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Ch. 4: Bobby's Secret

Bobby immediately rushed out of the living room to find his coat and shoes, not being able to believe what had just occurred. After four years… Diamond had found him. How he could have found him so fast, he would never know. And Jack. What had he done to Jack? Bobby knew that if he harmed a single hair on the teen's head, Diamond would pay with blood.

"Was that a gunshot I heard outside?"

The oldest Mercer looked up to find Angel standing at the top of the stairs, worry on his face. But when he saw his older brother about to leave, confusion replaced his worry. "Bobby, what are-!"

"Angel, call Jerry." Bobby interrupted, opening the door that led out onto the porch. "Tell him to get his ass over here."

"Why?" Angel asked. "What's going on, Bobby?"

"Just do it, Angel!" Bobby shouted, going out onto the porch.

Angel heard the sound of Bobby's care starting up and saw the headlights through the window. He listened as the sound got softer and finally died off before going downstairs to call his older brother. He would not be happy…

Evelyn slowly walked down the stairs, watching as Angel talked on the phone to who she assumed was Jerry. She entered the living room and closed the curtains and then went out onto the porch and turned on the light, seeing that Bobby's car was already gone.


Bobby slowly drove down the street, turning on his high beams as he searched for any sign of his brother. Diamond… He must have left some clue, some trace behind…

Suddenly, he stopped the car when he saw a girl walking down the sidewalk in the direction he had just come from. She was shivering in the cool, spring night air, and it looked like she was crying. The oldest Mercer suddenly recognized her as being the keyboardist in Jack's band… the girl who had been with him when Diamond took him.

She seemed to be terrified when Bobby stopped the car near her, and she sped her pace. The oldest Mercer climbed out of the car, raising his hands to show that he didn't have a weapon. "Chloe?" he said. "Hi. I'm Bobby Mercer, Jack's brother. I met you earlier today. Remember?"

After a moment, the girl relaxed and hurried over to him when she recognized him. As she approached, Bobby saw that her face was pale underneath her brown hair as she continued to cry. "He took him…" Chloe whispered, taking a deep breath. "Some man named Diamond…"

"Were either you or Jack shot?" Bobby asked anxiously, remembering that he had heard a gunshot over the phone.

Chloe shook her head. "No. He fired in my direction, but he missed. I don't think he was really aiming to hit me, just to get me farther from Jack…"

The oldest Mercer put his arms around her shoulders as a sob escaped from Chloe. "All right. It's all right." Bobby muttered as he tried to calm her, steering her towards the car. "Climb on in and I'll take you to our house. We'll make you some hot chocolate or somethin', all right?"

Chloe nodded and climbed into the passenger seat of the car as Bobby got back in behind the wheel. He started up the car as she put her seatbelt on, and he turned the vehicle around and headed back home.


Evelyn put a blanket around Chloe's shoulders as the girl sat down on the couch in the living room, handing her a cup of steaming hot chocolate. "There you go, dear." she said, sitting down next to her on the couch and giving her a hug. "I even gave my own special taste to it. I'll call your parents and let them know that you're here so they don't worry about you."

"They're away for the week, Miss Evelyn." Chloe told her quietly. "They called my aunt to come and watch me, but she won't arrive for a few days because her flight got delayed. There's no one home right now."

"Well, why don't you spend the night here then?" Evelyn suggested, letting go of her. "You're always welcome here. You can stay until your aunt arrives or when your parents come home, whichever the case may be. There's no need for you to stay alone in your house. I'll take the couch and you can sleep in my room."

Chloe smiled. "Thank you, Miss Evelyn. That sounds great." She was surprised at how well she was handling the news of Jack's kidnapping. Bobby had told her and Angel when he had brought her to the house, but he hadn't gone into detail. He was going to wait until Jerry arrived to explain the whole story.

Angel and Bobby were sitting in chairs across from them, both silently waiting. Chloe could tell that they were worried about Jack, yet angry at Diamond for taking him. Instead of trying to start up a conversation, she took a sip of the hot chocolate Evelyn had made for her. She was pleasantly surprised to taste a hint of cinnamon. She glanced up at Evelyn, who winked at her.

