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Chapter 8

Harry tried to remember the way though the winding passages but after a short while decided it was impossible. He would have to just suck it up, get up early and figure his way around from there. After the ridiculously long walk taking enough turns at paintings and sculptures to make him wonder which way was up they reached a blank space of wall.

"Now listen up firsties," Cytherea snapped clearly not excited to have to be in the cool hall instead of in her bed. "This is the entrance to our common room. In order to gain entrance you need to tap this brick here," Tiberius poked the brick with his finger, "and say the password , which happens to bezoar. Now make sure there isn't anyone around to hear it. If in doubt whisper it."

With that Tiberius poked the brick and whispered the password and the bricks faded away to a circular opening. When Harry walked into the common room he couldn't help but gasp and look about. There were small circles of plush black leather armchairs and work tables with practical wooden chairs. The room gave off an air of practical comfort. He was going to look closer but noticed that everyone was gathering around Professor Snape.

Snape looked at the fifth year prefects and asked, "Is this everyone then?" Cytherea and Tiberius both nodded once, "Very good. Now welcome and welcome back. As you all know this is Slytherin house. I am Professor Snape your head of house. I am responsible for guiding you through the next seven years of your education to make capable wizards of you all. Now my office is down the hall, if you wish to see me during my office hours which are posted on the board simply talk to the man in the painting of the snake and he will either allow you in or make an appointment with you. I urge you all to familiarize yourselves with the rules of our school and to make an appointment to speak with me within the next month. I hope you all will learn much this year and that you will be a credit to our noble house. Good night," and with that he walked out of the common room and to his office.

The students all started to mill around after the professor finished his speech and Harry found Sally and Morag sitting in some of the comfier chairs. He walked over and smiled at them tiredly, "I would love to sit up and talk to you guys some more but I am beat I am going to head to bed."

Sally smiled at him, "That's probably a good idea Harry, night Harry night Morag." She stood up and wandered down the hall the rest of the girls seemed to be going down. Morag just stood up and started walking. He seemed to know where he was going so Harry followed him. The walked into a circular room with four poster beds, their trunks and a dresser (each set of trunk, bed and dresser had curtains that could be pulled closed around the whole area in addition to the curtains surrounding the beds Harry figured for people who have issues dressing in front of others) all in a semi circle around the back of the room. A counter and mirror ran along their other half of the room every few feet there was a drawer and on top of the mirror in that spot their names were on a plaque with their names on it. Harry wondered about it for a second before he realized-

"Oh no!" He muttered.

Morag looked at him curiously before quietly asking, "What?"

"I didn't think to pick up an alarm before I came to school now I will never wake up on time."

By this point some of the other boys walked into the room. Blaise walked over to him, "No worries Potter, I've got your back, what time were you looking to wake up?"

Harry muttered , "Half past seven."

Blaise twitched slightly why so early they had out the schedules at breakfast but the older years told me that classes wont start till nine at least."

Harry blushed, "Well I was worried about getting lost, and I wan to set up an appointment with Snape maybe even get in before anyone else."

"Ah alright but seriously you will need to owl order one for yourself asap I don't want to wake at the crack of dawn ever day until you figure out where things are." Blaise muttered while digging out his alarm clock. "There is a spell to wake you up but honestly until I get a few lessons under my belt I really don't want to worry about having mucked it up and waking late."

"Thanks so much, I owe you one." Harry sighed in relief.

"Yup ya do, ill keep it in mind." Blaise smiled, his mum would be so proud he was getting on the Boy-Who-Lived's good side, helping him and earning favors.

Harry smiled and walked over to his chest of drawers. It had three levels with six drawers. It came up to his waist and he figured the top would be good for putting his glasses and things he kept in his pockets each day on top of while he slept. He opened the first of his drawers to find a piece of parchment explaining their use.

Tricky Talls All Use Storage

This multi-use storage container can be used in three modes

Drawer mode is the default setting

To get to Shelf setting take the drawer pulls and slide them over to the side of the container

To go to Cabinet mode which comes with a hanging rod requires use of two drawers on a row, all you need to do is twist the handles perpendicular to the floor and push them towards the center.

You can only use each row for one setting at a time so choose wisely!

Harry made the bottom drawers into shelves for his books. He took the sleeve off of the Kiddin book and placed it on the shelf with the rest of the books. He didn't want the others to realize how sheltered he was from the realities of magic growing up. He kept the middle level as drawers to put in his under clothes, the things he would wear on weekends and his hats in. He turned the top drawer into a cabinet and hung his robes there. He had suspected but was still surprised when it easily allowed for him to hang his long robes in the short cabinet. When he put the clothes on the provided hanger the clothes and hanger shrunk down to fit in the cabinet.

When he was unpacking he looked at what he had and was embarrassingly thankful that the Dursleys had bought him his own socks and boxers. Instead of insisting that he use Duddly's old ones. He decided that he would order some decent clothes when he put in his order for his new alarm.

With that thought he drifted off to sleep.

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