A Secret to Kill For

Summary: For years, Bobby Mercer had belonged to a group called the Black Diamond. He left it when he had more important people in his life. He wanted to move on. But Bobby had a deadly secret, and now someone he loves will pay for it.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Mercer brothers or Evelyn, but I do own the members of the Black Diamond.

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Note: This is rated for alcohol and drug use, violence, and language (which I normally don't use, so it was odd writing it!). Just thought I'd let you all know that. Lol!


Bobby: 29

Jerry: 23

Angel: 20

Jack: 12

Prologue… Four Years Earlier

"Looks like I win again, Diamond." Bobby Mercer said, laying his cards out in front of him. "Lady Luck must have given me her heart tonight! What is this, my third time winning now?"

Damon Terel, nicknamed "Diamond" since he was the leader of the Black Diamond group, ran his hand through his blond hair in shock. "I can't believe it, man!" he exclaimed, passing over his poker chips and laying another five dollar bill on top of them. "Wanna' play another round to see if your luck still holds out?"

Bobby checked his watch as he took another drink from his beer bottle. "Nah. I have to get home and check on the family." he replied, picking up the five dollars. "It's getting late."

"Come on, Bobby." Diamond said, trying to convince him to stay. "It's only a half hour after eleven! Stay and play another round!"

"I'm sorry, but I have to go!" Bobby told him, raising his voice so that he could get his point across. "Is the gang meeting here again tomorrow?"

Diamond nodded. "You bet." he said. "We're here the whole weekend, man!"

"I'll be here at nine then!" Bobby replied, taking his beer with him as he left the bar. He sighed as he pulled his car keys out of his pocket as he entered the parking lot. In truth, he was glad that he was leaving this early. His twelve-year-old brother, Jack, had been having nightmares and didn't want to sleep lately. He seemed to be the only one who could calm him down enough to get him to get some rest…

Bobby reached his car and unlocked it when he heard a footstep behind him. He looked up and saw a man a couple of years younger than him with light brown hair and deep blue eyes. He recognized him at once to be Diamond's younger brother. "Hey, Andrew." he said, leaning against his car while he took a sip of beer. "Did I leave something inside?"

"No, man." Andrew replied, stopping in front of him. "I just want to ask you about something."

"What?" Bobby muttered, beginning to have an uneasy feeling about his tone.

Andrew sighed. "Is the word true?" he asked. "Are you really leaving the Black Diamond?"

Bobby took another drink before he said anything. "I left a long time ago." he answered. "I'm just here visiting my mother and brothers for the week. Then, I'm heading back to Chicago. I didn't even know that you guys were here tonight. When your brother asked me if I wanted to play a few games, I didn't think that it would hurt."

"Why didn't you tell Diamond?" Andrew demanded, seeming to be very upset by his words. "You were a dedicated member!"

"That's not the life I wanted anymore." Bobby told him quietly, finishing off his beer. "Besides, I didn't want him getting on my ass about it. I'll tell him at a better time. I have other things in my life that matter to me now."

Bobby turned away from him and opened his car door, but froze when he heard a slight click from behind him. He glanced back, and saw that Andrew had pulled out a knife. "No one ever leaves the Black Diamond alive." the man muttered, the hand he was holding the blade in shaking. "Especially you. You know too many of our secrets."

"And who am I going to tell?" Bobby demanded, trying to keep his temper down as he turned completely around. "I'm not involved with anything anymore!"

Andrew looked back at him, mad glint in his eye. "I can't take that chance." he whispered, lunging the knife at the other man.

Bobby closed the door and moved out of the way of the weapon, then dodged another swing. He grabbed his empty beer bottle from the hood of the car and swung it out blindly in defense. What happened next, Bobby knew he would regret for as long as he lived. The bottle collided forcefully with the other man's temple, shattering into hundreds of tiny pieces. The knife fell from Andrew's hand as he hit the hard ground, unmoving.

