Invocate, magistrae sapientes, in me fabulam veram;
facite me cantare bonorum malorumque.

In the Sky reigned the King and Queen
and their creations spiraling downward
the pyreflies from Nothing spiraling upward
met in center, Land: convergence of spirals

the Land was littered with grand palaces,
but their only visitors were pyreflies;
Sandy grew irate that Nothing could live,
that nothing but empty halls would praise her

thus, Bahamut, Perfect Man, desired to placate his wife;
he formed shells of man and
giving to them mechanical genius
they became giant liths praising Sandy emptily

Woman grew more irked and despaired
but crafty Man pleased his wife;
the pyreflies the monoliths did capture
granting life and thought, did this rapture

these, Machina, roamed the Land
ascending mountains and sinking in the seas;
traversing deserts and soaring through the sky,
building honorable mansions where they pleased

crossing the barren, sacred mount
the Machina settled at the summit;
here was sublime palace Gigaz,
here was earthly palace of Sandy

soon Sandy grew tired of the praise
of empty metal hulls, yearning
for living worshipers, creatures of Life;
thus she joined with eager Man, Bahamut

from this union of these two great Di
came the first of many lesser;
she was the supple incarnation of life:
Cindy, creator of living green

much like Mother, she desired living
creatures to adorn the barren Land;
she created first the greens of grasses:
valleys for life and basins for living

Now Sandy, Proud Mother, rejoiced
in the simplicity of life and shaped
creatures of her choosing, while Man's
Machina succumbed to vine and branch

yet Man was scorned by the rejection
of his wondrous gifts; his desire for
children grew to no bounds, and unrestrained,
seized the Great Mother

from lust and hate was born a
devious and wily Lesser Di;
he was Love and Hate incarnate
with Night and Nothing his affinity

So the stage has been set-
from a cast of one to five;
the pieces have been played
and the machine begun ticking;
both seeds of construction and
destruction have been sown-
with Time and Fate as the writers