Fantaisie la mythica

ego invocat animum artium

Knowledge, fill my soul; in mercy let
Me to recount the tales; nothing forget
Lest I shall wander all the days
In shame over my misconstrued ways;
Of inception and deception, sing
Through me, of the first and holiest king
By the trickster who sired man
As the punishment for philan-
dering with the just and holiest of queen;
So that we must live devoutly and in mean
Land that swirls against the tides of time
Where the holiests and holiestesses prime
Cultivated land and made abode in lofty sky;
Ever knowing, ever wise, ne'er to die
Was plan for man before the fallen witch
In his mind, undivine, attempted to be rich
With blood of humbled king, queen, and prince;
The fate of our spiral islands, since
Having forever been altered, the truth been far flinged,
To be a test of whether man can merit being winged
Or if he is to be condemned to the chaos of nix
Or redeem his tribe, the world, and time transfix.