Breathing hard, Bobby kicked the knife away from him so he couldn't reach for it again. But Andrew didn't move. Cautiously, Bobby knelt down next to him and placed his first two fingers on the man's neck to check his pulse. After a moment, he noticed that he wasn't feeling one…

Horrified, Bobby jumped to his feet and backed away from the lifeless figure, not being able to believe what he had done. He anxiously looked around, hoping that no one had been outside to witness the scene. Bobby then sighed with relief after he scanned the quiet parking lot. It seemed like he was alone.

Suddenly, the door to the bar opened, and Diamond himself walked out. "Damn it!" Bobby whispered to himself, quickly getting into the car and starting it. He backed out of the parking space and drove away from Andrew, hoping to get away before Diamond discovered his brother.

Diamond looked at Bobby curiously as he passed him. "Hey, Mercer!" he shouted to him since the car window was rolled down. "Hold on a minute!"

But Bobby ignored him and kept on driving. He wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Diamond shrugged and kept on walking.

Bobby then had to slam on his breaks when other cars stopped in front of him to get out of the parking lot. "Shit!" he said, anxiously glancing behind him. Then, he turned his attention to the people in front of him. "Hurry up!" he shouted, honking the horn to try to get them to move faster. The only thing this action did was cause the other cars to honk back at him.

Finally, Bobby reached the head of the line. He was about to pull out onto the street, but he suddenly cringed when he heard Diamond's pained cry. He sighed and ran his hand over his face before he drove out of the parking lot. The noise of Diamond's pain had been haunting. He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep that night, not with the guilt that he was feeling. But Bobby knew that wasn't going be the reason for his insomnia. For on the cry, he could have sworn that he had heard his own name angrily being shouted.


Jack shouted out as his eyes snapped open. Breathing hard, he looked around him, and saw that he was in the safety of his own room. He sighed as he sat up on his bed, running his hand over his face. He couldn't believe that he had fallen asleep while he was waiting for Bobby to return home. The twelve-year-old realized that he must have been exhausted from not getting as much sleep as he needed to.

Before he had come to live with Evelyn, his dreams had been his only form of escape from his father. But not, even his dreams were showing him scenes from his life when he lived with that horrible man. There was no safety there for him now…

Suddenly, Jack jumped when someone appeared in his open doorway. "You all right, Jackie?" a man asked, his deep voice sounding concerned. "I heard your shout from down the hall."

Jack sighed and calmed down when he realized that it was one of his older brothers, the second youngest in age next to him. "I'm fine, Angel." he told the twenty-year-old. "I just had a bad dream."

Angel slowly entered the room and sat down on the bed next to him. "Is there anything that you want to talk to me about?" he wondered. "Don't worry. I'll understand if you don't."

The twelve-year-old looked away from his brother as he thought about his answer. Then, he looked back up at him with a terrified look on his face that made Angel's breath catch in his chest. "All right, you don't have to tell me." he muttered. "Too bad Bobby ain't here yet, huh, Jackie?"

"He's not back yet?" Jack said, growing anxious. "What time is it?"

Angel looked over at the clock that was across the room. "It's five minutes after midnight." he replied. "Damn. He said that he would leave the bar a half hour ago. It doesn't take him this long to get home."

"You don't think something happened to him, do you?" Jack whispered, trying not to let his anxiousness get to him.

Angel laughed. "Nah. I'm sure he's fine." he assured the boy. "If anyone can take care of himself, it's Bobby Mercer."

Jack smiled. He knew that these words were true… Angel sighed as he watched his younger brother. "Are you sure you're all right, Jackie?" he said. "Do you want me to get Mom?"

"No." Jack told him. "I don't want to worry her."

Angel nodded. "All right." he replied, getting to his feet. "At least try to get some rest while you wait for Bobby."

Jack watched as his older brother walked toward the door. But he found that while he was leaving, his fear was returning as well… "Angel, wait!" he suddenly said, surprised at how desperate he sounded.

