask…"

Slowly, the two women untangled themselves and Shego stood and shut the door, breathing deeply as she did so to try and shake the lingering need and desperation to take Kim there and then.

God that was hard, letting her go free. The thief chuckled lightly and, turning, noticed Kim's own flustered and conflicted expression. Mind you, looks like I wasn't the only one who wasn't pretty much hoping that went further than it did. Doy, what a point to stop at!

"I…" Kim looked down at her feet. "I'm kinda tired now actually."

Nodding, Shego gently reached out and tilted Kim's head back up, soft green eyes staring into vibrant emerald ones. "Me too… but I want to have a quick shower before I turn in."

"A shower?" Kim managed, mesmerised by the vibrant gleam in Shego's eyes. "At this time of night?"

The thief nodded. "Yeah, Kimmie, a cold shower."

"Oh, oh!" The redhead shivered and pulled back gently. "Might be a good idea, for one of us anyway."

Oh great, well done Kim. The teen thought to herself as her body revved a second time. Now I've got nothing but a picture of us both in the shower… together.

Smiling at the expression on Kim's face, a wonderful mix of indecision and embarrassment, Shego gently reached out and placed her hands on Kim's shoulders. Turning the teen around to face the bedroom, the moonlight shining on the bed through the skylight, Shego gently pushed her forwards.

"Go on, Kimmie. You're bushed, so hit the sack."

"Okay, sounds like a plan." Kim managed, and slowly wandered over to where the lure of soft sheets, and someone to curl up next to, beckoned. Pausing, she turned. "You won't be long, right?"

"Nope." The thief told her, opening the door next right next to the hallway that led into to the bathroom. "I'll have a quick shower and then join you, I promise."

Receiving a nod, Shego dipped into the bathroom and locked the door.

Once done, the thief silently moved across to where the frosted window on the other side of the room sat neatly closed. Sliding the latch open, she pushed the window as gently as possible, letting it whisper open and let in the quiet sounds of the hot night air and patter of distant surf.

Glancing across to the shower unit, she opened the glass door and turned on the taps, letting the loud hiss of running water cover everything with noise. Satisfied that Kim would be none the wiser, Shego slid off her shoes, let her legs slide out of the window, gave silent thanks that she'd chosen the black dress carefully that night, and landed silently on the walkway outside their hut with barely a whisper.

Standing, she inhaled the night air and her demeanour changed from relaxed woman into feral hunter with a single change in the way her body positioned itself and muscles tightened. This, the chase, the hunt for something or someone, was what excited her like nothing else, other than her lover back inside.

She was a thief, and Shego smiled as her emerald eyes gleamed in the night, reflecting the moonlight that spilled across the walkways leading back to the main hotel building and a certain Porsche that had become her single goal for the night.

Oh yes, a lovely night for some final payback. Shego thought gleefully as she took off in a long legged dash across the wood, her footsteps as silent as a cat. Being with Kimmie may limit my options, Silicon Stacy, but you thought losing a camera to an 'accident' was bad? Wait until I hit you where it really hurts. Well, in your little piggybank anyway.

Prowling along the walkway, Shego ducked and weaved her way around the security patrols that covered the area as she headed for the main hotel building.

She was on a time limit, knowing that Kim would expect her to shower for only so long. The thrill of that, having Kimmie act as some sort of stopwatch, pushed Shego into an almost meditative state.

If she forces open that door when I'm not there… well, I don't really want to think about that. Better to just get this done! Time to see if I've gotten rusty I think.

She shot into the varying types of plant that lined the walkway as she got closer to the main building and its unwelcome lights, using the foliage as cover in the dark. The only sign of her passing was the faint whisper of disturbed leaves and the excited gleam from her emerald eyes as she prowled along the ground.

It was almost deadly quiet in the hotel grounds now, most of the guests having gone to bed long ago. Indeed, Shego had quietly kept Kim talking and amused for most of the evening with the intent that when she stole out of the room, there would be nobody around.

The only action, as she passed behind the squat little shack, that housed it, was the beach bar that acted as a breaker between the hotel and the clear sand. A few people sat there, drinking and chatting happily. None saw the thief as she swept past them, covered by the trees and shadows.

Finally, Shego reached the main car park, where guests who had them parked their vehicles. Open planned and defended by a gate, a sturdy fence with security cameras, and a guard at the entrance, it was very well designed to being secure against outside threats.

But not inside ones… Shego thought, grinning with malevolent glee as her skilled eyes took in the camera positions and noted that though the fence ones covered excellently, the actual resort ones were far less intrusive and covering. Designed to ensure famous guests aren't too concerned about some dick security guy selling the tapes of them pissed to the media. Which suits me just fine right now. Now then… let's find the Porsche.

Her black dress swirling around her in the gentle breeze, Shego skulked along the cars that were parked, eyes scanning for a tell tale make and anything else that would provide evidence that the car in question was the one she was seeking.

