Doctor's Discovery of MSN MESSENGER

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Chapter 7

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"Aw, Doctor, don't be cruel," Rose rebuked, sighing. "You really shouldn't laugh at his… misfortune."

"Sorry; can't help it." The Doctor tried to say this with a straight face, but failed when she looked at him, unconvinced.

"I don't believe you. You're behaving like a real jerk today, Doctor," Rose commented mildly, sighing again.

"Oi, I didn't go hit on his girlfriend," the Doctor defended hotly.

Rose stared at him, wide eyed and agape. "What did you say?" she asked him softly, wanting so desperately to believe she had heard him correctly.

"I said, 'Oi, I didn't go hit on his best friend,'" the Doctor replied, getting slightly embarrassed at the slip he had made and wasting no time in correcting himself.

"Oh," Rose murmured and turned away frustrated, not wanting him to see the look of disappointment in her eyes. The funny thing was if he had, he would have most likely corrected his false correction, as confusing as that might sound.

The Doctor felt confusion and frustration radiating off of Rose in waves. "Rose? You okay?" he asked in concern.

"Yep – mhmm," she replied absently, biting her lip and turning back round to smile up at him with hesitancy.

"You don't seem okay," he replied gently, stepping forward and in one smooth motion taking her hands in his as he looked into her eyes. Rose's heartbeat frantically and the fact that it was in her throat at his touch and nearness wouldn't let her speak. His hands were warm and gentle, smooth and firm in hers. She could have sworn he saw her colour heighten; he squeezed her fingers before letting go and captured her waist just as quickly, leaving her no time to respond.

"Really, I'm fine," Rose managed, refusing to meet his gaze.

"I'll believe you if you can look into my eyes and say it," the Doctor replied, his voice husky with intense emotion.

Rose looked straight into his chocolate brown eyes. "R—"

"Hey love birds!! Knock it off, you're distracting my banana!"

Rose and the Doctor both blushed crimson and in unison, turned around stared at the man who had spoken and both asked incredulously at the exact same time, "Distracting your Banana?!"

The man blinked at this double assault and stared a minute at the couple who were unconsciously reading each other's minds.

"YEAH. Hulllo… my BANANA!" He pointed proudly to a banana that was dressed up in a small suit that looked exactly like the Doctor's. It also looked like it was meant for a Ken doll. The banana was leaning against the computer monitor, and it had a moustache drawn on, plus it was wearing a mini pair of silver and black sleek sunglasses.

The Doctor's jaw dropped when he saw this amazing spectacle and remained so until Rose quickly murmured into his ear, "Whatcha trying to do, catch flies?" playfully.

He turned to Rose to defend himself for being amazed and taken off guard. "He…! He has a…! He has a dre…! He has a dressed up…! He has a dressed up BANANA!!!" He began frantically gesturing back and forth.

Rose snickered behind her hand and laid her other one on his arm. "Don't tell me you want one that looks exactly like that, do you?" she teased.

"YES… only not the moustache. And those fake feet look disgusting – like prunes! Yuck… stewed prunes – you ever had that? I think I'll stick to chocolate pudding…"

"Doctor, I wasn't being serious."

"Really?" asked the Doctor in surprise. "I was being completely serious."

"Were you?" asked Rose, slightly nervous.

"No," said the Doctor, being cheeky. He grinned at her, then swooped down to…

avoid the friendly slap she aimed at him. (Hah ha, made you think he was gonna snog her, didn't I? XD)

"Doctor, you nutter."

"Thank you."

"That wasn't a compliment," grumbled Rose.

"That was very much a compliment," murmured the Doctor back.

"Right, have it your way."

Just then at the corner of her eye, Rose caught a message popping up on her MSN screen.

"Just in case it's Jack or one of his goons," the Doctor began as Rose rolled her eyes, "I'm gonna joff back to my computer. See ya in a bit." And off he went, leaving Rose sighing and glaring at the guy whom she would now affectionately (of course) think of as the 'Banana Man'.

Indeed, it was Jack, much to Rose's pleasure.

Rose says:
What's up?

Captain Jack Harkness says: Okay, one, what's your cell number?

After Jack had written it down, Rose's mobile began to ring.

"Wotcha," she answered quickly.

"Heya, honey!" Jack's cheerful voice came loud and clear over the mobile. Rose closed her eyes as she listened; she had missed that voice so much.

"Hullo, Jack."

"Just seeing if it works. No way am I going to lose my only connection to you guys."

"Not your only connection, Jack."

"Close enough. Okay, Cheers."

"Wait, why don't we just talk over the phone?" Rose wanted to know.

"Coz talking on MSN is so much funner."

"Fine, but its your fault if the internet suddenly breaks down or Slitheen try to take over the world through MSN," Rose grumbled. As an afterthought, she added, "And if my fingers get numb halfway through a sentence or if I get paralysed from the neck down – "

"Okay, okay, Rose, I get the picture."




With that they both hung up – but before Rose could put her phone down she had gotten a text message. With a sigh she opened it.