Angel stopped in the doorway and looked back at him, feeling concerned. "What is it, Jackie?" he muttered.

The twelve-year-old looked back at him as his mind anxiously processed his emotions. He didn't want to say that he was scared, but he didn't want his older brother to leave either. "Can you stay with me until Bobby gets home?" he asked quietly.

Angel smiled at the simple request. "Sure, Jackie." he answered. "Let me just grab some things, okay?"

Jack nodded and watched as the man left the room. He felt extremely grateful, but a little embarrassed, that Angel was willing to stay with him until Bobby came home. When that was going to be, he had no idea.

Then, Angel came back into the room, holding a blanket and a pillow. He grabbed the chair by Jack's desk and sat on it, raising his legs on the bed as he situated the pillow under his head and put the blanket over him. "There." he muttered. "All comfortable."

"Thank you, Angel." Jack said, giving his older brother a small smile.

Angel smiled back. "No problem, Jackie." he replied. "After all, what are brothers for?" He barely got the last word out since he couldn't suppress a yawn. Then, after a few minutes, Angel dozed off, knowing that his presence alone would comfort the boy.

Jack sighed and grabbed his pillow, holding it close to him as he brought his knees up to his chin. Where was Bobby? Did something happen to him? The twelve-year-old could feel his anxious mind beginning to show him images of Bobby getting into a car accident; losing a fight with someone, his older brother lying dead on the sidewalk…

At this point, Jack considered waking Angel. He needed someone to talk to so that he could get his mind off of these dark thoughts. Sighing, he slowly reached his hand out toward his brother's arm…

Suddenly, his hand froze when he heard a door downstairs open.


Bobby closed the front door behind him, shivering from the cold as he set his keys on the shelf next to the coat rack. He then hung up his coat and headed toward the kitchen, planning on getting something to drink before he headed up to Jack's room. It was going to be hard to say good-bye to them so soon…

"And why are you home so late?"

Bobby froze and spun around, watching as his adoptive mother, Evelyn, walked out of the shadows of the living room. "I'm sorry, Ma." he answered, walking over to her. "It's just that-!"

"Bobby, it's almost a quarter after midnight!" Evelyn interrupted, her voice fierce. "You said that you would leave at eleven thirty. It doesn't take you over a half hour to get home from that damn bar! It only takes you ten minutes. Ten minutes, Bobby!" She paused and sighed. "Think about Jackie." she muttered. "He's been waiting for you all of this time."

The oldest Mercer brother only looked back at her, not saying a word. What was he supposed to tell her? He had left at the time he had promised, but he killed a man in self-defense and had to take many detours home to make sure that the victim's furious older brother didn't follow him?

Above them, Jack quietly left his room so that he wouldn't wake Angel. He swiftly moved to the top of the stairs and sat down, silently listening to their conversation so they wouldn't know that he was there. He could tell that something was wrong with Bobby as soon as he walked in, but he wasn't sure what. His suspicion was confirmed when he heard Evelyn's surprised gasp.

"Bobby, were you crying?" she asked, her anger gone and replaced with concern.

Jack was shocked when he heard this question. Crying?! Bobbie never cried!

Bobby sighed, rubbing his hand over his red-rimmed eyes that were still tearing a little. "No. I wasn't crying, Ma." he answered, hoping that his voice didn't give the truth away. "There were a lot of people smoking at the bar tonight. You know how I get if I'm around a lot of smoke."

The oldest Mercer hoped that his story was believable. He didn't want to worry his mother and say that he really had been crying. He hoped that she wouldn't question him further…

Evelyn looked at Bobby, knowing that what he saw wasn't the truth. But she knew her son well enough that if he didn't want to talk, she shouldn't press him. "Well, go upstairs and see Jackie, Bobby." she muttered. "Poor kid. He's probably exhausted waiting for you."

"There's something else that I have to tell you first, Ma." Bobby said, his voice strained.

