The Doctor's discovery of MSN Messenger.

Rose yanked the Doctor from the hallway and into the community centre library where dozens of ordinary, unsuspecting, innocent British Columbian citizens (as well as this author – she was taking a vacation) spent their hours replying to e-mails, talking on MSN, cursing the crummy internet access, trying to download Doctor Who Season Two bloopers, writing essays, or even typing up fan fiction stories.

"All right, mister. You dissed it, you're going to learn it!" Rose hissed passionately in the Doctor's ear.

"Fine," he muttered, rolling his eyes. "I really don't see what's so special about MSN, though -" He was suddenly yanked by Rose up the four stairs leading to the computer lab. As she pushed open the heavy glass doors, the Doctor paused to catch his breath and declare a new complaint.

"Rose – " he began to protest, only to be stopped again by the shushing of everyone in the room who were already typing away. Rose stomped over to a computer in between two very good-looking guys, and the Doctor huffed.

"Shut it and come over here," she whispered fiercely, causing both guys to pause in what they were doing to glance up at her.

"Is it really necessary??" the Doctor whined, shuffling forward to her booted computer. Rose glared at him. "Fine," he muttered.

"Kay, so I'm gonna log in…" Instead of moving over to the icon labelled 'Internet' like the Doctor thought she would, Rose dragged her mouse over to the toolbar and clicked on a very small, hardly visible icon. To his complete surprise and astonishment, up popped a long, thin, sky blue window with a heading that read, MSN MESSENGER.

Before he could tell her that she was definitely in the wrong spot, Rose clicked on the space under 'log in' and typed in what the Doctor assumed was her e-mail address. The Doctor then averted his gaze when Rose gave a little cough and quickly typed in her password.

"What is this?" the Doctor breathed, mesmerized by the long list that popped up, along with pictures to accompany the names.

"It's called MSN Messenger," Rose explained, smiling as she looked into his face. "You can talk to people on it."

"So you can talk to me?" the Doctor said, suddenly more than interested.

"Only if you have a hotmail, msn, yahoo…well, only if you have an e-mail address. I have a hotmail one."

"Oh." He frowned. "What do you have to do to get it?" he asked next, automatically practical.

"Go to then sign up. I'm sure you'll be able to handle it from there – you're smart," Rose teased.

"Okay…" the Doctor took off to the first computer he saw free, disappointed that the one next to Rose was not. He was back again in a joff. "What's your e-mail address?" he whispered.

"It's BlaiddDrwg, etc." said Rose, dropping her eyes and blushing slightly as the Doctor automatically stiffened in front of her, clearly remembering. "I changed it when we went home for Christmas," she whispered, growing more and more uncomfortable by the minute. She didn't want to remember Christmas.

"Ah," was all he said before he took off again. In a matter of minutes Rose had received a message on her MSN window that automatically popped up.

FoxyDoctor has added you to his/her contact list. What do you wish to do? Accept or Deny

Rose let out a chuckle under her breath at his e-mail address and clicked 'allow'. has just signed in

Rose clicked absently on the icon, the realized with horror what her call-sign says:

FoxyDoctor: Hey, my girl ;).

Doctor's Girl says: What's with the 'Foxy says: Well, I AM foxy, right?

Doctor's Girl says: RIGHT, I'm changing my name now.

FoxyDoctor says: Aww…

Rose says: What?

FoxyDoctor says: How do you change your – never mind, found it.

Doctor – Time and Relative Dimensions In Space says: Better?

Rose says: Can't you think of something cooler?

On Rose's computer screen, someone else signed in as she had a conversation with the Doctor.

got dumped…let's throw a pity party for Ricky the tin dog has just signed in

Rose says:
Oh, Mickey just signed on; let's get a connection.

Doctor – Time and Relative Dimensions In Space says: Oh great – Next thing you know we're gonna be talking to Jack!

Rose says: Is that a bad thing?!

Rose minimized the Doctor's conversation before he could respond and clicked on Mickey. The conversation window popped up.

­Rose says: Wotcha.

got dumped…let's throw a pity party for Mickey the tin dog says: Hey, babes.

Rose says: Okay, you can stop calling me that now.

Ricky the Tin Dog says: So where are you now? You in London?

Rose says: Hardly. I'm in B.C..

Ricky the Tin Dog says: Wass' at?

Rose says: And I wonder why I left London.

Ricky the Tin Dog says: Oi!

The Doctor's conversation window started blinking on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. With a sigh, Rose clicked on it and suddenly had the desire to burst out laughing; his display picture was a banana.

Doctor – Time And Relative Dimensions In Space says:

Rose says: What do you mean, maybe? It's either yes, you wanna talk to and see Jack, or no, you don't want to talk to and see Jack.

Doctor – Time And Relative Dimensions In Space says: Seeing yes, talking not so much.

Rose says: ROFL

Trust me, I'm the Doctor! says: What does ROFL mean?

Rose says: It means "Rolls On Floor Laughing".

I'm too foxy for my glasses, too foxy for my… says: But you're not. I'm looking at you right now and you're NOT laughing, let alone rolling on the floor in giggleville.

Rose stared at his new name in surprise, her mouth open. What the…?

Rose says:

I'm too foxy for my glasses, too foxy for my… says: I'm just enjoying the look on your face.

Rose could just hear the dripping smugness in his words. Sure enough, when she turned her head slowly to look at him, there was the Doctor, sitting there with a completely wicked grin on his face – a look, which no doubt, made him absolutely adorable.

I'm too foxy for my glasses, too foxy for my… says:
You're eyes are quite wide, Rose. –wicked grin-

Rose says: Okay, Mickey's DEFINITELY coming in.

A few moments later, Mickey the Idiot was added to the conversation of the Doctor and Rose.

Ricky The Tin Dog says:
Rose, do you know an Owen Harper?

Rose says: Don't think so.

Rose noticed with a smug smile that the Doctor had promptly changed his name upon the addition of Mickey.

Raxacoricofallapatorious says:
Heya, Ricky-boy!

Ricky the Tin Dog says: -groans- not yooou…!

Rose says: Anyway, why'd you ask 'bout some guy?

Ricky the Tin Dog says: He says he knows your Jumpin' Jack Flash.

Rose says: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!??!?!?! How…where?

Ricky the Tin Dog says: Yep! I was on the Torchwood forum the other day, and this guy named Owen was totally cool… he talked about encounters with aliens and some rift thing, and stuff… and I was curious – it sounded like something you and your Doctor would do. He gave me his e-mail address – he thought I worked for Torchwood, the sucker.

Rose says: You HACKER!!!

Raxacoricofallapatorious says: …which means… give her the e-mail address. Now.

Ricky the Tin Dog says: I can read between the lines, you know! I'm not entirely oblivious to Rose and her mood swings!


Ricky the Tin Dog says: Okay, hold it… It's… TorchwoodPlayer. Hotmail account.

Rose says: INNUENDO!!!!

Raxacoricofallapatorious says: INNUENDO!!!

Rickey the Tin Dog says: WHA???

Raxacoricofallapatorious says: Told ya he was stupid.

Rose says: For once I agree with you.

To Be Continued…