Blue Porsche, blue Porsche. Hey, a Ferrarri! And an Aston Martin DB9 too! Oh, look at that! A Bugatti Veylon! She stopped suddenly next to a bright blue Porsche, the nameplate gleaming in the moonlight.


And we have a winner! But I was sort of expecting it to say she was spoiled or something. Ah well. Glancing left and right, Shego crouched next to the vehicle and quietly moved along it, eventually reaching the bonnet. Her head rose slowly and glanced over the low metal fence and neatly trimmed hedge that discreetly shielded the car park from the main outside pool.

Spying the water, and glancing back at the car, a sudden thought struck her and the evil grin widened.

Oh hoe… do I dare do what just popped into my head? The thief glanced back at the Porsche and hummed quietly to herself. This thing can't weigh more than a tonne or so. I could do it if I wanted to… and do I? Shego carefully made her way to the back of the car and paused. Kimmie wouldn't do this, she'd scream at me if she knew.

The memory of Kim's outraged and hurt expression as the Blonde had cackled about selling the picture to the media slid back into Shego's mind. Her hands curled into claws at the memory of her face.

No, she wouldn't. But then I'm not her and she isn't me. Shego doesn't let something like that slide and nobody does that to her… no one! Well, except me and her parents. Maybe Stoppable, if he has a good reason or it's funny. Shego paused and shook her head. First I go soft in the heart, and now I'm going soft in the damn brain. Focus, Shego!

Reaching the back of the car and crouching behind the bumper and its badge, the brunette cast a cautious glance left and right, her emerald gaze examining the entire space, including the shadows and areas people never even bothered to look consciously, for anything that indicated movement or something watching.

Finding nothing, Shego began to calculate the angle she needed to pull off her final little piece of payback against the woman who had annoyed both her and Pumpkin for the whole day. As she mentally began to work out the numbers, she gently methodically began to roll her hands and flex her fingers.

Okay, for this to work I'm going to need a good dose of power of about fifteen hundred and… Continuing to mentally work things out, Shego paid little heed as her powers began to respond subconsciously to the figures spinning past her conscious mind. Her arms tightened and the skin, usually so pale green, began to shimmer with an inner green glow. Concussive blast should do it, tied in with a little kinetic shoring up of my own muscle fibres. Get this wrong and I'll snap every damn joint in my arms.

The glow continued to build, the shimmering ripples under Shego's skin becoming the obvious thickening of her muscles throughout her body as she focused her powers in ways Kim had barely seen. Nodding, as she finished her mental calculations, the thief continued to focus inwardly on commanding her power to perform something she disliked doing immensely.

Haven't done this much since my Go days… probably because it makes me look like a Christmas decoration, and this'll seriously make my body smart like a bitch later. Ah well, this'll be worth it and besides, I have a redhead to kiss and massage it all better later on. Smiling at the thought, Shego took a deep breath. Okay then, let's seriously charge up on the power and get this done.

Sliding her glowing arms under the rear bumper of Stacy's car, Shego focused her power into a concentrated torrent of energy, allowing it to saturate the tissues of her muscles and skin. It wasn't pleasant for her to bottle up so much of her plasma power in one area, indeed if she continued then eventually her body would just reflexively discharge in a massive display of heat and light.

But Shego wasn't going to let it get that far.

Steady… focus. NOW!

With an explosive snap the green woman straightened up, her hands gripping the underside of the car tightly, while at the same time the stored energy not shoring up her muscle tissues with kinetic discharge exploded out of her skin with a concussive blast that silently impacted the tarmac underneath the car. The energy tore into its underside and combined with Shego's enhanced strength as her hands pulled upwards underneath the Porsche, gave sufficient energy to lift the entire vehicle in an eerily silent flash of dark green light and a quiet pop of displaced air.

And she's airborne!

It all happened in the space of a second, and the sight would have been amazing to behold if anyone had seen it. A young woman, in her mid-twenties, body shimmering with green energy of an unknown nature, flipping an entire blue Porsche neatly into the air as though it were nothing more than a plastic toy. Almost elegant as it flew, the car rotated neatly once while airborne and, as Shego watched with complete and total satisfaction, landed with an almightily crash of displaced water into the main pool.

Let's see the insurance company believe this claim form! Glancing around, Shego smirked and nodded to herself. Anyway, time to go!

Her lithe figure let the glowing green energy extinguish with barely a flicker and Shego shot across the car park tarmac and dived into the foliage with a whisper of displaced greenery. As much as she wanted to stay and enjoy the reaction of the people who were bound to come and investigate the cause of the loud crashing noise, she had to get back before she was missed.

Oh great, She thought sourly as her bare feet pounded the gritty mix of soil and sand, her ears picking up the first scream of shock behind her as someone discovered a unique pool toy sitting where it shouldn't be. My body is bloody killing me now! Goddamn power and its after-effects sometimes. Why couldn't I have had the super strength? Hego is a lucky bastard, he really is!