Hearing the serious tone of his voice, Evelyn froze and looked her son in the eyes. "What's wrong, dear?" she asked worriedly. "Are you all right?"

Bobby nodded, but he looked just as strained as he sounded. "I'm heading back to Chicago tonight." he answered in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

Jack gasped silently when he heard these words. Why was Bobby leaving so soon?

Evelyn looked at him, shocked. "So soon?" she said. "Why? You only arrived two days ago."

The youngest Mercer didn't even wait to hear the reply. Jack quickly got to his feet and ran down the stairs, running into the living room. "Bobby, please don't go!" he shouted, throwing his arms around his older brother's waist from behind.

Bobby looked down on the twelve-year-old, startled. "What's wrong, you little fairy?" he asked, turning around so that he could put his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"I didn't know you were down here, Jackie." Evelyn added, putting her hand on her youngest son's head with concern.

Jack didn't answer, but remained close to Bobby. The older Mercer sighed, tightening his hand on his shoulder in a comforting way.

Then, they all looked into the hall when they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. A sleepy looking Angel entered the living room, and his face brightened up when he saw his older brother. "Hey, Bobby! It's about time you got home!" he said with a laugh.

But his demeanor changed when he saw Jack. "Why is Jackie hugging you like he won't see you tomorrow?" he muttered, confused.

Bobby sighed. "It's because he won't." he replied while Evelyn tried to gently pry Jack away from him without success.

"What are you talking about?" Angel asked. "What's happening tomorrow?"

"I'm heading back to Chicago tonight." Bobby answered, his words causing Jack to hug him tighter. "A problem arose at where I work, so I have to go back." Again, Bobby hoped that they didn't see through his lie. He didn't want to worry them by telling them that he was actually trying to avoid men who were most likely going to be after him.

Angel sighed. "Well, I guess you gotta' do what you gotta' do, man." he said, giving his brother a one-armed hug. "I only wish you could have stayed longer."

"Me too." Bobby agreed, giving his brother a nod. Then, he turned to the youngest Mercer. "Come on, fairy. Up to your room." he told him. "Let's go."

Jack looked up at him and finally let go, heading up the stairs with Bobby behind him, leaving Evelyn and Angel to think about the oldest brother's strange behavior.

Bobby followed Jack up into his room, watching as he lay down on his bed. He sat down by his brother's side, looking down on him in concern. "Did you fall asleep while I was gone?" he asked, covering him with the blanket.

Jack slowly nodded. "I had another nightmare." he answered quietly.

Bobby sighed, his thoughts so scrambled from the events of earlier that night that he wasn't sure what to say at that moment. He could feel his younger brother's eyes on him, then narrow in confusion.

"Is the reason you're leaving really work related?" Jack suddenly said.

Bobby looked at him, startled by the question. He was surprised at how easily his brother could see through him…

"Look, Jackie. There comes a time when we each must do what we have to do." he told him. "My heading back to Chicago is only one of them. But listen to me. I'll come back when things settle down there. All right?"

Jack nodded, seeming to be satisfied with this answer.

"Good." Bobby said. "Now, I want to talk about you."

"What is there to talk about?" Jack asked flatly.

"Plenty." Bobby answered with a small smile. "If you want to or not." He sighed when he saw Jack's downcast expression. "Look, Jackie." he muttered. "I know what happened to you before Ma adopted you, and I know she told you this, but I'm going to repeat it. You're safe here. No one will hurt you while you live under this roof. I promise you."

Jack looked up at Bobby, and then nodded. "Thank you, Bobby." he said, yawning as his eyes began to close with tiredness.

Bobby smiled down on him. "Get some sleep, you little fairy." he told him, messing up his hair a little. "You look exhausted."

Jack yawned again as his eyes completely closed. As he finally allowed his tiredness consume him, the last thought on his mind before he drifted off to sleep was that Bobby wouldn't be there the next time he opened his eyes.

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