Using this is fun too

Rose sighed again and shook her head, silently laughing. She dropped her phone into her pocket where it was the most accessible, and typed a message to Jack on the computer.

Rose says:
Okay, Jack. What's up?

Captain Jack says: Two: Would you accept if I dared you to do something?

Rose considered this for a long moment. Under the normal circumstances – considering that Jack's dares weren't exactly on the clean side – she wouldn't. Now however, since she owed Jack for getting one of his valuable assistants concussed and unconscious, she would make an exception – this once, so he'd better make it good.

Rose says:
Fine, Jack. Just this once.

Captain Jack says: So I'd better make it good, eh?

Rose says: Stop speaking like a Canadian, and yeah. Make it good.

Captain Jack says: I double dare – so you can't go back on your word twice – I double dare you to go and kiss the Doctor. AND it can't be on the cheek, or on the neck – can a friendly kiss ever be on the neck? – it has to be on the lips, it has to be long… and you have to do it so that he'll definitely want to snog you again – but I'm sure you can manage that part quite easily. You have very nice lips, after all. (A/N: Heard that line in a commentary with John and Billie – he was all… "You have very nice lips, Billie." Billie: "Thank you!" Quite cute really.)

Rose stared in shock at the screen. What had she done?? Oh… what had she gotten herself into? This was horrible. She could just randomly go up to him and kiss him, or she could go up to him and say, "Jack dared me to kiss you, but I don't mind anyway. I've wanted to do it for a very long time, in fact." Ooh, this was horrible. How could Jack turn on her like that? BLAST HIM!

Rose says:
Jack, you flipping -

Captain Jack says: Easy there. No harsh language, please. If it helps, I'll tell you that he's crazy about you. He loves you, he just doesn't want to lose you. Trust me, I've gone through that phase a billion times. Go up to him and say, "Jack dared me to kiss you," if you want. You two have to get off the fence!

Rose says: I hate you.

Captain Jack says: Ooh, but you love me, really.

Rose says: … yeah, but I hate you too.

Captain Jack says: Seriously, you're going to kiss me the next time you see me.

Rose says: … Yeah, probably.

Captain Jack says: You're just upset about now. I understand. Do it or I'll send Ianto – ooh, no wait, I need him here – I'll send Gwen - No… need her too… um… - I'll send Tosh! – dang it, this is bad. I need more people – Oh well. I'll… send Owen to throttle you. No wait. DANG IT ALL! Forget it. Just do it.

Rose says: -mock salute- yes sir. –snickers-

Captain Jack says: Hah ha, very funny, barbaric Rose. Now get to work!!

Rose stood up with a sigh and debated how to do this. She was going to tell him the truth eventually… if it didn't work. If it did… she got her heart's desire. Finally settling down with a firm decision, she walked over to where the Doctor sat and put her hands on his shoulders, leaning down.

"Whatcha doing?" asked Rose, her hair dipping down to touch his head gently.

"Just chilling," the Doctor replied, a bit on the nervous side. What was he so nervous about? Rose wondered, for she could tell by the way he twitched subtly.

Suddenly he swirled around, dumping her into his lap (quite on purpose, mind) and Rose had to hold back a startled laugh as she wrapped her arms around his neck for support. He stared at her for a bit longer with a question in his eyes. Rose felt her heart stop before questioning him calmly, "So are you going to kiss me now or are you going to wait and have anxiety attacks about how I'm going to respond?"

The Doctor blinked at the question, and in a second he grinned, his smile blooming wider by the second. "Hmm, do I have a choice?" he asked back lightly.

"Nope," she answered steadily. "If you're not, I'm going to."

"Hm, that answers that question," he murmured, and before she could even think of a response he lowered his head and kissed her, long and hard. When they separated they were each smiling and Rose gently traced the Doctor's smile with light fingertips.

"I got a dare," Rose admitted softly.

"So did I," the Doctor confessed also, chuckling.

"Are you serious?" Rose gaped.

"Completely," answered the Doctor. "Jack dared me to somehow make you fall in my lap."

"Jack…" hesitated Rose, "he dared me to kiss you," she finally admitted, taking in a deep breath. The Doctor looked at her sharply, hurt intense in his eyes.

"Then you don't…?" he began, but Rose stopped him by taking his face in her hands and kissing him harder.

"I love you, if that's what you're asking," she teased lightly and breathlessly when they had finally let go.

The Doctor's grin lighted up his whole face as he leaned forward and kissed Rose again. However, this time it went further into passionate rather than casual as the Doctor's fingers lightly fingered the hem of her shirt and the belt on her jeans.

Suddenly they were interrupted by the guy beside them slapping their chair and shouting, "OI, GET A ROOM!" in their faces.

Both the Doctor and Rose turned crimson as they broke apart suddenly and Rose stood up, the Doctor following. "Care to?" he asked her, partly teasing. They were going back to the TARDIS, not to a hotel. Rose blushed all the same and accepted the arm he held out. Together they made their exuent, leaving Owen to the librarian.

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