Bobby took a drink from his beer bottle when there was a knock on the door. He quickly got to his feet and opened the front door, seeing who was standing out on the lit porch.

"Why the hell did you have Angel call me this late at night, Bobby?" Jerry demanded angrily, surprising the oldest Mercer with his hostility. "I have to get up early tomorrow!"

Anger flared in Bobby's eyes, but he restrained the feeling. Instead, he looked away from him and sighed.

Jerry grew concerned when Bobby didn't return with a snappy comeback. "What's wrong?" he asked quietly. "Is everyone all right?"

The older Mercer sighed again. "Jack's gone, Jer." Bobby whispered so softly that his brother had to strain his ears to hear him, his voice cracking with the sadness that he felt for the first time. "He was kidnapped."

"Kidnapped?" Jerry repeated, horrified. "By who? Are we calling the police?"

"I'll explain inside." Bobby muttered, surprised to find tears of anger burning in his eyes. "Come on. I'm not telling this story twice."

Jerry followed Bobby into the hose and into the living room. "Chloe…" he said in surprise, seeing the girl sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket.

"She was with him when Jack was kidnapped," Angel muttered without much feeling, looking up at his two older brothers. "Now, what the hell is going on, Bobby? You said that you knew this man? Why does he have Jack?"

The oldest Mercer sighed, sitting back down in the chair he had been sitting in before. "It all started years ago." Bobby explained, looking at the four people in the room with him. "I once belonged to a group called The Black Diamond. We got involved in a lot of small crimes around the city. I was only a young teenager at the time, and so were the rest of the members. But a few years later, Ma adopted me. I was still secretly a part of the group, that is until Jerry arrived."

Chloe felt a twinge of recognition at the group's name. So, that's why Bobby hadn't liked the option of the name "The Black Diamond" for their band…

"When Jerry joined the family, that's what became more important to me." Bobby continued. "Family began to matter more than The Black Diamond. As we got older, our crimes got bigger. I continued to meet with the group, but not as often. When Angel became my new brother, I met with them even less. At this point, Damon, whose nickname is Diamond because he's the leader of the group, even wanted to murder a man. I didn't want any part of it. That's about the time that Jack became a part of the family, and I stopped meeting with The Black Diamond completely.

"I spent a few more years with you guys, forgetting about Diamond and the others. Then, I moved to Chicago to start a job there. The Black Diamond was now out of my mind completely. I had left them.

"But when I came back to visit four years ago, I went to a bar one night and met Diamond there. We played a few games of poker, which I won, and he asked me to play a few more rounds. It was getting late, so I couldn't. I left the bar, but before I could leave, Diamond's brother came out and met me in the parking lot. He pulled a knife on me when he learned that I was no longer a part of the group, and I accidentally killed him in self-defense. That's why I was home so late and why I left again for Chicago the next morning. I knew that Diamond would be after me for killing his brother. It wasn't over."

The oldest Mercer had directed his last couple of sentences at Evelyn, whose eyes were shining with tears. Bobby sighed with fear that he wouldn't show, looking down at the ground.

"Man… this guy is crazy." Angel muttered, breaking the tense silence that had hung in the living room. "He kidnapped Jack so he could get to you since you killed his brother in self-defense? Are we going to call the police?"

"No." Bobby told him, a little abruptly. "If I know Diamond, he won't kill Jack. He wants me, not him. I'm going to do this on my own."

Before anyone could say anything else, Chloe gasped as her cell phone began to ring. "Unknown number…" she muttered as she looked at the caller ID.

Bobby looked at the small phone intently. "Does your phone have speaker?" he asked.

Chloe nodded, and the oldest Mercer quickly got to his feet and sat down on the couch next to her. "Answer it." Bobby told her. "Put it on speaker, but let me do all of the talking."

The keyboardist flipped her phone open, answering the call, pushing a button and nodded to Bobby. "Hello?" Bobby said, anxious to see if he was right about who was on the other line. Angel, Jerry, and Evelyn were just as tense.

"Hello, Mercer."

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