As she reached the huts on the sand, Shego slowed to a graceful and silent stride as her feet quietly impacted the neatly laid and polished wood of the walkway. Her arms were throbbing now and she cursed inwardly as she rubbed them. Finally, her destination appeared in the evening air… the open bathroom window.

Quickly slipping back inside their hut, the thief stripped out of the dress she had been wearing and tumbled into the shower, biting back a wince as she realised she had actually set the thermostat on it to cold, less the warm blasts of moist air disturb Kim in some way. Shivering, Shego grabbed the bottles of shower gel and shampoo, and prepared to give herself the fastest body wash the world had ever seen.

Kim groaned as a much cooler and slightly damp body slid into bed next to her.

Though she had tried her best to remain awake and wait for her partner to finish her shower, the drowsy sensation she'd felt had rapidly overtaken her after she'd managed to slip into a loose, body length T-shirt and tumble into the soft sheets. Sleep had dragged her down and she's succumbed to it all to easily, thanks to Shego's late night habits while on holiday.

Now, her lover was sinking into the sheets with her, and Kim mumbled faintly and cracked a single, sleep ridden eye, open and stared at her. "Y'u duhne?"

Shego smiled, inwardly sighing with relief as she realised her plan had been a success and Pumpkin was none the wiser. "Yeah, I am. It was quite refreshing."

"Kay." Kim yawned, and to Shego's delight snuggled closer to her in the bed. She was almost disappointed that, to try and make Kim more relaxed in sharing a bed, her usual habit of sleeping nude had been curtailed to a matching dark T-shirt and very loose pants. She would have given anything for the two of them to be naked as they spooned together under the sheets. It would have been the perfect end to the perfect evening.

Smiling as the redhead burbled slightly and wiggled closer, her red hair spilling down the light cotton pillows in a gleaming torrent that spoke directly to Shego's libido, the thief caressed Kim's naked arm, suppressing a wince as her abused muscles complained at the action.

Ignoring them, and her protesting back, Shego continued to stroke the young woman along her arm, and tightened her legs against the redhead's own. She smiled in the dark, her black lips curving in wonder as she admitted something so very private to the both of them.

"I love you in every way I think I damn well could, Kim. God help us both if anything were to happen to you. I don't know what I'd do." Leaning back on the pillows, and ignoring the growing cries of excitement that were beginning to drift in from the bathroom doorway and open window, Shego let her tired body rest and begin to slip into sleep. "Still, nothing's gonna do that to you… not whle…m'n arn'd…"

Global Justice Headquarters.

"That is a very impressive building." Su murmured, her eyes glued to a pair of high powered military night vision goggles as she stared at the building in front of her. Illuminated by the moonlight and its own security lighting network, it was both beautiful and imposing as a target. "Correction, 'Global Justice' is most impressive."

"Mmn, I have seen far better." Her sister replied, her dark clothed form leaning against the wall they had chosen to hide behind. "Though I'll admit I'm really looking forward to smashing that security. It looks to be most entertaining."

"I am sure you will, Song." Su chuckled, standing up and gently placing the goggles to one side. Reaching down, she picked up her Go Kitty backpack and slid it across her shoulders. "You remember the blueprints Master was able to obtain and send to us?"

"Of course." Song replied and, for a second, her hands peeled back the dark cloth of her shinobi shozoku to reveal a long thin combat blade and the flash of Shuriken, poison darts and more advanced weapons of combat. She smiled and then glanced across. "Not to insult your own choice of… weapons. But you do have your yo-yo, right?"

"Always." Su told her, holding the small item up for her perusal. "And I have told you before that I like my style of weapons. It makes me feel-"

"Like a child." Song told her with an amused smile. "You may look about fourteen, dear sister, but you certainly are not that age."

"Now is not the time." Su replied, rolling her eyes. Where was the fun of being an assassin for one of the most powerful organisations in the world, if your chosen method of killing was boring and mundane? After all, both she and her sister had chosen to remain 'young', to ensure that they could fall back on tactics for some targets that others… couldn't.

Shaking her head, Su took a few steps forward and joined her sister. "We want the computer level, nothing more. Simple in and simple out, my sister."

Song nodded, childish teasing completely replaced by cool professionalism. "And any guard that becomes a problem for us?"

"No killing if we can help it. Bodies leave a trail and anger; anger leads to renewed efforts to track us. We do not need that."

"I understand." Song replied. "And the bomb?"

Su patted her Hello Kitty backpack and thought of the fluffy Japanese styled 'Cuddle buddy' she had tucked into it earlier that night. "It is packed and ready to… 'Deal' with the Global Justice mainframe if necessary."

Song let out a murmur of satisfaction. "Then let us begin. I, for one am far more interested in dealing with Shego and Kim Possible than Global Justice."

"So am I, sister." Su whispered as they took off across the neat grounds of GJ headquarters. "So am I…"

Continued in Chapter 2.

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